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A relaxed conversation on news and current events

    U.S Supreme Court surprise; Facebook bows to pressure. So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night.

    U.S Supreme Court surprise; Facebook bows to pressure. So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night.

    With the trivia game finding a winner last episode, Jacqui and Brad end the season with two hypotheticals. There are mythical creatures, and the evolution of dinosaurs, there’s bigfoot and the loch ness monster, and how to win caveman friends. It’s the usual craziness you’ve come to expect, with deep discussion on silly topics.
    Jacqui’s news is the U.S. Supreme Court’s surprise decision on State abortion bans. With the court bench stacked at 5/4 to conservatives, how are liberal decisions getting through? Brad and Jacqui discuss the check and balances provided by the U.S. court system, the politicized nature of appointments and confirmations, and how judges can change their mind.
    Brad has Facebook in his crosshairs (again). After mounting pressure from users and advertisers alike, Facebook has begun to soften on their stance on hate speech on the platform. Is the change of heart all due to pulled advertisements affecting the bottom line? How is the Facebook journey on free speech similar and different to other social media platforms?
    Finally! The very last blue sky thinking. And it’s a doozy. Jacqui wants to talk about things coming to an end. Lockdown coming to an end. This podcast season’s coming to an end. And now, somehow, kids are expecting to have 12 different careers in their lifetime. How and why? Brad, ever the cynical creature, thinks its due to shortening attention spans. Jacqui, ever the silly optimist, thinks its something to do with bringing your whole self to work. They agree to disagree, and disagree again on the intrinsic value of putting content out into the world. May as well end it there, hey!
    Today was good, today was fun. Tomorrow is another one. This one was for the listeners – we heart you. We don’t know when the next season will be, but love hearing from all of you until then. Catch us on Twitter @shootinbreezes.

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    60% of the time, it works every time. NASA builds a space helicopter and Brazil faces up to COVID-19.

    60% of the time, it works every time. NASA builds a space helicopter and Brazil faces up to COVID-19.

    The Shooting Breezes podcast follows Brad and Jacqui as they discuss what news piqued their interest this week, and the final to end all finals in their weekly trivia competition.
    Jacqui has a question for Brad: what does he have a 100% success record on? If you think it would be kill shots, you’d be dead wrong. The answer has something to do the last two years of fatherhood, and it makes Jacqui one happy human. Brad serves up some sports trivia this week – can you guess which sport these ‘moves’ belong to? It’s a Sal Chow of a game, and a winner is finally announced.
    Brad wants to stay away from any negative news this week and looks to the ‘space’ space. NASA has revealed plans to fly an unmanned helicopter on Mars. The ‘Ingenuity’ (great name!) is planned for deployment in 2021 from the Perseverance rover as part of the Mars 2020 mission. It’s just the next small step (flight) for man (unmanned robot).
    Jacqui doesn’t stay way from negative news this week and wants to discuss Brazil’s response to the Corona virus, and the effect it’s having on its indigenous populations. With communities losing their “living libraries” to the pandemic, its only one instance of how the virus disproportionately affects different communities and populations.
    And at last, blue-sky thinking. Brad, inspired by an old episode of the Netflix TV series Black Mirror, wants to talk about video surveillance technology invading every moment of our lives, and whether life will indeed imitate fiction. The two hosts discuss the Amazon Ring, Google glasses, and the advent of smart cities on their journey to discovering whether any privacy will remain for citizens in the future.
    This was the penultimate episode for Season 3 of the Shooting Breezes podcast, and what a season it has been. Join us for the last episode next week and until then, catch us on Twitter @shootinbreezes.

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    Ch Ch Ch changes. Turn and face the strange. Disruption for both Al Qaeda and streaming services.

    Ch Ch Ch changes. Turn and face the strange. Disruption for both Al Qaeda and streaming services.

    Let’s mellow out to David Bowie and think about ch ch ch changes in our world today, whether it be terrorism, entertainment viewing, or support for global movements. Brad and Jacqui have you covered this week.
    Brad has a question for Jacqui, who is unabashedly addicted to her smart phone. If she could only use one app for a week, which one would she choose? Jacqui uses several important applications in her life, but she happily throws them out the window for some scrolling pleasure. Brad’s on the hot seat for this week’s trivia, which is simply, what came first? Test yourself against Jacqui’s questions.
    Jacqui’s news comes from northern Africa, where French forces have mounted a successful operation to kill Al Qaeda North Africa chief, Abdelmalek Droukel. She and Brad discuss France’s war with Islamic militants in Mali, and the enduring nature of terrorism. The hosts contrast the threat of terrorism to other threats, such as pandemics.
    Brad wants to discuss HBO Max, a new subscription on demand streaming service. There’s now a complicated landscape of streaming services, including under the HBO banner. Has the ultimate disrupter in entertainment finally succumbed to previous models? And what does this mean for Australian viewers?
    Finally, in this week’s blue-sky thinking segment, Jacqui wants to know what brings about substantial change in the world. The Black Lives Matter movement has seen public opinion move incredibly fast over the last two weeks, and the two hosts wrestle with what has preceded and brought about this change, when change had not occurred before. Does change have to come with a great tidal wave of movement, or can it be affected by a small group of willing people? As with blue-sky thinking segments, there are rarely any answers, and lots of questions to dissect.
    As always, send us some love on Twitter @shootinbreezes. And tell us what ch ch ch changes you are seeing in your community. Until next week!

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    Really, 2020? Are you kidding me right now? SpaceX, G7, and protests throughout US and the world

    Really, 2020? Are you kidding me right now? SpaceX, G7, and protests throughout US and the world

    Brad and Jacqui cannot believe what continues to come out of 2020, after you thought things couldn’t get worse. Apparently even the sun is also trying to destroy the Earth.
    Jacqui has a hypothetical for Brad this week, after having two encounters with average Joes who have famous names. It must be the most annoying thing in the world to share a name with a celebrity. Whose name would Brad choose? And it’s trivia time again. Brad keeps the movie theme to test Jacqui on ‘villain narratives’. Can Jacqui guess these movies, as told from the antagonist’s point of view?
    Brad has actually found good news this week. He wants to talk about the successful SpaceX launch, with its ‘reusable Falcon booster’ and two astronauts now in the International Space Station. It’s the next exciting step in commercial space exploration, and he tells the podcast what’s to come.
    Jacqui wants to talk all things G7, with President Trump recently announcing he is postponing the summit and is inviting a few other countries to attend. The invitation to Russia has waggled a few eyebrows, and Jacqui talks about the power of advanced nations discussing macroeconomic policy in the time of looming recession.
    Finally, after teasing it the whole episode, Brad and Jacqui want to address the current US protests in this week’s ‘Blue Sky Thinking’ segment. It’s a hard topic to discuss, but important to them to acknowledge the institutionalized racism which Black people experience every day, and the pain and anger of the protesters. Brad talks through some of the protest demands to address police brutality, and Jacqui notes the importance of taking action to address some of the wrongs we are now only seeing thanks to cameras and video.
    More than any other podcast episode, we want you to tell us if and how you disagreed with us. We want to learn and do better. Hit us up on Twitter @shootinbreezes.

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    Social media take downs: Grandma’s photos are out, and Twitter flags President Trump.

    Social media take downs: Grandma’s photos are out, and Twitter flags President Trump.

    The Shooting Breezes podcast, with your hosts Brad and Jacqui, are discussing all things social media this week, with Twitter and Facebook in the cross hairs, as well as the outdated model of the working week.
    To get things rolling, Brad keeps up the space theme from previous weeks, asking Jacqui what personal item she would take on a 3-year journey to Mars. Here’s the key question: can you access the cloud from Mars? Then its trivia time (current score: Brad 1; Jacqui 1), and Jacqui wants to test Brad on “twin movies” – that phenomena of two separate movies with eerily similar plots being released in the same year. It’s a rollercoaster of twin action movies, thrillers, and romantic comedies. Can you name them all?
    Jacqui has news this week. It’s about a Grandma in Norway who has been court ordered to take photos of her grandchild off social media platforms. This story brings up salient topics of online privacy for the digital native generation, and what the EU General Data Protection Regulation is trying to achieve.
    Brad’s news is fresh off the press, or fresh off the Twitter feed. President Trump’s tweets, for the first time, have been flagged by Twitter with a fact checking warning. Is it a good move from Twitter? What responsibility do these social media giants have to fight misinformation of their platforms? Brad and Jacqui take a stab at answering those questions and more.
    In this week’s ‘Blue Sky Thinking’ segment, Jacqui wants to revisit the working week, and wonders if it is finally time to revamp it. Does the 9-5, 5-day working week still make sense in this technological age? How does movement to greater flexibility in working conditions occur? New Zealand and Canada may start showing us the way, and we want to follow.
    If you feel it is necessary, please flag us for fact checking on Twitter @shootinbreezes. Or just let us know what you thought of this week’s episode!

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    Space sex dolls: NASA’s Artemis Accords and universities under pressure

    Space sex dolls: NASA’s Artemis Accords and universities under pressure

    Jacqui and Brad serve up a mixed bag of news items this week on the Shooting Breezes podcast, discussing everything from international rules in space exploration, to an unfortunate sex doll incident.

    Jacqui wants to know what Brad, the secret kiwi, likes best about being a (fake) Australian. What does he like the most about the Australian identity, and what does he dislike most? In round two of Brad and Jacqui’s trivia game, Brad dishes a quick fire of ten famous quotes and wants to see if Jacqui can identity who said them. Hint: even with copious amounts of hints, Jacqui embarrasses herself.

    Brad’s news comes from a South Korean soccer league which is starting to play games again but without spectators. The idea is to put life-size dolls in the stands as a stand-in crowd. The execution leaves little to the imagination.

    Jacqui wants to talk about NASA releasing the Artemis Accords – a new set of guidelines for international space agencies and private companies to abide by in space. Both Brad and Jacqui nerd out for at least 10 minutes on space talk and discuss everything from the privatization of space exploration to colonies on the moon.

    In this week’s ‘Blue Sky Thinking’ segment, Brad discusses the pressure on universities during the COVID-19 crisis, and the need to move instruction online. He asks Jacqui about her recent experience learning on campus and online, and wonders whether the campus experience can truly be replicated. The hosts delve into what makes university learning special, and how this may change in the future.

    Let us know what you thought of the episode on Twitter @shootinbreezes. We will be back next week (and provide an update on Brad’s test results!)



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