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    Kim Krause Schwalm on Dangerous Numbers, Personality Defects and The Coming AI Revolution

    Kim Krause Schwalm on Dangerous Numbers, Personality Defects and The Coming AI Revolution

    Kim Krause Schwalm is a hell of a copywriter.

    She beat the late, great Jim Rutz in a head-to-head battle.

    Impressive stuff.

    Brian Kurtz called Jim Rutz “the copywriter closest to God”.

    If that’s true and Kim beat Jim, what does that make Kim?

    In any case, Kim’s back on the podcast today to discuss some fascinating topics… such as what to name your upcoming mice supplement product (among other things).

    Check it out if you dare.

    In this episode, you’ll discover:

    * What is the most dangerous number in business? And what can you do about it so it doesn’t leave you dead in the water?* How to prepare yourself as a copywriter for the “AI Revolution” (plus, find out which copywriting jobs Kim thinks robots will NEVER be able to do)* When to work for a direct-response company and when to work for yourself (Kim’s answer will surprise you)* The personality defect that gets even seasoned copywriters into BIG trouble (This one’s extremely common but rarely talked about)* Simple, easy tricks to manage your money as a copywriter (so you don’t end up with a boatload of debt that acts as a prison)


    * http://copyinsiders.com/ (Kim’s mailing list w/ free resources)* https://www.kimschwalm.com/ (Kim’s website)

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    This Is How The Coronavirus ACTUALLY Unfolded In China

    This Is How The Coronavirus ACTUALLY Unfolded In China

    Worried about the coronavirus?

    Don’t know if you can trust what the media says about it?

    Want to find out how it actually unfolded in China – from someone who’s lived there for the last 10 years?

    This podcast episode is for you.

    Brian Miller is an American entrepreneur running a company called Easy China Warehouse.

    He lives and works in China full-time so he has a unique “up close” perspective on how the coronavirus crisis actually unfolded.

    Find out what happened in this juicy episode…

    In this episode, you’ll discover:

    * how the coronavirus actually unfolded in China (from an American living in China at the time of the outbreak)* how the coronavirus will affect the Chinese and U.S. economy differently (and how it will probably take much LONGER for the U.S. to recover)* why China (and Asia) have dealt with the coronavirus so well compared with Western countries* how to survive and thrive the coming months and years (and what to expect in terms of marketplace conditions and recessions)* how to avoid getting fooled by all the B.S. coronavirus conspiracy theories floating around the web (save time and stop putting energy into stuff that doesn’t matter)


    * Brian’s company Easy China Warehouse* Brian’s LinkedIn profile* Emily Writes: Down the rabbit hole with the Covid-19 conspiracy theorists

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    Episode #208 – Stephen Somers on Irish Direct-Response Strategies To Find “Boring” Pots Of Gold.

    Episode #208 – Stephen Somers on Irish Direct-Response Strategies To Find “Boring” Pots Of Gold.

    Stephen Somers was young (23) and in need of direction.

    He didn’t want to take the corporate job route…

    and wished he had an online business mentor.

    When his aunt introduced him to Robert…

    it changed his whole life.

    Robert was selling on different online marketplaces…

    and Stephen got a tried and true “in the trenches” apprenticeship.

    Working for free for an entire year doing all the manual grunt work…

    Paid off big time as he learned the ins and outs of Robert’s systems.

    Fast-forward to today.

    Partners in several companies who are killing it…

    listen as Stephen retells the struggle and climb he and Robert went through…

    to build several businesses…

    include the 8-figure “Marketplace Superheroes.”

    It’s a true Irish fairy-tale of sorts as Stephen regales us with everything they had to learn on the way up.

    It’s a fascinating take of brute force and whip-smart strategy…

    as Stephen applies direct-response principles to physical products on Amazon…

    as well as a freight business..

    an accountancy practice…

    and more.

    Listen now and keep your note-taking hand ready as Stephen drops a virtual pot of gold along the way!

    The rewards are yours for the taking.

    In this episode, you’ll discover:

    * Sell THESE kind of products and ditch following your passion. Contrarian advice based in real-world success.* Business-killing reasons why Stephen and Robert stay away from black and grey hat marketing techniques on Amazon.* The real question you should be asking yourself if you’re selling online. So simple and yet overlooked. * Simple ways to build up a business from absolute zero. Don’t reinvent the wheel – do what works. * Jump-start your idea machine. The intriguing “full-circle” journey Stephen and his partner went on… will get you thinking.


    * Marketplace Superheroes* Stephen Somers on Facebook* Case Studies* David Allan’s Make Words Pay

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    Episode #207 – Nick Carpenter on Mastermind Secrets Of Companies Who Dominate Their Niche

    Episode #207 – Nick Carpenter on Mastermind Secrets Of Companies Who Dominate Their Niche

    Nick Carpenter comes from a military family.

    He went into the air force because college had no appeal.

    6.5 years later, deciding he didn’t want to go back to Iraq one more time, he got out.

    You have to hear his brief thoughts about the real Iraq.

    He decided to jump into real estate and so picked up his license in Texas and went ot work for a large corporation.

    For three years he helped people buy and sell houses.

    A bad breakup had him shift to a new company and a new office where he started training and onboarding new agents.

    In short order, agents recruited Nick to help open a new company.

    He was now in charge of all the marketing and training.

    The hoops he had to jump through to even get paid were ridiculous…

    listen to his golf course story!

    He heard a big mortgage company was looking to create an in-house marketing team and so with the arrival of his second child…

    he joined them. Hiring web developers, graphic designers, and video editors etc.

    So since 2011, Nick has worked only with loan officers.

    By 2014, feeling restricted and looking for his own opportunities…

    he left to start his own agency.

    Listen where he took it next…

    In this episode, you’ll discover:

    * 3 early “survival” steps Nick had to focus on to get his company off the ground. Listen to the number of ideas he went through.

    * The one simple change which caused potential customers to go from saying “no” to “yes”.

    * How Nick reframed his business to create a new emotional appeal.. and attract his own “congregation.”

    * One strategy Nick employs two ways to continue his rapid businesss growth. (Nick includes all the details)

    * Two massive, soul-crushing mistakes loan officers swear by. Listen to Nick and get rid of these two issues forever.


    * Nick’s “Legion of Loan Officers”

    * Nick Carpenter on Facebook

    * Bobby Stocks

    * Mitch Miller

    * David Allan’s Make Words Pay

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    David Allan: Hey everybody, I’m David Allan. Happy New Year. Our first guest of the new year is a guy I’ve heard a lot about – he’s in a niche I know literally nothing about. He’s very successful and has risen up through the ranks, so to speak – I have been seeing his fabulous posts on Facebook, I’ve been hearing a lot about his results, we have a lot of friends in common – we’re in the same circles…so I would love to welcome Nick Carpenter to the show…Hello Nick!

    Nick Carpenter: Hey man, thanks for having me, I’m excited to be here.

    David Allan: Yeah, this is really great. Here we are, brand new year – wipe the slate clean – however, you want to say that – people tend to set new goals and put new motions into action to try to get everything rolling…

    Maybe take us back, like we usually do – We like to go back and see where you came from and how you ended up where you are now…so take us back – we wanna know what got Nick into treating and serving loan officers.

    Nick Carpenter: Yeah, that’s such a good question. It is definitely an interesting path you know

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    Episode #206 – Chris Orzechowski On The Quick & Dirty Gateway Drug Into the World of Copywriting

    Episode #206 – Chris Orzechowski On The Quick & Dirty Gateway Drug Into the World of Copywriting

    Chris wanted to be a school teacher.

    It took him precious little time suffering through 12-hour workdays to understand…

    teaching school was NOT his future.

    He started online by emulating his friend and mentor Zach Evanesh…

    with a weekly podcast and blogging on strength and conditioning.

    Trying to cut down the time curve, he began to focus on what he enjoyed doing best…

    writing email.

    The last five years he’s spent honing…

    and expanding his copy skills.

    Now he’s even back teaching.

    Yet this time it’s email copy and client-getting skills.

    He’s made all the mistakes getting his freelance copy career rolling so you don’t have to.

    His students now snag retainer deals in mere weeks…

    something it took him over a year to do.

    Hence the value of a mentor.

    It all changed for Chris when he began to place himself in the customer’s shoes.

    How do you do it?

    Listen now and reap the battle-tested, in-the-trenches knowledge Chris brings to this episode.

    In this episode, you’ll discover:

    * 2 simple changes he made which immediately resulted in new clients. Are you making these same prospecting mistakes?

    * The “Where are they?”client advice Chris recieved from an “email guru”. You too will smack your forehead when you hear it.

    * Never be at a loss again for finding new clients when you hear Chris’ “Poconos” story.

    * Retainer deals: The ins, outs, and the number one idea behind finding one.

    * The premier win-win arrangement for copywriters and business owners. Greatest value for dollar and least hassle.


    * Chris Ozechowski’s website

    * Chris Ozechowski on Facebook

    * Zach Even-esh

    * David Allan’s Make Words Pay

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    David Allan: Hey everybody welcome to another edition of the podcast I’m David Allan, we have a great guest for you today especially if you’re a copywriter – a freelance copywriter.

    He’s been doing this for a while now he’s had some very public things we’ll get into here shortly I think which will be

    interesting…Chris Orzechowksi, welcome to the show.

    Chris Orzechowski: Thanks a lot. Super pumped to be here.

    David Allan: yeah it’s really great to have you I sort of probably that’s how I became aware of you I think you had sort of a a public spat if you will with another copywriter who has been on the show in the past and it’ll be interesting to delve into the mechanics

    of what actually happened here I think which will be illustrative I don’t know, cuz I don’t know really know how it exactly went down myself…

    And then we’regonna jump into some talk about retainer deals structuring offers if you are a freelancer so people listen to this if you’re already in this maybe you can improve what you’re doing or if you’re looking to get into it you’ll get another perspective from

    somebody who’s doing it.

    Chris let’s just jump in with your origin story or your superhero origin story tell us how you got into email copywriting and so forth

    and just where you were before…

    Chris Orzechowski: Yeah, absolutely. so I like everyone else to know as a copywriter I act...

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    Episode #205 – Jeff Kronenberg On How To Set Yourself Free With A Tax-Exempt Retirement

    Episode #205 – Jeff Kronenberg On How To Set Yourself Free With A Tax-Exempt Retirement

    Straight out of college…

    Jeff wanted to dive into the lucrative field of pharmaceutical sales.

    Then he discovered the only people they were taking back then…

    despite committing himself to two summers of internship…

    were “very attractive women”.

    Reaching out to his network, he pivoted to a career in financial

    services and the world of Wall St.

    14+ years later, he’s here to deliver some very good news.

    You can set aside your worry, stress, and the paralysis of thinking about your retirement.

    You can have your cake and eat it too.

    Jeff helps people take their assets…

    whether a mountain of treasure or a hill built up from years of

    back-breaking work…

    and shield yourself from future pain by showing you how to get

    your retirement…


    So if you’re worried what kind of shape your in financially because you’re in your later years…

    or you’re young and the importance of setting yourself up right for

    the future is beginning to dawning on you…

    listen to this podcast now as Jeff has what amounts to a life-saving message.

    Wouldn’t you agree your future and your family is more than worth it?

    In this episode, you’ll discover:

    * Why is it all the financial advice is about how to amass a mountain of assets? THIS is every bit as important. (9:34)

    * What gets Jeff super-jazzed about people finding this retirement solution.

    * Are you in your 40’s and haven’t checked “under the hood” at your numbers? Listen here (14:29)

    * 40% of people will run out of money during retirement with their current plan…is this you? (What to do about it NOW – 10:57)

    * The history of taxes and tax rates. How deferring your taxes could kill your retirement and your family’s future (19:01)


    * Imagine Wealth Coaching

    * Jeff Kronenberg on Facebook

    * Schedule a Breakthrough Session with Jeff

    * David Allan’s Make Words Pay

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    David Allan: Hey everybody – welcome to another edition

    of the podcast, I’m David Allan – we’re back and today we’ve got an exciting guest because this is something I don’t think many people like to really think about but it is one of the most important things that you will encounter probably going forward in your life especially if you’re in business and if you’re a copywriter like a lot of our listeners are this is something that involves a little bit of planning perhaps which most people may not want to think about but we have an excellent retirement planner on a show today he’s got kind of a very interesting story and he’s got a very interesting offer that I think you’ll appreciate once you hear him – Jeff Kronenberg welcome to the show…

    Jeff Kronenberg: David thank you great to be here.

    David Allan: Yeah, it’s nice to have you on the show, man. I think this is one of these things that people are sort of like you know talk about and whispers maybe or don’t like to think about but it’s super important and you’re an expert in this field and you’ve been doing this for like you said the better part of like 14 years or sometimes right mm-hmm so this will be interesting I wan...

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5.0 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

Georgia Fastlane ,

Marketing Strategist

Great to hear a fellow-Aussie who is delivering valuable advice through obvious experience, energy, belief in his skills and by interviews with similar professionals doing great stuff with email marketing

Prozedj ,

Duck and Run for Cover

Mr McMethod McIntyre drops so many knowledge bombs when you least expect it. There are loads of marketing and interview podcasts out there but this is without a doubt the most actionable and useful for email marketing.

Wantrepreneurs beware, you will wind up listening to every bit of copywriting gold and forget to GSD so make this podcast part of your routine. If you listen and take action you will see awesome results!

McIntyre you're a champ! Thanks for the value buddy.

Barry Moore AU ,

Great Stuff!

I have been listening to John for ages and he is on the playlist every week. He interviews some killer guests and lays down some great advice on how to get better at email marketing. Congrats on 100 episodes dude!

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