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Fascinating lives, deep convictions, dedication to self-mastery...these are the stories within Rare Air. Meri Fatin's curiosity and light touch as an interviewer allows the teller to guide the narrative. Prepare to be enlightened.

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Fascinating lives, deep convictions, dedication to self-mastery...these are the stories within Rare Air. Meri Fatin's curiosity and light touch as an interviewer allows the teller to guide the narrative. Prepare to be enlightened.

    Petra Tschakert: Geologist, Anthropologist, IPCC Scientist

    Petra Tschakert: Geologist, Anthropologist, IPCC Scientist

    "Overshoot means we consciously and willingly allow to go above 1.5 while waiting for the right technology...to then rapidly bring down the overshoot.  It would fulfill the goal laid out in the Paris Agreement however the damage done on the way is tremendous.
    The obligation of scientists is to lay out different ( plausible) scenarios.  Its governments and industries who then take these plausible scenarios and insist that we have the luxury to wait because technical solutions will save us in the end. The reason why this interpretation is so flawed (and I think this is when I cracked on the IPCC 1.5 Special Report) was the realisation that an overshoot...could mean an eight degree warming for the Arctic."
    Petra Tschakert is Professor of Geography and Global Futures at Curtin University where she has recently begun her tenure.
    She is a human-environment geographer, motivated to use her research to strengthen resilience in communities experiencing disadvantage. She does this working at the intersection of a number of elements: climate change adaptation, sustainability, livelihood security, and climate, mobility, energy, and multispecies justice.
    And the inter-disciplinary approach Petra has taken to her education will give you a good idea of how she can function in all these spaces.  Geography and French in Austria led to working in community development in Senegal and then to a dissertation on soil carbon sequestration, also in Senegal, a PhD in arid lands resource sciences and applied anthropology in Arizona …the list goes on.
    Petra was a Coordinating Lead Author in Working Group 2 of the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report (AR5), and contributed to its Summary for Policy Makers and the Synthesis Report, all of which fed into COP21 and the Paris Agreement. Then she worked on the IPCC Special Report on 1.5 degrees global warming post-Paris.
    Petra now co-chairs the National Strategy on Just Adaptation, led by the Australian Academy of Science and Future Earth Australia, and leads the Energy Humanities Initiative at Curtin. 

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    Peter Newman: Environmental Scientist and Sustainable Transport expert

    Peter Newman: Environmental Scientist and Sustainable Transport expert

    "We changed the world to start to see that automobile dependence was not a good thing...we were much hated by the automobile associations, the vehicle companies, the oil companies.  They used to run people who would follow us everywhere. And they were given money to write papers attacking us."
    Professor Peter Newman reflecting on his work in the US with colleague Professor Jeff Kenworthy 
    WA Scientist of the Year in 2018, Peter Newman AO is Professor of Sustainability at Curtin University where he established CUSP, the Curtin Sustainability Policy Institute.
    He’s one of those people it’s hard to introduce because of the sheer volume of his achievements.
    As well as being a renowned authority on sustainability in WA, and an adviser at a Federal level, Peter’s international work includes being co-ordinating lead author on a number of reports with the IPCC – the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
    He’s authored hundreds of publications including over 20 books, some of which are used as texts in the USA. His primary focus is transport and the solutions that would vastly improve the liveability of our cities.
    Peter began his career as a foundation lecturer in Environmental Sciences at Murdoch University in 1974 and consequently is a senior knowledge holder and champion in the overarching story of environmentalism in WA.  
    Recorded at RTRFM, Beaufort Street Mount Lawley Western Australia on August 23, 2022
    Mastered by Adrian Sardi at Sugarland 
    Theme music by Blue Dot Sessions

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    Saul Griffith: Australia's Electric Future

    Saul Griffith: Australia's Electric Future

    If you follow thought leaders on the energy transition, you’ll be familiar with the hashtag Electrify Everything.
    The argument is that a huge proportion of ‘global energy needs’ can be met with electricity sourced from renewables – and to use it we simply need to – electrify everything.
    This is the message of Australian inventor and engineer Saul Griffith – recently returned from two decades in the US where he’s advised, among others, NASA and the Biden Administration. Saul Griffith's book, “The Big Switch – Australia’s Electric Future” details some very clear thinking that could drive Australia's energy transition pathway.

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    Paul Cleary: Yindjibarndi Native Title Fight

    Paul Cleary: Yindjibarndi Native Title Fight

    "I think it’s a scandal in this country that so much wealth is being extracted and Aboriginal people are no better off."
    Paul Cleary is author of "Title Fight: How the Yindjibarndi Battled and Defeated a Mining Giant".  For over a decade he followed this story as a journalist, before finally sitting down to the task of recording the complex and troubling detail of this tale in a book.
    If ever a story was worth telling, it's this one.  It highlights an organisational culture in FMG that on one hand revered and respected Aboriginal people, but on the other used the courts and a vast array of unconscionable tactics to secure below par compensation native title agreement with traditional owners. And it reveals the tenacity and vision of Yindjibarndi people and their leader Michael Woodley who in 2020,  after a thirteen year dispute, secured exclusive native title over the land FMG has been mining.

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    Matthew Evans: Soil

    Matthew Evans: Soil

    The power of great storytelling has never been more evident than in the fight to change hearts and minds around sustainability, environmental care and climate action.
     The people who can sweep us along in their enthusiasm and can-do attitude offer solid foundations for optimism as we witness the earth struggling …and the solutions seem too much for us as individuals to contemplate.
     Matthew Evans is one of those people.  Matthew is a chef, food critic, TV host and farmer, and increasingly across his career he has spoken and written the truth about our food and its journey to our tables, always leaving us with the tools to choose better.
     A couple of years ( but just a few episodes) ago Matthew joined me on Rare Air to discuss his book On Eating Meat. It was great to be getting together again to chat about his new book “Soil:  The Incredible story of what keeps the Earth, and us, healthy”

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    David Carter + Jeff Hansen: An Unlikely Alliance

    David Carter + Jeff Hansen: An Unlikely Alliance

    It began with a deep sea cod.
    David Carter and Jeff Hansen
    are people who have the courage of their

    What’s surprising about their alliance is that at first
    glance one might struggle to see HOW their
    convictions are aligned.

    David Carter is CEO of Austral Fisheries. He’s spent
    42 years with the company, working from the
    ground up as a graduate and thriving under
    inspiring mentorship.

    His commitment to sustainable fishing practices has
    defined his career. This year David was awarded the
    Lifetime Achievement Award from the Marine
    Stewardship Council and Austral Fisheries has been
    carbon neutral for four years.

    Jeff Hansen joined Sea Shepherd Australia in 2006
    and was instrumental in the success of two anti-
    whaling expeditions in the Antarctic before being
    offered Australian directorship by Sea Shepherd
    founder Captain Paul Watson.

    It’s Jeff’s passion and regard for the ocean and it’s
    inhabitants that has focussed his efforts into
    eradicating illegal fishing, plastic pollution and
    mitigating climate change.

    It was an appearance at
    a Senate inquiry about Australia’s future activities in
    the Southern Ocean, that led to his auspicious
    meeting with David… because of a shared concern for a deep sea cod - the Patagonian toothfish.

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4.4 out of 5
14 Ratings

14 Ratings

voiceboxmediatraining ,

Excellent Podcast

A really well-researched, well-produced and wonderfully engaging podcast featuring fascinating talent. Definitely worth a listen.

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I love it!!!!

I love it so much. Meri Fatin is such a talented interviewer. I am so glad I found her.

SydKateM ,

Loved them all!

Can’t wait for more...

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