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Welcome to Our2Cents Podcast. A show hosted by two real life best friends (Mohna Lyssaa and Dergobj) discussing life's missteps, adversities, and accomplishments with much needed perspective. Taking what you are least concerned about, and turning it into much needed dialogue. You are gonna get our 2 cents...whether you need the change or not!

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Welcome to Our2Cents Podcast. A show hosted by two real life best friends (Mohna Lyssaa and Dergobj) discussing life's missteps, adversities, and accomplishments with much needed perspective. Taking what you are least concerned about, and turning it into much needed dialogue. You are gonna get our 2 cents...whether you need the change or not!

    Episode 17: Comfortable Shoes

    Episode 17: Comfortable Shoes

    Today, Mohna and BJ discuss shoes. The comfortable ones. The ones you wear daily, even when they don't match your attire. You put these shoes on in a heartbeat, whenever you try to be comfortable. The problem is that you may be too comfortable. Which could be the reason why there is little to no growth. The shoes you may be wearing may effect the outfit of your life, and how everything coordinates with each other! Have you ever thought about that?
    Questions that are posed in this episode are:
    1. Whose shoe are you trying to fill? - Yours or someone you love or look up to?
    2. Are your shoes to small? - Is the shoes you are filling a space much too small, that prevents proper position, comfort, and footing?
    3. Does the shoes match the Outfit? - How does your comfort effect the outfit of your life? Are you lazy because of your comfort zone? Are you slothful to try on a new shoe and outfit, to change life's appearance?
    4. Do you buy shoes you know you cant fit? - Buying things that you intend to grow into. Does that work? Does that backfire?
    This is a episode where you have to use your intuitions to figure this life thing out. Maybe life hasn't changed much simply because you are just way too comfortable!!!!

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    Episode 16: Say No More

    Episode 16: Say No More

    Every Episode seems like we are trying our hardest to lift our spirits and fight through another week. So this week's episode of Our2Cents was spent making one declaration. TO SAY NO MORE. And it can be put to use any way you would like to use it....whether you chose to say NO more than you say YES. Or, you say NO MORE when it comes to being used, abused, mistreated, taken advantage of, etc. Its time to reclaim your peace and sanity. That was pretty much the entire conversation.
    We talked about how we communicate our not so positive feelings and emotions. Mohna still shows empathy and compassion. BJ has completely thrown both hands up. But overall, a person's no is their no...whether you like it or not!!!

    Mohna Lyssaa gave us her "Comfort Zones Is For Suckas" that she affectionately titled WWBJD (What Would BJ Do??)...she also states how comfort doesn't make much of a difference, in her current stage of life. She wants to navigate through discomfort with more determination, bravery, and willingness. BJ has somehow inspired a more productive use of his IDGAF attitude. Selfishly focusing on nothing but his own priority and happiness. Later finding out that your no is a release and a boundary we need to have for ourselves. You can't let any and everything get you down. Lastly, we discuss the power of just saying OK, instead of no. Although OK could represent a multitude of feelings...It could definitely do more harm than good! Tune in to Episode 16 and let us inspire you to say NO more....or say NO MORE!!!!!

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    Episode 15: Mary Kendu Bad All By Herself

    Episode 15: Mary Kendu Bad All By Herself

    Welcome to Episode 15 of the Our2Cents Podcast. Today we discussed quite a few things. From a brief tale of Mohna Lyssaa giving her boyfriend the boot, we somehow ended up talking about support when it comes to men. How much do you give a man, in the event he is down? Is he entitled? How much support do you get for just being a human being? Is there a point to say "fuck it"??? Or even "fuck you"???
    BJ goes into Comfort Zones Are For Suckaz, detailing how perspective can greatly affect rejection and disappointments. Something that we all experience. How you view being told no can make or break you. It's a valuable lesson in love and adulthood. A "No" doesn't mean you missed out. It sometimes means that you need to readjust your approach.
    Then we discuss our topic...Mary J. Blige made the declaration that she will insist that the only men she will be involved with will be men who make more than her. Many women sympathize, and agree, with her sentiments. But none question her judgments in picking that man. There was never a question if she has good taste in men. Did she decide to settle for a man that was convenient or available? Why is it that the man is always at fault when the relationship sours? Could looking for status and salary be the reason you overlook key necessities in a relationship. We break that down.
    We also talk spousal support when it comes to men. Is spousal support cowardly, when it comes to men? We talk sacrifices men make that get no credit. This conversation was pretty good. Lots of perspective and analogies for ways to renew commitment between two people...despite their status. Check out episode 15 and let us know what you think!!!!

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    Episode 14: Arthritis In The Pimp Hand

    Episode 14: Arthritis In The Pimp Hand

    Good day to all of you amazing people that are returning to listen to Mohna Lyssaa and BJ talk their shit! Our2Cents is back with a new episode that was very different than any other episode so far. Today we talk about the pimp game. Where did it come from? How did it start? Is it still alive? From doing our "Googles" we got a few pointers....So with this conversation, we delved into our experiences and interpretations. And found out that it's very possible that it's under a different name....called sex trafficking.
    Mohna kicks off the show with a vivid tale of her childhood innocence. Chronicling a typical summer day riding her bike to a park with a friend. Being very observant to her surroundings, she notices a suspicious vehicle. Questioning her safety, she decides to leave and head back home. The car proceeded to follow. Could she have been prey? Was this a potential abduction? This led us into our conversation.
    BJ talks about his misunderstanding of what pimp actually meant. Believing it to be a glamorized life of wealth and multiple women at your disposal. Never considering the violence, manipulation, and abuse these women suffer at the hands of a pimp. Is the reason why the pimp game has changed due to the fact that men are failing at just being men? because both men and pimps are expected to provide and protect. And lately, both have done neither.
    We talk sex work, misconceptions, enterprise, underworld dealings and more in this episode. We introduce a segment called Comfort Zones Are For Suckas. And we discuss how women have changed the game completely...even in the pimp game. Tune in and tell us what you think!!!

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    Episode 13: My Fuck It Up Moment

    Episode 13: My Fuck It Up Moment

    Welcome Back to Our2Cents Podcast. We are sorry we kept you guys waiting so long on our return. But we are back. Very much still uncertain to what we have to look forward to in 2019 with this show. But very much prepared to approach the journey with optimism, courage, and great content.
    Today's episode is a recap of our 2018. Explaining why things crumbled. Mistakes we made as creatives. The next stage going forward. We are owning our shit from 2018, and using it as inspiration for a better 2019. There is a moment that we are both chasing after. Instead of having so many f****d up moments to recap, we want "Fuck It Up" moments. Where you step into certain spaces and cant believe its you. Leaving people in in disbelief when they think about how far you've come. We want to turn our f****d up moments into "Fuck It Up" moments. We will start the quest for those moments where we are!
    Take a listen to our comeback episode. Hope you enjoy it! If not, we are coming back even harder the next episode!!!!

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    Episode 12: Under Cover Brothas...and The Blankets That Love Them(feat TaKenyah of TaKenyah Talks)

    Episode 12: Under Cover Brothas...and The Blankets That Love Them(feat TaKenyah of TaKenyah Talks)

    Welcome back to another episode of Our2Cents Podcast. We are here with another episode of great dialogue. This episode is a great dialogue about the mental health needed to withstand an imbalanced partnership...whether friendship, relationship, or marriage. A few days ago, a pastor named John Gray, made a declarative statement that his wife was a covering to him, in time of him dealing with some insecurities/fragility in his manhood. He also stated that his wife endured more pain birthing him, than she did their children. That sent women into an outrage, because he never once considered her humanity, while she assisted in his! Women began to show their disgust for him, and even his wife for her tolerance. But is that because he used her for his own personal gains? Or because she was actually able to reap the reward of sticking with a man she sacrificed for...and you didnt?...or couldn't?
    We brought someone along to help us break down this dysfunction. We have TaKenyah, a very outspoken podcast trailblazer, who doesn't back down from any type of conversation that challenges your comfort when it comes to privilege and inequality. She brought so much wisdom and personal discovery to the conversation. She talked about her upcoming graduation from college in December. The depression and emotional traumas that suddenly appear at the peak of one of her biggest accomplishments. She also talked about how toxic John's narrative was for both women of color in a relationship; and for women who are single, who are looking forward to love. Advising woman to focus on your self worth, versus determining your worth based on what you do for a man.
    Mohna gave some profound pointers on how words can be misconstrued by the emotions behind them. How adding special dressings on top of your words can backfire, just like it did for our beloved brother. She places emphasis on compassion, understanding, detail, and communication being focal points for men and women.
    BJ brings a more spiritual perspective to the conversation, while taking in the conversation of two women with different views on the topic. Asking the questions that men are too uncomfortable to ask. Where is divine order in black love? How do we emotionally gain support as black men, without being degraded? The process of talking out the issues between men and women brought a lot of great pointers to build on in any relationship state. Listen and let us know what you think!

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