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Be inspired, uplifted and gain new perspectives with Jo and Rane from Garden of Yoga. Every episode celebrates the diversity of yoga, meditation and movement teachers from Australia and around the world.

The Flow Artists Podcast Rane Bowen, Jo Stewart

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Be inspired, uplifted and gain new perspectives with Jo and Rane from Garden of Yoga. Every episode celebrates the diversity of yoga, meditation and movement teachers from Australia and around the world.

    Cyrille Caille - Aerial yoga, occupational therapy & TBI

    Cyrille Caille - Aerial yoga, occupational therapy & TBI

    Welcome to our podcast! Today, we have a very special guest joining us from Switzerland: Cyrille Caille. Cyrille is not only an occupational therapist, but also an aerial yoga teacher who has developed a specialized course for people with Traumatic Brain Injury. We were fortunate enough to connect with her through the Making Aerial Yoga More Accessible Facebook group, which was created by Jo to share inspiration, insights and questions about the more accessible and therapeutic aspects of aerial yoga.

    During our conversation with Cyrille, we delve into the various effects of Traumatic Brain Injury and how she supports her clients in navigating their new way of life. We also discuss the emotional impacts of these life-changing injuries, and how they can be a source of grief for both the person affected and their loved ones.

    Cyrille and her team are incredibly dedicated to their physically and emotionally demanding work. We learn how her own personal journey with aerial yoga led to the installation of aerial yoga hammocks at the rehabilitation center where she works, and ultimately to the development of her specialized course for Traumatic Brain Injury survivors.

    Join us as we gain insight into the amazing work of Cyrille and her team, and discover how aerial yoga can offer unique benefits for those who have suffered from Traumatic Brain Injury.


    Cyrille's website: https://caillec.wixsite.com/wingsofyoga
    Cyrille's instagram: https://www.instagram.com/caillec/
    Centre Recontres: https://www.centre-rencontres.ch/
    Fragile Suisse: https://www.fragile.ch/
    Making Aerial Yoga More Accessible: https://www.facebook.com/groups/304198216906833

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    Freya Bennett-Overstall - Seasons of life

    Freya Bennett-Overstall - Seasons of life

    Jo was really excited to speak with Freya, since she loved her recent book Wonder Full Women. Attune & Bloom. Eat, Move and Meditate with the Seasons.

    Freya is trained as a Chiropractor, although as you’ll hear she had to stop practising in 2013 due to some serious health issues including MS.

    She shares how she grew up practicing yoga, dance, meditation and tai chi, and trained as a yoga and meditation teacher to help her clients but then found new depths of these practices as part of her rehabilitation and continuing self care.

    She also discovered Yin yoga around this time, and Traditional Chinese Medicine and working the meridian system forms the foundation of living within the rhythm of the seasons which she shares in her book, alongside wisdom traditions from many cultures - as well as a biomedical understanding of the body.

    She articulates these complex ideas really clearly - and that is one of Jo's favourite aspects of the book, as well as the thread of joyfully embracing life, nature and our own nature which weaves it all together. There’s so useful information in here for yoga teachers, and anyone looking to understand their nature better. While there is an in-depth section on women's health, the advice and practices could be helpful for all genders and it’s all shared in an informative, rather than prescriptive way.

    There was so much to talk about with Freya, including our mutual love of inversions, yin and chocolate, as well as ways to tap into joy and pleasure while living with chronic pain.



    More details on Freya's book and purchase links can be found here-

    Freya's guided meditation recordings, including The White Light Healing Meditation (which we discussed) plus free live Yin Yoga & Meditation classes:

    The two ethical Chocolate brands we discussed, which Freya stocks at Maitri Studio Brighton, are-
    Loco Love Chocolate, with details on the delish Zingy Gingerbread Caramel we discussed
    Living Koko chocolate

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    Jo & Rane - Over 5 years, now what?

    Jo & Rane - Over 5 years, now what?

    Join Rane and Jo for another conversation with the latest updates from the Flow Artists podcast. It's been over 5 years since we started the podcast, so we thought it was time for a Rane and Jo episode!

    We answer questions from some friends of the podcast, including Donna Noble, Laura Wilson-McGinn, Beata Heyman, Jeanette Coleman, Nicole Blythe, Christa Fairbrother and Dr Kate Riegel Van West.

    We also share our upcoming 10 year celebrations at Garden of Yoga, and have some updates from past guests!

    Stay tuned to the end for an important kitty update.

    Please leave us a review on your favourite podcast app.

    Garden of Yoga - Celebrating 10 years in Northcote: https://gardenofyoga.com.au/workshops/celebrating-10-years-in-northcote/
    Article on TGA approving psychedelic treatments
    The New Rulebook by Chris Cheers: https://www.chrischeers.com/resources/the-new-rulebook
    Friends for Good Fundraiser: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/chair-yoga-and-mindfulness-tickets-545684004547
    Help Supergrans support their community affected by the Cyclones in New Zealand: https://www.supergransaotearoa.org.nz/
    use our link https://www.offeringtree.com/flowartists to get one month free or 15% off an annual plan

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    Laura & Ian - Justice, yoga & healing from trauma

    Laura & Ian - Justice, yoga & healing from trauma

    In this episode we speak with Laura Wilson-McGinn and Ian McGinn. They both teach together through Move Like You Yoga, and have a special interest in working with police, army and first responders, particularly those experiencing severe PTSD. They deliver classes specifically for the Code 9 Foundation (a foundation established to support emergency services workers with PTSD), as well as sessions that everyone can attend.

    Laura is of Aboriginal, English and Scottish decent. She is an aboriginal woman, whose blood line comes from Yass, NSW. She was born and raised in Melbourne.

    She has worked extensively across the government, community legal, and university sectors as a policy writer, researcher, sessional academic, lecturer and advocate, and as a lawyer in the Victorian Supreme Court..

    Ian is a Detective Senior Constable with Victoria Police and he has a PhD in Australian Indigenous Studies from Monash University.

    He also works as a sessional academic at Swinburne University, teaching and lecturing in Criminology and Police Studies.

    They both have a passion for movement - with Laura coming from an extensive dance background including ballet, calisthenics, pole dance and aerial arts. Ian has a passion and love for jiu jitsu, yoga, fishing and bushwalking.

    In this conversation we discuss how all of these interests and life experiences weave together to inform the way they teach and live their yoga. Please be advised we do cover some sensitive topics including the death of a parent, and the mental health challenges connected with working in emergency services and adversarial justice including PTSD.


    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/movelikeyouyoga/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/movelikeyouyoga/

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    Kate Riegle van West - The Power of Poi

    Kate Riegle van West - The Power of Poi

    In this episode we are excited to speak with Dr. Kate Riegle van West about her research on the health benefits of Poi.

    Kate is a scientist, artist, and entrepreneur with a passion for play and wellbeing. She completed her PhD in the health benefits of poi at the University of Auckland, where she conducted the first study to scientifically investigate the effects of poi on physical and cognitive function in older adults. She was awarded the Future Leader Award from the Royal Society of New Zealand and the Best Doctoral Thesis Award for her work in the poi/health field.

    Kate shares about how she discovered poi through circus - and her early life growing up in a town called Normal, a small American town with a circus history.

    She shares how a lack of published research was proving to be an obstacle in establishing programs in health settings, which along with the positive effects she noticed in her own brain and body, inspired her to move to Aotearoa New Zealand to conduct the first scientific study on the effects of poi on physical and cognitive function.

    We talk about the differences between International Poi and Maori Poi and some of the considerations and challenges when researching and sharing practices from another culture, as well as how joining a Kapa Haka group has helped Kate reconnect with the joy of poi.

    Spin Poi website: https://spinpoi.com/
    Melbourne training: https://spinpoi.com/services/australia
    Spinpoi on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/spinpoi/

    Garden of Yoga website: https://gardenofyoga.com.au/

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    Kavitha Moahan - Traditional Aerial Yoga

    Kavitha Moahan - Traditional Aerial Yoga

    In this episode we speak with Dr Kavitha Moahan, the author of Traditional Aerial Yoga, director of Aum Yoga Studio in Chennai Tamil Nadu India, a scientist, multiple world record holder and a recipient of the prestigious Yoga Kalaimamani award.

    While Kavitha has a strong physical practice, she sees yoga primarily as a path to self realisation and a way to achieve balance and peace within oneself, and focuses more on the therapeutic aspects of aerial yoga too. We were intrigued to learn more about how the Thottil, which is a traditional South Indian hammock used to soothe babies, to support deity statues in temples and even as part of funeral processions. This tool of emotional regulation and spiritual expression forms the basis of Kavitha’s approach to aerial yoga along with her research focus from her science background and deep respect for the traditions of Yoga.

    Finding the balance between innovation and honouring tradition is just one of the topics we cover - we also talk about her time studying in Australia, pain science, body image, woman's health and some of the unique benefits of the thottil/aerial hammock.


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4.9 out of 5
42 Ratings

42 Ratings

KaylaR19 ,

So thankful to have discovered this podcast

So many inspiring guests and important discussions about yoga and the health and wellness industries, it’s a resource. Thanks Jo and Rane, keep up the amazing work!

Zena ,

Wonderful and insightful.

Love listening to this local Melbourne poddy. Such insightful guests and thoughtful presenting. Definitely recommend to anyone wanting to learn more about anything yoga related.

Buffymac64 ,

My favourite podcast

This is my favourite podcast on yoga/meditation and other related teachings. It is authentic and knowledgeable and I love Jo and Rane's approach. They have intersting guests and I love that they often follow up the interviews up with a workshop of some sort for those wanting to expand their knowledge more. Keep up the great work.

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