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We interview the world's best thinkers wherever is an inspirational story to tell!

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We interview the world's best thinkers wherever is an inspirational story to tell!

    Living Authentically Under Duress - Freyja Shaw

    Living Authentically Under Duress - Freyja Shaw

    Freyja Shaw is a Lifestyle & Natural Health Coach, specialising in essential oils.  As a mother of four children, she calls herself a "mumpreneur" and has a BA in sociology & psychology.

    Freyja has lived on a bus, a tiny house, and even in communal-style living.  She now lives in NSW Australia and is passionate about deconstructing social norms and enabling her clients to flourish & flow.


    In this podcast we talk about living authentically under duress!


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    Reclaiming Sovereignty and Balance

    Reclaiming Sovereignty and Balance

    Learn how to transform through the process of personal alchemy as we deep dive into a conversation of honesty, vulnerability, and connection.  In this episode, Dr. Theresa Bullard and Chris Hall talk apart and explore the inner and outer work required to reclaim personal sovereignty within our lives, communities, and relationships.  We explore the shadow self at the archetypical level and also how to be the zero point amongst a seemingly crazy world.


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    Managing Mental Health - Dr. Caroline Leaf

    Managing Mental Health - Dr. Caroline Leaf

    Dr. Caroline Leaf removes the stigma surrounding mental health and empowers her followers to clean up their own mental mess through her five step Neurocycle technique. Join us in a conversation in which we explore how the mind-body connection impacts your health, self-esteem, choices, psychology, and mental wellbeing.

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    Getting Your Financial House in Order

    Getting Your Financial House in Order

    Do you feel stuck financially? Here is an examination of financial needs from a Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs perspective.   

    • 13 min
    Trauma Anniversaries - 3x steps to help.

    Trauma Anniversaries - 3x steps to help.

    Have you noticed yourself feeling low, anxious, irritable, or angry as you approach the anniversary date of a past trauma?


    Are you compensating or masking how you are truly feeling?


    For those of you that have faced any form of trauma, I send you love and hope you find this video useful. I describe three steps for finding a way forward during these times.


    With love,

    Chris Hall





    • 10 min
    Kara Flowers - Momentum Coach & Actor

    Kara Flowers - Momentum Coach & Actor

    Professional Actress and Momentum Coach for Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Athletes & Award Winning Artists, Kara Flowers has been in a multitude of movies, include Vengeance: A Love Story with Nicolas Cage, Don Johnson, as well as Let's Be Cops, Finding Carter, Beyond Grace.


    Today we will connect on Kara unique philosophy that is grounded in both artistry, making an impact, and coaching others to be in action. This is a truly fascinating conversation, wonderful distinctions and unique philosophy.


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7 Ratings

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