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Join Paul Hudson as he speaks to a range of guests from the Swift development community, asking questions from the audience and more.

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Join Paul Hudson as he speaks to a range of guests from the Swift development community, asking questions from the audience and more.

    Episode 11: Chris Lattner

    Episode 11: Chris Lattner

    In this episode, Paul talks to Chris Lattner about the early history of Swift, his tips for learning the language better, and his thoughts on Swift Evolution.

    Detailed topics:


    How did you start creating Swift?
    Could you have improved Objective-C instead?
    Was there a risk of Swift splitting the community? 
    When Swift was first designed, were you only thinking about Apple platforms?
    How and when did Swift get its name?
    How did you decide what went into Swift at launch?
    Were the changes between the first Swift beta and release?
    What was it like getting on stage at WWDC14?
    How important were Playgrounds and the reference guide?
    If you were starting from scratch today, what would you do differently?
    What's the best way of learning Swift?
    What made Swift grow such a thriving community?
    Running Swift for Mac OS 9
    Chris Lattner explains optionals
    Chris Lattner explains closures
    Why is the word 'in' part of Swift's closure syntax?
    Is Swift getting too complicated?
    Multiple Trailing Closures in Swift
    When will async/await come to Swift?
    What made Result finally appear in Swift?
    Is Swift becoming a multi-platform language?
    Is Swift Evolution working well?
    Is there anything you would change in Swift?
    Will Swift Evolution ever slow down?
    Wrap Up

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    Episode 10: Carola Nitz

    Episode 10: Carola Nitz

    We speak to Carola Nitz about debugging iOS apps, managing legacy code in big projects, and organizing a Swift conference.

    Detailed topics:

    What are the most common problems with debugging in iOS? 
    What are the core tools for debugging iOS apps? 
    How can you get started using Instruments? 
    What is the best way to approach debugging a bigger problem?
    Tips for memory debugging 
    Which parts of Instruments are useful for debugging?
    How could Apple make debugging better?
    What counts as legacy code?
    How to add new features to iOS 13 while still supporting iOS 12 and earlier? 
    Techniques for keeping old code working
    What skills do you need for large projects?
    How can you maintain feature parity between iOS and Android apps? 
    What separates a good event from a great event?  
    How to assemble a diverse conference speaker line up?
    What works better for learning: workshops or presentations?
    Tips for attending a conference if you are an introvert 
    How to start organizing an event?
    Wrap up

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    Episode 9: Meng To

    Episode 9: Meng To

    In this episode, Paul talks to Meng To about about designing for SwiftUI, coding for SwiftUI, how developers can improve their design skills, and more.

    Detailed topics:

    What makes SwiftUI so attractive to learners and designers? 
    Should designers stick to platform conventions? 
    How does SwiftUI compare to React? 
    How to avoid going overboard with animations
    How to make iOS apps that look great on all devices
    What can SwiftUI do better than UIKit?
    How to make apps more accessible
    Should you learn SwiftUI or UIKit?
    What are the biggest shortcomings of SwiftUI?
    SwiftUI vs React vs Flutter
    Top three tips for SwiftUI learners
    How to split up SwiftUI code into manageable chunks
    What's your advice on unit testing?
    How do you integrate components from UIKit into SwiftUI?
    What are the most common design errors developers make?
    Should developers rely on Dynamic Type for all their fonts?
    How to make your app stand out using SwiftUI
    What tools does iOS give us to make great designs?
    When does it make sense to use a new gesture in your app?
    How to create great designs that are accessible
    The #1 tip for developers to improve their designs

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    Episode 8: Paola Mata

    Episode 8: Paola Mata

    In this episode, Paul talks to Paola Mata about mentoring, enums,  Swift community, and more.

    Detailed topics:

    What separates a senior iOS developer from a junior developer?
    What are the core skills of a senior iOS developer?
    What are the levels between junior and senior iOS developer roles?
    Is time-based promotion right in software development?
    What is the best approach to code review as a senior developer?
    How to get to senior Swift developer roles?
    Do you think a degree in computer science is necessary?
    How to allocate the right amount of time for projects
    What are the responsibilities of a programming mentor?
    What comes after senior developer, and how can you get there?
    How can a senior developer keep learning?
    How would you discuss problematic code with a junior developer?
    What makes Swift's enums so powerful?
    How would you explain enums with associated values?
    What do you think are good use cases for enum raw values?
    Where should enums be used more?
    What new Swift API would you most want to see in your projects?
    How to get involved in the Swift community
    How can you get involved in the community if you can't travel?
    Tips for starting your own Swift meetup
    Tips for introverts who want to attend a meetup
    Should we build an presence online before going to a meetup?
    How to find a software engineer mentor
    Wrap up 

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    Episode 7: Sean Allen

    Episode 7: Sean Allen

    In this episode, Paul talks to Sean Allen about how to prepare for a Swift job interview, how to ace take-home tests, and more. 

    Detailed topic:

    What's the best way to learn Swift?
    Should you learn SwiftUI or UIKit?
    Should you learn Objective-C as well as UIKit and SwiftUI?
    How long before SwiftUI replaces UIKit?
    What would Objective-C have to do to become popular again?
    What are the three most common mistakes when learning Swift?
    What are the most important concepts when learning Swift?
    How to keep up with Swift's evolution?
    What are the best free resources to learn Swift?
    How should you approach testing in Swift?
    What are the most common take-home tests for iOS developers?
    Which interviews pushed you the most?
    What are the most important non-code parts in take-home tests?
    Where should new iOS developers start their career?
    How to decide which framework to use in a take-home project
    How to ace a take-home test
    Recommendations for creating take-home tests
    What's the best way to prepare for a Swift interview?
    How to prep for data structure and algorithms questions
    How to answer tricky whiteboard questions
    What's the value of whiteboard interviews, if any?
    The most common interview questions for Swift jobs
    What to ask when ending a developer interview  
    What are your favorite/most fun things to work on?  
    How to respond to questions where you don't know the answer?
    Would you ask the interviewer to show you their code before working for them?
    Do you think young developers should also focus on testing?
    What are the red flags to look out for during an interview?
    Would contributing to a big open source project make your resume pop out?
    Architectures: MVC or MMVM?
    What is a senior developer?
    Is it important to know all the Git commands?

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    Episode 6: Janina Kutyn

    Episode 6: Janina Kutyn

    In this episode, Paul talks to Janina Kutyn about her tips for creating high-performance layouts with UIKit, building adaptive layouts that work great on all iOS devices, and making the most of CALayer and its friends. 

    Detailed topics:

    Introduction How fast is UIKit on modern iPhones? Is there a performance cost to using Auto Layout? How can you identify UIKit performance issues? What common mistakes do UIKit developers make? What's on your wishlist for UIKit this WWDC 2020? ​Is UIKit over as SwiftUI is the new rising star? How to optimise table views in UIKit What's better: programmatic layouts or storyboards? Pro tips for UIKit performance What is CALayer and why is it so important? How to best utilise CALayers Can you draw a CALayer without a UIView? Core Animation and UIKit performance comparisons Why should developers make more iPad apps? Should you design for a big screen or small screen first? What are the common problems when designing for different-sized screens? How to test different layouts effectively 1:19:12 What other tools can help us make adaptive layouts? Tips for working with adaptive layouts

    • 1 hr 27 min

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