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SzeWing Vetualt is a coach and author who helps career women and busy mums to become goddesses in all aspects of their lives. This podcast aims to bring you inspiration, practical strategies and information on how to become more empowered and radiant. SzeWing Vetault is the author of Goddess with Many Faces and 21 Days of Inspiration: Daily Wisdom for Living an Inspired Life.

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SzeWing Vetualt is a coach and author who helps career women and busy mums to become goddesses in all aspects of their lives. This podcast aims to bring you inspiration, practical strategies and information on how to become more empowered and radiant. SzeWing Vetault is the author of Goddess with Many Faces and 21 Days of Inspiration: Daily Wisdom for Living an Inspired Life.

    100. Yoga and The Art of Balance: Interview with Rebecca Barrett

    100. Yoga and The Art of Balance: Interview with Rebecca Barrett

    I am super thrilled to release this podcast episode as marks the number 100 episodes of my #ConversationsThatMatter podcast. My guest in this episode is Rebecca Barrett, my yoga teacher who has completely changed my attitude towards yin yoga. I started her classes just 6 weeks after I gave birth to my second child (baby Noah) and I absolutely love her style of teaching, which always involves an aspect of yogic philosophy in the mix. If you are interested to know more about yoga, how it helps us to connect our body and mind, and perhaps most importantly, how to be a life long preparer for whatever comes in life, you'd love this episode!


    * Sometimes when you meditate or when you practise mindfulness, it's like you're preparing yourself for the worst day of your life. You're preparing yourself for these hard times when they happen, be it COVID or personal circumstances. It is about being a "life-long preparer".

    * The word yoga means union or to yoke. It is connecting the mental and the physical. So by use of the breath, you're connecting your mind with your body.

    * Yogic philosophy, storytelling and why it is so powerful in a Yoga Calm class

    * Yoga on a micro-level is the "here and now" on your body, and on a macro-level, it is about how it relates to our life and mind.

    * Learning how to be comfortable by being in the uncomfortable space (both body and mind) i.e. The practice of discomfort and just being okay with that.

    *  We're all looking for what makes us happy, and we're all trying to avoid suffering. But we often have different ideas of what's going to make us happy when compare to reality.

    * The tension between "just push a little harder" and "letting go", when to stop pushing but releasing the tension, to surrender - that's the art of balancing. (both in holding a pose and in life!)

    * We often store different emotions and memories in our body. And so by coming into difficult yoga poses, it can help those emotions kind of move through us because it's all about mindfulness and self-observation.

    * You don't have to believe all of your thoughts. Your thoughts are not facts. You can just choose what you want to do with your thoughts.

    * What if every single thing that is happening to us is for our spiritual awakening? So everything, in a way, is a lesson to help us to get to where we are meant to be.

    * Spirituality and productivity are not mutually exclusive, in fact, with a clearer mind with better focus, we can accomplish more things and be better at doing them!

    * Intentions for 2021: Acceptance and letting go of control, not thinking how things could be different or how to fix things but appreciating what we already have or things are already here.

    If you would like to know more about Rebecca and her yoga classes, you can find her on the following social media handles: Facebook Instagram

    At the time of recording this episode (2021), she teaches at BodyMindLife, Be One Yoga and FitnessPl...

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    99. How to improve your creativity and productivity

    99. How to improve your creativity and productivity

    If you are a multi-passionate person like me, someone who has several deep curiosities or interests in life, then staying in your lane will be challenging.

    To feel fulfilled, we must tend to our inner desire, but where is the time? Or further to that, how can we do it all? How can we channel our creativity fully?

    Perhaps you don't consider yourself as a multi-passionate person but somehow you feel your life is stagnated or "stuck". Then, you may also want to look at where are you expressing your creativity, if at all.

    What I've found is that when we get stressed in any area of our life, be it about work or family responsibilities, more often than not, we turn to things that can temporarily distract us from the overwhelming situation. The common thing most of us do is to scroll through our social media feeds or check out the news. Both can easily suck up all our spare time and fill up the tiny gaps in our life.

    As a result, there is no time or space for us to really dig deep or sit with the uncomfortable feelings about what is really going on in our life. Life seems so busy but we may not necessarily feel fulfilled or living with a clear purpose.

    We may be doing a lot of things, but they don't necessarily matter all that much.

    To know what really matters or bring meaning to our life, we actually need to face the things we try to avoid.  You may have guessed it by now - yes, we need to dip deeper and sit with those uncomfortable feelings.  They can teach us what we need to know.

    Stillness Is The Key

    When we get still, the chatter in our mind gets louder but we also become more aware that they are in fact, chatter. They are thoughts that may not be true or important.  From there, we are one step closer to realise what matters and need our attention. To become more self-aware and listen to our inner being are part of engaging with our feminine energy.

    Feminine energy emphasis on being intuitive, adaptive, receptive, reflective and creative.  When we become more aware and conscious, next is about harnessing the practice.

    For this week's podcast, I would like to focus on two key elements in embracing our feminine energy.


    When we are deliberate about living and embracing our feminine energy, it is inevitable that we want to channel our creativity or expressing our inner potentials. It is like a flower that is destined to blossom.  You may feel drawn to draw, paint, dance, sing, write, make or innovate things, whichever creative avenue you choose, it acts as a conduit for us to express that creative energy. Not only it is vitalising for our spirit, but it also brings us new insights about ourselves.

    Carl Jung wrote about how our subconscious always seeks ways to express itself to our conscious mind.

    There is so much literature out there to support the benefits of creative practices and creativity is one of the most talked-about and sort after skills in recruitment.

    If you feel you need a lift for your mood, think about something you would like to do that is in some ways expressing your creative energy, no matter how unconventional that may be.


    It goes without saying that self-reflection is an important part of personal growth. However, it is always easier if we have tools to give us structure or help us to create space for that purpose. That's why journaling, free-writing and meditation are great tools for that. It doesn't come easy for many of us to know how we really feel.


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    98. The Great Conjunction and Beginning of a New Era!

    98. The Great Conjunction and Beginning of a New Era!

    I had all the plans to end 2020 with a couple of new posts, giveaways and special videos, but all went into the ditch when my husband and the little ones went under the weather. Then, we had to change our holiday plans and rebooked everything. We didn't get to see our parents this year, but we are just really grateful that they are all healthy and well.

    This is what I have learned from this year. We need to keep our heads above the chaos and see from different perspectives. To understand what really matters, and so become more flexible and think outside of the box. This certainly helps us to forward faster and become more adaptive. Baby number two and the pandemic effectively have changed the way I work and think.

    Another aspect I've learned is to stop pushing at all fronts, get better at prioritizing and allow myself to let go more. It reminds me of Tao's philosophy. Less forcing, more allowing. To feel the lightness of being, one must learn how to surrender in order to move freely. We practice how to get really focused yet relaxed at the same time. Holding the seemingly opposite in great balance.

    It feels like I have started a new chapter, or entered a new age.

    In fact, it is exactly what happened.

    If you are interested in Astronomy or Astrology, you would have heard about all the buzz around the winter solstice (or summer solstice here in Southern Hemisphere) on the 21 December. This past solstice also marked the great conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn. What it means is that these two planets appear closest together in the sky, when Jupiter "overtakes" Saturn in its orbit. This great conjunction occurs approximately every 20 years.

    However, the 2020 great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn was the closest one since 1623 and the closest observable since 1226. From a spiritual perspective, Jupiter is said to be the planet of optimism, expansion, thought-leadership, healing and growth. Saturn, on the other hand, is associated with restriction, responsibility, and long-term lessons. When these energies combine, we can expect a major shift in consciousness or awaking so to speak. Also, for many years, the great conjunctions occur in signs of the same element (e.g. either Earth, Water, Air or Fire).

    But with this conjunction, it actually switched to occur in a new element ( from Earth to Air). This is called a ‘mutation’ and therefore, it also marks the beginning of a new era or age. Again, the Earth sign represents the material realm, while the air represents the mind or consciousness.

    When we change our way to think, we change our way to act.

    This is the new era for more social and humanitarian collaborations. We moved from only thinking the need to acquire "things", to the necessity to connect with other "beings". The isolations and hardship we experienced in 2020 taught us what we really hold dear. For me, it was about letting go and surrender. When my family is unwell, I know that becomes my priority. My work would have to take a step back. Plans would have to change. And that is OK. To really allow that wasn't easy, but it makes what I can actually create or acomplish even sweeter and more precious.

    That is what I've reflected on about 2020. What about you? What are the top 3 things you are most grateful for? What are you most looking forward to in 2021? What is the change you like to see or be in yourself?

    As I am finishing this blog & podcast, it is actually Christmas eve, and so I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and get ready for a New Year - New Era! I will be taking a little time off but I'll talk to you again in early Jan 2021!


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    97. Simple Self-Care to Manage Stress: Interview with Rita Garnto

    97. Simple Self-Care to Manage Stress: Interview with Rita Garnto

    If you have a family to look after or a job to attend to or a body to take care of, you may feel stress at any given day for many different reasons. Yes, in fact, I imply everybody on this planet is susceptible to get stressed! That's why this episode on stress management and good self-care practices is useful for everyone.

    My guest for this week's podcast is Rita Garnto. Rita is an author and educator. She had a 20-year career in western healthcare as a Registered Respiratory Therapist and worked in Canada (where she was born), Saudi Arabia and in the United States. In 2004 she began her massage therapy private practice and after 16 years running, she is now educating and speaking on the dangers of stress and providing simple self-care solutions to combat the negative effects of stress. Learn more from her book "Simple Self-Care Saved Me" here.

    In her career, she had cared for patients ranging in age from premature babies to the elderly and everyone in between. In her lengthy career, she had been part of the trauma flight team at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, NC. and she was caring for critically ill patients during transport flights on helicopters and aeroplanes. Rita has vast experience in caring and supporting patients in all kind of stressful situations. Over time, her mission has evolved into focusing on improving the health and life of busy women and their families, simply and without overwhelm.

    Interview Highlights

    * Self-care is about self-preservation and not self-indulgence* Rita learned about stress from working in a life or death environment as being part of a trauma flight team for many years, also her personal experience with her family as well as being a massage therapist who saw many clients that came through because of stress-related issues.* We often under estimate the level of control we have in life, so the key question is, “What changes are you going to make?” If you want to break from your current situation.* Using her trauma flight team days to develop her stress management lectures and presentations to educate people how to manage stress on a daily basis.* Connecting the Eastern philosophy and Western medical training to reduce stress.* Time out to stress less - Rita's short Facebook Live to give short tips and advice for us to practise self-care, to connect with others, and to be authentic.* When we feel stress, our brain triggers the fight or flight response in our body. It is an essential response if we need to run away from actual danger, but when that is not the case, it puts pressure on our mental and physical health, especially when it happens frequently.* Other negative effects of stress include stress eating or loss of appetite, insomnia, may be withdrawn or trigger anxiety, mild depression, etc.* Women tend to take care of everybody else before we take care of ourselves or need to get permission to do self-care.* The difference between self-care and simple self-care: easy actions and habits that can build on themselves.

    If you would like to connect with Rita, please visit her website or FaceBook page:







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    96. When your desire is larger than your belief

    96. When your desire is larger than your belief

    If your desire is larger than your belief, it means you don’t actually expect what you want is going to happen. In fact, if it does, it will kind of catch you by surprise. 

    I heard about this saying in a video related to the Law of Attraction. It instantly sticks on my mind. 

    So how does it play out in terms of manifesting what we want? Is it counterproductive then? We attract things through what we believe in, or in other words, through vibration proximity.

    I remember what the late Dr Wayne Dyer used to say from his lectures, "Believe it, and you will see it". Not the other way round. If you need to see it in order to believe it, you may never get there! 

    I know how important and power our belief systems is. Needless to say, it caught me by surprise to realize in some case, my desire is far greater than my belief in achieving it.

    It leads me to question, how often do we believe in what we want or what we dream of is actually possible to fulfil?

    So here is my personal example: I have always believed that I can write and self-publish a book or books. But do I believe I can write a best seller? Or a great book?

    The truth is, I never even dared to ask that question because subconsciously I didn’t believe I could do it. But I know enough about the power of my own belief and intellectually I have opted to shy away to fully examine what is that I really believe. 

    So next question, why not?

    Is it about confidence? Or about faith? 

    What I have discovered is that through consistent practice, meaning, writing and working on my craft, I will gain confidence. In time, my faith will also get stronger. My belief in my own capacity or even destiny will grow. 

    We can not think our way into this, in order to grow my abilities or faith in this case, I need to act. It is about practice. The chop-wood-carry-water type of action may seem mundane, but they are the building blocks. The day in day out type of work is the key to improve my craft.

    In time, I know I will feel more confident, I will improve my craft, and good writing or even a best-seller may eventually happen. 

    To desire is easy, to have faith it takes work. 

    It is clear in my mind that I need to believe in myself, and instead of merely doing affirmations (it is useful too) I will compound it with consistent writing and learning to improve myself. 

    And THAT is the work. 

    What about you? What is your greatest desire right now? Do you believe you can fulfil it? If not, why not? What you think is sabotaging you, is it your belief system or various form of fear? Please share with me as I'd love to hear your experience.

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    95. How to create your desired lifestyle without feeling guilty or burnout: Interview with Rebecca Swanson

    95. How to create your desired lifestyle without feeling guilty or burnout: Interview with Rebecca Swanson

    Many women I know have this problem: We want to establish or grow a career or business we love, at the same time, we want to maintain a healthy and happy family life as well. But then at some point, we just feel exhausted, out of steam, overwhelmed or completely burnout. So how can we "have it all" without giving up our passion, purpose or worst, losing our minds?

    Where do we start? What are we missing?

    If you are someone who wants to feel fulfilled both from the inside and outside, then have a listen to my podcast interview with Rebecca Swanson. We discussed what do we need to ask ourselves or put in place in order to create a lifestyle that we desire and it can be sustainable in the long run too.

    Rebecca Swanson is a life coach, business strategist, natural health & wellness advocate. She is a psychology graduate, certified NLP trainer and lifelong experiential learner. She is also a mother of 3 children and a loving partner. 

    Interview Highlights:

    * Rebecca's evolving story - from corporate leader to life coach, student of psychology and now helping women to get back their sass! * The real reason why women are so tired and exhausted in our modern society * How to "have it all" meaning: happy relationships and healthy body (internal) and career success and fulfilment (external) without losing who we are and our minds! * The No. 1 thing we need to look at or do in order to live a more courageous, authentic and passionate life* The most common obstacle/challenge that many career women/working mums face and the lesson it also brings* When we feel stuck or lack of choice, it is actually a call of deeper reflection and it is also an opportunity for growth and new beginnings.

    If you would like to connect with Rebecca, please visit her website:




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