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If you like Comic Cons, Games, Comics, Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, DC, LOTR, Harry Potter, Cosplay, Anime, Movies, TV, Podcast, SciFi.... you will love our podcast. We are a podcast for everyone! Where all things Sci-Fi come to life!

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If you like Comic Cons, Games, Comics, Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, DC, LOTR, Harry Potter, Cosplay, Anime, Movies, TV, Podcast, SciFi.... you will love our podcast. We are a podcast for everyone! Where all things Sci-Fi come to life!

    Episode 284 – Cobra Kai, Netflix, WandaVision

    Episode 284 – Cobra Kai, Netflix, WandaVision

    Episode 284 is locked, stocked, and loaded! We have been waiting the arrival of the MCU’s newest shows and the first one up to bat is WandaVision. With the announcement of Marvel’s lineup, WandaVision was definitely the one that was completely different from the rest.

    The first 2 episodes were released this past Friday and the podcast dove right in. We peel apart the episodes in a manner that can be described as critical. It seems like there was a 2 on 1 dispute on what was thought of the debut of WandaVision.

    The chat room chimed in as well on their thoughts and the discussion became very interesting to say the least. Is WandaVision the future of the MCU? Is this style going to work for them? What is happening in the show? Who was in the bee suit? Lots of questions and we try to answer all of them.

    Another show that has garnished the attention of the many is Cobra Kai.

    The continuation of the classic Karate Kid movies in a tv format, Cobra Kai provides lots of things to lots of people. We finally talk about the show, the 3 seasons and the future of the series. There was lots of flashbacks and walks down memory lane as we discuss the show.

    To top it off, all of the original cast from the movies have come back to reprise their roles. Does this show have longevity? Is it a flash in the pan? The chat room shares their views and you will be surprised on the outcome.

    So the question we ask you. Do you want to be apart of the action? Do you want your voice to be heard? How do you do this? Well, join us on Tuesday on Facebook at 9pm. See you there!

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    Episode 283 – Star Trek Discovery, Last Dragon, CES 2021

    Episode 283 – Star Trek Discovery, Last Dragon, CES 2021

    Guess what everyone? We are back with a new episode. Last week was a tough week for movies and shows as we were pretty harsh in our reviews. And for a few episodes now, we have been putting Star Trek Discovery on the back burner. Well Discovery has wrapped up their season and now its time to discuss it.

    So Discovery has had a few different storylines develop throughout the season. So how did it all end up? This is one of the few times where all 3 of the members of the podcast had completely different views. We cover the last few episodes, recap the season and discuss where the show can go now. As a matter of fact, one of us may not even watch it past this current season. That’s right! This was their last season. If you are a Star Trek fan or even just a sci-fi fan, you need to hear what we said.

    Do you like tech? How about tech that’s beyond your wildest imagination? We call this CES 2021.

    This is the first year in which this event is virtual. We cover the first 2 days. In these 2 days so much was showcased already. Razer came out the gate strong with a multitude of products but 2 that stuck out were their face masks and gaming chair.

    How about a doorbell that takes your temperature? These are just some of the few things we discuss. Would Moose buy this? When is there something Moose doesn’t buy?

    In an impromptu topic, some how we started to discuss one of Gamegod’s favorite movies; The Last Dragon.

    Was The Last Dragon a hit or a flop? Is this a movie that can be put in the archive with other classics? Is it goofy or is it great? Can it be compared to the original Ghostbusters? We discuss all these things and more.

    Now if these things interested you, the question becomes why aren’t you joining us every Tuesday on Facebook at 9pm? What’s that? No reason. Then we will see you next week.

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    Episode 282 – WW84, 2021 Outlook for Comic Cons, Star Wars news, Transformers, PS5…

    Episode 282 – WW84, 2021 Outlook for Comic Cons, Star Wars news, Transformers, PS5…

    Can you believe its 2021 already? We are back from holiday break! This is the first episode of 2021 and we are excited to be back. So much to start 2021 with. We went through the topics and decided with these. First and foremost; what does 2021 look like in the Comic con world? We go over some cons that will be returning. This list is very surprising. Will it be the same or is it too early? We talk through it.

    On Christmas Day WW84 was released. It was a movie everyone was anticipating and waiting for.

    We dive right in and boy, do we have things to share. We review the movie. You have to hear what we thought of it. We definitely have some strong opinions and we didn’t hold back. We dissect the movie, what work and what didn’t work. As we always do, we gave it a score. This may be a record score on Podcast4Scifi.

    Our sources have revealed to us some changes that may be happening at Galaxy’s Edge.

    What are the changes that are being spoken of? We won’t tell you here, you need to tune in to find out. It is a very surprising what is being proposed.

    On the path of change, Sony has made an announcement regarding their systems.

    What is the decision? What we can tell you here is that it is something that will change the trajectory of the PS5. It is a juicy tidbit that needs to be spoken about. One things for sure is that it will surprise you!

    We close out with season 2 of Transformers: War for Cybertron on Netflix.

    This is a show that Gamegod was waiting for. This is a 6 episode season at 25 minutes an episode. At 2 hours and 25 minutes for the complete season it was an easy binge watch. If you are a Transformer fan, especially a Generation 1 fan, then you will be highly interested in what we share. Did the things we shared before the season started come true? Was it what we expected? Are we excited for the next season? All of these things and more were discussed.

    As we move into 2021, we look forward to seeing you on Tuesdays at 9pm on Facebook. We want to hear what your thoughts are. Don’t be shy and let your voice be heard. See you next week.

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    Episode 281 – Mandalorian Finale (Boba again?), Transformers season 2

    Episode 281 – Mandalorian Finale (Boba again?), Transformers season 2

    So we have reached the end of 2020 and this is the last episode of the year. Episode 281 will go out with a bang. We may only be covering 2 topics in this episode but one of them is the biggest topic of 2020, The Mandalorian. Before we jump into that, we start with a Gamegod favorite.

    Transformers: War for Cybertron had the 2nd season trailer released. This trailer showcased a lot of familiar faces and some new ones as well. From Optimus Prime looking like the leader he needs to be, to the reveal of Galvatron and even Unicron in the background; this season looks like it will be the Transformers we are wanting! The podcast discusses what they expect. Is everyone on board and looking forward to it or is there someone who believes it will fall short? We wont have to wait long to find out. Season 2 will be out December 30th on Netflix.

    The main event for this episode was the season finale of The Mandalorian.

    This year we learned so much in the Mandalorian. We learned the name of The Child (Grogu), we saw Bo-Katan and Ahsoka Tano as well as watch the Razor Crest get blown up. We saw the Darksaber in action as well as the Dark Troopers (3rd generation). But nothing could set us up for what was to come in the finale.

    Listen as well relieve the moments in the finale that really resonated with us. Who squealed like a child when they saw Luke? Who almost cried when Grogu touched Mando’s face? The question floating in the room was which scene was better; the Darth Vader scene from Rogue One or the Luke scene in the finale? You need to hear this one. So much was discussed in this episode. If you like the Mandalorian (who doesn’t) then this is an episode you need not miss.

    You might of missed us live, and have a chance to listen to us on your favorite podcast app; but you need to join us every Tuesday at 9pm on Facebook live. See you in 2021!

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    Episode 280 – Disney+ with Loki, Falcon and Winter Soldier, WandaVision, Bad Batch and MORE!

    Episode 280 – Disney+ with Loki, Falcon and Winter Soldier, WandaVision, Bad Batch and MORE!

    So what can be possibly bigger than Disney Investor Day? Well, how about episode 280. We have so much content to bring up that we even had trouble containing it in the normal timeframe. We peel back as much as we can as well as the newest Mandalorian episode.

    To start off we jump into one of the newest trailers, Loki.

    We did not waste much time talking about this one. Seemed like an easy one, but we all seemed to disagree about this one. Who liked it and who thought it was the weakest one of the bunch? Very interesting way to start out the episode.

    As we continue along, WandaVision had a new trailer as well.

    Even though it was a different show, we still had a spilt on what we thought of it. Is that a really a good sign? As a matter of fact, one member of the podcast thought it was one of the best of the show. You will be surprised on who didn’t even like it.

    One of the trailers that should of hit a home run, was Falcon and Winter Soldier.

    Guess what? Some thought it was not good at all. We spend some time on this one because of the shock value. What is it really going to be about? Is this the one everyone wants to see? The word is that all these trailers will tie into a movie of some sort.

    Investor day had lots of trailers, news and announcements. We cover so much more and then some. We also spend some time on the Mandalorian. This episode has everything you need. Don’t believe us, then you need to see for yourself. Better yet, join us on Tuesday at 9pm on Facebook.

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    Episode 279 – Mando and Boba, Warner Bros/HBO Max, Beskar vs ….

    Episode 279 – Mando and Boba, Warner Bros/HBO Max, Beskar vs ….

    Just when you thought last week’s episode had it all, we bring you episode 279. In this episode, we continue exploring the ever expanding world of the Mandalorian. Last week Gamegod said that the last 3 episodes would be filler episodes; throwaway epsisodes. Boy he couldn’t be more wrong.

    If last week’s episode was a 10, this week’s was a 12. We get to see Mando in full action from beginning to end. Grogu reached out to someone but we dont know who. Boba Fett finally got his screen time. We were introduced to Dark Troopers and Grogu was kidnapped. We discuss all these things plus what’s in store for the final 2 episodes? Did Grogu make contact with another Jedi? So much to share and so much to answer.

    Keeping it in the Star Wars universe, we discuss some powerful and precious metals. We take Beskar and put it up against Adamantium.

    Let’s not stop there. How about putting those two metals against Vibranium? Need us to be more specific. How about a suit of Beskar armor versus Wolverine’s claws versus Captain America’s shield? We break down the different metals by categories that includes durability and coolness. Is this an easy choice? Does the podcast agree with each other? Very unique conversation about the three metals and you will be surprised how we decide.

    We then wrap up with some big news.

    Warner Bros announced that all their movie releases will go straight to streaming on HBO Max. While this is great for the consumer/fan, it mat not be good for the movie industry. At least some major players in the film business seem to think this and made sure that their voice was heard. What movies are these they speak of? How long is this going to go on for? Is it even worth it? One things for sure, we will enjoy it while it last.

    This episode was a little longer but we covered so much. We want you to join us on Tuesday. Why is that? Because we are live on Facebook. Come and join us for the fun. See you there!

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