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Australia's number one Fake Crime Podcast - The Wallet Inspectors believe you can learn a lot about the content of a person's character by the contents of their wallet.

The Wallet Inspectors Michael Vilkins, Alex Jones, Luke Gold

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Australia's number one Fake Crime Podcast - The Wallet Inspectors believe you can learn a lot about the content of a person's character by the contents of their wallet.

    CASE 0023: Lisa Nicol

    CASE 0023: Lisa Nicol

    This week we take a look inside LISA NICOL's wallet and talk to her about her (Sydney Film Festival Audience Award winning) documentaries and her (CBCA Book of the Year Award winning) children's books!

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    CASE 0022: Andy Dowling

    CASE 0022: Andy Dowling

    Primarily known as the bass player for Australian metal band LORD, Andy Dowling has spent the last ten years touring nationally and internationally whilst being assigned designated band and tour manager, merchandise kingpin, booking agent, social network whizz, beer appreciator and all round chatty guy. His podcasts has seen Andy speak with fellow musicians, pilots, professors, TV hosts, radio personalities, documentary filmmakers, community leaders, authors, actors and more. Andy is endorsed by ESP Guitars, DSL, and Dean Markley.

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    CASE 0021: Adam Rozenbachs

    CASE 0021: Adam Rozenbachs

    Adam is a regular on Melbourne radio with SEN, 774 ABC and Triple M, and has written for some of Australia's favourite TV shows, including Spicks and Specks, Before The Game, The Front Bar and The Weekly with Charlie Pickering. 

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    • 14 min
    CASE 0020: Scott Edgar

    CASE 0020: Scott Edgar

    Scott Edgar is a comedian, composer, illustrator, and member of the legendary Australian musical/comedy outfit, Tripod!
    After a childhood steeped in role playing games, comicbooks and getting in trouble for drawing lizard warriors in the margins of exam papers, Scott has gone on to a career in the creative arts which has taken him through theatre, music, comedy, games, radio and television, always coming back to his first love of drawing lizard warriors in the margins of exam papers.
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    CASE 0019: Petr Lebedev

    CASE 0019: Petr Lebedev

    Petr Lebedev is doing a PhD in physics education. He is endlessly fascinated by nature and shares this passion with his audience. He's a regular on Dr Karl's podcast, been a researcher on a Discovery Channel show, and appeared on ABC Radio National!
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    Listen to Petr talk with Dr. Karl and Bill Nye on the Shirtloads of Science podcast!


    • 17 min
    CASE 0018: Abby Howard

    CASE 0018: Abby Howard

    Abby Howard grew up in North Carolina and has been drawing comics since age 13, spending her summers locked away in her room working on one project or another, convinced this would be the one to get her to the Big Time. She went to McGill University to study Evolutionary Biology, but after being a contestant on the web reality show Strip Search, she was able to follow her dreams of becoming a cartoonist, and ditched all that book learnin'.

    She now works full time between The Last Halloween, Junior Scientist Power Hour, and various side projects-- including her two podcasts, The Sistertime Podcast (a show about forgotten children's shows and movies, co-hosted by her sister Maddie) and Scared Yet (a discussion of the horror genre co-hosted by fellow webcartoonist, Kris Straub). She likes cats and doesn't get out much. She has seen every horror movie.

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