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Talking to the past, present and future of BMX in Australia with Tom Boorman and Matt Holmes.

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Talking to the past, present and future of BMX in Australia with Tom Boorman and Matt Holmes.

    The Head Angle #8: Ben ‘Beechy’ Hoysted

    The Head Angle #8: Ben ‘Beechy’ Hoysted

    His exploits are worldwide, both on and off the bike. From his low-key rural Victorian upbringing, to really coming of age riding wise in Adelaide, to making waves at events like the Battle of Hastings and Swampfest, Beechy’s all in attitude has become something of legend.

    The ability to combine his early circus training with vision and straight balls to the wall commitment has seen him grace magazine covers and ground breaking video parts. Never defined by genre, yet, his riding is bigger and badder than most will ever attempt.

    We’re very stoked to sit down with a rider not content with the status quo and one that has travelled Australia and the world in search of both epic riding spots and even bigger life experiences. Enjoy!

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    Listen up below or watch the video right here.

    • 1 hr 35 min
    The Head Angle #7: Brandon Loupos

    The Head Angle #7: Brandon Loupos

    If you had of asked me where 'Mini Mirra' was destined to go when I first met him, I doubt that World Champion and Olympic medal contender would have been on the list!

    But thats where Brandon's drive and determination has shone, less than 15 years later, he became the first UCI World Champion proving to many and himself that anything is possible.

    We were stoked to sit down with Brandon and talk his early years through to the current day. Kick back and have a listen to a rider that's ensuring the Australian BMX scene is represented on the biggest stage.

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    • 2 hrs 28 min
    The Head Angle #6: Eddie FIola

    The Head Angle #6: Eddie FIola

    There aren’t many who have stood at the top of a generation of riders, untouchable for their unmatchable style, progressive riding and wins in competition.

    Names like Hoffman, Mirra, Aitken and Reynolds spring to mind. Yet before them, one name defined freestyle in its infancy, possibly more than anyone will ever do again. We were stoked and more than a little humbled to sit down with one of the greatest that has ever rolled on 20's (and 20 & 1 3/8...). 

    We go deep with Eddie, from his humble beginnings in the fabled Cali concrete park scene, to his multiple rolls in the movie based around his life in 'RAD', to his career to date in the Hollywood stunt industry.

    So stoked to drop this one. For those that grew up with Eddie's photos on their walls, to those that are just getting their first taste of BMX now. Eddie is nothing short of BMX royalty and his tales are those of legends. Kick back and enjoy!


    • 1 hr 44 min
    The Head Angle #5: Colin Mackay

    The Head Angle #5: Colin Mackay

    If there's one rider that showcases just how far you can go on hard work and determination it's gotta be Colin Mackay.

    From humble beginnings not unlike any Australian rider, his drive and determination to take his riding to the world saw him forge a path that nearly every Australian rider since has followed.

    His time spent on US soil now spans twenty years, yet his Australian pride runs deeper than ever. From the podiums, his sponsor changes, his place in a video game and current role as Team Manager for the biggest team in BMX under Vans, we delve into Colin’s rich BMX life. A life that still revolves around the simple thing that started it all…

    Listen up or if you ain't driving/riding or otherwise, watch the vid!

    • 1 hr 29 min
    The Head Angle #4: Xave Koen

    The Head Angle #4: Xave Koen

    Xave Koen is a name synonymous with Australian BMX and comedic commentary.

    A man of undeniable presence Xave is infamous for his ferocious humour and has a table to match it. Just when you may have thought Xave has said it all, things went much deeper this episode and he came through with the most important and powerful messages he’s ever said into a microphone. Sober. Strap yourselves in folks, it’s a heavy one as Xave shares the story of his wild ride through life to date.

    • 2 hrs 23 min
    The Head Angle #3: Danger Chris O’Donnell

    The Head Angle #3: Danger Chris O’Donnell

    Every city has its mythical stories about big moves going down on wild spots which can often become legend. In Sydney the man responsible for many of these stories is a bit of a mystery himself. Chris O’Donnell is known to many simply as Danger and his influence over Sydney’s bmx scene spans cultures and generations.

    The man is as illusive as he is talented, wherever I travel - the most asked question that riders have about Sydney is "What's Danger doing?"

    In episode 3, Danger goes deep. We talk about his solid early bmx roots and influences, his bmx journey, using A.D.D. to get more out of life and he fills us all in on how he keeps it so real.

    This episode is gonna be a hard one to top - we hope you all enjoy as much as we all did.

    • 1 hr 33 min

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5.0 out of 5
21 Ratings

21 Ratings

Dao Radivo ,

On a whim, I Googled Aussie BMX podcasts today...

...and came across this one! Haven’t seen Matt for over a dozen years, but even seeing the name ‘Matt Holmes’ got me all nostalgic. So many hundreds of thousands of kilometres driving all over Australia and the world riding and filming these silly little kids bikes in the 90s and 00s, sleeping on couches, leaving Melbourne at 7pm on a Friday night and driving straight to Tuggeranong for a 3am session on ACT Jam weekends. Formative years in my life. Have barely touched a BMX in the last dozen years, but now my two sons are getting into bikes, so it was time to bust out the 20” and see if I could hurt myself. At 36 years old, I don’t bounce like I used to! Subscribed to the podcast, will be listening to every episode. Cheers! Dao Radivo

krusty68 ,

Ready to cut sick

Yeah the boys !!!!!!

sweettoothmafia ,


Sickest podcast ever

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