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Tradie Success is a free podcast for owners of quality trade businesses. You will find many great tips and interviews covering all sorts of topics such as marketing, websites, customer service, referrals, cashflow, gadgets and more. Our aim is to give you the essential elements required for success in your trade business.

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Tradie Success is a free podcast for owners of quality trade businesses. You will find many great tips and interviews covering all sorts of topics such as marketing, websites, customer service, referrals, cashflow, gadgets and more. Our aim is to give you the essential elements required for success in your trade business.

    20 – Successful Tradie Interview – Kendrick Myers

    20 – Successful Tradie Interview – Kendrick Myers

    What does being a successful tradie mean to you? Maybe earning a reliable cash flow. Maybe working alongside a tight-knit team you can rely on. Or maybe, success means spending less time on the tools and more with friends and family.

    Well, I recently had the pleasure of chatting with one such successful tradie – Colorbond Kenny. No, that isn’t his real name. It’s Kendrick Myers, and he’s the owner of Brisbane’s first premium Colorbond roofing and cladding company, My Cladders.

    Over the last few years, Kendrick has made a name for himself as one of the most knowledgeable Colorbond cladding experts in the country. He’s secured a fabulous team of 13 employees, has regular work rolling in, and is just about ready to take the next step in his career.

    So, how did Kendrick do it? What were his greatest challenges? And what advice has he got for tradies like you?

    In this episode of Tradie Success, I’ll pick Kendrick’s brain and find out:

    * Why he is four times better off having a team of employees instead of using contractors, and how he secures the right employees for his team

    * How he keeps his employees engaged and motivated

    * How he separates his emotions from his business

    * How he successfully markets his business and manages cash flow

    * How he makes time for his wife and kids while growing a successful business

    Kendrick reminds us that building a business and finding your version of success isn’t a straightforward process – it’s a roller-coaster ride that takes time and dedication. Are you up for the challenge?


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    19 – How to Get Your Local Business Ranking on Page 1 of Google

    19 – How to Get Your Local Business Ranking on Page 1 of Google

    Ever heard of “Google My Business”? Maybe you have. Maybe you claimed your listing six months ago and haven’t thought about it since. Or maybe you haven’t at all.

    Either way, if you run a local business with or without a physical shopfront, having an up-to-date, fully optimised Google My Business listing is an absolute must, if you want to show up on page 1 of a Google local search for your business type .

    Why is Google My Business so important?

    Because, when used strategically, it makes sure potential customers find – and trust – your business without costing you a single cent.

    That’s right. When optimised correctly, your business will eventually appear in what’s known as the ‘local pack’, the group of up to 3 business listings that appear alongside a map at the top of a localised Google search. And a localised Google search (such as “plumber in Toowong”, “or Brighton electrician”, etc.) is the first step most people take when looking to purchase local services.

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    Google My Business is a very important component of your local SEO strategy. To help us navigate the complexities of local SEO, we chat with the newest member of the Commonsense Marketing team – SEO expert Lisa Baade. With almost a decade of SEO experience working with some of Australia’s biggest brands, and with hundreds of small businesses, Lisa knows the ins and outs of local SEO and Google My Business. In fact, her advice has helped businesses around the country double their online leads.

    In this episode of the Tradie Success podcast, Lisa shares the following vital information to help you get your business ranking in google local searches:

    * What Google My Business is

    * How to claim your Google My Business listing

    * How to optimise your Google My Business listing for maximum exposure

    * What the ‘local pack’ is, and how to get your business in it

    * How to get your business on Google Maps

    * How to rank on Google for the suburbs you service

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    Links and Resources Mentioned

    * Productivity tip – simple gmail notes

    * Marketing tip – adding notes to photos

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    18 – How to be a Cash Rich Business

    18 – How to be a Cash Rich Business

    Let’s talk money management. It’s essential to running your business and staying afloat.

    An alarming 90% of small businesses that go broke, go broke because of cashflow according to Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman Kate Carnell.

    We need a steady flow of cash to pay for contractors, wages, materials and expenses, not to mention providing our family with the basic necessities. And of course if we manage our money well we want some leftover to have fun, to put towards our future, to take holidays, and to spoil our kids.

    In today’s podcast, I chat with Ben Walker from InspireCA. He’s an accomplished, award-winning accountant who gets fired up and very helpful when it comes to cashflow and money management.

    Now before you roll your eyes and close this page down in fear of absolute boredom, know that Ben is no ordinary accountant. He is what you call a disrupter – an accountant who has challenged the traditional model of accounting and turned it upside down. Ben is an anomaly.  An accountant with personality, a people person and one who focuses on the future, not just on the past.

    Yes, the team at InspireCA do provide the standard BAS, tax return and compliance services. But, their main goal and philosophy is to help small business owners create the right kind of business environment – one that allows them to always put family first.

    And he has over 460 strategies to make this happen.

    Tune in now to hear a few of Ben’s favourites. He shares his knowledge on what you need to do to become cash rich, to even out your income, and to save large sums of money without doing anything you shouldn’t.

    He provides three really useful tips that you can implement in your business straight away.  These are things I’ve done in my business and believe me – they work.

    At the end Ben gives several generous offers to help our listeners take control of the cashflow.

    Quote of the Day

    Here’s a hard-hitting quote to finish on – one that I think we should all keep in mind when working on our cashflow management.


    “Money has no value. The value comes from the dreams money helps achieve.” – Robert KiyosakiClick To Tweet

    Don’t let your bank balance run your business and emotions.Click To Tweet

    Money saving tip: put away 10% of everything you earn.Click To Tweet

    What you do with your money can determine the overall success of your business.Click To Tweet


    Want to learn more about becoming a cash rich business? Click on these resources kindly provided  by Ben and the team at InspireCA.

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    17 – Working on the Right Areas of Your Business

    17 – Working on the Right Areas of Your Business

    As you know firsthand, business owners are very busy. But what exactly are you busy doing?

    Are you spending the bulk of your hours working IN your trade business, and not finding time to work ON the important things that will help you grow your customer base and increase the size of your business?

    These are tricky questions to answer, but it’s important that you take the time to reflect. Learning how to best use your time can result in a business that’s not only surviving, but thriving.

    In this podcast, I share with you some very useful strategies to help you do the following:

    * Determine where you are spending most of your time.

    * Divide your time effectively to ensure smooth and profitable day-to-day operations, as well as future growth.

    * Find even more time in the day to work on tasks that need to be done. I’ll give you seven different ways you can achieve more each and every working day.

    I’ll also introduce you to a formula for time management for business growth created by Tim Dwyer, Director of one of the world’s most respected business consultancy firms, Shirlaws.

    Following Tim’s formula is a really insightful exercise, as it demonstrates just how much of a difference you can make to your revenue with his unique business capacity and time zoning strategies.

    You know how the saying goes, “time is money”. Start using non-productive time right now. This episode of Tradie Success is just 30 minutes long – it’s the perfect thing to listen to now, or to subscribe to on your phone and listen to next time you jump in the car or hit the gym.

    Let’s finish with this inspiring quote that really captures the essence of today’s podcast.


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    Download Your Free “Working On Your Business” Checklist

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    16 – How to Make More Money by Increasing the Love

    16 – How to Make More Money by Increasing the Love

    Are you spending all your marketing dollars and time tweaking your website, developing landing pages, researching keywords, putting up anything on social media and giving fistfuls of cash to Google and Facebook for advertising?.

    Of course online marketing is crucial to your future viability.  There’s no doubt about that. But it can become so all-consuming, that we can forget about the most important, fundamental thing we should be doing which will make us more money and be infinitely more satisfying than chasing new clients all the time.

    What Is the Most Important Thing?

    Looking after our existing customers.  That’s what.

    And here’s three irrefutable and compelling reasons why we suggest you divert some of your effort into Retention Marketing.

    Marketing to your customers – or retention marketing as it is known – involves keeping your existing customers engaged.

    Why Retention Marketing is Worth it

    1. It’s far more profitable

    Research produced by Harvard Business School states that increasing customer retention rates by just 5% increases a business’s profits by 25-95%


    Because it costs far less to market to your existing clients than it does to attract new ones. The generally accepted rule of thumb is that it costs five times more to acquire a new customer than it does to generate repeat business from an existing one.

    The cost per sale is lower because:

    * Communicating with them is cheaper. You have the choice of emails, newsletters, social media posts, social media customer groups, direct messaging and good old fashioned phone and mail.

    * Response rate is higher. As they have already purchased from you and you have gained their trust, the cost per sale is much lower because the response rate is higher.  The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70% while the probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%.

    2. Revenue is higher

    Existing customers are 50% more likely to try new products and services and spend 31% more when compared to new customers.

    Source: Invesp

    The secret is to focus on the potential lifetime value of every new client, rather than the immediate sale value.  It’s a mindset shift, and if you can make that leap, you’ll find it will have a significant impact on your future revenue and profit.

    3.     Customers recruit new business for you

    Delighted customers will sing your praises to their friends, family and colleagues – in person and on social media and review sites.

    The Danger of Not Implementing Retention Marketing

    You may be thinking:  “if someone is already my customer, why should I spend extra time trying to keep them engaged — isn’t the fact that they’re a customer proof enough that I’ve done my job? “

    Good question – and one we often get.

    The thing is, the fastest way to lose customers is to ignore them.  Once they have paid, it’s time to build your relationship with them, not end it.

    Indifference is the biggest cause of churn.  If your customers don’t feel appreciated, they will soon take their future business elsewhere.

    * The first thing to consider is how you treated them and made them feel. This is even more important than doing a good job.

    * The second thing to consider is how you treat them after they’ve purchased. Ignore them at your peril.

    Tips for Effective Retention Marketing

    So how do you integrate retention marketing into your business?

    * Revamp the culture within your company so that everyone is focused on how you make people feel.

    * Implement retention marketing into your marketing strategy and campaigns.

    We’ve prepared a free checklist of 34 things you can be doi...

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    15 – Cash Flow: How to Get Your Trade Business Sorted For Christmas

    15 – Cash Flow: How to Get Your Trade Business Sorted For Christmas

    Today we’re talking about money. We all need it – bit like oxygen or food or water really.

    But funnily enough so many business owners ignore it and hope it will sort itself out, and when it’s in short supply they panic. The trick is to keep a steady flow of it coming in to compensate for the constant flow of it going out. It’s not that easy sometimes though is it? To help us figure out how to improve the flow of cash into our business, I’m talking to a lady – who loves the numbers – who has helped many trade business owners do just that. Listen in as she tells about how she helped one of her clients back to good health by helping them to reduce the money owed to them at any one time by 400%. Pretty impressive. And it’s not rocket science.

    We have a great quote to get you motivated to do something different – today.

    Finally – I have a favour to ask.

    So let’s get stuck right in to the money part of it and find out from Katie Marshall of Efficient Business Services about how to improve cash flow so we have enough to tide us over during the Christmas break – and in fact right throughout the year. Stay tuned to the end, as a Katie has a very generous offer for listeners too.


    Katie’s surprise alternative career if she wasn’t a bookkeeper


    The first step to getting your finances sorted out


    The typical invoice payment situation around Christmas


    First step to getting your cash flow sorted


    Second important step to ensure you get paid on your terms


    Third step to ensure your account customers pay on time


    How Katie helped a fabricator reduce invoicing from an hour to 5 minutes and get paid a lot quicker


    Fantastic free special offer from Katie for listeners


    One of the most common and worst mistakes that tradies make to try and fix their cash flow issues


    Final piece of advice for getting your cash flow sorted

    Key Takeaways on Cash Flow

    * Don’t hold off on invoicing. Do it straight away, otherwise it could be 60 or even 90 days before you get paid if you are late with issuing your invoices. If creating invoices takes ages which is why you put it off, then Katie can show you how to get it done a lot faster.

    * Make sure you clearly state your payment terms up front. For most trades you should be getting paid on the day.

    * Make it easy for people to pay – offer a variety of payment solutions.

    I attended a workshop a couple of years ago where the speaker said something which has stayed with me, and changed the way I do things. “Never take your eye off your wife or your money. Treat them both like precious gold, or you could easily lose them.”

    You need to know the numbers in your business. It’s your business, it’s your responsibility, so get help if you need it. It could have a big impact on your business and personal health.

    Special Offer to Help You with Cash Flow

    Book your 15 minute chat to see how we can help you with your cash flow here:

    Book a Chat with Katie

    Katie’s website: profitfirstfortradies.com.au


    Not sure who this is by – but I love it. What are you going to do today? Make a commitment to yourself to do one thing.

    * It might be getting your cashflow sorted. If so – book your free call with Katie. https://calendly.com/katiedmarshall1/30-minute-discovery-session

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