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A podcast about breaking into the advertising industry featuring the best in the business. Sponsored by AdHouse NYC.

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A podcast about breaking into the advertising industry featuring the best in the business. Sponsored by AdHouse NYC.

    The A-List Podcast(Dean's List Edition): Matt Low & Mani Schlisser

    The A-List Podcast(Dean's List Edition): Matt Low & Mani Schlisser

    On this week’s episode of The A-List Podcast, host and DiMassimo Goldstein CCO, Tom Christmann is joined by BBDO’s Matt Low and Mani Schlisser

    Matt is a Senior Copywriter (and resident sneaker enthusiast) at BBDO Worldwide where he has worked since being an intern for nearly five years. Matt is a graduate of Syracuse University and in his nascent career as a copywriter has received numerous accolades and nominations by bodies such as: The New York Festivals Advertising Awards, The Webbys, and his recognition earned him a feature in AdWeek.

    Mani has recently taken on a role as a Senior Planner at BBDO (congratulations Mani!) having previously worked as a planner at mcgarrybowen, as well as a strategist at Laundry Service and Edelman. A graduate of Indiana University at Bloomington, he’s into all things tech media and business and has become a frequent contributor to the digital publication, Medium.

    We are glad to have these two on for our second episode of our special “Dean’s List” edition of the A-List Podcast. On the Dean's List we interview rising, young professionals who are building their legacies in the 21st-century advertising world. This is an interesting episode as we dive into a lot of great conversation and discussion about advertising in today’s world.

    Tune in to this week’s episode of the A-List here:

    Show Notes:
    [0:00-2:39] Intro.
    [2:42-5:31] Matt and Mani talk a bit about their roles at mcgarrybowen and BBDO.
    [5:32-9:00] Matt and Mani on their shared upbringing and experiences pre-advertising.
    [9:26-13:21] Mani on discovering brand strategy and creative planning.
    [13:44-16:06] Matt on full time creative and tips for interns learning to excel in the workplace.
    [16:09-19:51] Finding inspiration from agencies' work and setting Google alerts to stay at the cutting edge.
    [19:52-24:52] Matt and Mani's perspectives on industry changes and shifts.
    [25:00-27:50] Moms, millennials, and the importance of communication in the modern age.
    [28:00-32:28] Combatting instant gratification and developing skills outside of work.
    [32:30-38:10] Finding connections and inspiration from the world around us by unplugging here and there.
    [38:17-41:29] Discussing the modern workflow of an ad agency.
    [41:30-51:40] Matt and Mani's goals for their future in the industry.
    [54:09-58:17] Outro.

    • 58 min
    The A-List Podcast(Dean's List Edition): Alex Brueggeman & Ivan Whitted II

    The A-List Podcast(Dean's List Edition): Alex Brueggeman & Ivan Whitted II

    [0:00-2:01] Intro.
    [2:31-5:31] Alex and Ivan talk about their upbringing in Georgia, Haiti and Tuscon, Arizona!
    [5:32-8:22] Alex talks high school influences and his discovery of anthropology at Howard.
    [8:27-11:00] Ivan discusses early inspiration in the performing arts and discovering PR and advertising.
    [11:01-13:04] Alex discusses Howard University and the value of HBCUs.
    [13:10-15:58] Ivan discusses life after college and being inspired to jump into copywriting.
    [16:00-21:07] Alex's switch into advertising.
    [21:14-27:43] Ivan's experience in ad school and moving to NYC.
    [27:52-34:56] Alex's work at 72andSunny and developing diversity initiatives.
    [35:30-40:20] Ivan's take on diversity and agency culture.
    [41:30-46:18] Alex and Ivan's thoughts about the future of representation in advertising.
    [48:30-51:13] Outro.

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    The A-List Podcast: Gerard Caputo

    The A-List Podcast: Gerard Caputo

    [0:00-2:06] Intro
    [3:01-7:55] Growing up in Little Falls, New Jersey
    [10:52-14:00] Discovering photography in school and creative writing.
    [14:01- 18:35] Transitioning to advertising and becoming an intern at Mullen
    [20:17-26:36] Building his book, ‘finding the fire’, and becoming an art director.
    [28:12-31:30] Emerging as a creative and moving on to Fallon, in Minneapolis.
    [32:18-34:01] Tips for young people who relocate to new cities
    [34:30- 38:20] Being stubborn and pushing to make great ads.
    [40:14-44:00] On the rise of digital storytelling
    [45:00-50:33] Leaving Fallon for BBDO and meeting Tom!
    [54:24 -1:00:23] Leaving BBDO and evading complacency
    [1:01:12- 1:06:55] Moving to BBH and the challenges of being a senior level creative.
    [1:07:00-1:10:30] Outro

    • 1 hr 10 min
    The A-List Podcast: Mark DiMassimo

    The A-List Podcast: Mark DiMassimo

    [0:00-3:00] Intro.
    [3:01-7:25] Mark talks about growing up in NJ and his early upbringing.
    [7:26-9:29] Mark’s imagination and first forays into creativity as a profession.
    [9:29-13:46] Mark’s super-dark childhood short story and learning how to express himself.
    [13:47-16:11] Wayne Dyer’s ‘Erroneous Zones’ as a Marketing inspiration.
    [16:13 -20:23] SUNY Fredonia, majoring in music, and discovering the library.
    [21:17-24:45] Transferring to Cornell and Industrial and Labor Relations.
    [24:54-27:44] How he made the switch to communications and ultimately deciding on Advertising as a career path.
    [25:00-32:30] BBDO Direct and Mark’s first job working on brand accounts in advertising.
    [32:31-40:20] Mark discusses his first creative experiences as a copywriter and being challenged for the first time.
    [40:42-49:00] Being laid off, freelancing, and getting copywriter positions.
    [49:15-55:59] Mark on his rise through the ranks and deciding to start his very own agency.
    [56:00-57:37] Outro.

    • 57 min
    The A-List Podcast: Steve Sandstrom

    The A-List Podcast: Steve Sandstrom

    Show Notes:
    [0:00-2:33] - Intro
    [2:34 - 7:40] How to pronounce ‘Oregon’ and Steve’s upbringing in Portland.
    [7:41- 9:52] Steve’s early inspirations and first exposure to art through his family.
    [9:52- 14:17] Learning design fundamentals in school and discovering graphic design in college.
    [14:18 - 17:33] Steve’s first design job as an illustrator and standing out in class.
    [17:34 - 21:00] for the love of drawing.
    [21:01 - 26:50] University of Oregon and developing a unique style at the Daily Emerald.
    [26:51 - 30:17] Deciding on commercial art and getting notable exposure for designing.
    [30:18 - 34:15] Starting a design career in advertising and advice to young artists
    [34:16 - 37:10] Turning a local radio station into a design opportunity.
    [37:11 - 46:33] Being picked up by Nike and working as a creative director.
    [46:34: 53:59] Starting Sandstrom Partners and discovering a design niche
    [54:00 - 1:03:40] Problem solving and favorite challenging projects
    [1:05:55 - 1:07:22] Outro

    • 1 hr 7 min
    The A-List Podcast: Michael Bierut

    The A-List Podcast: Michael Bierut

    [0:00 – 1:56] Intro
    [1:57 – 4:27] Growing up in non-starstudded Ohio and discovering his drawing talents.
    [4:28 – 7:20] Serendipitously stumbling on the book “Aim High for a Career in Graphic Design / Art by S. Neil Fujita” at age 14 and starting art as a vocational trade.
    [7:21 – 12:10] The benefits of social ineptitude and the nerve to push yourself creatively.
    [12:10 – 17:57] The curse of ‘knowing the rules.’
    [17:58 – 26:16] For the love of rules and parameters.
    [26:17 – 28:16] Helvetica and 70’s font style at the University of Cincinnati
    [28:17 – 33:35] The magnetic pull to New York City and working with mastermind Massimo Vignelli.
    [33:36 – 36:10] The healthy side of a workaholic.
    [36:11 – 38:16] Wisdom gained from 10 years with Vignelli and the importance of compelling ideas.
    [38:17 – 43:08] Leaving Vignelli to become a partner at Pentagram in 1990.
    [43:09 – 48: ] Working on the top-secret Hillary Clinton campaign logo.
    [52:49 – 54:59] Outro

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