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On the Air Tonight is Australia's only free to listen podcast reviewing free to air Television. Each week OTAT shows you why Australian free to air TV is still the purest, cheapest thrill on the market.

On the Air Tonight Jacob Puryer and Tom Farrelly

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On the Air Tonight is Australia's only free to listen podcast reviewing free to air Television. Each week OTAT shows you why Australian free to air TV is still the purest, cheapest thrill on the market.

    Ep 45 - Doppelgängers

    Ep 45 - Doppelgängers

    This week the boys watched SBS On Demand's "Dark Side of the 90's" but never got around to actually discussing it. Safe to say Freestyle #2 is under the belt. Rest assured we will return to our regular scheduled free to air reviewing programming soon.

    • 1 hr 4 min
    Ep 44 - Gigs

    Ep 44 - Gigs

    We’re back with another episode this week, and this one is a doozy. We go completely off the grid and talk everything except Free To Air content (STOP THE PRESSES).

    We chat about a recent gig we went to, as well as some of the best and worst music experiences we've had.

    • 1 hr 8 min
    Ep 43 - Game of Clones

    Ep 43 - Game of Clones

    OTAT watches British reality TV at it's worst, Game of Clones is fuuucked. Watch it on 7plus.

    1. Tom relives the worst halloween of his life and crawls into a hole of embarrassment
    2. PAPC’s review of Love Island
    3. Jake can’t push a sneeze out to save his life
    4. Game of Clones is wild
    5. We witnessed the worst game of Charades of all time.

    • 55 min
    Ep 42 - Love Island

    Ep 42 - Love Island

    The boys watch Australia's hottest new reality TV hit, Love Island Straya. Tom goes through some self discovery at City Cave.

    Thanks as always to Trademutt for housing us.

    1. Hinge Profile self hatred
    2. Leave me alone on my birthday
    3. Jake loves attention but hates compliments
    4. Tom’s heinous City Cave story
    5. PAPC’s review
    6. The boys try to digest Love Island
    7. Grown men weeping over a 2 week relationship is a lot
    8. Love Island’s narrator sticks out like a sore thumb
    9. The boys forget the term ‘Virtue Signaling’ and phone a friend for help
    10. A girl does a Grue from Despicable Me impression and she’s just so zany
    11. We remember how good I Love You Man is.

    • 1 hr 5 min
    Ep 41 - Sitdown with RICK DONALD

    Ep 41 - Sitdown with RICK DONALD

    This week we have a treat for you pOTATers. Following our review of Australia's Sexiest Tradie last week, we sat down with the brains, brawn, and BDE behind the nation's hottest comedy at the moment: Rick Donald.

    Rick is a writer, director, actor, and former tradie from Townsville. You may recognise him from appearances on Home and Away, Wentworth, and possibly even that iconic Libra ad as the bloke who sticks his misso's pads all over himself and pretends he's a robot. The man's latest project is writing, directing, and starring in Australia's Sexiest Tradie, a mockumentary comedy that follows Frank (played by Rick), a plumber who becomes a finalist in a local radio station's contest to finding the tastiest piece of meat on the tools.

    Rick was generous enough to sit down with us two blockheads to talk about his new show, his inspirations, the Free To Air industry, and future projects. We hope you enjoy this chat as much as we did.

    • 1 hr 29 min
    Ep 40 - Australia's Sexiest Tradie

    Ep 40 - Australia's Sexiest Tradie

    The boys are reminded why they sift through tripe like Holy Moly and MAFS every week, it's to find gems like Australia's Sexiest Tradie.


    This show is We Can Be Heroes meets The UK Office.

    It's a Mockumentary starring a 33 year old plumber who lives with his parents and wants (wayy too desperately) to win a regional radio competition that crowns Australia's Sexiest Tradie. How do you not watch that?

    Rick Donald stars, wrote and created the whole show. You're looking at our next Chris Lilley in the making.

    1. Hang ups from last week
    2. Reading the pOTATers review of John the removalist’s service
    3. Reading PAPC’s review of last week
    4. Paying the White Price
    5. Jake’s Segues are becoming out of this world
    6. We have discovered Australia’s next Chris Lilley
    7. Australia’s Sexiest Tradie is We Can Be Heroes meets The UK Office
    8. We find out what the punters think of World’s Sexiest Tradie
    9. We provide our qualified and expert notes on what would have improved the show.
    10. Channel 7 with the big coup in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.
    11. Getting Smoked PAPC a jar of smoked pap

    • 46 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

mum of mermaids ,


Straight off the bat, sorry PAPC but obviously my boy Jake gets his hulk-like physique from lugging Tom’s lacklustre attempts around …. 😉

But would say they make a great team! - the banter, the characters and accents and intellectual whit is what makes this addictive ….

Once again boys you nailed it!!! ACA is abysmal… shonky litigious society attempting to make waves …. And sadly for the sheep around it does destroy POSSIBLY genuine businesses.

As you said, thank God it’s a dying breed…. But props to Grimshaw for making bank on it!!

Keep them coming …. Perhaps put in a bit more effort to upload more eps per week 🤷‍♀️

In j h hbjvvjcjcjj. Bb ,

Have you ever heard of a boat

Question about ice road truckers. In the podcast you state that these communities can’t get reached in summer because the lakes have melted.
You stupid, ever heard of a boat? Swear like sailors but obviously never heard of one.
Keep up the good work, love the pod fellas and just remember I know where you both live.

Steadfastnloyal ,

Sausage Fingers

I didn’t know what to expect first listening, so had no expectations. But once I settled into a couple of episodes, I found myself giggling along with Jake n Tom. Not only do these lads get a giggle, but they are also surprisingly informative.
Their knowledge on free to air content and the faces that grace our screens, is abundant, proving to their parents those college dollars weren’t wasted. A lot of eps are kicked off chatting about humorous drunken antics. But these boys aren’t just full as a state school hat rack! No! They are also full of love, wit, banter and bad manners, with a nip of class👌🏽
Well worth a listen

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