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Tradie Success is a free podcast for owners of quality trade businesses. You will find many great tips and interviews covering all sorts of topics such as marketing, websites, customer service, referrals, cashflow, gadgets and more. Our aim is to give you the essential elements required for success in your trade business.

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Tradie Success is a free podcast for owners of quality trade businesses. You will find many great tips and interviews covering all sorts of topics such as marketing, websites, customer service, referrals, cashflow, gadgets and more. Our aim is to give you the essential elements required for success in your trade business.

    25 – The Power of Storytelling

    25 – The Power of Storytelling

    Never underestimate the value of storytelling. The act of swapping stories and experiences with those around us, is universal. It’s not only done for the sake of entertainment, but also for education, making personal values known and sharing expertise.

    Now, you might be wondering …

    “What does storytelling have to do with running a business?”

    For starters, many businesses — especially trades — build their client base from referrals and word of mouth. Your clients swap stories with one another and they talk about the experience they had with your business to their friends, families, and even their next-door neighbours! However, that’s just one example about the power of storytelling and how it can better your business.

    In this podcast episode, we hear from Anthony Perl, who is the host of Better Biz and the Director of communications agency CommTogether. Listen to our chat, as Anthony discusses the value of storytelling, how it can help your business, and ways in which you can incorporate it into your website and marketing campaigns; to help build rapport and trust with prospects and customers.

    What we covered in our chat

    * How do you get businesses to tell their stories about their business and really attract attention from their ideal customers, when most people hate being in videos?

    * What kind of stories should you tell?

    * Big entrepreneurs like Sir Richard Branson use storytelling a lot. What can small businesses learn from the likes of him and other great business leaders?

    * How do you tell stories that attract people?

    * What’s the best way to tell, record and promote all the stories you have?

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    Anthony is providing listeners of the Tradie Success Podcast with a really generous offer to get started . He will waive the initial production fee of $3000, for tradies who would like to appear on the Better Biz program.

    To find out more and take full advantage of this aweso...

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    24 – How to Improve Quoting and Win More Work

    24 – How to Improve Quoting and Win More Work

    Whether you’ve just started out in your new trade business, or you’ve been at it for awhile and you’re on a mission to grow, take a moment to listen to these great tips on pricing, quoting and selling.

    Sure, we understand that they’re probably the things you hate doing the most, but our special guest provides some practical ideas on how you could do them better and more efficiently, so you don’t end up hating them!

    Let’s face it, if you nail these two tasks, you’ll be well on your way to winning jobs over your competitors, and growing a sustainable, profitable trade business.

    Our special guest is Gabriel Pinchev, the Founder and CEO of FieldPulse; a powerful app used by thousands of trade and service businesses in the US, Australia and New Zealand. It provides an easy way to manage day to day jobs, quotes, scheduling and customer communications, right from your ipad or phone. The company HQ is in Dallas, Texas, and they have a team in Melbourne looking after all the Australian clients.

    What we covered in our chat

    * The main challenges tradies face when moving from being an employee to starting their own business

    * Never underestimate the importance of reviews and referrals and how to get them

    * How to get better and more efficient and pricing up jobs and preparing quotes

    * Tips for overcoming price objections

    Special offer for our listeners

    Gabriel has generously offered a free trial and special discount for listeners of Tradie Success. Click on the button to see the special offer. It’s well worth it!

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    23 – A Great Tale of Fast Business Growth

    23 – A Great Tale of Fast Business Growth

    This has to be one of the most valuable and interesting business books I’ve ever read.

    It’s based on a true story - which the author experienced (and is one of the characters in the book) and follows “JJ’s” journey on the things he did to turn his bicycle business from near bankruptcy into to a highly profitable business.

    Join me on this interview with the author of Cadence, Pete Williams.  He’s co-founded several successful businesses, won numerous awards and has been referred to as “Australia’s Richard Branson” in media publications.

    Pete first made a name for himself when, at age twenty-one, he sold the Melbourne Cricket Ground, for under $500 - which you can read about in his first book, How to Turn Your Million-Dollar Idea Into a Reality (2007).

    In our chat Pete shared lots of marketing gold nuggets on the seven key levers that any business owner can do to increase revenue and profits.  It really is simple and quite achievable, and he shares stories of some of the tradie businesses he’s worked with and tips for applying the seven levers in any trade business.

    Listen now and learn about the seven levers to trade business success.

    Get the Book

    I highly recommend reading Pete’s delightful book Cadence.  It’s available in three formats:

    * hard copy (paperback)

    * ebook

    * audio

    Deakin University Program

    Pete also mentioned a wonderful program he runs at Deakin University with final year marketing students, where they help apply one of the seven levers into a growing business. Best part - it’s free!

    Download the information on the program and how to apply here

    The Deakin Business Clinic

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    22 – How to Win Tenders

    22 – How to Win Tenders

    I recently sat down with Jason Cooney from The Tender Team, a tender and bid writing extraordinaire. He and his team have a huge 85% win rate when helping their clients bid for council contracts in their local area. With numbers like that, it’s clear that Jason knows his stuff.

    I was lucky enough to pick his brains and draw out as much practical, actionable advice for Tradie Success listeners as possible. Jason didn’t disappoint – he happily shared his insider tips, including:

    * The best places to look for tender opportunities

    * How to decide which tenders are worth your while

    * What to include in your tender

    * How to make your tender stand out from the competition

    * And much, much more

    Listen now and set yourself up for tender success.

    Get your exclusive gifts here

    Jason is also offering Tradie Success listeners two exclusive free gifts.

    * The first is his must-have Bid-No Bid Guide that you can use when considering bidding for a tender. It asks you a few questions that’ll help you decide whether a tender is suitable for you, or not.

    Click Here

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    21 – Profit First for Tradies – Interview with Author Katie Marshall

    21 – Profit First for Tradies – Interview with Author Katie Marshall

    On the surface, everything looks great. Your team is happy. Your customers are happy. You’re happy. But underneath, you are struggling to pay wages and bills on time – let alone take your own wages and make a profit.

    Sound familiar? You’re not alone. So many trade businesses – so many businesses in general – operate payday to payday. It’s something that can cause serious financial stress and impact all areas of your life.

    I recently sat down with Katie Marshall, bookkeeper extraordinaire, financial coach, and new author. Katie recently published a book called Profit First for Tradies. It fast became a best-seller, with tradies across Australia reaching out to Katie and sharing their stories about their woes and how the book has helped them turn things around.

    During our chat, we discussed the following:

    * How the book was developed and why Katie loves working with tradies

    * What the “profit first” method is, and how it provides a framework for financial success

    * How you can come face-to-face with what’s really going on in your business

    * How making small changes can transform the financial health of your business

    So, have a listen. And be sure to check out Katie’s book, Profit First for Tradies.


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    20 – Successful Tradie Interview – Kendrick Myers

    20 – Successful Tradie Interview – Kendrick Myers

    What does being a successful tradie mean to you? Maybe earning a reliable cash flow. Maybe working alongside a tight-knit team you can rely on. Or maybe, success means spending less time on the tools and more with friends and family.

    Well, I recently had the pleasure of chatting with one such successful tradie – Colorbond Kenny. No, that isn’t his real name. It’s Kendrick Myers, and he’s the owner of Brisbane’s first premium Colorbond roofing and cladding company, My Cladders.

    Over the last few years, Kendrick has made a name for himself as one of the most knowledgeable Colorbond cladding experts in the country. He’s secured a fabulous team of 13 employees, has regular work rolling in, and is just about ready to take the next step in his career.

    So, how did Kendrick do it? What were his greatest challenges? And what advice has he got for tradies like you?

    In this episode of Tradie Success, I’ll pick Kendrick’s brain and find out:

    * Why he is four times better off having a team of employees instead of using contractors, and how he secures the right employees for his team

    * How he keeps his employees engaged and motivated

    * How he separates his emotions from his business

    * How he successfully markets his business and manages cash flow

    * How he makes time for his wife and kids while growing a successful business

    Kendrick reminds us that building a business and finding your version of success isn’t a straightforward process – it’s a roller-coaster ride that takes time and dedication. Are you up for the challenge?


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