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The Constructive Finance Podcast features an elite developer every fortnight discussing their market views, opportunities and challenges they face and their advice/lesson learned thus far in their career.

The Constructive Finance Podcast The Constructive Finance Podcast

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The Constructive Finance Podcast features an elite developer every fortnight discussing their market views, opportunities and challenges they face and their advice/lesson learned thus far in their career.

    Ep35 P1: HoldenCAPITAL Partners + New Investor Portal

    Ep35 P1: HoldenCAPITAL Partners + New Investor Portal

    The Constructive Finance Podcast sits down with HoldenCAPITAL Partners (HCP) Head of Investments Gary Connolly to discuss current market observations, how their investment opportunities work and the upcoming release of the HCP Investor Portal.
    HoldenCAPITAL Partners was established in 2015 and is a funds management group providing sophisticated investors with the opportunity to invest in standalone first mortgage, second mortgage and preferred equity opportunities sourced by HoldenCAPITAL.

    HoldenCAPITAL Partners provide investors with the opportunity to participate in multiple Select Loan Investments (SLI's). This enables you to build your own portfolio of SLI's based on your personal risk/return appetite.

    HCP's Head of Investments, Gary Connolly, has over 12 years of experience in financial services, specifically in the banking and funds management sectors both in Australia and abroad. Gary most recently spent 8 years with Trilogy Funds Management as their Business Development Manager and prior to that was employed by Citigroup and Deutsche Bank in key account management roles. His professional experience is underpinned by a tertiary background in Law.
    Learn more about HoldenCAPITAL Partners by clicking this link.

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    Ep34: Property Development Finance During a Crisis

    Ep34: Property Development Finance During a Crisis

    Justin Gehde from The Property Developer Podcast speaks with Dan Holden, Principal at Holden Capital, about all things finance and capital in times of uncertainty.
    During dynamic, volatile periods it is common for fear to take hold and cloud our vision of the future. It is often made more challenging when people and organizations around you are withdrawing capital or pausing to take stock.
    However, it is important to work through the fear, tackle the issue and get yourself set for future success.
    In this conversation we cover:

    1. What property developers should they be doing to get their finance sorted?

    Use the down time to making themselves ready/bankable by having a business plan that:
     sets out their historical credentials, skills and ability to deliverfinancial capacity through their assets and liabilities, and cashflowhow they intend to manage their business over the coming months and yearsDon’t do it alone. Talk to your advisors, an accountant can help if they are a good one, or us as finance broker can add lots of value beyond just getting a good price on debt pieces.

    2. Can you still get money to finance your property development project?

    Definitely but it’s a very different landscape with fewer players, lenders are holding their capital back and new ones filling the gap.

    3. How have the finance/lending markets reacted?

    We have 160 lenders on our panel, I would put them into 2 categories;
    Many have temporarily closed, preferring to see how bad the economy is going to be hurt before lending more.Some have decided to keep lending but at lower gearing and risk, and some have put in place higher pricing
    4. Should you delay applying for property development project funding?

    Not if you have a sound deal, understand your capabilities, and accept that the cost of funding has shifted for now. Expand on risk-return and impact of waiting or going ahead.

    5. Should you be buying development sites?

    Same as above, need to understand your market, likely timing of events, have the ability to sit and wait but then be ready to deliver on the financier’s requirements per 1.

    6. What is something you have learned in the past few weeks in response to what has been happening?

    Not always the lenders that you expect to stand up when it gets toughA lot of time waster financial offers emerging requiring careful due diligence to avoid disappointmentDevelopers are remaining positive and generally looking to be ready when the market re-opens
    7. Any books, movies, shows you are recommending to people

    Holden Capital’s Constructive Finance Podcast – we recently did a series on different loan products and how to best use them in your business to repatriate a recycle capitalBook: Profit First by Mike Michalewiscz – getting your business cash flow, being the way your money flows in an out of your business. Cash is king, cash is oxygen, few people finding that out the hard way in tough economic timesBook: Barefoot Investor by Scott Pape.

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    Ep33: JLL with Troy, John & Matt

    Ep33: JLL with Troy, John & Matt

    • 55 min
    Product Podcast: Residual Stock Loans

    Product Podcast: Residual Stock Loans

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    Ep31: Stephen Pyman

    Ep31: Stephen Pyman

    HoldenCAPITAL Principal Steve Wiltshire sits down with Stephen Pyman, Principal and Director of CDI Lawyers. Stephen is one of Australia’s leading practitioners of construction, development and infrastructure law with more than 27 years experience and expertise.
    Stephen’s experience and practice covers all aspects of project development including pre-contract and tender negotiations, contracts and subcontracts as well as construction litigation, alternative dispute resolution, mediation, arbitration and adjudication under national security for payment legislation. He advises leading national and international construction companies, major builders, developers, project managers and key government bodies regulating the building industry. He conducted Queensland’s first Supreme Court application to declare an adjudication decision void and acted on behalf of the claimant in one of Australia’s largest adjudication disputes.

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    Ep30: Rob Flux

    Ep30: Rob Flux

    Eric Trieu sits down Rob Flux, Property Developer, Educator, Mentor & Public Speaker on all things property and property development.
    Rob takes an active approach to property by forcing value onto property through the property development process, rather than simply waiting for the market to do the heavy lifting for him.
    Having achieved his own financial freedom through property development, Rob now spends much of his time giving back to others through education and mentoring programs through his company Developer Network Pty Ltd, where he works with his clients to assist them in doing projects of their own by showing them the ropes along the way.

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25 Ratings

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Really informative and a great listen!

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Really cool podcast
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A must listen

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Really instructive

Well worth the listen.

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