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Tom Watson and Liv Gee break down confusing finance topics into delicious bite-size pieces

The Finance Burrito Tom Watson and Olivia Gee

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Tom Watson and Liv Gee break down confusing finance topics into delicious bite-size pieces

    12. Passion vs money: the ultimate career divider

    12. Passion vs money: the ultimate career divider

    Greetings fellow finance folks and welcome back to another episode of the Finance Burrito! On today's episode Liv and Tom are throwing it back to the good old days of university. More specifically, they'll be asking whether money or passion play a role in choosing a career, plus reveal most popular and employable degrees in the country!

    To get the inside scoop on how younger Aussies are feeling about their job prospects during COVID-19 and their motivations to study, we lined up not one, but two sources! First up, Liv chats with year 12 student, Ethan, while Tom sits down Elvan (my baby sister!), a business/law student who's just about to wrap up her degree.

    And to end things on a silly note, Tom and Liv are spilling the beans on whether they'd pick up cash they found lying on the ground. They'll both share their past experiences and how much it would take for them to turn it in - oh the controversy!

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    Tom Watson and Liv Gee

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    11. Movin' on up, movin' on out!

    11. Movin' on up, movin' on out!

    Welcome back to another delicious helping of the Finance Burrito! On today's episode, Tom and Liv are chatting about the need to knows of lifestyle inflation. You know, that thing where you suddenly become a bit more boujie with your spending when you start earning more? They'll discuss how you can keep your lifestyle inflation in check and reveal if getting a pay rise is actually worth it.

    Then Liv sits down with Ash Denman, an Aussie who dumped the Melbourne CBD for the simple life during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ash reveals why he decided to make the move, the unexpected financial benefits and how going digital with his business actually helped his team grow and improve their communication skills!

    And to wrap things up, our hosts share their opinions on whether living with your folks in 20s should mean chipping in financially around the house. It's a juicy one!

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    10. Financial imbalance in a long distance relationship

    10. Financial imbalance in a long distance relationship

    Guess what finance friends! We have officially hit double digits on the podcast! To celebrate this milestone episode, Liv and Tom are getting serious with the details of the 2020 Federal Budget. They'll tackle new taxes, job subsidies and home ownership opportunities, plus discuss how the new changes will impact younger Aussies.

    And because this episode is a special one, Tom and Liv chat with our very own producer, Claire! She'll dish the goss on her experience with financial imbalance in a previous relationship and why effective money management is essential, from international travel to quick trips to the bar.

    Finally, our hilarious hosts reveal whether they are 'The Michelle' in their social circle, AKA, the person who organises, plans and pays for all events and activities. An impressive 41% of the Mozo office proudly identify as 'Michelles', while one member in particular ditches responsibility all together!

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    9.Let's start a side hustle!

    9.Let's start a side hustle!

    Let's get down to business...to increase...the funds! If you read that the way I wanted you to, you're a real one. On today's episode, Tom and Liv are tackling all things side hustles! They'll discuss how younger Aussies are making some decent coin by selling stuff online or kickstarting their own small business.

    Then Tom sits down with Kitty Humphries, a fellow side hustler, to give an insight into all the ins and outs, plus the ups and downs of starting a small business. Kitty shares her experience with starting multiple side hustles and reveals the things you need to know before taking the plunge.

    Finally, to help get your daily giggle in for the day, our two hosts confess their biggest money regrets. And between Tom's undie nightmare and Liv's car catastrophe, let's just they've both had to take the financial walk of shame.

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    8. Is that your best price?

    8. Is that your best price?

    Hello there finance friends, got a question for ya! When was the last time you gave haggling a shot? And no, we don't mean on your Bali trip last year...yeah, thought so. Well lucky for you, Liv and Tom are gonna show you the ropes on how to haggle your way to a cheaper energy plan, fridge and everything in between!

    And because we're anything but mediocre, we'll show you how a friend of the podcast fam managed to slash $250 off her car insurance premium with a little reenactment.

    Next, Liv sits down with jeweller, Welfe Bowyer to get the skinny on engagement rings. They'll talk about designing rings from scratch, why more couples are ditching diamonds for stones and how that can benefit your wallet.

    And finally, Tom and Liv wrap things up by spilling the beans on how much you should pay a mate for giving you a lift. The lovely Liv gets very technical with this one!

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    7. Ah renting, one of the many joys of adult life...

    7. Ah renting, one of the many joys of adult life...

    What did the apartment say to the landlord? Please, Re-Lease Me! Okay...moving on.
    On today's episode, Tom and Liv are digging their fingers into the hot topic of renting. They'll reveal why now is the perfect time for you to be pushing for a better deal on your rent, plus dish their own tips and tricks on how to get it right!

    Next, Tom sits down with Eliza Owen, the Head of Australian Research over at CoreLogic. Together they'll discuss the impact COVID-19 has had on the rental market as well as the type of renters who have been the most affected. This is one interview you don't want to miss!

    And as always, we've saved the best till last! To wrap things up, Liv and Tom are asking whether 'Karen culture' has now made Aussies fearful of asking for a refund or making a compliant. We even got the Mozo office to weigh in on this one!

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5.0 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

robyn9876 ,

Entertaining discussions about money issues

The discussions about money matters here are entertaining, informative and also important to know about. It’s on my regular weekly playlist now!

Yetisofnepal ,

Food for thought

The Finance Burrito is one of the most refreshing finance related podcasts I’ve heard in a while. It’s probably not one to listen to if you’re into to breaking financial news but it’s been interesting to hear money approached more psychologically. Tom and Liv are easy listening - I’m looking forward to hearing about what they talk about next.

Ghemgem00 ,

Got me thinking

Really love the fresh and unique approach to money, which is something I typically find a bit boring.

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