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A show about nothing

    Renegades EP:13 Call In Show

    Renegades EP:13 Call In Show

    Join Tony Merkel from the confessionals and Wes Germer from Sasquatch Chronicles

    • 49 min
    Renegades EP:12 A ghost dubbed Dear David

    Renegades EP:12 A ghost dubbed Dear David

    Woody, Wes and Tony sit down to chat about several topics tonight. Have you ever heard of Dear Daivd? Adam Ellis, from New York, told of a chilling dream in which the child was walking towards him as he lay in bed paralysed. haunted by a “ghost” he dubbed Dear David has shared a terrifying pic of what he says is the demonic kid staring at him in his bedroom.

    • 58 min
    Renegades EP:11 Kill that robot!

    Renegades EP:11 Kill that robot!

    Tony and Wes sit down to talk about recent news and what is going on with Sasquatch Chronicles and The Confessionals Podcast. Bigfoot, Ghost, Aliens and you will learn how Donovan McNabb ruined Tony's life.

    • 45 min
    Renegades EP:10 Aliens tried to abduct my wife

    Renegades EP:10 Aliens tried to abduct my wife

    Tony and I discuss the StarDust Ranch.

    With five bedrooms, four baths and nearly 3,500 square feet of living space, a ranch property just about an hour west of Phoenix has everything you could ever ask for in an Arizona home: a pool, lots of acreage, a gated entry for privacy, and a possible portal to another universe.

    "The current owners purchased the property 20 years ago to run a horse rescue," the property's listing reads. "Over the years, they have experienced a series of strange events that continue to this day."

    John Edmonds, owner of the Stardust Ranch in Rainbow Valley, has documented the aftermath of certain "strange events" he has experienced in photos on his Facebook page.

    In one particular photo, a samurai sword lays in a pool of what appears to be dried blood. The blood allegedly belonging to an alien he says he killed on March 13, 2017. In his own comment on the photo, Edmonds claims he has slain over a dozen extraterrestrials on his property.

    "Almost immediately from the day we moved in, we began to have strange experiences," Edmonds said.

    Other photos on Edmonds Facebook page feature injuries he says he's suffered during encounters.

    "Wounds from recent attack here at Stardust Ranch upper right calf from battle with malevolent ET," he wrote on one photo adding in another posted the same day, "this is why I want to move!"  

    He also said the aliens tried to abduct his wife.

    • 1 hr
    Renegades EP:09 Fire in the sky

    Renegades EP:09 Fire in the sky

    Roger joins the show and discusses his encounter with a strange UFO in Washington State. Roger says "The craft seemed to fly out of the clouds and appeared to be landing. I could see strange colors that the ship was illuminating. My friend and I were scared but I started moving towards the craft and the more I noticed it the more it noticed me. I do not believe this was a ship from our world. It changed my life."

    After the interview be sure to stick around for a little Renegade Trivia.

    • 2 hrs 10 min
    Renegades EP:08 The stickiest of the icky

    Renegades EP:08 The stickiest of the icky

    It comes as no shock to anyone who knows cannabis that it’s something of a miracle herb.

    But as we bring this plant out of the dark and into the light, it continues to blow our minds – just how great the benefits of marijuana actually are in. We are talking about benefits to public health, to the economy, and to each and every person who develops a positive relationship with this therapeutic plant.

    Local man seriously injured, loses 7 teeth after e-cig explodes in his face

    POCATELLO – A Pocatello man is recovering after he claims an e-cigarette exploded in his face, causing significant injuries and damage in the room where he was vaping.

    • 1 hr 8 min

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4.5 out of 5
6 Ratings

6 Ratings

JPD6261 ,


Another fabulous & thought provoking podcast! Thanks guys - I’ll be binging all the archives available!

Fishguts23 ,


Loving the new show Wes and Tony, you guys work well together.
Keep up the good work

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