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Tech Talk is a podcast and radio show for blind and partially sighted people who are interested in accessible technology. Find out about the latest products from specialist equipment to off the shelf solutions. Get involved or join the conversation by emailing techtalk@rnib.org.uk

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Tech Talk is a podcast and radio show for blind and partially sighted people who are interested in accessible technology. Find out about the latest products from specialist equipment to off the shelf solutions. Get involved or join the conversation by emailing techtalk@rnib.org.uk

    #AppleEvent preview, Android goes to eleven, and Amazon Halo

    #AppleEvent preview, Android goes to eleven, and Amazon Halo

    Plundering porpoises! The good ship Tech Talk sets sail once more, thank you for being aboard!

    On today's episode we welcome back a salty ol' sea-dog to the show... Tim Schwartz is here! Last heard on these particular airwaves on episode 266, Tim returns to turn the tricky threesome into the fearless foursome... or something like that. We catch up with what Tim's been up to, and try not to get too deep into either fires, American politics or the pandemic.

    This week, Cap'n Scott and his first mates talk Apple (surprise surprise...) now, the radio show and the podcast both come out a few hours before the big #AppleEvent planned for Tuesday 15th, so anyone listening to this show after that date, well.. you know what has been revealed, whilst we're stuck in the past! But the guys have a good crack at discussing the predicted hardware... possibly a new phone, possibly a new tablet... possibly new glasses?! But more likely... just the phone. Of course Steven's going to buy all of it anyway.

    And just because we like fair and balanced coverage, we're also chatting about Android 11... it's one louder! Five points to you if you get that reference. Steven runs down all the expected new bits and bobs, and Andy bemoans the fact that his Huawei smartphone probably wont get this update for years, by which time his upgrade will be due, and he'll probably have ditched them. Maybe he'll see HarmonyOS before Android 11 though! 

    Also up for discussion this week: Amazon Halo, and all kinds of blackmail they'll force on you once they have your naked body in photographs, football World Cup Finals, audio ducking, being clean shaven, A Lady and podcasts, The Simpsons, Whining noises, Downloading books that are recorded across multiple CD's, Kit Kats, whining noises which aren't emanating from Steven, and Non-Smart TV's.

    As we sail off to the lands of Valinor (again, another five points if you get that reference), the only thing left is to thank you for listening! Keep your wonderful emails coming in, especially those that give praise to Andy, he deserves it all... is it obvious who writes these show notes? ;) Blistering barnacles!

    TechTalk@RNIB.org.uk (mailto:TechTalk@RNIB.org.uk)

    Toodle Pip xx

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    Buying a New Computer when Blind and Visually Impaired [Part II]

    Buying a New Computer when Blind and Visually Impaired [Part II]

    It's a Tech Talk Double Feature this week! Well, kind of....

    Firstly, it's the return of RNIB Connect Radio's own Red Szell! A couple of weeks ago, on Tech Talk Episode 336, you may remember Red was in the market for a new laptop. Well, he's only gone and bought one! Steven recommended one from the Dell Inspiron range... did Red splash out on one of those, or something entirely different?

    In the second half, Andy finally decides to turn up, so we can finally get to your emails! This week... milk ice cubes, phablets, Nova Launchers on Android phones, looking for Richard III, Silenzio, Samsung Z-Flip phones, and lots more!

    If you want to complete the Tech Talk survey (and you only have until the 9th September to do so), click this link here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/techtalkradio (https://t.co/PUgO08mBdK?amp=1) or email the team at TechTalk@RNIB.org.uk, (mailto:TechTalk@RNIB.org.uk,) and Andy will send you the link, and a wee personalised message, if you're nice.

    Tech Talk, and it's new motto "Below The Threshold Of Annoying" will return next week... with an old face returning! #RNIBConnect #TechTalk

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    Recorders, Rambling, and Robin in a rainstorm - a Tech Talk Email Special

    Recorders, Rambling, and Robin in a rainstorm - a Tech Talk Email Special

    Welcome to the 343rd Tech Talk! That's a lot when you really think about it, isn't it?

    Firstly, let's get to some housekeeping. If you've heard the show already you'll know we mentioned lots of different bits and bobs at the start, well, here's all the info you need.

    To fill in the Tech Talk Survey, which runs until the 9th September, click here (https://surveymonkey.co.uk/r/techtalkradio) .

    The next AbilityNet Accessibility Insights webinar will be on 8th September at 1pm with Paul Smyth of Barclays. For more info, and to register, click here: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/6015978276110/WN_oD4cbiDnQ5anO3z67Qn_rQ 

    To take part in our own wee survey about the wonderful email jingle, click here (https://fast-poll.com/poll/198c9d33) .

    And finally, to follow us all on Twitter, we're here: Steven (https://twitter.com/techtalkersteve) , Robin (https://twitter.com/usa2day) and Andy (https://twitter.com/adwinn) .

    Right! That's all that out of the way, so what's on the show? Well this week it's all about... you! Well, to be more specific, your emails. Steven and Robin sit back with their feet up, as Andy reads out your correspondence on a variety of topics, including: Lanyards, social media, and using TW Blue for Twitter, Scripting on Narrator, being non-gooey, Trekker Breeze, Be My Eyes & independence, password managers, handheld recorders to help with music recording, the TV show Neighbours, more on dentists, and noisy rainstorms.

    Oh, and another apology regarding names... it's becoming quite the habit!

    Some of you like our rambling gibberish, some of you dont! Either way, we're really glad you're listening, and sharing your opinions. If you wish to have your say on anything we've covered in this, or a previous episode, email us at TechTalk@RNIB.org.uk (mailto:TechTalk@RNIB.org.uk)  

    Keep on truckin' x

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    Google Lookout, Face Masks, and Modern Tech Longevity

    Google Lookout, Face Masks, and Modern Tech Longevity

    Oh look, it's you! Fancy seeing you here! Just in time for Tech Talk!

    Steven, Robin & Andy return to talk all manner of gadgets and gizmos, but not before Robin gives out an apology for a boo-boo from last week... He's only gone and mixed up his Williams and Bills!

    The trio discuss Google Lookout, which has seen some updates over the last week - it now offers two new features: the ability to identify food labels, and to scan documents. Is this the Seeing AI app that Android users were craving?

    In your emails this week, we answer a question about how long technology is expected to last; it may be a bit unfair comparing it to a 120-year-old Bechstein piano, but is it really too much to ask that a modern smartphone lasts more than a few years?

    All that, plus: Facemasks, Giraffe readers, Sticking up for the Dolphin Easy Reader, help with TV listings, stiff plastic, changes at Aira, Braille vs QWERTY, a new Android TV dongle, NVDA assistance, lots of Julians and Richards, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

    Our poor email jingle has been getting a right hammering in emails lately, so we want to know... Do you like it, or despise it? Vote here: https://fast-poll.com/poll/198c9d33

    Our show is built around you, dear listener - without your comments, queries and compliments (and criticisms!)... well where would we be? What would Andy do?! TechTalk@RNIB.org.uk is the place to send them.

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    New products from Samsung, another Aira UK Demo, and goodbye Toshiba

    New products from Samsung, another Aira UK Demo, and goodbye Toshiba

    Greetings, Tech Talkees!

    Join Steven, Robin and Andy on this week's show to hear the fallout from Samsung Unpacked from a few weeks back, and what kind of pull Android has in 2020.

    We say goodbye to Toshiba tech, as they quietly exited the laptop business for good, after 35 years of great machines. The guys discuss what went wrong, why the sales dropped off, and who is now taking on their PC business.

    Also listener Will has sent us another Aira in the UK demo, this time to assist with his dinner choices!

    All that, and more, including: tea jokes, VOD failing blind people, Dynorod, tree-hugging, clippy cortana, Show and Tell not being in the UK yet, Shaun Connery and the band Texas, and even more problems with AD on TV in the UK.

    As ever, we love your emails! The address to contact us is TechTalk@RNIB.org.uk

    Catch you all next week!

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    Braille podcasts, Robotic Guide Dogs, and emails

    Braille podcasts, Robotic Guide Dogs, and emails

    Are you here for Tech Talk? Well you're in the right place!

    Steven's here, Robin's there, and Andy's everywhere - on today's TT, plenty of topics to discuss, including 'Theia', a robotic guide dog prototype designed by Anthony Camu - would you switch out having a fluffy, cuddly (and sometimes smelly) real life guide dog, in exchange for one that you need to plug in and recharge every night? And where would the USB slot be?! Crikey!

    Also, Steven chats with Dave Williams, founder of the Braillists' Foundation, which was set up to bring people together to share their experience and knowledge of braille. The pair chat about a new podcast which is coming out.

    All that, plus Fabric dots instead of loc dots, emails about Aira in the UK, rooftop garden terraces, conversation view in emails, finding lost sons, windows shortcuts, fail whales, and issues with certain screen-readers and Microsoft Excel.

    To email us and have your question or query read out on a future episode, email techtalk@RNIB.org.uk

    Lots of love! x

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3.0 out of 5
1 Rating

1 Rating

Steve Hurdd ,

Has potential but style needs a bit of work

When I think of this podcast I think of an old Elvis song. I little less conversation a little more action boys. I won awards for broadcasting before and know the difference between bad and good broadcasting. When these guys hit on a point they do it extremely well and really are good and give some really great advice, I found myself winding forward in the podcast to try and get over all the fluff and padding. I found myself a little frustrated at the end, because although they talked about the Google chrome book and the chromium operating system They didn’t really give anything practical like how to install it how to make it start talking etc so although there’s a bit of laughing at their own jokes, and giggling, which is frustrating, when they really hit on topics they do it extremely well, but they probably need to go into a little more detail about the practicalities so if you are a vision impaired person and want to try chrome kinda know how to get off first base. I think it’s one of those lessons that people relatively new to broadcasting have to learn about know your audience. People who listen to podcast like this aren’t listening or looking for comedy looking for information so information is the key to what they actually want to find out about so bit of comedy, fine but not too much so I probably won’t subscribe just yet, I might wait six months to a year to save the podcast Gets a bit more maturity balances comedy and information and practicality a little bit more but certainly worth keeping an ear out for.

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