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The world has never been changing more rapidly, dislocating the ways we work, learn and live. On The Learning Future Podcast we discuss the knowledge, skills and dispositions we all need for our learning future, exploring insights through interviews with world-class educators, researchers, policy makers, and leaders from across industries and across the world.

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The world has never been changing more rapidly, dislocating the ways we work, learn and live. On The Learning Future Podcast we discuss the knowledge, skills and dispositions we all need for our learning future, exploring insights through interviews with world-class educators, researchers, policy makers, and leaders from across industries and across the world.

    Bouncing Forward; Not Back

    Bouncing Forward; Not Back

    Can we strategically bounce forward instead of bouncing back? Could a detailed and perceptive experience of remote learning help mark-out intentional particular goals for learning?
    Joanna Moe is Assistant Director of Professional Learning K-12 at Qatar Foundation, Education Development Institute (EDI).
    Originally from Aotearoa, New Zealand, Joanna currently leads a team of pre-K-grade 12 learning designers at the Education Development Institute (EDI) in Qatar. She has worked in a variety of educational contexts in Hong Kong and New Zealand, leading in-school projects and professional learning across a range of learning and teaching areas.
    Joanna's areas of interest in education and research include the complexities around transcultural professional learning, advocating for multilingual education and researching the application of effective approaches to learning and teaching using continuous improvement models. MA in Education and joins me from the Middle East today.

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    School is a Garden

    School is a Garden

    Would some students benefit better from teachers that guide and assist? What experience are there in having positive success with headstrong “at-risk” students?Sizolwenkosi Fuyana (Sizol) is a businesswoman, podcaster, youth advocate and law student.
    After overcoming her own adversities and mental health issues, small business owner Sizol now devotes her life to supporting disadvantaged young people who are at risk of entering the justice system.
    Sizol is the founder and Director of Fuyana Support. It’s a youth-oriented consultancy that provides social and emotional wellbeing to young people, equipping them with skills to help them be more effective members of communities.
    Sizol has partnered with the City of Palmerston to develop a ‘Youth Info Map’, with the project leading to freelance work with Joblink. She also works with youth at Don Dale Youth Detention Centre. Sizol’s podcast, The Reality Change, is about personal growth and facing adversity. She is also Chair of the 2021 Northern Territory Youth Round Table, which aims to make the government aware of key issues that are important to young people.
    A law and psychology student who has volunteered for many working groups, Sizol was recently named the 2022 NT Young Australian of the Year.

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    Protesting in Place

    Protesting in Place

    To what extent do we each view the world through rose-coloured glasses? How much of our ecosystems have a 'darker' side that we might benefit from accepting and powerfully protest in place?
    In this episode; Tyson Yunkaporta offers a valuable indigenous inspired perspective on education, including the more concerning problems faced by communities around the world. His unique perspective gives insight into areas and problems that are often hidden in plain sight, and his awareness of the causes and consequences of these guide his strategy in teaching, academia, and life.
    Tyson is an Indigenous thinker, founder of the Indigenous Knowledge Systems Lab at Deakin University, and author of Sand Talk.
    Tyson is an academic, an arts critic, and a researcher who is a member of the Apalech Clan in far north Queensland. He carves traditional tools and weapons and also works as a senior lecturer in Indigenous Knowledges at Deakin University in Melbourne. He lives in Melbourne.

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    Transforming the Factory-Model of Learning

    Transforming the Factory-Model of Learning

    How much of our education is still entrenched in a factory-style model? How do we step back and take what we've learned 150 years of understanding about humanity in challenging our assumptions and values?
    Ulcca Joshi Hansen is a mother, educator, researcher and advocate whose two-and-a-half decade career has spanned classrooms, non-profit leadership, philanthropy and consulting. She is driven by a vision of education that attends to and supports the development of young people’s humanity and creates learning experiences that help them realise their unique potential - the place where who they are and what the world needs intersect. An internationally-recognised expert on educational transformation at the level of instruction, assessment, organisational design and policy systems, she brings a diverse set of experiences working with educators, funders, policymakers, researchers, legislators, business leaders and community advocates in the US and internationally.
    Her work is aimed at helping transform the foundational values of our educational, cultural and social systems, and building the capacity of educators, families, communities and advocates to work with young people toward new ways of being in the world.
    A two-time TED speaker, Ulcca holds a BA in Philosophy and German from Drew University and a certificate in early childhood and elementary education with a focus on special education. She earned her PhD from Oxford University and a JD from Harvard Law School. She has been recognised for her leadership as a Harry S. Truman Scholar; a British Marshall Scholar and a Paul and Daisy Soros Fellow.

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    The Power of Us

    The Power of Us

    Do our younger generations have faith in the current quality of representative democracies? Are there changes that we can take advantage on to re-power our social systems, what really matters?
    In this episode; David Price shares vast insight about the concerns and specific examples of the ingenuity of our future leaders and innovators.
    David Price, OBE, is an expert in organisational learning for a complex future. He writes, talks, trains and advises, around the world, on some of the biggest challenges facing business, education and society: solving the problems of employee, student and civic disengagement; maximising our potential to be creative, innovative and fulfilled citizens, and understanding the global shift towards open organisations, and systems of
    His first book, "OPEN: How We'll Work, Live and Learn In The Future" has been an Amazon best-seller since its publication, securing around 40,000 sold copies. Goodreads readers voted it the most influential book on education in 2016.
    His new book is The Power Of Us: How We Connect, Act And Innovate. The three years of research/writing involved interviews with leaders of organisations in the UK, USA, Cambodia, Australia and Malaysia.
    In 2009 he was awarded the O.B.E. By Her Majesty the Queen, for services to education.

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    The 22nd Century City

    The 22nd Century City

    What if you got paid to learn for the rest of your life? 
    In this bonus episode Louka Parry shares The Future City podcast episode featuring co-host Eyal Halamish and guest Jackson Smith.
    On this episode of the Future City Podcast we speak with storyteller, learner, and technology architect Jacksón Smith. 
    Jacksón is Co-Founder and the CTO of the Learning Economy Foundation, a U.S. based non-profit organization with a global mission to prepare citizens to be future-skilled, address inequity with student and employee centric models and put innovation at the centre of our communities. 
    Jacksón speaks with us about having a vested interest in the place that educated you, carrying a learner “wallet” and envisioning what a learning economy might look like beyond the university years.

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4.8 out of 5
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18 Ratings

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Awesome guests and conversations about learning.

Quite a diverse range of speakers all focussed on the most human process, that of learning. Recommend for teachers, leaders and parents but also for HR, L&D, entrepreneurs and innovators also.

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