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Join Cindra Banks and Luke Skewes for a fresh take on relationships in the 21st century! Talking all things conscious connections, spiritual sex, modern love AND shedding light on your love life. Learn to develop a better relationship with yourself and those around you. Shoot your questions or topic suggestions through to us on Insta @therelationshipsshow

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Join Cindra Banks and Luke Skewes for a fresh take on relationships in the 21st century! Talking all things conscious connections, spiritual sex, modern love AND shedding light on your love life. Learn to develop a better relationship with yourself and those around you. Shoot your questions or topic suggestions through to us on Insta @therelationshipsshow

    Ep 73: Coming Out with Nancy Shadlock

    Ep 73: Coming Out with Nancy Shadlock

    This episode is brought to you by IGNITE YOUR INTIMACY - our group program for women who want to reconnect to their own intimacy and be empowered to bring this into their relationships. We start next week, so if you haven't booked your enrolment call yet, hurry! Head to conscious-couples.com/ignite and we'll chat to you soon.

    Nancy Shadlock, an amazing human all the way from Canada joins us on this episode to talk all about coming out and what she does within her business as a coming out coach. She is the founder and CEO of Centered Life Coaching and creator and host of podcast, The Coming Out Chronicles.

    Nancy is on a mission to support humans from around the globe in coming out, essentially, stepping into their truth and owning their authenticity. She helps people feel aligned and empowered in their choices, which is something we are passionate about also.

    In this episode, Nancy shares about what she does and how she came to supporting people to come out and work through their sexuality struggles. She opens up about her personal story and the stories of those she has helped too.

    We share parts of our coming out stories and ask about the concept of coming out and how it is changing in our modern world (for the better) in many parts of the globe at least!

    Such a fun and interesting chat about sexuality and coming out and finding yourself at any age and stage of your life.

    Thanks Nancy for coming on, if you want to find out more about her and what she does, her website is centered.ca and you can find the freebies there, and @NancyShadlock on IG and Centered Life Coaching on FB.

    Of course, you can find us @consciouscouplescoaching @cindrabanks and @lukeskewes on Insta - all the links to work with us are in our bios.

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    Ep 72: Ignite Your Intimacy

    Ep 72: Ignite Your Intimacy

    This podcast is all about our favourite subject, INTIMACY! We're coming to you solo this week, to talk about our group program Ignite Your Intimacy, which kicks off Feb 25.

    On this episode, we discuss the intimacy juggle, why we don't prioritise it in our busy lives. The blocks and the stories and the beliefs around why we don't focus on intimacy are huge! We talk through some of ours and how we can start to overcome these to have deeper connections with ourselves and our partners.

    Intimacy is a really important part of relationships that many of you are missing out on. We know, because we hear from women every week who either aren't having s e x or aren't having pleasurable s e x. We chat about why this is, the inspiration behind us offering this group program and what our six weeks together will involve.

    We are passionate about helping women move through the shame and stories around deserving intimacy, being able to release trauma and beliefs and have more pleasure in their lives. If this is something you are keen to do too, then Ignite Your Intimacy is for you!

    Our group program is run online and this round we are only accepting ten women. If this has sparked something in you, we encourage you to book an enrolment call NOW and say yes to your intimacy.

    Book your call and find out more at conscious-couples.com/ignite

    Follow us at @consciouscouplescoaching for daily s e x and relationship content and join our FB group at facebook.com/groups/cctribe (not whatever Luke said on the show, LOL).

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    Thanks for tuning in, we love you and look forward to talking to you about joining us for Ignite Your Intimacy!

    See you next week xo

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    Ep 71: Dating Queer with Ariella Serur

    Ep 71: Dating Queer with Ariella Serur

    This episode is brought to you buy our NEW group program for women wanting to reconnect with their intimacy and be empowered to bring this into their relationships - Ignite Your Intimacy with us starting Feb 25. Find out more at conscious-couples.com/ignite

    Oh we loved having Ariella on the show! She is a queer dating coach based in the US and she helps kind queer folks date better so they have courage to go after what they want in dating and life.

    This episode is really for anyone who dates, has dated or wants to date! Ariella is honest and god damn adorable, her words and presence will make you smile and her wisdom is so deep and easy to digest.

    We talk about dating as a queer human and the obstacles to finding other queer humans to connect with. Cindra workshops some challenges she finds when dating women and we talk about those that are sexually curious - How to approach dating and how to communicate where you are at.

    This is the ideal dating guide, following Ariella's advice, there will be no more waiting by the phone or wondering what the vibe was or who will make the first move!

    We talked about the patriarchal "roles" generally given in the dating world and how we can break out of those, to move towards freedom and better communication.

    SO much gold in this episode and we are definitely having Ariella on again in the near future to talk more about non-monogamy. Check out her work at @queerdatingcoach and keep an eye out for her free sexting guide.

    Follow us @consciouscouplescoaching on Insta and don't forget to check out our group training and other offerings via the link in our bio over there!

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    Ep 70: Relationships Deconstructed with Tegan Cork

    Ep 70: Relationships Deconstructed with Tegan Cork

    This episode is brought to you by our FREE workshop, From Fighting To F&%king, which is coming to you live on the 9th Feb - Book your spot via the link in our Insta bio @consciouscouplescoaching

    Tegan is a rad human being whom we met through the Enlightenment In The Bedroom event here in our home town. She is a mind investigator, body explorer and world adventurer living in Northern NSW and is an absolute gem.

    On this episode, we talk all things deep relating. How to be on your own. How to be in a conscious relationship. The relationship map, to set better boundaries and have better connections with those people in your life.

    We also dive into pleasure, co-dependency, open relationships, past programming, pain and finding yourself. Sharing personal stories and experiences along the way!

    This chat was full of insight into relationships in general, whether you are in a romantic partnership or not. Relating is living and the content within this podcast is so potent for everyone.

    You can find Tegan speaking and coaching and adventuring over on her Insta @tegancork where you will find all of her offerings too!

    You can find us @consciouscouplescoaching and @cindrabanks @lukeskewes for all of our events and programs and to say hello. We love hearing from you. Don't forget to book in for our From Fighting To F&^king free online workshop, which you can do via our insta bio.

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    Ep 69: Navigating Feelings & Safety in Relationship

    Ep 69: Navigating Feelings & Safety in Relationship

    Our second episode of the podcast for 2021 is with our friend and return guest @james_fish_gill - Talking all things communication, safety and sacred space in relationship. ⁠

    The Fish episode last year was JAW dropping, episode 62 if you haven't listened yet, so he was top of the list to bring back this year!

    Fish is a master of communicating through conflict, which is what we spoke to him about on the previous episode. In this episode, we speak more about communicating your feelings and emotions within relationships. ⁠

    This is probably one of the things our clients struggle with most, especially male identifying humans. To be able to talk about how they feel, without causing conflict. To be heard and understood!⁠

    And from a women's point of view, @cindrabanks asks how to do this when you are in your cyclone of hormonal feels. Fish gives us some great perspective on this, how you can create safety and support for your partner when they are in a spin. ⁠

    He also spoke about sacred space, why this is so important for the health of long term relationships and how to create and honour it.⁠

    SO many aha moments, you'll want to take notes and listen to this one a few times - We encourage you to listen with your partners too, make it a date night!⁠

    Follow Fish for more of his goodness @james_fish_gill and keep an eye out for his upcoming events, we are going to be collab-ing with him sometime this year for sure. ⁠

    Head to our Insta bio @consciouscouplescoaching to sign up for our free training, From Fighting To Fucking, coming to you this Feb! You'll find info for our coaching programs, online workshops, products and more there too. We'd love you to follow us!

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    Ep 68: PLEASURE with Jasmin from Conscious Sexuality

    Ep 68: PLEASURE with Jasmin from Conscious Sexuality

    Starting 2021 with a bang (literally) with our friend Jasmin Carman from @conscioussexuality - Talking all things pleasure, our favourite topic.

    This year, we are bringing the juicy deep dives into sex, relationships, sexuality and so much more and this was the perfect episode to begin with.

    After a bit of fluffing around and giggling, we settle into this amazing, explorative chat about pleasure, what it means to us and how it can literally be part of your everyday life.

    We spoke mostly about self pleasure, the shame and stigma behind it, how challenging it can be especially for women to break through the stories and expectations to being able to own their own pleasure.

    Jasmin spoke about how she started her pleasure journey with self pleasure, as this was a big part in her vaginismus healing work. And Luke shared, well too much as usual, but it makes for quite a story!

    Pleasure has truly transformed all of our lives and continues to expand our clients' lives too, we are all so passionate about making it the norm, making it public and bringing it to more people.

    This has inspired Jasmin and Cindra to create 12 Days Of Pleasure, their incredible online journey, to give you permission to find deep connection to yourself again, to claim your worth and to be educated and supported to explore pleasure in a safe space.

    The 12 Days journey will be held in a divine container of conscious women on Facebook, with daily videos from us sharing pleasure practices and prompts for you to dive into. They will also be sharing bonus content, recommendations for extra learning and tools that we use for our own personal pleasure practices.

    It starts 7th Feb and you can join them by jumping onto Jasmin's website here - conscioussexuality.com.au/shop/12-days-of-pleasure

    Follow Jasmin for more of her goodness @conscioussexuality and check out her podcast up on all the usual platforms too! Our episode is live on 28th Jan.

    Follow us @consciouscouplescoaching and head to our website conscious-couples.com for all things sex and relationships. We are enrolling now for our signature program, so come reset your relationship for 2021!

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33 Ratings

GeeDub2012 ,

Insightful and Impactful!

LOVE this podcast and everything Luke and Cindra are about! It’s not often you get people so willing to share themselves and their experiences so openly with the intention to help others! Love listening in and learning from them both + their guests! 👏🏼

jazziecarman ,

Wisdom in this podcast!

This is an epic, must listen podcast. Cindra

Solar Powered Gypsy ,

Walking the talk

Loving your podcast guys ! I am especially loving that you are now interviewing guest speakers . I recently listened to the one with Rosie .. The bomb !
Thanks for doing you ..unapologetically and sharing your journey and learnings with us all 👏🏻 More power to you both x

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