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Vantage Point is a Mostly show hosted by James ‘JB’ Bullough and Tom Auto64. Each episode will feature an established Local and International artists working in the Graffiti, Post Graffiti, Street Art, Urban art and Contemporary art scene and will bridge the gap between the artwork hanging on gallery walls around the world, and the artists who create that work.

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Vantage Point is a Mostly show hosted by James ‘JB’ Bullough and Tom Auto64. Each episode will feature an established Local and International artists working in the Graffiti, Post Graffiti, Street Art, Urban art and Contemporary art scene and will bridge the gap between the artwork hanging on gallery walls around the world, and the artists who create that work.

    EP 146 – 123KLAN

    EP 146 – 123KLAN

    Few could have predicted the enormous global ripple effects that the meeting of two young artists in the early 90’s would have on the world of graffiti, design, and branding, but 30 years later we should all be thankful that the world works in such mysterious ways. French husband and wife duo Klor and Scien formed 123Klan in 1992 as a way to focus their group of friends around their common interests in art and technology. Over the ensuing decades they established themselves as one of the most authentic voices bridging the gap between their hard-earned graffiti roots and aesthetics with the budding industries of web design, streetwear, branding, and video game design. Their greatest asset, aside from their impeccable taste and eye for design, could well be their ability to work not as a duo but as one unified artist, motivating and inspiring each other and always moving towards one common goal. In 2007 after developing countless designs for leading streetwear brands 123Klan launched their own label ‘Bandit1$m’ with huge success. Whether painting murals, graffiti, or canvas… or working on any one of their numerous digital outlets, Klor and Scien have built a career off of a simple philosophy that we should all try to follow, ‘Only do work that you dig and always have fun doing it’.

    • 1 hr 7 min


    In it’s 8th year of operation, the Shine Mural Festival in St. Petersburg Florida continues to be one of the leaders in the pack of well respected, heavy hitting mural festivals around the globe.  The roster of big name international and national artists that Shine has hosted over the past 8 years implies a huge organization with a massive backing.  The reality however, is that with just a handful of intensely dedicated people and the support of a local arts counsel, Shine has managed to become a globally recognized powerhouse project while maintaining the small town intimate vibe that builds a sense of family among everyone involved, including artist (local and international), organizers, volunteers, and community members.  A feat that most other mural festivals attempt to model themselves after with varying degrees of success.

    Organizers Michelle Tannu and Jenee Priebe explain what it takes to start up a mural festival and keep it running for all these years with the continued support of the community while upholding a responsibility to represent a diversity of styles and backgrounds, both artistic and personal, of its participants and community members. They outline the qualities they look for in the artists they offer invitations to each year and we discuss the challenges a project of this kind faces to become and remain relevant in such a competitive landscape of mural festivals popping up in every city across the country.

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    Georgia Hill’s background in graphic design is immediately obvious by her ability to communicate felling and tone so powerfully with a rather minimal amount of artistic elements.  Mostly black and white and aggressively flat dimensionally, Hill’s work would seem stark if it weren’t for her captivating use of pulsating repetition, clever optical illusions, ominous and suggestive incorporation of text and the sheer size and scale at which her work is often presented.  Based in Sydney Australia, Hill has spent the past decade traveling the globe painting murals, often times from one project to the next with breaks in between just long enough to produce enough studio work for a solo show before hitting the road again.  A lifestyle that seems an odd choice for the self-proclaimed introvert, but her tireless efforts and work ethic have landed her as one of the most identifiable artists on the scene in Australia and abroad.

    • 1 hr 4 min
    EP 143 – NAFIR

    EP 143 – NAFIR

    Iranian artist Nafir creates work that combines traditional hand crafts from around the world with modern street art painting techniques to create works that are both beautiful and subversive at the same time.  Tying cultural traditions of the past to modern techniques and aesthetics allows Nafir to layer multiple meanings and interpretations into his work, simultaneously paying respect to and commenting on ideas and traditions from past generations. Living in Tehran, Iran presents challenges that most other artists around the globe do not deal with but this hasn’t stopped Nafir from traveling and exhibiting his work across Europe and beyond in addition to the streets and galleries of his native Iran.  

    • 1 hr 8 min
    EP 142 – GOLDIE

    EP 142 – GOLDIE

    Goldie needs no introduction… that is to say, it is nearly impossible to give a proper introduction to such a prolific and successful cultural shapeshifter as Goldie. From his early days in the 80s as a b-boy and graffiti writer in England and New York (where he first joined forces with the legendary Tats Crew), to the mid 90s when he founded one of the most influential record labels in Britain (Metalheadz) and become an international musical icon and eventually becoming a household name globally through acting in tv and films such as Snatch and James Bond, you’d be hard-pressed to come across anyone who hasn’t been touched by Goldie in one way or another.  In 2020 Goldie embarked on his newest endeavor with the launching of Aurum Art Gallery in Bangkok, Thailand showcasing his own paintings and sculptures alongside some of the most sought after street and urban artists from around the globe. We sat down with Goldie in Berlin after a long and late night DJ gig to discuss the enormity of his life so far and how creating art seems to be the golden thread tying all of his varied interests and successes together.

    • 1 hr 12 min
    EP 141 – MR JUNE

    EP 141 – MR JUNE

    Mr. June has been painting on walls since 1985 and in the nearly 40 years since then much has changed but his core love of graffiti and painting has not.  After graduating with a Graphic Design degree from the Royal School of Arts in his native Holland Mr. June started his own design firm in Amsterdam which he ran with great success until his desire to work for clients gave way to his need for artistic freedom and independence.  By combining his graffiti background with his design knowledge he condensed decades of training down into one single shape upon which he has developed an entire fine art career spanning over a decade.  With the humble hexagon as the starting point for every piece of art he makes, Mr. June is forced to pull inspiration from elsewhere.  Guided by the architecture and environments in which he paints or simply expanding on ideas from his past works, Mr. June finds endless design possibilities and offers them up to the viewer wrapped in his trademark bands of gradient color.

    • 1 hr 5 min

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4.7 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

autoflavour ,

OG Urban Art Podcast

Some of the biggest names in the game all in one place.. amazing

DJ Antibody ,

the REAL deal

This is program is totally fresh and their website has some beautifully produced vids too. These guys really know their stuff from the trad to the the modern graff and street art. They dig up the best artists around and you'll hear perspectives on the culture you won't get anywhere else. Do it.

Miss_Lee2000 ,

Great show

really happy to have stumbled across this.. very enjoyable and entertaining. Love the local info with local artists. Thanks guys

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