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Storytellers is a celebration of people and what it means to be human. In this interview series, we delve into the struggles and triumphs that come with following your passion, pursuing your dreams and creating lasting change.They have a story to tell and it’s worth listening to.http://storytellers.id

Storytellers Taryn Hunter

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Storytellers is a celebration of people and what it means to be human. In this interview series, we delve into the struggles and triumphs that come with following your passion, pursuing your dreams and creating lasting change.They have a story to tell and it’s worth listening to.http://storytellers.id

    Storytellers - Alyce Merrilees

    Storytellers - Alyce Merrilees

    *Mindset magic, new habits, inspiring community​*
    It's all about mindset. Thats was the penny drop moment for Alyce Merrilees. Struggling with lockdown and work overwhelm, Alyce came to realise that she was putting everyone else ahead of the most important person in her life, herself.   
    This revelation would see her embark on a transformational journey that included waking at 5am, practicing over 4000 minutes of mediation and breath work in 4 months, and going for cold water swims every single day for 100 days (today is actually her 100th dip!).
    Sharing her progress on her Instagram page, Alyce is inspiring everyone around her, has convinced countless friends and strangers to join her in ice baths (including myself) and is bringing smile and joy to everyone she meets.
    I spoke to this vivacious human about her incredible journey, how it's changed her outlook on life, and the wonderful opportunities that have fallen into her lap as a result. 

    Instagram: @alyce.eatslife

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    Storytellers - Reigan Jackson

    Storytellers - Reigan Jackson

    Reigan Jackson
    Star reader, embodied guide, awakening others 
    Some people tell her she’s the luckiest person they’ve ever met. That life has fallen in her favour, especially when she’s needed it most. But the truth is, Reigan Jackson deeply understands the forces that are guiding her through life and how to harness them so that she receives everything she needs and wants. And she has received this knowledge through her study of the stars, as a decade-long student of astrology.
    Reigan lives and breathes astrology, and in her presence you can’t help but be swept up in her passion - even the most pessimistic of minds would probably be turned towards the stars. Because it’s very clear that she embodies her work, and is able to communicate about what can be a controversial topic, with authority and grace. Plus she is genuinely one of the brightest spirits in the room, beaming joy to all who come into her field.
    Reigan isn’t here to convince anyone whether or not to “believe”, but to awaken as many people to the possibility that they aren’t living at their highest vibration. She wants to share her gift and her connection with spirit to enlighten the lives of those around her. 
    I spoke to this magnetic being about her path to finding and connecting with astrology, the struggles that she’s had to overcome to allow herself to open up fully to the experience, how she deals with the sceptics, and the exciting next steps in her journey.


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    Storytellers - Nic Bloom

    Storytellers - Nic Bloom

    Nurturer, purpose-driven paths, breaking down stigmas

    Discourse around mental health have come a long way in the last decade. Growing from a place of shame, stigma and taboo, to slowly becoming more open, healthy and supportive, covering the full spectrum of experience, these conversations are being driven by a plethora of different people and organisations. These are discussions that Nic Bloom is not only participating in, but driving with passion.
     When Nic finished his high school studies, he didn’t even know that working in the mental health was an option, let alone his purpose-driven path. This is despite growing up with a parent with a mental illness and an acute awareness of his feelings and the feelings of others. Although this passion was always lying beneath the surface, it took the tragic passing of a close friend in 2020 to ignite the fire that saw him quit his 9 to 5 and dedicate his life to helping and educating others.
    Uniquely, Nic is forging his path from a number of different angles – as a facilitator, a mentor, as a speaker and as a friend. Each has not only provided him the opportunity to connect with a whole range of different age groups and backgrounds, from school kids to professionals, but also allowed him to share his own story and work through his own healing process. 
    I had a beautiful and expansive chat to Nic about this journey, how he navigates the ups and downs of working in the mental health and anti-bullying space, the power of sharing stories, and how he looks after his own mental health and that of those around him.

    - Connect with Nic on LinkedIn here
    - See Nic's media releases, interviews and content here
    - Check out Nic's upcoming MHFA workshops here

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    Storytellers - Michelle Easson

    Storytellers - Michelle Easson

    Potato aficionado, celebrating the mundane, building online communities

    You ever meet someone who was living the dream you never knew you had? As the unofficial hot chip queen of Instagram, Michelle Easson is living mine. 

    What started out as a joke in 2013, has seen Michelle, or 'Mip', wanted to celebrate the humble potato, which was often overlooked by not only restauranteurs but also "best of" lists. So she decided to create her own, with her Instagram 'Mips Chips'. 

    After years of curating her ladder of Melbourne's best chip, a 2020 pandemic saw her rotate her reviews to the frozen chip, which rocketed her into the local zeitgeist and amass quite the online following, and a couple of TV appearances to boot, for her hilarious and honest fry reviews.

    Michelle is a long-time buddy of mine so it was an absolute joy to catch up and chat all things hot chips, her sudden rise to the spotlight, plagiarism and the downfall of modern journalism, and how to manage online communities.

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    Storytellers - Melbourne Art Natural

    Storytellers - Melbourne Art Natural

    *Art nude, natural light master, celebrating diversity"

    Nudity in art has been a prominent form of creative expression, ever since artists have been creating. But its acceptance within society has always trodden a fine line between goddess form and porn.

    But as it's place within the modern zeitgeist grows more and more precarious, artists like photographer Melbourne Art Natural have started stepping up and pushing their body-positive agenda and celebrating just what it means to be human.

    Because for M.A.N, nudity in art isn't about selling sex; it's about promoting bodies of all shapes, sizes, genders and backgrounds.

    In this episode, I spoke to M.A.N about how he got into art nude and how he navigates it as a male, why it's so important for him to showcase and celebrate a wide range of bodies, and how he hopes to change the narrative when modern technology fights hard to shut his voice down.

    Melbourne Art Natural website
    Melbourne Art Natural Instagram

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    Storytellers - Josh Carmody

    Storytellers - Josh Carmody

    Josh Carmody
    Furniture maker, sustainably sourced, creating shapes
    In a world of mass consumerism and cheap pricing, high quality craftsmanship has become the rarity instead of the norm. Fortunately for Josh Carmody, he had an eye and the innate skills to carry on this legacy.
    Now designer and maker of high-end, bespoke timber furniture through his business Josh Carmody studio, Josh cut his teeth in the world of architecture, spending nearly a decade at some of the world’s most prestigious firms.
    His passion for hand-built craft began in high school woodworking class, where he realised very quickly that he not only enjoyed the process but was good at it too. And while he was pushed into the world of academia after graduation, the passion was always there in the background ready to take focus.
    Even to the untrained eye, you can see how his work exudes incredible quality and very clearly references his architecture roots. And it’s been noticed near and far, with Josh now commissioned for boardroom tables and office fit outs across the globe, as well as his own passion pieces for his consumer audience.
    I had a wonderful chat with Josh about how his highly commended career evolved, how his hard work behind the scenes finally paid dividends, turning your hobby into your career, and the importance of sustainable practices and slowing down the retail chain.  

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