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At Active Day Trader we have a simple, fun and effective approach to the markets! Tune in to our podcast for some valuable lessons in trading Stocks, Options and Futures. Ditch the unnecessarily complicated (often magic) indicators and grab some REAL tips from career trader (former CBOE Options market maker and CME floor trader) Jonathan Rose and guests. We'll cover, Bond (US Treasury) Futures, owning inexpensive options, relative value trades, position management, volatility, pairs, events, catalysts and more!

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At Active Day Trader we have a simple, fun and effective approach to the markets! Tune in to our podcast for some valuable lessons in trading Stocks, Options and Futures. Ditch the unnecessarily complicated (often magic) indicators and grab some REAL tips from career trader (former CBOE Options market maker and CME floor trader) Jonathan Rose and guests. We'll cover, Bond (US Treasury) Futures, owning inexpensive options, relative value trades, position management, volatility, pairs, events, catalysts and more!

    #009 - Finding Your Trading Mindset

    #009 - Finding Your Trading Mindset

    It happens to many new (and seasoned) traders. You convince yourself that you need to participate in a particular trade only to find it doesn’t work. You start adding indicators and making it more complicated. You throw money at it, but still, it’s just not working.

    Some instruments just aren’t great to trade and sometimes you need to find a trade that better resonates with your approach to the markets.

    Today, I had a chance to speak with Pablo Lucena who is an experienced trader but has found some serious traction with my Apex Program. We cover a lot of information, but here are some of my favorite topics:

    Building tools for the tradeHow to trade stock optionsRelative Value Trading StrategyThe most important information for managing options positions - Scalping GammaChanging your approach to trading
    1:00   Serious, Active, Trading
    3:30   The Rubber Band Example
    5:00   The "ah ha" moment
    5:55   “Nothing would work” - Trading NQ futures
    7:00   An approach to writing code
    8:25   The elimination of emotion, A systematic confirmation tool
    10:00  A community feel
    11:45  A message to retail traders
    12:55  Don't Freak out, Build a better position
    14:00  How to trade the Yield Curve
    14:30  “Stops are detrimental for the type of trading that will make me successful”
    16:00  The Fed, Rates and trading Bond Futures
    18:20  Sometimes it’s safer to go further in
    19:20  Power through education
    21:30  Learn how to trade; Don’t hope for the best
    24:30  How to build a portfolio bias
    28:00  Build on a solid foundation
    30:00  Fed Dominator - Historical Data
    32:00  The Most Rewarding Part of Trading
    33:15  Better returns in 24 days than all of 2017
    34:00  ADT: You'll never look at trading the same again
    35:20  It's okay to get rid of negative energy
    37:20  Be happy when a trade goes against you
    40:00  What a butterfly can tell you
    44:35  Customize a trade, use identify your strengths
    47:00  Trade your personality
    48:20  The Market will sniff out a weak hand; believe in your trade
    50:30  Scalping Gamma: Options 101
    52:00  Position Management and the power of options: A Game Changer
    56:00  Keep it simple!

    Books Mentioned In this Episode:
    Options As a Strategic Investment - Lawrence G. McMillan

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    #008 - [Case Study] How to Choose the Right Financial Advisor

    #008 - [Case Study] How to Choose the Right Financial Advisor

    Investing, trading and planning for your future can seem overwhelming and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. If you have the right plan in place and the right people to help you see it through, it’ll be a breeze!
    People around me are continually surprised that as a professional trader, I have a financial advisor to help ensure that my long-term goals are attainable. I think it’s important I differentiate between trading and my investment goals.
    Today, I sat down with Ross Meitin, my Financial Advisor and we cover topics like:
    - Stock Broker, Money Manager and Financial Advisor - What’s the Difference?
    - Who can benefit from Financial Planning
    - How to earn an Extra $500,000 before Retirement
    - The importance of Removing Emotions and Sticking to a Plan
    - The difference between Investing and At-Risk Capital

    0:55 At Risk Capital and Investing
    1:25 Money Manager? Stock Broker? Financial Advisor?
    2:55 Your plan needs to be Specific and Tailored
    4:25 Why I started Active Day Trader
    5:35 Trading and Long-Term Investing are Different
    7:10 Separate yourself from your Emotions
    9:15 Who can benefit from working with a Financial Manager?
    10:15 You Can't Borrow for Retirement
    11:00 How to Retire with $1 Million Dollars
    12:20 The key to Financial Security
    15:00 The Biggest Mistakes
    17:15 A behavior management coach
    18:00 20 Year Returns: How to make 2% LESS than the market
    19:40 You aren’t trading; HAVE A PLAN
    21:45 Don't suffer when you lose
    23:00 Investing. It's a special skill set
    24:30 The importance of Vegetables?
    26:00 The easiest way to make $500,000
    28:10 Market Buzz and Crystal Balls with a Financial Manager
    29:05 Double Dividend Yield
    30:00 Is Crypto on the radar?

    Contact Info for Ross Meitin:
    Phone - 773.867.3620

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    #007 - Helping the Self-Directed Trader for Over 30 Years

    #007 - Helping the Self-Directed Trader for Over 30 Years

    For years, trading has been dominated by institutions. They have capital, floor traders and access to information that the average retail investor just can’t reach; or can’t afford.
    Today, the tables are turning. The retail trader can actually gain an edge. For instance, a retail trader isn’t required to trade each day, they don’t have to close positions with market each evening and now, they have access to amazing news resources, indicators, studies, scans and back-testing engines using various tools on platforms like MetaStock.
    Today, I get to chat with Jeff Gibby, the business development manager at Metastock about the core products they offer.
    Jeff helps me answer questions like:
    > What does MetaStock Offer?
    > How can I get a statistical forecast of what “might happen?”
    >Buying and selling stock options and equities; what indicators work?
    >How can I build a custom indicator without knowing a single line of code?
    >What can I do to protect myself from making big mistakes while learning to trade?
    01:35150 Years and counting
    02:30What is Meta Stock?
    03:40The Origins of an award winning service
    04:05A Billion Dollar News Machine for Retail Traders
    06:35#1 in Stock and Commodities Magazine for 25 years running
    07:15How can you benefit from Statistical Projections and Forecasting
    07:30Okay, MetaStock does a lot, but WHO is it for?
    08:30 Do you backtest your approach, studies and strategy on each ticker?
    09:45A giant tool box; what’s the best indicator?
    11:50Write YOUR OWN indicator, scan, or study (even if you don’t write code)
    15:25A FREE 30 Day Trial!
    17:00Live support; an entire team at your disposal 800-882-3040
    18:31MetaStock D/C Service - Daily Charts $59
    19:05MetaStock R/T Service - Real Time $99
    20:50Everything you’ve ever needed to know about Exchange Fees (Real-time)
    22:15The (Secret) Future of Charting
    24:00The Patent Pending, Event Driven Forecasting Tool
    26:15A confirmation tool: the statistical likelihood of an outcome
    28:15Trading DOW Options? You need a green light.
    31:30Stories, Trends and Trading - We talk about the best approach for you
    33:15Event-based trading, volatility and Out-of-the-Money Options
    34:30Should you be an option buyer? Or an option Seller?
    35:10How to protect yourself from blowing out your trading account
    37:30Discipline: “You don’t have to trade.”
    38:10Make Trading Insignificant?
    39:00Don’t Lose Money!
    Be sure to head on over to Active Day Trader Website and claim your freebie!

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    #006 - How I built a Fast Growing Community for Active Investors

    #006 - How I built a Fast Growing Community for Active Investors

    Trading stocks, futures and options in 2017 is much different than it was 20 years ago. With technology and lightning-fast access to brokers, almost anyone can trade from the comfort of their own home.
    This only leaves one problem: You’re among a sea of traders, but you’re still all alone.
    Today, I speak with Warren Lorenz of TechMeetsTrader, who has created a social network for self-directed investors. We cover some interesting topics including:
    > Where to find great option trading strategies
    > How experienced traders look for trade entries; without indicators
    > How to identify the best stock options (the ones that give us our edge)
    > The benefits of a positive learning environment
    > Why, sometimes, even the best option trades lose and why that’s OKAY
    1:35   Meet Warren Lorenz of TechMeetsTrader
    8:20   The process of getting raising fund for a unique social network
    11:00 Tech Meets Trader - The Mission
    13:30 A positive learning environment - controlling the community
    15:00 What is the most important thing we can learn from losing trades?
    17:30 Can you fish? How to trade for a lifetime
    19:30 The Casino mindset; Tilt the odds in your favor
    20:30 Money management secrets of the Professionals
    21:30 $XRF - The anatomy of a IPO Lock Up
    24:40 “It makes sense… and that’s giving us an edge.”
    25:30 BOOM! The Edge Pays Off..
    26:15 $AKS, $X Sometimes trades don’t work. Why did you enter?
    28:48 Trade with conviction, learn from your mistakes
    29:50 Protect yourself; limit your losses and manage your position
    31:35 Where the founder of TechMeetsTrader turns for tips of the trade
    36:10 He who trades the least and the silliness of F.O.M.O
    38:00 Trading vs. Investing. What’s your plan?
    39:40 Blockchain Technology meets the trading community?
    42:15 A trader’s value in a social network community
    44:10 Building credibility
    45:45 Taking chances again, and again, and again...
    Links Mentioned:
    TechMeetsTrader’s Pitch
    What TechMeetsTrader is all about
    FREE STUFF?!?! Be sure to head to https://activedaytrader.com/tradingschool/ and grab this week's freebie!

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    #005 - Are You Overpaying Your Futures Broker on Margin?

    #005 - Are You Overpaying Your Futures Broker on Margin?

    At Active Day Trader we don’t see how anything is “cheap” or “expensive” on it’s own. A core part of our strategy is identifying relationships and correlations, then finding the best way to express our opinion through hedged positions in the form of pairs or spreads.
    We recognize the reluctance that many face when learning to trade futures; the margin requirements can be substantial, so we want to let you in on a secret!
    If you aren’t executing these simple strategies with the correct broker, you may be lead to believe there is a reason to pay for extinct indicators to experiment with “directional bias” or just give-in overpriced margin holds that tie up your precious trading capital.
    Today, I spoke with Patrick from Infinity Futures, a Chicago-based boutique brokerage firm that truly supports clients around the globe.
    Patrick helps me get a better understanding on topics like:
    >> Margin requirements and Exchange Recognized Spreads
    >> Why your 1:1 pair shouldn’t tie up $10K
    >> Risk, obligations and the intelligent way to trade futures
    >> The seemingly endless cycle of retail education
    >> Why support is so important
    00:30 Risk, leverage and mathematics
    03:00 Guaranteed Margin
    03:40 Infinity Futures; A quick history
    04:45 End-of-day margin hunting: Exchange Recognized Spreads
    05:15 Bond:Ultra Bond - $10,000 or $1500?
    07:30 SPAN, SCM and the lowest margin requirement
    09:18 You don’t have to speculate on direction
    11:20 “An underused strategy”
    13:25 SPAN Calculators - An intelligent freebie
    15:30 Risk, obligations and respect
    18:15 A sucker’s play: Is your capital tied up?
    21:00 Is the new iPhone expensive?
    23:00 The importance of retail education, Jim Cramer and BIG changes
    27:00 Don’t fall into the cycle, keep it simple
    30:30 The market will change. Does your indicator?
    31:40 A ratio set indicator - the longest correlated relationship?
    33:00 Everyone needs support
    36:00 The UK, Australia and Singapore
    38:00 Liquidity and orderbook issues
    40:30 Bonds: You MUST know the yield curve
    42:20 Free Stuff!
    42:50 Vetting Process and parallel beliefs
    45:45 Ask us your questions!
    Links Mentioned in today’s Podcast:
    Head on over to our page!

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    #004 - Jim Cramer - Making YOU a More Knowledgable and Intelligent Trader

    #004 - Jim Cramer - Making YOU a More Knowledgable and Intelligent Trader

    When you think about trading stocks, options, equities and futures what public figures come to mind?
    Do you think about the guy you alway see on CNBC as you are watching TV? You know, Jim Cramer on Mad Money? That’s perfect, because I was fortunate to speak with him and listen to his thoughts on retail trading.
    If you’ve ever seen his show, you know Jim Cramer is passionate about trading, but you might not know that he is even more passionate about trading education.
    In this episode, Jim and I speak about:

    The value in losing a tradeThe importance of paper tradingHow to turn a trade into an investment, and why you don’t want to do itWhy you should focus on what you are good atHow to protect yourself from getting schooled by the market or a “Trade Guru”
    1:05 Your number ONE priority
    1:24 A closet full of losers
    2:00 Reasons to get better
    2:58 “Intellectual lightweight non-rigorous thinking”
    3:30 Protecting retail traders
    4:33 Fake News
    5:55 Do you have an edge in this business
    6:55 A story about coffee
    8:00 Get it over it!
    8:50 “I like the way this stock is acting”
    9:30 Supply and demand. A common sense trade?
    10:50Fantastic little trades
    13:00A real world example
    16:00Jim Cramer’s dog: NVIDIA
    18:50Trading education: Everyone is an expert
    20:50Real results or snake oil? It’s ON YOU

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