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Hear interesting stories, about people and their lives, their personal journeys, their experiences.

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Hear interesting stories, about people and their lives, their personal journeys, their experiences.

    A Cane Called Wanda - Kitty's Story

    A Cane Called Wanda - Kitty's Story

    Kitty Barry shares her honest and uplifting reflections of motherhood (she has twin girls), her achievements and very raw experiences of life as a person with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP).
    She chats about the book she's written - which is leaving a legacy for her twin girls. 
    Hope you enjoy this edition of the Stories Of You Podcast. 

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    10) About Olivia

    10) About Olivia

    This story is about Olivia Penna. Olivia was diagnosed with Stargardt disease at the age of 14. She talks about school. We hear how her family came to terms with her vision impairment. She tells us about university. She talks about raising her daughter Lulu. She's had some great experiences. She's also had some challenges. 
    Tune in to episode 10 of the Stories Of You Podcast - About Olivia.
    Our definition of Stargardts used in the episode was taken from the National Eye Institute website:

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    9) The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune - Geoff's Story

    9) The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune - Geoff's Story

    Geoff is an Educational Psychologist. His story is about his parents and the challenges they had while growing up. It also tells the story of Geoff, why he became a psychologist and how he came to work with students who are vision impaired. 
    Geoff's story of personal challenges, resilience and his passion to guide others makes for an engaging story. 
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    Also, during the episode, there is a reference to statistics on bullying of school students. If you would like more information on the research quoted, you can find it here: https://aifs.gov.au/cfca/publications/children-who-bully-school/understanding-school-bullying
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    8) The Fashion-Eyesta

    8) The Fashion-Eyesta

    Fashioneyesta is a blog, a YouTube channel and a podcast that aim to challenge myths and stereotypes about fashion and disability. 
    In episode 8 of the Stories Of You Podcast - we chat to Emily Davison - about her own experiences of disability and her love for fashion, style and disability. 
    You can check out Emily’s blog here:
    www.fashioneyesta.com - there’s links there to her podcast and YouTube channel.
    She’s also on social media as well:
    Twitter: @fashioneyesta 
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/fashioneyesta 

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    7) Harry Manx - The Indian Blues

    7) Harry Manx - The Indian Blues

    Canadian singer/songwriter Harry Manx is the focus of episode 7 of the Stories Of You Podcast. He discusses his music - blues with an Indian flavour. Or maybe that's Indian with a blues flavour. 

    Harry spent 12 years in India learning the Mohan Veena, a 20 string slide guitar. He has merged the western sounds of the blues with Indian music, hear about his experiences and his personal journey. 

    You can find out more about Harry Manx at his website. 

    Hope you enjoy the conversation! And thanks so much for listening to the show. 

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    6) The Path Less Travelled - The Journey Of David Francey

    6) The Path Less Travelled - The Journey Of David Francey

    David Francey was born in Scotland but grew up in Canada with his family. He worked as a construction worker for about 20 years and eventually took a trip down the path less travelled and became a folk singer/songwriter. 

    Hear his story on this episode of the Stories Of You Podcast. 

    The bits of music played were:

    Broken Glass - from the Skating Rink album and the Ballad Of Bowser MacRae which is on the Right Of Passage album.

    You can find out more about David and his music, life, tours and upcoming gigs and his CDs at his website:

    David Francey's website

    Thanks also to Melbourne community radio station 3RRR - this interview was originally aired on the station and they have given me permission to feature it on this podcast. 

    Hope you enjoy the episode. As always, please feel free to get in touch and say hi. We have a new voicemail feature on our website where you can record voicemail messages from your computer or mobile device. 

    Until the next episode... take care!

    Cheers, Glen 

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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

Amanda Kendle from Perth ,

Fascinating stories and very well produced

I love all the different kinds of stories and people Glen finds for the Stories of You podcast - it's the kind of podcast where I just hit play without even wanting to read the episode description because I know I'll always enjoy it.

Chalk man 2 ,

It doesn’t look like this channels been updated for a long time not many podcast on there

I only gave your two star rating because of this not being updated in a long time by the looks of it

DebD500 ,

Insightful story telling

I am enjoying these stories immensely. Glen's talents as a storyteller shine in these podcasts, and the content is interesting and insightful. There is just the right level of commentary to flesh out the individual stories. Looking forward to listening to future episodes.