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The weekly update on what's been going on at Blow, at the movies, in advertising, with geeky gadgets and other things – a lot of other things as it turns out.

The Blow Show The Blow Show

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The weekly update on what's been going on at Blow, at the movies, in advertising, with geeky gadgets and other things – a lot of other things as it turns out.

    #308 Nomad Brains

    #308 Nomad Brains

    We talk about some of the latest streaming releases and how it will shape entertainment in the future. Do the big studios have it in them to reinvent themselves again, now that superheroes and the pandemic are over? Or are they?
    And what about Mortal Kombat?

    • 58 min
    #307 Tiny Oscar

    #307 Tiny Oscar

    Were talk about the Oscars – at least a tiny bit.
    Screenwriting Masterclass with Aaron Sorkin sure has set us up with all the necessary information to jack these streamed movies we never saw...
    Let's see, if March really writes one himself, we can shit all over that one day! 

    • 1 hr 12 min
    #306 Spacia

    #306 Spacia

    First podcast since... well, it's been a while.
    Which in fact, gave us the time to watch this super plank Hyundai ad for a car called... what is it? The Staria! Premium!!! Insane.
    We talk more seriously about Apple's latest keynote event. What we think of Apple Silicon as an overall approach to boost our stock portfolio, what the M1 can do and why you might not want to buy a new device yet. 
    Or do it. What do we care?!
    Some rants about copywriting and big tech selling off our digital behavioural fallout...

    • 2 hrs
    #305 Second Honk

    #305 Second Honk

    New traffic rules. What's really needed though is a secondary horn on your car. We need to be able to 'nudge' other drivers without pissing everybody off. 
    We prepare for our yearly catch up by dishing out a few  homework assignments to bring to the party.
    Former friend of the show, Andrew Cuomo, is in hot water for being too Italian.
    Can we fix soccer by having a few players less on the field?
    March's neighbour also has a few interesting ideas on how to connect schools all over the world appropriately. 

    • 1 hr 40 min
    #304 Cheeseburger Twisties

    #304 Cheeseburger Twisties

    These Twists are something. They even got the pickles right... all artificial. Amazing.
    The Coen Bros movies compared back to the folk-like story-telling from Inside Llewyn Davis – which maybe is a little too meta. Maybe.
    The fake reviews and 3D movies debunked.

    • 1 hr 8 min
    #303 Paper World

    #303 Paper World

    It's a fragile day and we end up rambling about recent fashion choices and fast fashion fails, how tyvek should be used for everything, and some people are good for nothing and Michael Bay imploding on stage and finally... Pirates of the Caribbean character arcs. Finally. Paper topics, and why not? We're still dangerous – paper cuts. 

    • 1 hr 27 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
4 Ratings

4 Ratings

March South ,

Movies and Games

Not sure why a creative branding agency is dedicating a weekly podcast to mostly review movies, games and, yeah probably, Bourbon, but it’s quite something.

march_south ,

A classic already

Love it. Probably the funniest podcast you could listen to if you are either a) a Sydney creative yourself b) into movies or music that others hate or c) enjoying a good time every now and then.

In conclusion, I you don't like The Blow Show, you should really try to leave your room sometime soon.

Matb78 ,


A little strange though!

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