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    #83 - Adapt and Pivot - Nick and Stu

    #83 - Adapt and Pivot - Nick and Stu

    What a crazy couple of weeks it has been. In a flash all gyms across the country have had to close their doors, with most quickly flipping their entire business model to go online.

    With minimal time to prepare, gyms have all set up their own unique interpretation of online training. Nick and Stu share their stories and methods as to how they managed their gym closure and what their business looks like now.

    • 49 min
    #83 - Just Be Nice

    #83 - Just Be Nice

    Josh from the Just Be Nice Project is an extraordinary human!

    He is many things but today we uncover his philosophical views on how we should be helping one another. The Just Be Nice Project redefines what it means to give back and Josh gives us a lesson on how we can effectively give back to our community and how each of us can make an actual impact.
    This episode shares so much light on why there is such a massive gap between people that want to help and the actual help people need. Josh is incredibly articulate and challenges the status quo.
    He is also just a great bloke as there are plenty of laughs throughout this episode. Being a part of this episode has truly reshaped the way I will help people in the future and I hope it has the same impact on you as well.
    A little but about the Just Be Nice Project.
    BNProject is our mission to improve equality of opportunity. We believe that the best starting point is to ensure that everyone is housed, employed and has good mental health. We believe everyone deserves access to help, regardless of how they come to need it. Regardless if you are 15 or 50 you are unable to make the most of opportunities without being housed, employed and having good mental health.
    We're for people who want to do good and don’t know where to start.
    We're for people who have worked hard and developed skills and resources but feel disconnected from their abilities and their ability to do good in the world.
    We're for people who are dissatisfied with the current paradigm of charity and social help, people who wonder how in a time of prosperity, such as ours, so many people go without.
    We're for people who want to improve equality of opportunity for everyone.
    We're for people who are good at things. Because people who are good at things can do more good than people who aren’t good at anything…yet.
    We're for people who aren’t sure what they are good at and they want to find out.
    We're for people who need permission to carry on their journey of being good. We don't want organisations and individuals to feel like they need to stop pursuing excellence because it might be seen as selfish, not knowing that their amazing capacity for impact lies on the other side of their excellence. We are here to encourage excellence and then harness it for the largest benefit.
    We're for people and organisations who don’t simply think that they need to ‘be the change’, but think that they need to ‘be the whole change’. Teaching them that you can be a part of extraordinary impact through making very ordinary positive change… if you do it alongside others.

    We're for revolutionaries, for people, organisations and communities that believe that a world where extraordinary positive change is possible, just not by going about it the way we’ve been doing it so far.

    • 1 hr 39 min
    #82 - Bringing Weightlifting to the Projects - Sheena Mabilangan

    #82 - Bringing Weightlifting to the Projects - Sheena Mabilangan

    Sheena is a young philanthropist in the making. An avid CrossFitter with a heart of gold, Sheena is on a mission to bring the sport of weightlifting to the struggling kids of the Philippines.

    Many people in areas of the Philippines live without much opportunity, especially youths. Sheena started the organisation Project Philz (@projectphilz) in early 2019 with a goal to help youths not only find something to do but find purpose, support and connection within a positive community.

    Sheena’s story is incredibly inspiring. If you wish to get involved or send support, you can contract Sheena directly on the Project Philz Instagram page @projectphilz

    • 47 min
    #81 - Back To Business, Matt Baitieri

    #81 - Back To Business, Matt Baitieri

    Business masterclass and the new age of service marketing. Nick and Stu live a life full of purpose because they are driven to help people. That purpose has lead them both to create multiple business.

    You can't be successful at business unless you get some help along the way. This episode we chat to Matt who is the owner of a business coaching / consulting company.

    He has a great insight about where the fitness industry is heading and how we need to adapt in the future. We go back to our roots in this episode and get a little CrossFitty along the way. This episode provides great value for anyone who has any involvement at any level of business.

    • 1 hr 23 min
    #80 - 50 Marathons in 50 Days - Sean Bell

    #80 - 50 Marathons in 50 Days - Sean Bell

    On this day one year ago, Sean Bell was 31 marathons in on his mission towards achieving 50 marathons in 50 days straight.

    His outstanding effort wasn’t for him, it was for the memory of his good mate Joey, who passed away suddenly in his sleep.

    Sean’s story is incredible and inspiring. With such a wise head on his young shoulders, even the oldest listener will take something from the way Sean views the world.

    To follow along to Sean’s journey and all his upcoming events, click here: https://sean-bell.com.au/
    Follow here: @seanbell_

    • 1 hr 17 min
    Bonus Episode - Mindset Seminar - Stuart Cunningham

    Bonus Episode - Mindset Seminar - Stuart Cunningham

    Do you struggle with motivation or find it really hard to stick to a plan?
    Stu talks about how shifting our mindset and viewing the world differently can have a massive impact on achieving your goals.

    Mental toughness
    Dealing with struggle and adversity
    Control the Controllable's
    Fixed vs Growth Mindset
    Setting a Goal

    • 1 hr 22 min

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4.8 out of 5
85 Ratings

85 Ratings

kristymichelle13 ,

Awesome episode

Really enjoyed this episode!! Was raw and relatable. Good on you for facing your fear and going it alone on this one! Loved it and love your guys work.

therealjbro ,

Diverse, interesting, thoughtful & entertaining

Touching on subjects some of us may never broach, hearing others experiences through challenges and at times reaching for the feels. Enjoying each episode and topic. Well done boys!


Episode #50

I've been listening to the Podcast since Stu became a regular host. This podcast has quickly become one of my absolute favorite listens. Initially I started listening because I thought it would improve how I tackle my health and fitness. Little did I know the positive affect it would have on the rest of my life and overall mindfulness.

Cannot thank you both enough. Keep up the amazing work boys.


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