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Investigating reincarnation, near death experiences (NDE), past life regression as well as other related phenomena. I interview researchers and experiencers to get a better insight into their viewpoint on reincarnation, NDEs, past life hypnosis, sprit communication and the after life.

The Past Lives Podcast Simon Bown

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Investigating reincarnation, near death experiences (NDE), past life regression as well as other related phenomena. I interview researchers and experiencers to get a better insight into their viewpoint on reincarnation, NDEs, past life hypnosis, sprit communication and the after life.

    The Past Lives Podcast Ep 121 – Joanne DiMaggio

    The Past Lives Podcast Ep 121 – Joanne DiMaggio

    This week I am talking to Joanne DiMaggio about her book 'I Did It To Myself…Again! New Life-Between-Lives Case Studies Show How Your Soul’s Contract is Guiding Your Life'.

    • What does it feel like to die?• What does the afterlife look like?• Who are the Council of Elders and how do they assist you in mapping out your next life?• What is your soul’s mission?• Why did you choose your parents?• Who in your soul family decided to join you in this life and why?• Why did you choose the body you’re in now?• What memory triggers were given to you to help you remember your prior life?

    I Did It To Myself…Again! New Life-Between-Lives Case Studies Show How Your Soul’s Contract is Guiding Your Life answers these and other questions about the afterlife! Data from Joanne’s yearlong research project chronicles the journeys of 25 men and women who revisited the past life most impacting them today and then explored the afterlife to see what souls do between lives. Most importantly, research subjects learned the role they played in designing their current life, what unresolved karma from a past life they would work on in this life, and which karmic attributes they’d bring in to assist them.

    Joanne DiMaggio, MA, CHt, has been actively involved with Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) since 1987and has been the Coordinator for A.R.E. Charlottesville since August 2008. She earned her Masters in Transpersonal Studies degree and her Spiritual Mentor certification through Atlantic University. Joanne has given talks on the subject of past-life exploration and soul writing to audiences across the country. In addition, she has been the guest on nearly 70 radio programs and has had several articles published in Venture Inward. She has been professionally pursuing past-life research and therapy for over 30 years and once headed her own past-life research center where she interacted with some of the country’s leading past-life professionals. The author of six books, Joanne conducts private sessions at the Unity Holistic Healing Center, a service of Unity of Charlottesville, of which she is the director.





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    The Past Lives Podcast Ep120 – Susan Barnes

    The Past Lives Podcast Ep120 – Susan Barnes

    This week I am talking to Susan Barnes PHD about her book 'Unfolding Physical Mediumship: Historical, Philosophical, and Personal Perspectives'.

    Dr. Susan B. Barnes, CSNU is a communication professor, medium, and spirit artist. She is a certificate holder from the Spiritualist National Union (SNU) and tutors mediumship classes on SNUi, She has been trained in mediumship at the Arthur Findlay College and The International Spiritualist Federation.. Her work has been featured in the Psychic News, Psychic Observer and several television programs. In addition she is the curator of the Spirit Art Gallery in Cassadaga, New York. She has authored eight books including: Visual Communication: From Cave Art to Second Life, Branding as Communication, and Spiritualist Basics.

    Susan holds spirit art classes and teaches automatic drawing. She begins her medium readings by having the person being read choose a wax card with a design on it. During the reading, the image of the face of a loved one appears in the wax. Susan identifies the relationship to the person being read of the individual whose image appears in the wax and then proceeds with her medium reading. The faces in the cards change. They become stronger and sometimes disappear after being identified. The card is given to the person to keep.

    For years, Susan has been practicing Spiritualism and natural law. She sat in physical circles and tutored developing physical/trance mediums. She has designed a personal home for physical seances in Lily Dale, New York. She sits with spirit photographer Shannon Taggart to capture physical phenomena on film. Susan has transfiguration and table tipping photos of herself and other mediums.”

    Unfolding Physical Mediumship: Historical, Philosophical, and Personal Perspectives

    Spiritual awareness is happening all around us. We are living at a spiritual turning point. As individuals, we are learning how to tune into the spiritual voices of our loved ones and guides. The media has a fixation with mediums, death, and altered consciousness. Throughout these changes, physical mediumship is now becoming more prevalent in contemporary culture. In Unfolding Physical Mediumship, author Susan B. Barnes offers a basic understanding of physical mediumship, its phenomena, and its practices. She provides an overview of the subject with some practical guidelines on how you can experience physical mediumship yourself, also exploring the philosophy, religion, and science of Spiritualism, which is essential for developing physical mediumship with a spiritual connection. Unfolding Physical Mediumship can help you understand the philosophy, religion, and science behind physical mediumship as well as show you how both mediumship and Spiritualism can play a central role in your daily life.





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    The Past Lives Podcast Ep119 – Richard Martini

    The Past Lives Podcast Ep119 – Richard Martini

    This week I start off talking to Richard Martini about his book 'Architecture of the Afterlife: The Flipside Code: Discovering the Blueprint for the Great Beyond'.

    This is the free 1 hour version of the podcast. To hear the full 1 hour 40 minute version sign up to the $5 tier on Patreon.

    For a long time Richard has been using a technique for taking people to their space between lives. In this episode Richard takes me to my between lives space to find out why the council of elders refused to talk to me in a hypnosis session I did. Not only do we talk to my guide but also to several members of the council.

    After filming 50 cases of people under hypnosis saying the same things about the afterlife, (Flipside, It's a Wonderful Afterlife, and Hacking the Afterlife) and working with medium Jennifer Shaffer talking to people directly (Backstage Pass to the Flipside: Talking to the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer), I began to focus my research on people who were not under hypnosis, but who could recall a vivid event: a dream, a near death experience or something that was consciousness altered. By asking simple questions to them about their experience, I found that I could "ask them" to invite "people on the flipside" into the conversation, including loved ones no longer on the planet, including guides, teachers and council members that are aware of all of their lifetimes, as well as have answers to key questions about the nature of reality, about consciousness, and about how things work.

    By asking nearly 50 people not under any form of hypnosis "the same questions" to these "people on the flipside" - I was startled to see that they said the same things about the journey that the people under hypnosis have said. Within this audiobook, people are going to listen to things that will upset their paradigm, that will challenge their belief system, that will force them to rethink (or at least consider rethinking) everything they've ever been told about the journey. As one science based author wrote to me in an email, "Your experiments, which I have tried on my own and replicated, have shaken me to my core."

    I am a filmmaker and author. I have been filming people talking about the afterlife for over a decade, and have reported extensively how I came to this line of questioning. These reports have been gathered over the past two years; some remain anonymous, some are not - either way, they are people fully conscious, eyes open, staring into the distance over my shoulder (or speaking live on the radio) accessing vistas and worlds I've heard about from other people. The reports are consistent and they are reproducible. We apparently choose our lifetimes, bring "about a third" of our conscious energy to any given performance. When the play is over, we "return home" to connect with our loved ones, teachers, and guides. These accounts point to another reality altogether - one that does not include fear, does not include attachment to worry, an understanding of why we each chose our lifetime and what we are here to learn.

    As Gary Schwartz, PhD wrote in the introduction to Flipside, "As you read Richard’s journey of personal discovery in the context of these great questions, you will awaken to a vision of mind and the universe which is filled with opportunity and awe. This is the kind of the book where once you have read it, you will no longer be able to see the world in the same way again."

    This book is no different.




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    The Past Lives Podcast Ep118 – Stephen Weber

    The Past Lives Podcast Ep118 – Stephen Weber

    This week I am talking to Stephen Weber about his book 'The place between here and there: A beautiful Near Death Experience'

    If you are wondering if all you see here on Earth is all that is, this book may bring some light to your thoughts. If you are a person who believes in the infinite spirit inside each of us, this book may be an affirmation of all that you hold sacred.

    After an accident leaves a loving father in a coma, on the verge of life and death, he travels to another place. On the outside, he was in a hospital bed; but, on the inside he was in place he calls, “The Place Between Here and There.” It was a place where time did not exist; where people were spirits; and where he learned the wisdom of the universe. This book details his journey to this wondrous place, then back to Earth, where he must rehabilitate from grave injuries, only to then experience the worst tragedy a parent can imagine.

    With the help of a soul connection from the higher realms, he finds his way back to the peace and bliss he learned from The Place Between Here and There.




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    The Past Lives Podcast Extra Ep2 – Toni Reilly

    The Past Lives Podcast Extra Ep2 – Toni Reilly

    This is a Past Lives Podcast extra episode. In this episode I have a conversation with Toni Reilly to talk about her podcast. It is called 'Life Map With Toni Reilly'. We intended to record for 5 minutes or so to promote Toni's podcast as it's a great listen but we had a great time talking and the recording went on longer than anticipated.

    Toni Reilly is an international best-selling author, speaker, seminar leader and Australia’s #1 internationally recognised Regression Specialist. She is the creator of SoulLife® Coaching, Programs, Seminars and Training, guiding thousands of clients worldwide with her unique intuitive approach to personal transformation helping people value themselves so they can reach their potential, overcoming emotional bruises to live and work with purpose.

    Her SoulLife® Recall Regression Certificate Program is the only one of it’s kind in the world. A specialised combination of her research and expertise compiled over two decades mentoring and facilitating regression for thousands of students and clients.

    She trained with renowned psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss in New York where she developed a deep understanding of the technique and unique methods of application. Toni explored meditation and intuitive development at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in the UK. Toni has a case study in Dr Brian Weiss’s book Miracles Happen.

    This world-class training, her extensive experience along with her modern approach to personal development and intuitive training for everyday people makes her one of the most sought-after intuitive teachers. She presents in her trademark light-hearted style.

    As the founder of Toni Reilly Institute, she delivers programs, seminars and training to audiences across Australia and internationally in Denmark, USA, India and the UK. Her pragmatic approach and sensitivity ensured Toni’s success in the wellbeing industry making her a great role model to her students, with many of them becoming highly respected Practitioners.

    Toni is regularly featured in the media with her published articles, expertise, and interviews.

    Toni stands by her belief that self-awareness and personal transformation are the fundamental foundations for change that ripples out to humanity.





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    The Past Lives Podcast Ep117 – David Ditchfield

    The Past Lives Podcast Ep117 – David Ditchfield

    This week I am talking to David Ditchfield about his Near Death Experience and his book 'Shine On'.

    David had a freak accident and was pulled under the wheels of a speeding train. In the hospital afterwards, he had my amazing near-death experience (NDE). The NDE changed everything for him and inspired him to reach a level of musical and artistic creativity that he had never been capable of achieving before. At first, he felt compelled to produce paintings of what he'd seen in the Afterlife and then he felt moved to compose classical music, even though he'd never received any training in classical music and never composed such music before his NDE (in fact, to this day, he still cannot read or write a single note of music at all).

    His debut symphony, The Divine Light, was inspired by his NDE and he was lucky enough to have it premiered at a sell-out performance. Since then, he has composed a follow-up symphony, 'The Falcon', which was also premiered at a sell-out concert, as was his Cambridge Clarinet Choir commissioned piece 'Awake', conducted by renowned Clarinet player Andrew Webster. He is currently composing a new symphony entitled 'I Wasn't Expecting This'. He came back from the Afterlife charged with an incredible energy, a burning desire to tell everyone there is nothing to fear after death, life continues on. Before his NDE, his life had been completely ruled by guilt and lack of self-worth. But his NDE gave him the self-love and confidence to go and try whatever he wanted to do in life and that's a wonderful feeling and he wants everyone to feel that way.

    Across thousands of years, people have described one of the most astonishing of all human phenomena: the near-death experience (NDE), the subjective experience of an Afterlife, a place where we apparently survive death. The more powerful the NDE, the more profound the after effects. The ambitious reset their priorities. Atheists change their values. Doctors rethink their beliefs. But what if the after effects of an NDE were undeniable? What if someone suddenly developed the ability to produce high quality paintings of their NDE, a new-found skill that went far beyond the artistic ability they had before? And what if that same person then suddenly acquired the ability to compose classical symphonies after their NDE? And their symphonies were then premiered at sell out orchestral concerts, even though, to this day, they are unable to read or write a single note of musical notation. Wouldn't this be proof that even a cynic would have a hard time explaining? After his NDE, this is exactly what happened to David. And this is his story.





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23 Ratings

caterpillar980k ,

Thank you champion

Excellent podcast....
Absolutely grateful that you take time to produce a wonderful podcast...

~Ash~^..^ ,

Brilliant podcast

Brilliant podcast! Simon is a fantastic interviewer with really interesting stories to share. One of the best podcasts on Near Death Experiences and spirituality. Simon's interviews are intelligent, thoughtful and perceptive. He interviews an amazing range of people who have been through NDE's, past life regressions or similar experiences.

This is such an interesting podcast- a new favourite! I'm really happy to have stumbled across it in my YouTube recommendations. His interview with Nancy Rynes is one of my favourite episodes.

Overall, Simon comes across as being very credible, intelligent and insightful. Awesome channel. Highly recommended

*babes* ,

Love this Podcast.

I’ve only recently started my own journey into past life regression and have found each episode so insightful and reassuring in regards to what I’ve experienced personally.
Simon is a fantastic host and I look forward to learning so much more from each new guest.

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