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    Episode 4 The DJ Vinyl Justice Show (Aug 2008)

    Episode 4 The DJ Vinyl Justice Show (Aug 2008)

    This is a show dedicated to some pop tunes i speeded up, who knows some day i might make them dnb or hardcore tunes! But alas my music making skills are pants, though i definately need more time to work on this hobby, maybe xmas time when i get more than 2 days off!

    Enjoy, i done my best to mix them up. As September was my birthday there was no podcast show as i was out and about when i usually do the show. So i done it in 2 parts hope this makes up for things!

    Until next month

    vinyl j


    1.Georgio Mododer-Electric Dreams
    2.Madonna-Give It To Me
    3.Justin Timberlake-Lovestoned
    4.The Style Council-Promised Land
    5.Alex Gaudino-Destination Unknown
    6.Camisra-Let Me Show You
    7.Peter Gelderblom-Waitin 4
    8.Dave Spoon-At Night
    9.Together - Hardcore Uproar
    10.Fedde Le Grande-Put Your Hands Up For Detroit (DJ Delicious and Til West Remix)
    11.Chemical Brothers-Hey Boy, Hey Girl (Killer Buds vs Energetic Remix)
    12.Urban Shakedown-Do It Now
    13.Global Deejays-San Fracisco Dreaming (Musical Rocket Mix)
    14.Paul Johnson-Get Get Down
    15.Cloudburst feat Culture Girl-40 Miles
    16.Mind Electric-Dirty Cash (Money Talks)Shimano Remix
    17.Gabriella Cilmi - Sweet About Me (Sunship Remix)

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    Episode 3 The DJ Vinyl Justice Show (Aug 2008)

    Episode 3 The DJ Vinyl Justice Show (Aug 2008)

    Hi everyone,

    This month is an interview with the one and only crazy Lottie! She is an old skool raver who will talk about her love for the rave scene all day, and i mean all day! So i fired some questions at her asking her view on the scene past, present and future, oh and theres some tuneage as well of the old skool jungle and upfront d'n'b variety.

    until next month

    Vinyl J

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    Episode 2 The DJ Vinyl Justice Show (Jul 2008)

    Episode 2 The DJ Vinyl Justice Show (Jul 2008)

    Hi Everyone,

    This is the July 2008 show. On this podcast i have gone back to the old skool with an hours mix from 1993-94.

    Here is the playlist:- 1.N-Zo & DJ Invincible - Funky Sensation, 2.Jimmy J & CRU-L-T -Six Days (DJ Brisk Remix), 3.Jimmy J-Gotta Believe, 4.Digital Pressure-Watch Dis Space, 5.ALK-E-D-Raw, 6.The Timespan-Stop The Music, 7.Naughty Naughty Vol.9, 8.Citadel Of Kaos-It's Not Over, 9.Bay B Kane-Quarter To Doom, 10.Eruption-Just A Feeling, 11.Wishdokta-Whine Your Bottom, 12.Slammin Vinyl-Dis One Ackers

    Enjoy the tunes & Catch you next month!

    Peace out

    Vinyl J

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    Episode 1 The DJ Vinyl Justice Show (Jun 2008)

    Episode 1 The DJ Vinyl Justice Show (Jun 2008)

    Hi everyone thanks for downloading and listening to my first podcast. I'm DJ Vinyl Justice from London, UK. I am into drum'n'bass and some other styles of dance music as well. For more info check me on myspace http://www.myspace.com/dj_vinyljustice

    The plan with the podcast shows are to do a bit of everything. There will be one show a month (so the next show will be July 2008 sometime) and i will be attempting to cover a few different musical styles, invite a few guests on and maybe do some interviews.

    However with this being the first show, I thought i would start off with a drum'n'bass mix by myself (no chatting) , its about an hour long.

    I hope you enjoy!

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