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News, analysis and interviews from the IPA, Australia's voice for freedom

    200: The Last Episode

    200: The Last Episode

    It’s the last episode of The Young IPA Podcast and we’re going out with a bang. Premiers rush to shut their borders to NSW despite the outbreak being under control and cause a fresh wave of suffering – why is it constant panic and where is Scott Morrison? The Coate inquiry into Victoria’s Hotel Quarantine gets handed down and it’s a dud – but former Health Minister Jenny Mikakos might have saved the day.
    We award our villains of the year, with no surprises as Daniel Andrews and Nick Coatsworth’s “make your beds” quote take the honours, before we speak to our Hero of the Year David Limbrick MP about the state of human rights in Victoria now and in the future, and how we should never forget how the government locked up public housing towers (20:50-47:06).
    At the end, we discuss Paris’ city council being fined for breaking gender equity laws by having too many women, the ABC’s mad rush to get to a 50/50 gender split on on-air talent and the viral article saying black people’s votes should count twice because apparently your skin colour should determine political representation, before signing off for the last time.

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    198: Paul Murray

    198: Paul Murray

    The vaccine hits the UK and the US but Australia still won't budge its approval date. The Four Corners saga continues to play on which is exactly why the ABC should be privatised and Victoria cancels the Australia Day parade even though 30,000 are allowed at the Boxing Day test.
    Heroes and villains this week includes cricketer Ben Dunk not kneeling for Black Lives Matter, Uighur advocate Sadam Abudusalam reunited with his family after three years, the Victorian government proving once again it can't get anything right and the UN stopping Scott Morrison speaking at the climate conference, even though he shouldn't have anyway.
    We speak to Sky News host Paul Murray about what he learned in 2020 about Australians and the government, border closures, our relationship with China and predicted the biggest story for 2021, the next Labor leader and what is going to happen to the US under Biden (17:23-53:14)
    At the end, Ben & Jerry's solves racism forever, Time gives Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Person of the Year, the NYT thinks no one can just enjoy knitting without it also being an act of civil defiance and Pete weighs in on whether people with PhDs can still be called doctors


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    197: What We Learned In 2020

    197: What We Learned In 2020

    This week the boys talk about the IR changes on the table at the federal level and why you should care, the slow lifting of COVID restrictions around Australia and how the creaking EU bureaucracy is preventing Europeans from accessing COVID vaccines as quickly as the British. Heroes and Villains this week include Walter E. Williams, an LA businesswoman, an American mayor telling his constituents to stay at home…from Cabo and Australia’s National Soils Advocate. (00:00 - 26:32)
    James and Pete interview great friend of the show IPA Director of Policy and the IPA With You host Gideon Rozner for his reflections on a truly crazy year, what he’s learned and his hopes for freedom in the future. (26:33 - 50:32)
    Stuff that made the boys laugh this week include Greens Tea Towels, the Chicago Teachers Union who think opening schools is racist, the Manchester undergraduates demanding the removal of the word ‘black’ from text books and South Africa’s attempt to block out the sun. (50:33 - 57:26)

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    196: James Lindsay

    196: James Lindsay

    Penguin employees revolt over Jordan Peterson's latest book, COVIDSafe data 'incidentally' collected by intelligence agencies and the Liberal Party's proposed ban on cash payments is quietly shelved. James and Pete discuss those stories and share their heroes and villains for the week, including Piotr Marklielau, the schoolkids protesting to learn about controversial views, the Denver mayor travelling for Thanksgiving after weeks of telling families not to and Twitter only factchecking Trump and not the Chinese Communist Party.Cynical Theories co-author James Lindsay joins the show to discuss the book, postmodernism, how it has become so powerful today and what it holds for the future. (19:51-1:04:55)At the end, White Fragility author Robin D'Angelo gets paid more than black speakers, an aux cord dispute brings down a political party, the new WA Lib Leader shares an embarrassing photo of himself and a monolith gets left in the desert then disappears.

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    195: What Just Happened In South Australia?

    195: What Just Happened In South Australia?

    South Australia has one of the wildest weeks in political history and borders open and close across the country. James and Pete discuss all that and share Heroes and Villains for the week, including the Year 12s who got married so they could have 100 people at a party, the rebel Conservative MPs who may save Britain from lockdown, Gavin Newsom flouting his own restrictions and Boris Johnson committing to a petrol-free future.
    We speak to Caleb Bond from The Advertiser about South Australia’s wild week, what it was like to be in the state as it locked down and how South Australians are feeling going forward (24:06-43:02). We also speak to Evan Mulholland about his viral article in The Australian on ABC privatisation (43:02-57:32).
    At the end, Redskins try to go woke but accidentally name themselves after a serial killer, scientists are keen to see the world actually become The Planet of the Apes, Lewis Hamilton believes he should be the only Hamilton in the world and Jameela Jamil thinks men never think about being likable when its James’ every waking thought.

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    194: Is South Australia Locking Down?

    194: Is South Australia Locking Down?

    South Australia’s new cluster sparks fears of another lockdown and other states immediately close their borders…after 20 cases. James and Pete discuss the fallout from this and a new proposal for the government to track credit card purchases to fight COVID which will never, ever have any downsides.
    Heroes and Villains this week include the Coalition reforming public sector pay, Gladys Berejiklian not closing borders, Matthew Yglesias being forced out of Vox for standing up to cancel culture and the American university apologising for encouraging people to vote, even if its for Republican candidates.
    We speak to Joe Hildebrand about his article on what Joel Fitzgibbon’s resignation from Labor frontbench means, the tensions in left-wing parties around the world between traditional working class values and new wokeism and what the real lessons from the US election are (25:32-56:03). We also speak to Sky News contributor Caroline Di Russo about WA’s border closures and Mark McGowan’s power trip through coronavirus (56:03-1:11:16)
    At the end, we cover the ‘defund the police’ councilwoman in the US calling the police on a Lyft driver over an argument about windows, the photo of Malcolm Turnbull staring lovingly at Malcolm Turnbull, Beverly Hills voting for Trump and a US school says Asian people are no longer considered People of Colour.

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4.2 out of 5
194 Ratings

194 Ratings

Hmmmfff ,


Why the last one?? Not happy Jan.
Are you returning with a different podcast next year??

John Graham-Australia ,

Entertaining and informative

I wouldn’t call myself young but I love it!

carleymcneil ,

A laugh while you learn

Love the dynamic between James and Pete. Every show is informative but also funny and I look forward to each episode!

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