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Those in music talk life, those in life chat music... and more.

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Those in music talk life, those in life chat music... and more.

    Marina Prior [2014 from the Archives]

    Marina Prior [2014 from the Archives]

    Marina Prior is a National treasure of a performer from Australia.

    Back in 2014, John Murch had a chance to speak with her on the back of a Songbird Box-Set release, while also touring with Harvest Rain Theatre Company production of Cats.

    Prior continues to shine on the stage touring regularly around Australia and Carols at the end of each year are brought to the next level with her presence.

    • 21 min
    What is Monthly MixTape...

    What is Monthly MixTape...

    Micro-episode covering what the ’Monthly Mixtape’ found on Spotify from us is.

    Twitter Poll: https://twitter.com/radionotesPOD/status/1475033721669443584

    (Running until start of 2022, if not on there can also DM your answer on ’Socials’)

    • 1 min
    Jump Daddy

    Jump Daddy

    Jump Daddy of the Dad To Me podcast - that connects people to their fathers through conversations - joined us ahead of their Season 2 for a chat at Grange Beach when they were travelling through South Australia.

    Our guest also has a father that worked in television. They themselves have also released a film about an Australia larrikin painter that’s worth a watch.

    Hear here the extended full-edit of the chat with Jump Daddy...

    Show Notes: https://radionotespodcast.com/episodes/jump-daddy/

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    Reason for delay/s. I’m Fine, now (medicine + science are great).

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    Liara Roux

    Liara Roux

    Liara Roux is a sex worker and political organiser who writes regularly on sex worker’s rights and now has released a memoir called Whore of New York: A Confession (Repeater Books).

    Hear here radionotes’ conversation with Liara about music and more...

    Show Notes: https://radionotespodcast.com/episodes/liara-roux/

    • 39 min
    Blush Face

    Blush Face

    Blush Face based in Virginia, Richmond debut album was What Do You Want?, with the latest Single called Had To.

    Hear here Billy, Drew, Evan and Ali from the band have an extended chat with radionotes...

    Show Notes: https://radionotespodcast.com/episodes/blush-face/

    • 37 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

youngerwiser ,

Best interviewing I’ve heard in a long time

The host shows so much empathy and genuine commitment to getting down to the root of things with interviewees. This is truly a podcast for those who want to delve deeper. Much appreciation for this.

Cardinal Chunder ,

He’s done his research

A music podcast about the artist, the process, the person, the result.
It’s refreshing to have a ‘sensible’ (for want of a better word) podcast in my rotation.
He doesn’t cut the musician short, he lets them explore their answer, work through it, and arrive to a place you’d never hear on a 5 min interview segment on radio between an ad break and a contest.

For lovers of music.

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