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Join YouTube creators Garrett Watts and Andrew Siwicki in a blissfully chaotic and curious conversation about what it means to live in this beautiful, crazy, and confusing modern world.

Sweet Boys The Roost

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Join YouTube creators Garrett Watts and Andrew Siwicki in a blissfully chaotic and curious conversation about what it means to live in this beautiful, crazy, and confusing modern world.

    Our Surprise First Guest!

    Our Surprise First Guest!

    New year, new Sweet Boys! Kinda. Actually we are the same. Watch as we enter the New Year! Happy 2021! We kick off the return of Sweet Boys with a banger of a shocking surprise from Garrett who sneaks a certain wonderful YouTuber onto the set to surprise Andrew! The bone spider sports some new fashions, Andrew discusses his new interest in minimalism and Garrett discusses the heartbreaking act of eating a pizza alone in a parking lot and how he almost broke his back trying to save a bug. A ghost from episode 5 makes a return... part of him anyways. Garrett talks about what influencers do on social media that bothers him, and Andrew discusses the new way he's entering 2021. Garrett reveals a stunning food hack that may or may not involve pizza and orange chicken, moving into his new house and his new pet! We end with an eyebrow makeover even though we had no idea what were were doing.

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    • 58 min
    Everything is changing

    Everything is changing

    Welcome to Episode 5 of Sweet Boys! The last episode of 2020! In this episode we unveil our secret plans for 2021, discuss the incredibly wholesome gift that LaurDIY gave us, Garrett goes all out with a holiday decor set makeover, what Garrett ate at 2am while playing Cyberpunk 2077, we sing about a gingerbread man, how Scott Hoying could help us (because we for sure need help) Andrew talks about the power of boundaries, what Garrett does in his free time, we see what Garrett got Andrew for Christmas, Garrett discusses his supreme excitement for Wonder Woman 1984, why Garrett has eaten out of the actual trash alone, Andrew’s tactics for self improvement, they discuss how fried cheese ages,  Andrew gives Garrett a present, Andrew discusses his dreams (spoiler alert it is him eating French toast in the bathtub), how failure makes us better, Andrew makes a special announcement, Garrett’s favorite aesthetic, how to manifest good vibes,  Garrett’s regrets and his deep appreciation for Unnus Anus and how Ethan Nestor inspires him, Andrew magically changes his hands into Ariana Grande hands, what makes Garrett self conscious, and we discuss the trap of the “comfort zone” and the complications of imposter syndrome!

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    • 1 hr 22 min
    We saw a ghost while recording this!

    We saw a ghost while recording this!

    Welcome to episode four of Sweet Boys! In this episode we get interrupted by something paranormal. Also it is scary for like 17 other reasons but you'll just have to watch it to see.

    • 48 min
    This is very serious

    This is very serious

    Welcome to episode three of Sweet Boys! In this episode we drink way too much coffee (as always) discuss why we’re friends, Garrett’s new place, why you don’t need to earn everyone’s respect, reasons to not chase money and social media fame, why Garrett once quit a job after just three hours and the college class that Andrew quit in 3 minutes, the importance of good energy and proper vibes, why a supermodel would leave her husband for Andrew, what’s gonna happen to Garrett’s tiny house, why Andrew is over dating apps, the greatest concert Garrett has ever seen, why people think Garrett is a mess and how he protects himself, what Andrew could not stand in school and one of the worst experiences Garrett ever had in high school, the cruel games our teachers played, what being “cool” actually means, the spooky side of the podcast, the importance and thrill of Youtube comments, why Dumbledore is the wisest and of course there is a holiday guided meditation for relaxing. 
    Enjoy and THANK YOU! You’re part of our OG subscribers and listeners and we cannot wait to continue this journey with you!

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    • 1 hr
    This whole thing was a mistake

    This whole thing was a mistake

    In this episode we drink way too much coffee, respond to opinions about our podcast, discuss our reputations in high school, Garrett reveals the only thing that matters in the world (spoiler it is fried cheese), Andrew has a meltdown over sauces, we argue over the majestic brilliance of a certain holiday cake with a bad reputation, Garrett reveals his dark side, we reveal our plans to launch a multi-million dollar coffee mug empire, we divulge the greatest emojis and discuss our greatest pet peeves. Andrew reveals what would make him breakup with ANY girl. We explain how a fruit fly could easily end The Rock’s career, we dive into our past with Vine, how Garrett helped birth Will.I.am and also why he got slapped in the face by a certain famous Viner. We reveal Garrett’s Animal Crossing obsession, and how it helped LaurDIY create an agricultural empire!
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    • 1 hr 14 min
    We have no idea what we're doing

    We have no idea what we're doing

    In this episode we discuss how Garrett practically saved Andrew’s life, how we met, our worst fears, our stance on “shade”, how we’re basically in a marriage, Garrett’s bad boy past, high school, friendship, Andrew's crush, our good and bad habits, 2020, awful movie ideas, what could get us in trouble with the FBI, radical coffee consumption, therapy, insecurities, our potential Grammy award-winning collaboration with Pentatonix, Beyonce’s amazing runs, Garrett’s very strange habit, happiness hacks, spirituality, a mind-bending TikTok that terrified Garrett, how the national news might talk about this podcast, Andrew’s abnormally great biceps, what we’re up to, and why we wanted to make this podcast!

    • 1 hr 5 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
147 Ratings

147 Ratings

Emmmmy4 ,


This is the exact kind of infectious weird and whacky fun chat I need to get me through the day! I’ve already re-listened to each episode and need more!

rott3ngumz ,

good good good

i just wnated to say i enjoye d.

Coffin_Critter13 ,

Love this podcast 💖

I listen to this podcast while at my office job, it honestly helps with my stress levels listening to you both just having a good time. You guys make me laugh so much, which makes me look insane to my coworkers as I’m just laughing to myself in a corner but it’s totally worth it.

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