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The Writing Show provides information and inspiration for writers of all kinds. Whether you write fiction, nonfiction, screenplays, songs, games, manuals, ads, reports, reviews, or poetry, we are here to entertain, help, and engage you.

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The Writing Show provides information and inspiration for writers of all kinds. Whether you write fiction, nonfiction, screenplays, songs, games, manuals, ads, reports, reviews, or poetry, we are here to entertain, help, and engage you.

    Writers' Roundtable #2

    Writers' Roundtable #2

    If you haven't sampled the outstanding blog Starting Write Now, I suggest you skedaddle on over there and check it out. The project chronicles the efforts of five writers in various stages of their careers as they struggle with the same issues so many of us face: finding time to write, planning their work, building great characters, writing believable dialog, getting published, and more.

    Today we have the pleasure of their company.

    Join us as we discuss the writer's life, including:

    * Why Sean started the Starting Write Now blog and what its mission is
    * What types of writing the guys do, and what their goals are
    * What challenges and issues they're facing at this point in their writing
    * How they're approaching NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), in which they're all participating this year
    * Why Rich shut down his freelance writing business
    * Why Yves and Aaron are working on their outlining skills
    * What surprising effect on Mike's writing came from mailing his manuscript to a publisher
    * How a short attention span seems to be plaguing (some of) them
    * How some of the guys see mostly the trees and some of them see mostly the forest when writing
    * How they feel about the challenge of writing material that's both fun to write and to read
    * Why Rich feels that his English degree has been an impediment to his writing
    * How they feel about using "he said" and "she said" in their dialog
    * What they think makes for good dialog
    * How Mike, Sean, and Yves feel about telling people they're writing
    * How the guys define success
    * How Aaron feels about hooking readers and pacing his stories
    * How their supporting each other has affected their writing
    * Why they write.

    • 1 hr 33 min
    You Found What in a Bog? Writing the Archaeological Mystery

    You Found What in a Bog? Writing the Archaeological Mystery

    Imagine finding 100-year-old butter that's still salty and white in, of all places, an Irish bog. Then imagine discovering a centuries-old perfectly preserved body in that same bog.

    Believe it or not, a bog can harbor archaeological treasures. And leave it to mystery writer Erin Hart to dive right in, well, dig right in, and dredge up something else: murder.

    Before straying serendipitously into crime fiction, Erin Hart trained to become a theater director, and has been variously employed as a stage manager, propmaster, editor and copywriter, writing teacher, journalist and theater critic. Born in Crawfordsville, Indiana, and raised in Rochester, Minnesota, Erin was educated at Saint Olaf College and the University of Minnesota.

    While visiting friends in Ireland one summer, Erin heard an intriguing tale about a beautiful red-haired girl whose perfectly preserved severed head was discovered in a desolate Irish bog. That true story was the inspiration for her debut novel, Haunted Ground, the first in a planned series of crime novels set mostly in Ireland, revolving around archaeology, forensics, history, traditional music and folklore. Haunted Ground has been translated into ten foreign languages; the second novel in the series, Lake of Sorrows, was published in October 2004.

    Join guest host Mick Halpin and Erin as they explore bogs, mystery writing, and things Irish, including:

    * Where she came up with the idea of writing a bog mystery
    * How she feels about writing dark characters
    * How she approaches research
    * How she ties together the ancient past and the present and entices the reader to care about both
    * What's going on in bog-based archaeology
    * How she weaves music and culture into her stories
    * What she learned from writing her first book that helped her with her second
    * Why the mystery "formula" remains popular.

    • 55 min
    Happy New Year with BookCrossing

    Happy New Year with BookCrossing

    In August 2004, a new word was added to the Concise Oxford English Dictionary: "bookcrossing." Bookcrossing is the practice of leaving a book in a public place to be picked up and read by others, who then do likewise.

    For Ron Hornbaker, who had conceived of and launched BookCrossing in just one month in 2001, the addition was the gift of a lifetime.

    BookCrossing is a lively community of more than half a million book lovers who release books into the wild to be found by others. The site's goal is to make the whole world a library.

    This New Year's, we celebrate BookCrossing with founder Ron Hornbaker and three BookCrossers, including an author who has released his own books into the wild.

    Join us for this exciting celebration of books and booklovers as Ron, Steve, Vikki, and Clive discuss:

    * What BookCrossing is
    * How it came about
    * How it works
    * What places are best and worst for releasing books
    * What types of released books are the most popular
    * What some of the strangest release locations are
    * How long books travel
    * What proportion of released books end up being caught
    * How Clive has fared releasing his own books, and what he's learned in the process
    * What cool things you can do with BookCrossing.

    • 57 min
    Episode 7, How Not to Run an Online Bookstore: The Branding Workshop

    Episode 7, How Not to Run an Online Bookstore: The Branding Workshop

    In 2003, Paula Berinstein and her husband did a really stupid thing: they started an online bookstore. In 2004, humiliated and a great deal poorer (but wiser), they closed it.

    In episode 7 of "How Not to Run an Online Bookstore," Paula talks about the crazy branding workshop she thought might help save her business, including:

    * How she ended up going to the workshop in the first place
    * Why branding is important
    * What sorts of people attended, and why she had trouble talking to them
    * What she found helpful about the workshop, and what almost made her run screaming
    * What she discovered about herself at the workshop
    * What her final branding statement looked like
    * What was helpful about the experience, and what ultimately didn't matter.

    Join Paula for this multi-part series that will be aired a little at a time. And for heaven's sake, don't do what she did!

    • 17 min
    Merry Christmas, with Charles Dickens

    Merry Christmas, with Charles Dickens

    Charles John Huffam Dickens is the author of such classics as A Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations, David Copperfield, Oliver Twist, and the beloved A Christmas Carol. Some of his characters are the most famous in all of literature: Ebenezer Scrooge, Miss Havisham, Fagin, Little Nell, Madame DeFarge, Uriah Heep. He was born in 1812 in Portsmouth, England.

    Join Mr. Dickens and host Paula B. as they discuss all things Dickens, including:

    * How and where he works
    * What it's like to write in installments
    * How A Christmas Carol came about
    * What his "Carol philosophy" is
    * How Carol was received
    * What he keeps in his notebook Memoranda
    * How he prepares for his public readings, and how Mark Twain felt about one of them
    * How he's fought the piracy of his intellectual property
    * What his influences are
    * How he approaches his characters.

    • 39 min
    Episode 3, Getting Published, with Mark Leslie

    Episode 3, Getting Published, with Mark Leslie

    In episode 3 of "Getting Published, with Mark Leslie," we catch up with Mark post NaNoWriMo and find out how he did. We also discuss an extensive crit from Writing Show guest host Mick Halpin, and Mark tells us about a detour he's about to take.

    You can read a new scene from the novel on our Web site, writingshow.com.

    We invite you to offer your feedback on Mark's story and egg him on by commenting on our blog and/or writing to Paula B. at paula at writingshow dot com. You can also send your feedback to Mark at mark at markleslie.ca. You can even send him an ecard!

    • 54 min

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