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A lawyer turned funtrepreneur's investigation into how some of the world's most inspiring people find their "yay", whether it's through work, rest or play and any other pearls of wisdom they have along the way.

Seize the Yay Sarah Holloway

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A lawyer turned funtrepreneur's investigation into how some of the world's most inspiring people find their "yay", whether it's through work, rest or play and any other pearls of wisdom they have along the way.

    The 100th episode!!!

    The 100th episode!!!

    Thank you all so much for your wonderful, thought-provoking and well-considered questions, I had so much fun reflecting on them (and not so much fun listening back to my answers - even after all this time I hate listening to my own voice unless it's bantering with a guest). I can't properly express how grateful I am to everyone who has ever joined, listened or been part of the podcast in anyway - Seize the Yay brings so much depth and joy to my life and opens my mind in new ways each week to create it for you.

    I covered as many questions as I could in this one and, as I mention in the intro, I genuinely can't tell anymore if my answers makes sense, are useful or if it's all just nonsense but hopefully I've addressed at least some of your curiosity. I definitely missed some things, could have said some things better, and wanted to re-record as soon as I listened back, but I'm learning to take my own advice that "done is better than perfect", that self-doubt will always make you overly self-critical and that the essence of seizing the yay is sharing my real spontaneous answers, not the curated ones.

    The questions I answered in order are:

    The podcast

    • Which have been your 3 most eye-opening interviews?
    • Which interviewee surprised you the most? Why?
    • What are the three biggest challenges you have faced since starting your podcast?
    • Have you had any interviews that never went to air?!
    • Any awkward interviews where it was hard to get the conversation flowing?
    • How do you speak so eloquently on your podcast episodes? You practically never say "um" or "uh". What's your secret?
    • What do you think you have learnt about YOURSELF since starting this podcast?
    • Who would be your dream person to interview?
    • How do you choose who you interview for your podcast? What's the process
    • How did you get into what you do and what's the advice you'd give to others getting into the podcasting space?
    • How do you find your topic, tone of voice, first guests?

    The book

    • Can you give us a little sneak peak snippet of your book?
    • Can you tell us a bit more background about the story behind it etc?
    • What are the chapter headings?

    Personal life

    • Top 3 achievements so far?
    • Who's your biggest inspiration?
    • What did you wish you knew in high school or uni?
    • How do you do it all? Do you have a virtual assistant or manager?
    • Recommendations for coping with chronic fatigue or similar
    • Are you medicated for anxiety?
    • What's one piece of advice that has always stuck with you throughout your life?
    • How did you know Nic was the one and what was your history of relationships prior?
    • Have you been back to the town where you were born?
    • Would you consider adopting a child, considering how blessed you feel you were to be adopted?
    • What would be your last meal before you die!?
    • Do you drink Matcha everyday?
    • What is your absolute guilty pleasure to treat yourself?
    • Favourite foods and cheat meal?

    On 2020

    • As you reflect on the volatility of 2020, what have you learnt about yourself? Maybe, have you noticed your values changing?
    • How's your mum coping with lockdown?
    • What motivates you to keep going day to day?
    • How do you get yourself out of a deep funk?
    • How do you stay positive in iso?
    • If you were single how would you have copied?
    What's next?

    • Will you be starting a Youtube channel?
    • Do you plan on increasing the podcast production for other companies?
    • Do you plan on growing MM? Or happy where it's at?
    • What does the next year hold for you?

    I had to skip a few so tried to group them all by themes. Can't wait for hundreds more to come. Lots of love to you all x

    • 1 hr 18 min
    Manoj Dias // My spiritual guru on trauma, transformation and embodiment

    Manoj Dias // My spiritual guru on trauma, transformation and embodiment

    We're back with another guest whose episode couldn't be more perfectly timed. You may have heard my chat with him on the TOM Organic podcast earlier this year and, if you did, you'll know I refer to him as my spiritual guru but, if you didn't, you'll very soon understand why. Manoj Dias has taught me so much of what I know about sitting with discomfort, understanding suffering and the deeply life-changing impact of meditation and connection. We explored some of this on the Taboo Podcast but went a whole lot deeper here, which I found enormously helpful particularly during this shit-storm of a year and I hope you do too.

    Although you might not be able to imagine it of either of us as we are now, it was not wellness that brought us together but our nightclub glory days before our ways to yay really began. That alone is a reminder of my favourite theme - the non-linear nature of life and the way it unravels in many chapters not just the one you know someone from. Born into the Theravada Buddhist tradition, you might think Manoj skipped logically and smoothly straight to his position now as a globally recognised meditation teacher, writer, entrepreneur & co-founder of Open Meditation... But, squeeze a successful corporate career, teenage fatherhood, a mental health breakdown, an eating disorder and an ensuing transformative healing journey in between and you're getting closer to the real picture.

    Manoj shares all of the facets of himself so generously as well as busting some myths on meditation and I hope you enjoy our chat as much as I did.

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    • 58 min
    Liz Dawes // Connor's Run, combating cancer and creating legacies

    Liz Dawes // Connor's Run, combating cancer and creating legacies

    This week's episode is another one of many that's been shuffled around and pushed back for various reasons, but that has ended up coming out just when I think our guest's insights are most powerful. A big part of seizing your yay is acknowledging that both the best and worst times of our life play a role in our journey and If we ever needed some guiding words on turning adversity, uncertainty and grief into something positive, Liz Dawes is your woman.

    Like many of our guests, I loved diving into her earlier years because she had an entire life and career going from a small town in Wisconsin to travelling the world leading multi-million-dollar sales and marketing accounts BEFORE the chapter most of us know her from now as an adopted Melbournian and internationally recognised CEO and Chairman of a charitable foundation. Liz and her husband Scott had their world turned upside down when their son, Connor, was diagnosed with paediatric brain cancer - the #1 disease killer of young people - and passed away a few years later. We discuss the many different ways people process grief and how just a few short months later, Liz held the first Connor's Run founding the Robert Connor Dawes Foundation which is now the biggest paediatric brain cancer foundation in Australia. As she puts it in her TEDx talk last year, Liz reframed, reimagined and reaffirmed her way forward and has now raised $7million impact dollars that's helping fund research, care programs and so much more. Parts of this one are heavy but incredibly meaningful and with a beautiful happy ending (or happy beginning that's now eight years in) - I hope you are as moved as I am by Liz and the beautiful legacy she has created for Connor.


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    • 52 min
    Dr Katrina Warren // Pets, professional pivots and pandemics

    Dr Katrina Warren // Pets, professional pivots and pandemics

    Today I'm joined by a face many of you will know and love as I have since childhood, Dr Katrina Warren, an Aussie vet (along with her golden retriever Riley who had a great stare-off with Paul during the chat). You probably know Dr Katrina from Totally Wild or Harry's Practice or even Animal Planet or Dancing with the Stars, and I'm sure she's responsible for so many people's love for animals.

    As the only person I know of who did sheep husbandry for their HSC, Dr Katrina is a qualified vet but didn't take the conventional private practice pathway going into the media instead (with a fashion modelling career in Japan in the mix photos of which she has graciously shared with me for us to enjoy in the Facebook group!) She's definitely not the first guest who ended up seizing a yay they wouldn't have imagined in a million years, but she's possibly the first who's openly discussed the come down and disorientation of that yay abruptly ending pushing her to re-craft her identity and start her next chapter, which she's now in the swing of and enjoying thoroughly with Wonderdogs, as a Snooza ambassador and so much more.

    Paul also interrupts a few times to chat with Riley about his opinion on the beautiful Snooza beds they both have now - the woes of working from home! Enjoy!

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    Flex Mami // Flexistential questions on identity, introspection and individuality

    Flex Mami // Flexistential questions on identity, introspection and individuality

    The way that 2020 has unfolded has had a lot of us reflecting in ways we haven't in years, but self-awareness, existential reflection and critical thinking about values, behaviours and perceptions has been this week's guest jam since long before the pandemic. Few people get my brain gymnastics going like the inimitable Lillian Ahenkan, who you may know as Flex Mami, and the chat you're about to hear was no exception.

    While she is now changing how we think, do our make-up, and decorate our furniture as a self-dubbed professional opinion haver and slashie - DJ/TV host/podcaster/beauty guru/creator of Flex Factory - I loved chatting to Lil about the rollercoaster journey all of us go through finding our personal balance between conventionality and difference. As an Australian born Ghanaian woman, the societal projection of a homogenous Black woman's experience is just one of the many layers of identity that we peel back with her incredible ability to articulate and guide multifaceted conversations. I was so captivated in exploring the different elements of our identity and the many snakeskins Flex has worn and shed herself that we went for almost two hours having a great laugh but I've cut the "best of" for you to enjoy. If you aren't thinking fundamentally differently about things at the end of this, I'd be surprised!!!

    Also we both used proper podcasting microphones but got VERY loud - someone mentioned the other day that sometimes my bursts of laughter deafen them a bit but someone else mentioned that sometimes the episodes are too quiet... so I've been doing a lot of tutorials on making the audio more even and pulling the extremes closer to the middle. As you probably know I do all the editing myself and am still learning some tricks, so thank you for the ongoing feedback and patience! Hope you enjoy!

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    • 1 hr 21 min
    Taliqua Clancy // Origins, Olympics and Old Gold

    Taliqua Clancy // Origins, Olympics and Old Gold

    I'm joined this week by our first Wulli Wulli woman, Beach volleyball Olympian and Commonwealth silver medallist, Taliqua Clancy. You've probably seen I've been reflecting on Seize the Yay's commitment to diversity (of all kinds), but also, in light of the past few weeks, the best way to contribute to the BIPOC dialogue specifically and Taliqua is the first of a few wonderful guests coming up who offer some generously personal and thought provoking insights to the conversation.

    Growing up in Kingaroy QLD (otherwise known as "peanut town") over 200km from the nearest beach, you wouldn't expect Olympic success at beach volleyball to be in Taliqua's future. And yet, she reached the quarter finals in the Rio Olympics becoming the first Aboriginal Olympian to compete in the sport and is on her way to the slightly delayed Tokyo Olympics next year. Taliqua is also an Ambassador for our mutually beloved Cadbury who are launching an amazing Smart Watch campaign this week to support us all staying active in #iso which you'll hear more about. I hope you enjoy as much as I did...

    NOTE: Terra Nullius is the concept we discussed, that you might want to research.

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    • 44 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
672 Ratings

672 Ratings

Kahwalabi ,

Love love love!

From day dot, Sarah has remained true to herself and the integrity of the podcast.

I love listening because you bring such great positive energy and I love the plethora of guests. Each week it’s a new story.

There’s nothing worse than every Australian podcast having the same influencer interview, and while yes you have covered them too I feel that Sarah switches it up, a lot. I love podcasts about real people in real jobs - that’s the gold, the sweet spot. Those who took a linear path! But also love those that didn’t too.

Keep doing great things Sarah, you’re amazing!

Busy uni student ,

Forever inspiring and motivating!

Sarah has absolutely nailed the podcast game by creating such a well thought out poddy filled to the brim with pearls of wisdom, motivational stories and quotes and so many laughs. I’ve listened to so so SO many that I’ve found genuinely so inspiring, motivating, humbling and relatable and from such an incredible variety of people. You have to add this podcast to your faves trust me! Thank you Sarah you’re amazing xx

Oihdzoihvezoibzevlbesf ,

My favourite podcast

As a long time listener who I think has listened to every episode this podcast never fails to deliver. The incredibly diverse range of guests makes for an insightful, fun, deep and thought provoking collection of conversations that are so important!

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