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A space held for open and honest conversation. A space for guests to lean into vulnerability, to empower and educate through lived experience. Hosted by Steph Sanzaro, a passionate mental health advocate, yoga instructor and creative. Connect via @stephsanzaro. It means a lot that you're here, happy listening.

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A space held for open and honest conversation. A space for guests to lean into vulnerability, to empower and educate through lived experience. Hosted by Steph Sanzaro, a passionate mental health advocate, yoga instructor and creative. Connect via @stephsanzaro. It means a lot that you're here, happy listening.

    048 – Julia Hogarth on Intentionality in Business and Social Media, and the Magic Dark of Grief

    048 – Julia Hogarth on Intentionality in Business and Social Media, and the Magic Dark of Grief

    Welcome to The Steph Sanzaro Podcast, today we are joined by the magical Julia Hogarth. Julia is a beautiful friend of mine whom I have shared many incredible conversations just like this one. Today is no different; you are in for a very special episode.

    Today’s episode comes with a **Trigger Warning** for miscarriage, grief and mention of suicide. Please move through this episode mindfully and gently, feeling free to pause at any time to take a breath, reflect, and consider what may come up for you.

    Julia is a full-time #fangirl of and activator of big-hearted humans. Coach for creators, meditation teacher and book enthusiast. Her greatest joy is coaching women with big hearts and dreams. She holds space for you to come home to yourself, activating your ability to live your most delicious life. She coaches 1:1, is creatress of the group coaching program Wildly Worthy + facilitates yummy in-person events; all designed to super-charge your self-belief + unique expression. Her podcast, You School, is a celebration of your potential to do your own heart work out there in the wild. Conversations with rad humans to expand your thinking about what’s possible for you too.

    This week’s episode is a little different than some. It begins as a gorgeous morning tea between two friends snacking on cookies and drinking herbal tea (I promise that the ASMR from eating and drinking only lasts 2 minutes). It’s a conversation between two big thinking friends, about real world stuff: feelings, grief, loss, business, social media, failure and much, much more.

    Julia and I explore:

    ·  Surrounding yourself with people who see you better than you do

    ·  Being okay with ‘not knowing’

    ·  Why we need to think deeply about our relationship to social media

    ·  How to be intentional with social media use

    ·  How to find your heart work

    ·  Trying not to resist the breakdown before the breakthrough

    ·  Why the effort, produces the effortlessness

    ·  Why it’s never ‘failing’, it’s always learning

    ·  How our actions can tell the universe what we want

    ·  Why time is a made-up construct

    ·  Why we shouldn’t try to save people from their grief

    ·  Societies unrealistic expectations around miscarriage

    ·  How trauma changes us forever

    ·  Why we must let people learn their own lessons

    ·  Why our health must always come first

    ·  Stepping into our boldest, fullest lives

    ·  How through our darkest, darks can come so much light

    To find more from Jules and get involved in her soul activating work, you can find her on socials at @julia.hogarth, through the web at www.juliahogarth.com and her podcast You School on all listening platforms.

    Keep your eyes peeled for Julia’s Create Club coming very soon, with weekly medi’s, time with Jules, including her mind-boggling questions that she’s invited you to think about today, plus masterclasses with the amazing people in her circle.

    A big thank you to Jules for joining us today and for showing up so vibrantly and electrically. It is no small thing to come on the podcast and to share so vulnerably and straight from the heart. It lights up my soul to have these deep conversations, so thank you so much.

    To connect with your host, find her at @stephsanzaro on Instagram or via email at steph@stephsanzaro.com. Stay up to date with new episodes by subscribing and leave a friendly 5 star review via Spotify or Apple podcasts.

    Happy listening friend xx

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    047 - Eliza Charley on Claiming Your Worth Outside of Productivity and Life with ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    047 - Eliza Charley on Claiming Your Worth Outside of Productivity and Life with ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    Welcome to The Steph Sanzaro Podcast and our first episode of 2022 with Eliza Charley.

    To all new listeners, welcome. Thank you for being here. To all returning listeners, thank you for your love and patience as I have battled my own up and down health. Your kindness is so, so appreciated. This podcast began in 2019 and it is incredible to see how much it has grown since. I am very excited to be back this year in 2022, bringing you incredible new guests and episodes. We’ve got some amazing guests lined up in the coming months, so make sure that you are still subscribed so you can stay up to date and aware of when all eps drop.

    Our first guest of the year is the wonderful Eliza Charley. Eliza is an Australian actor, writer and filmmaker with an alter-ego career as a business strategist and marketing consultant, but today we will be discussing the disease Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), which is commonly known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This was a particularly meaning conversation for me, being someone who also manages CFS. If you have a curiousity about ME/CFS, are looking for tips on how to support an ME/CFS patient, or are wondering if you yourself might have ME/CFS, this episode with Eliza will help bring a lot of things to light for you.

    We begin todays episode by taking a little look into Eliza's current every-day life and through a quick 'montage' of her 2020 and 2021. Todays episode is all about bringing awareness to ME/CFS, so expect to hear Eliza's personal experience with symptoms, her journey through recovery, remission and relapse, and how she has managed and cared for her body during this time.

    Eliza has experienced ME/CFS since 2009 after a viral infection saw her health take a turn for the worst. This episode is her journey and heart, bared for all to see. ME/CFS is a confusing and unclear diagnosis and leads to many sufferers feeling alone and isolated, that’s why Eliza has become a determined advocate for those with ME/CFS and why conversations like this are so important.

    This episode centres around:

    ·  Being worthy, even as an ill person

    ·  How Eliza experiences ME/CFS in her body

    ·  Why it’s always best to not ‘assume’

    ·  How to live with uncertainty and a loss of identity

    ·  Why a ME/CFS diagnosis can be confusing

    ·  Platforms like Instagram as a resource for connection and information

    ·  ME/CFS and comorbidities

    ·  Eliza’s tips and tricks for management

    ·  The spectrum of remission and relapse

    ·  What is post exertional malaise?

    ·  Treatments, promises and ‘cures’

    ·  How to support people with ME/CFS

    ·  Brain fog and its dangers

    ·  Dealing with expectations and a life you never expected

    ·  Why you need to focus on what you ‘can’ do

    ·  Holding hope for ourselves and others

    If you would like to reach out to Eliza Charley or find out more about her work and life, you can connect with her on instagram, twitter or through her website.

    Socials - Instagram and Twitter



    Socials - Hope Heroes Collective - Instagram


    Patient-led reflections on chronic disease

    Thank you for being back with us in 2022. Get ready for an incredible year of episodes ahead!
    If you feel so inclined after todays episode, please feel free to leave a 5 star rating and subscribe for future episodes. 

    Happy listening,

    Steph xx



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    046 – Colleen Callander on Being the Best Leader You Can Be

    046 – Colleen Callander on Being the Best Leader You Can Be

    Welcome to Episode 46 with Colleen Callander, Former Sportsgirl CEO, Founder of Mentor Me, Author of Leader By Design, Inspirational Speaker, Business and Leadership Coach and Non-Executive Director. Colleen is a powerhouse woman and today she is sharing her years of leadership knowledge with us all.

    In today's episode we are going to be talking about what makes a great leader and how you yourself can be the best leader that you can be. This episode is information packed, so having a note pad and pen ready will allow you to get the most out of this discussion.

    Colleen and I explore:

    -leaving school early and rising through the ranks all the way to success
    -tips for managing burn out and signs to look out for
    -boundaries, saying no and being okay with self-care
    -why serving yourself, will help you serve others better
    -why it's time to throw out the term 'work/life balance'
    -could you use a little 45 TO THRIVE?
    -how you can be the leader you've always wanted to be
    -the benefits of leading with kindness
    -why parenting and leading use the same principles
    -a 'people first policy' and why you need one
    -the old and new era of leadership
    -building and honing confidence
    -working on your inner critic to overcome stagnancy
    -navigating small business in these crazy times
    -does retail have a future?
    -nurturing mental health in the workplace

    The message that Colleen is sharing is so important and so powerful for all women out there. The world needs more kind and compassionate leaders and Colleen is helping to create a beautiful community of them.

    Connect with Colleen on Instagram at @colleen_callander or connect with your host at @stephsanzaro.

    Happy listening x

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    045 – Shannah Kennedy on Pivoting to Plan B.

    045 – Shannah Kennedy on Pivoting to Plan B.

    Episode 45 with the wonderful Shannah Kennedy.

    Shannah is the best selling author of The Life Plan. She is a coach, keynote speaker, wife, mother and author of numerous books including her newest, 'Plan B. A guide to navigating and embracing change'.

    In this episode we discuss her new book and some fundamental elements of adapting to change that the book guides the reader through. We gain some perspective into Shannah's life, as someone who has managed chronic fatigue and depression for over 20 years. Shannah talks openly about these struggles, and does so to help others out there know that they are not alone.

    We expand on tools to navigate through lockdowns mindfully, how we can look for the joy in every day tasks, using 'no' to protect our energy, training ourselves to come back to the breath, why we need to overcome our barrier to receiving, uncovering your purpose and getting clear on your values and much much more.

    If you enjoyed today's episode you are invited to connect with Shannah and your host, at @shannahkennedy and @stephsanzaro on Instagram.

    If you would like to stay up to date with episodes as they are released, press the subscribe button to be notified.

    A big thank you to todays podcast sponsor Koala Comforts. Head over to their website and check out their 100% Aussie owned weighted blankets and luxury homewares. Their knitted weighted blanket has changed the way I sleep completely. It has been the best purchase I have made this year! Use STEPH10 at checkout for 10% off your order.

    Enjoy this powerfully uplifting episode friends.

    Your host, Steph xx

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    044 – Simon Hill on Human Health, Planetary Health and the Health of All Life on This Planet

    044 – Simon Hill on Human Health, Planetary Health and the Health of All Life on This Planet

    Welcome to The Steph Sanzaro Podcast, today I am very excited to share this incredible interview with Simon Hill from Plant Proof, recorded back at the beginning of May. Simon is the host of the very well known podcast The Plant Proof Podcast, Author of The Proof is in the Plants, Nutritionist, Physiotherapist and the content creator behind the wonderful Instagram account and blog of the same name @plant_proof.

    For a quick wrap on todays podcast, Simon and I will be discussing:

    - Simon's Dad's heart attack, and how it started him on his plant-based path years later
    - outrunning a 'certain fate' of a future cardiac event and how it propelled the motivation to read the research into a plant-based diet
    - realising we can take control of our health and why a diagnosis is not always the final word
    - planning for longevity with a plant-based diet, without compromising performance and physical goals
    - how the transition wasn't all roses and how it requires an understanding of your 'why'
    - understanding the difference between delayed gratification and instant gratification, and why it's so important
    - where the best place to get started on your journey may be
    - Simon on the most shocking studies he has found in his research
    - understanding the planetary and hunger crisis on a larger scale and finding hope in our power to adapt quickly
    - questioning vitamin insufficiencies with a plant-predominant diet, with a spotlight on iron and selenium
    - uncovering the truth about soy and testosterone levels, the production of soy and GMO confusion
    - coffee, caffeine and anxiety, is decaf still a nutritional powerhouse?
    - how do we empower and teach our children to care for this planet

    For many years Simon's voice has served as a very large inspiration for me and was one of the main motivations behind creating my own podcast. Recording this interview together was a really humbling experience and an incredible opportunity to connect with a like-minded soul.

    This is a really powerful episode. It is loaded with information and facts for you to head out into the world and to make more informed decisions about your health and your future.

    Thank you for joining Simon and I today for this episode, we are very excited to share this one with you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to either of us on Instagram, and if you liked this episode we would love to see what you thought over on the Apple Podcast App.


    Happy Listening!

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    043 – Mary Thomas – on Healing, The Expectations of Birth and Embracing Surrender

    043 – Mary Thomas – on Healing, The Expectations of Birth and Embracing Surrender

    Welcome to The Steph Sanzaro Podcast, today we are joined by the beautiful Mary Thomas.

    Before we begin, there is a **Mindful Warning** to proceed with care, as this episode discusses fertility, birth and suicide, please exercise caution and kindness to yourself while listening as these topics may be triggering for some.

    Mary is a mother, wife, entrepreneur, yoga and pilates teacher and a content creator, among many other things. Over the years Mary has dedicated countless hours to healing from PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), an eating disorder, anxiety, depression and past trauma, so that she could fulfil her life long dream of becoming a mother.

    ‘Wellness’ is the perfect word to describe Mary’s passion and purpose. She has wholeheartedly shaped her life around it and inspires her Instagram community each and every day with ways to improve their own. Today’s conversation is for anyone that has ever encountered illness or mental health issues, for anyone who has ever wanted to become a mother or who has gone through birth, and this episode is for anyone who has ever known struggle of any kind.

    The message in this episode is so so special and we are so excited to bring it to you in time for Mother’s Day. Mums are so incredible and they have so much strength and resilience to go through the birthing experience, they truly are heroes and Mary’s story today is a true reminder of that strength.

    In this episode we talk about evolving online, rebranding and being authentic to our individual growth. We discuss Mary’s experience with PCOS, bulimia, mental illness, her travels and wellness journey and we are guided into an incredible account of her birth story, with some incredible wisdom to take away from it. If you’ve been thinking about or are looking forward to getting pregnant or having a baby one day, then I definitely recommend you dive into this beautiful episode.

    You can contact and connect with Mary via Instagram at @marythomaswellness and myself at @stephsanzaro
    Thank you for joining us today, you can stay up to date with all of the upcoming episodes by pressing the subscribe button before you head off.

    If any of the topics in today’s podcast brought up anything for you, take the time to reflect and to reach out to the appropriate support networks and services. It is never weak to speak. Please note these episodes do not serve as mental health advice.

    Happy listening xx

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