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My whole life I’ve been allergic to normal. This is a podcast I created about what happens when you focus on following what feels good, instead of doing what you’re told. If you’re looking for powerful permission to be exactly who it is you are, it’s here

Slaying The Status Quo In Total Style Angel Phoenix Arsenal

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My whole life I’ve been allergic to normal. This is a podcast I created about what happens when you focus on following what feels good, instead of doing what you’re told. If you’re looking for powerful permission to be exactly who it is you are, it’s here

    Your Resistance Is Futile

    Your Resistance Is Futile

    I'm feeling this deep desperation right now to cling onto what was our past. The kind of behaviour I have witnessed over the last few weeks has blown me away if I'm honest. The projection, the scarcity, the keyboard warriors refusing to acknowledge what their real issues are. But I'm not here today to whinge about how "difficult" it is right now, or how "exhausted" I am. So many of you are sitting in such negative energy and you're suffering for it. Listen, your resistance to the change that is happening in the world right now, is futile.
    The more you resist the change that humanity and the earth are forcing upon us, the more you'll sink deeper into a hole that you'll struggle to get out of. Why do you feel as if you need things to go back to "normal"? There is no normal. There is only what IS. Right now.
    Think about the ways you're talking to yourself and others. Think about the ways you're treating yourself and others. Be a better human.

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    Are You Acting In Integrity During COVID19?

    Are You Acting In Integrity During COVID19?

    Are you being a s****y human right now and are you blaming your shittiness on COVID19? Of course, there is a lot of good that is coming out of the current situation that we’re in, but there’s also a lot of haters, a lot of a******s and a lot of people that are staying “indoors” as directed, but not bothering to go inward within themselves. Instead of treating this time as some sort of “hall pass” that allows you to be a lazy, bored, angry human who sits around drinking too much and complaining about how bored you are, why don’t you use it for good? This episode is an Instagram Live that I did with Erika Cramer (The Queen of Confidence (https://www.thequeenofconfidence.com)) a few weeks ago when we were in the thick of so much b******t happening around us and to us in our small businesses.
    Think about the impact that your demands are having on the small businesses that you’re complaining to. Think about how every single one of these small businesses are doing their absolute best. They all have their own bills to pay, their own mouths to feed and they’re all also wanting to do the right thing, and the best thing for everyone.
    How you act right now is a direct reflection of who you really are. Are you acting with integrity and thinking of others, or are you living in fear, blame and guilt. Change your internal conversation, and do better.

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    Leadership and Influence

    Leadership and Influence

    You and I both know that not everyone can be a leader. Not everyone is there at the front line demanding more, seeing more and being more. And that's totally okay. We're not all born to be leaders. We all have different strengths. You just need to be aware of what your strengths are and you need to be willing to explore them. To embody them. To feel them with every part of your soul.
    So what does it take to be a leader? What does it mean to be a visionary and why do so many people seem to have such a problem with the word influence? I'm going to break it down for you here today.
    If you're not willing to really explore yourself and your potential, you'll never know what you're capable of. Being a leader is hard. Having influence is hard, but for those that are born to do it - there really is no other way.

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    The Caged Bird Sings with Erika Cramer

    The Caged Bird Sings with Erika Cramer

    We’re coming at you today from the Billionaire Babes Club to have a deliciously confronting conversation and yes, it did take a global pandemic to get Erika and I to stop for long enough to actually have the conversations we’ve been wanting to have. This is a perfect example of how you can be using this time of isolation and “slowing down” to actually be productive. If I’m honest, I’ve really been enjoying the isolation even though my kids and my dogs are driving me bananas, but I’m so grateful for where I’m at right now.
    So we want to talk to you about how you’re treating yourself in this period of isolation. The excuses that you’re making to treat yourself poorly, to sit at home and watch s****y tv and eat bad food. We’re calling you out on all this b******t behaviour. We’re talking about changing your narrative, re-framing your mindset and changing your perspective. Don’t fuck around. You have things that are available for you to do. There are no excuses. Be cute in quarantine, get off the couch, get out of your pyjamas and show up for yourself and those that are around you. Just because you’re at home, doesn’t mean you get to give up.
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    It's A Cosmic Level Up, Baby!

    It's A Cosmic Level Up, Baby!

    Ooooo get ready people! We're heading into a huge mother of a cosmic level up whether you like it or not. We're right off the back off of a Pisces New Moon and a Virgo Full Moon. This was the end of a cycle that was calling us to go inwards, know the depths of our oceans, learn to breathe underwater, dance with our intuition, dance with our instinct and express our most creative, embodied self. There has been so many shifts, so many changes, so many situations that have been out of our control over the past couple of weeks and I tell you what, I'm excited.
    Now is not the time to be hiding away and living in fear, now is the time to take the potency of this next cosmic level up and use it to your advantage. Dive into the ideas that you've been putting off. It is once again, a rebirth into the next version of our world.
    Get ready.

    • 14 min
    Bringing Humanity Back To The Human Experience

    Bringing Humanity Back To The Human Experience

    We're moving towards a new reality. There is no question, no doubt and no excuses left. Yes, there is uncertainty. Yes, there are theories that need to be explored, begging to be uncovered, but why are we acting like complete a******s? Why are we only now paying attention to our elderly, and why am I not surprised that what I am witnessing is self-serving.
    You can do better than this. We can BE better than this. For too long we have been ignoring the two most vulnerable parts of society - babies and the elderly, and I need you to check in with yourself. What are your motives? What do you believe and how are you choosing to live right now.
    I choose to believe that feeling deeply and wholeheartedly is what is needed right now, and those feelings will be returned to me. Now is the time to show the world what you're made of. Now is your time to participate in the solution, instead of exacerbating the problem.
    Now is the time to be aware of how you pathologically consume fear, because perhaps fear is the only thing that makes you feel alive. Who benefits from you continuing to feel out of control and small?
    This is an exciting time to be alive. It is time to bring humanity back to the human experience.

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5.0 out of 5
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118 Ratings

jessi mama ,


Yes yes yes please enlighten me, the truth makes so much sense✨ and such a powerful presence 💖

R3n3e ,


Thanks Angel, you have been a huge inspiration to me, you’ve spun my life in a new direction and I am so grateful xx

sstephiee ,

Inspiring beyond words

Listening to this podcast, and Angel speak, has helped me so much. I know when I need a push to get out of my head I can listen and feel motivated to do the thing I’m daydreaming of. Listening to Angels words literally gives me energy, it fiercely inspires me. It’s helped me overcome grief, loss and longing, constantly reminding me of the power within.