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Dedicated to leaders in life this podcast with global go-to coach is designed to put you firmly back in the drivers seat to be the CEO of your business and your life. Author of Fitpreneur, Vitality and The Mojo Maker - Nikki's show is designed to inform and inspire - with practical tips and tools on how you can create the life you want, bringing both business and personal success together for seamless success. . Learn about winning weeks, masterful months and remarkable years, listen to smart savvy advice and inspiring interviews leading experts and influencers. Author, Speaker, Thought Leader - Nikki’s podcast is designed for established leaders who do things with life. Featuring top tips on goal setting, finding your focus and elevating all you do for the trifecta of healthy, wealthy, wise and mastering work/life blend. No-nonsense, no frills and straight to the point. Engaging and full of decades of experience coaching top performers. *Previously known as The Vitality Coach podcast

The Mojo Maker Podcast with Nikki Fogden-Moore: For Leaders In Life | Healthy Wealthy and Wise Nikki Fogden-Moore:The Mojo Maker - Coach, Author and Global High Performance Expert

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Dedicated to leaders in life this podcast with global go-to coach is designed to put you firmly back in the drivers seat to be the CEO of your business and your life. Author of Fitpreneur, Vitality and The Mojo Maker - Nikki's show is designed to inform and inspire - with practical tips and tools on how you can create the life you want, bringing both business and personal success together for seamless success. . Learn about winning weeks, masterful months and remarkable years, listen to smart savvy advice and inspiring interviews leading experts and influencers. Author, Speaker, Thought Leader - Nikki’s podcast is designed for established leaders who do things with life. Featuring top tips on goal setting, finding your focus and elevating all you do for the trifecta of healthy, wealthy, wise and mastering work/life blend. No-nonsense, no frills and straight to the point. Engaging and full of decades of experience coaching top performers. *Previously known as The Vitality Coach podcast

    TMM108 The Courage To Be Disliked

    TMM108 The Courage To Be Disliked


    Welcome back to The Mojo Maker podcast – episode 108 talking all about the courage to walk your own path and why, when we start leading we may feel like we loose the support of others or ‘just don’t fit in’.

    I was going through the “questions for Nikki” that some of you have sent in about what your biggest challenges are.  For many of my Monday Mojo readers who are leaders and founders a trend popped out –

    “how do we keep our Mojo and walk our own path – even if it means accepting not everyone’s going to like it….’I.e. to lead by example instead of follow others – and to forge your own path at the risk of “not fitting in” anywhere else. 

    Great leaders:

    – Display a sense of “courage” in one way or another 

    –  Understand the importance of grounded decision making and trusting their gut vision even at the most challenging moments. 

    – It might not be easy but they aren’t afraid to make tough calls if it’s the right one to take

    – Thrive on creating something new, a discovery, an idea, a process or a project that lights them up –

    A Sense Of Purpose Is A Privilege

    I’ve just spent the last 3 days with my family in the very south of the North Island NZ, celebrating my fathers 90th birthday. It was truly special. 

    A pioneer in so many ways, Dad never really paid too much attention to what anyone else thought of him or what others were doing. Or if he did he hid it well.

    When something got to him – he didn’t let disbelievers or nee-sayers get in the way of his deep purpose. Even when the chips were down – there was no stopping Trevor.

    However it wasn’t easy for him – seeing opportunities everyone else didn’t, taking the risks, and overcoming challenges. Starting from absolutely nothing.

    My father taught me that with courage comes responsibility. It can feel isolating at times and you really need to be able to trust yourself and that “hunch” above anything else. 

    The one constant is that he choose his inner circle very carefully and fostered a sense of collective pride for those who worked with him and alongside him. 

    – He shard his vision and the wins.

    – Through the good and the bad.

    Feeling Disliked – aka Not Fitting In?

    You may be reading this and feel that you’ve always felt  just a little bit different from so many others around you.

    You’ll probably easily do more hours in your work as it is your passion, prepared to take some risks, see some sights and put your ideas on the line. Manage your day to day world differently. 

    The world always needs risk takes and game changers, The pioneers and the inventors and innovators. We also really need the good values that get passed down to ensure a legacy and positive ripple effect occurs as a result.

    * Communicate to your inner circle – don’t keep them in the dark* Inspire others with your vision and ensure you share the wins along the way they are a part of co-creating* Make the tough but necessary decisions with grace and humility – and ALWAYS recognise your true supporters. 

    As I said a couple of weeks ago  – If you don’t leapa href="https://thevitalitycoach.com.

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    TMM 107 Feeding The White Wolf

    TMM 107 Feeding The White Wolf

    TMM 107 Feeding The White Wolf

    Why the conversations we have with ourselves are the most important of all.

    How to identify your deep subconscious triggers that may be sabotaging your own sustainable success.

    Welcome to Monday Mojo© episodes and to the podcast/VLOG.  This topic of mindset is not a new one – and we all know the importance of staying positive and that what we think about expands. Think of this as an energetic tune up to lead a life you love and be genuine in all aspects.

    You’ll unlock a whole new level of vitality and clarity when you can master the art of feeding your white wolf and demonstrate leadership from within.

    Why is this so important? 

    Because once you recognise WHERE you are making decisions from and you can learn to access your higher truth and self,  then you eliminate shaky fear/shame/blame/guilt/doubt based decisions and conversations that so will invariably lead you down a long winding path and a dead end corner at some stage or another.

    * So why do we often find ourselves in situations where we are stuck in our heads, not able to make a decision, or perhaps holding on to a particular story, situation, person or outcome that no longer serves us?

    * Further more – how can you stop trying to control every given situation, person or outcome – perhaps just take care of your own side of the street with integrity, grace and intellect and see what happens as a result?

    There’s only so long we can keep a story going. At a certain point the universe will step in and ask you to step up. That is – if you are willing to listen to the signs, grow and get curious.

    If you’ve been following my podcast and reading my blogs you’ll know that around the topic of high performance I teach a lot about how to stop your EGO getting in the way. Plus actually HOW to recognise the difference between your EGO (an emotion driven thought or decision) – and your deep intuition (a feeling driven thought or decision).

    When I work with leaders stuck in Ego they get easily frustrated when things don’t go their way, do not let go of people from past relationships (even if there is no need to hang on or they are balancing practical they still try and play an emotional chess game) ….as they don’t like the idea of giving up, are often mentally and physically exhausted [decision making and EGO fatigue] and have been pushing, over working, over delivering and under whelmed with their personal and commercial results for some time.

    Phew! Exhausting!

    * Are you feeding the white wolf or subconsciously being ruled by the dark shadow that loves you to stay in the “pain” of loss, hard work, the daily trudge and “overcoming challenges” is like wearing a badge of honour.

    * It takes courage to accept the past or a situation, learn from it, reflect and then build on the new and next.

    Please note this is not a criticism. It’s just that until we realise there may be another way to look at life and leading our own – we stay stuck in the trap of the tools we have been given to date.

    So let’s get started today on helping you identify WHERE your thoughts and actions are being driven from.


    1. Who is the White Wolf?  The Best Clearest, Centred Version of You.

    The white wolf is our deep pure intuition and sense of knowing, doing and acting in the right way as a grounded source of knowledge without distraction and fear.

    * It is you without any filter or distraction, story or interference. It’s the deep sense of power and purpose in your best truth. Very, very powerful.

    It shines bright with integrity, honesty and transparency – bringing with it a renewed sense of energy and unlimited vitality enabling us to stay connected to people,

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    TMM 106 Steve Tighe Future Proof

    TMM 106 Steve Tighe Future Proof

    Are you Future Proof? Welcome to episode 106 with Author, Strategy guru and Futurist Steve Tighe.

    Self proclaimed lover of all things data and research, Steve’s mission for curiosity has put him front and centre as a pivotal “future” guide for the worlds best organisations.

    In this episode we discuss why too much data is not really a good thing and how trends are actually outdated by the time they are named.

    That the key to success is to replace looking back (or sideways) – with curiosity forecasting “the unknown”. ​​

    The What If’s.

    Future Proofing...How looking ahead is the essential ingredient for sustainable growth and longevity.

    Yes, review the past – but the true genius for companies and leaders is the fact looking ahead is one of the best assets for sustainable success.

    In a generation of information overload, Steve focuses on why companies should be looking forward and not reliant on “past trends” and data to make visionary strategic decisions. Plus why embracing the unknown starts with how we think at home and work.

    A business strategist, scenario planner and public speaker –  Steve designs long-term strategies for organisations. These long-term ‘foresight’ strategies give companies enough time to transform what they do, how they do and even who they are.

    Transformation is essential in a changing and volatile business environment.

    So why should we be more curious about change and less fearful about the future?

    Future Proof is Being Curious for Change

    Steve has had long relationship with information. He started at Foster’s in 1995, in the heyday of predictive analytics when organisations accumulated more and more data in the quest for a competitive edge. 

    At Foster’s Steve supported the sales vice president and the marketing vice president, and in the first eight years, did more market analysis than anyone else in the organisation’s 150 year history.

    Looking at the data available, how it was used, and not used, he saw the weaknesses in information and how companies use it.

    The weakness of traditional sources of data is that it is syndicated. So, any organisation and its competitors receive identical data, which defeats the purpose of using data for a competitive edge. Even so, companies continue to accumulate more data, which is never used. 

    Steve started looking at information differently and asked, ‘What can I find that will help us as an organisation against our competitors?

    This led him to the fundamental question, which has dictated the direction in his life since, “How do you get ahead of trends?” 

    The turning point 

    This led Steve to enrol in a master’s programme in foresight at the University of Swinburne University of Technology.  He was appointed in the role of foresight manager. 

    He admits that he had no idea what it would entail and feeling overwhelmed. But that was part of the charm…

    He asked the question, “What would Australia look like in 10 years, what are the fundamental wants, needs, and attitudes of people in that society, and what does it mean for us?”

    Trends? Why Looking Back Can Be Deceptive

    * A trend represents a-fundamental shift in behaviour. * A forecast is an extrapolation of a trend,

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    TMM105 Alison Flemming BroCode

    TMM105 Alison Flemming BroCode

    In episode 105 Leadership Mojo© I talk with Alison Flemming, (General Manager of Finance for Scentre Group) about bro code from a woman’s perspective.

    As a GM in a highly commercial landscape we chat about how:

    * diversity comes from within.* to navigate your way through a male dominated domain.* to deal with finding your space at work with accountability, integrity, honesty and confidence.

    FCA, Advisory Board Member, CAANZ Regional Councillor, NSW Telstra Business Womens Award Finalist 2015 and Executive of the Year 2014, Alison is a proven leader with a passion for delivering results in a collaborative fashion.

    With a technical background in accounting and commercial skills Alison’s passion lies in creating organisational value and developing people.

    Before her current career in finance, she’s had many finance and management accounting roles, primarily in mining and manufacturing, before coming to Scentre Group almost 11 years ago.

    Alison and Nikki

    Alison is actively involved in many areas of the corporate diversity policy and I co-ordinate a development group for female leaders.

    I firmly believe leaders have a huge ripple-effect on people. I wanted to find out from Alison is how she approaches diversity, empowerment and engagement for females in a male-dominated world.

    First up the Lifeaholic – the woman behind the title?

    I try and do a lot outside of work, because I’m a big believer in you’ve got to be interested and interesting, and I always worry that I’m going to be that person at a party that’s got nothing to talk about except work”.

    I’m often confused as a workaholic, but a “lifeaholic” is a far better description. I squeeze as much into my life as possible, both personally and professionally. Alongside my job, I enjoy keeping fit, mediation, cooking and I’m a passionate traveller.Alison Flemming

    Navigating Brocode – being female in a male dominated sector of finance

    Passionate about mentoring and helping people to realise their full potential – Alison has a straight forward approach to leadership that is drive by people and performance combined.

    In a perfect world there would be no need to focus on gender.

    We don’t have parity in the workplace, and the pace of change is far too slow. But the reality is if you don’t focus on your gender, other people won’t.

    * Focus on being the best candidate rather than being the best female candidate. That’s far less important than what you bring to the role.

    Be the best person for the job – let your talents shineAlison Flemming

    Developing people? What are Alison’s three values she applies at work?

    * Lead your team in a way that will generate respect, although she admits she might be difficult to work for because of her extremely high standards. At the same time, this requires an approach of inclusiveness – to create a fun and learning environment.* Speak Up: Alison checks in on Role Enjoyment but that requires equal accountability: “If you’re not enjoying your role, and you don’t like it, please don’t complain to your friends. Come and tell your manager, because they are the best placed person to do something about that,

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    TMM104 How To Back Yourself

    TMM104 How To Back Yourself

    How To Back Yourself. 3 simple tips to ensure you are grounded in setting your goals and trusting your crazy ideas to pursue life & the work you love.


    On this episode I kick off with a very simple into and 2 minutes about getting out of your own way. Then in part 2 and 3 I get asked a couple of awesome little questions from a long time friend and big goal achiever – Alison Flemming, General Manager of Finance at Westfield/Scentregroup.

    * Why do I do the show * What does success mean to me.

    So it’s pretty raw, fun and simple today.

    I hope it gives you some insight and inspiration on why you absolutely must NOT give up on yourself and that you are your greatest asset regardless of what anyone else’s opinion is – your’s of yourself matters first.

    Acknowledging Your Mindset needs to change – this may be your greatest challenge

    First up as part of the 100th episode series sessions I share a little bit of no mojo on why it is so vital to have self belief. How recognising the difference between deep insight and ego unlocks a whole new level of success.

    Your Ego is NOT your Amigo

    No matter what goes on in your brain, you must back yourself. Easier said than done as the biggest hurdle and roadblocks we experience – are actually coming down to the fact that our limiting beliefs, judgements and “perceptions” get in our own way.

    We know all of this right? We know mindset is everything. So how do we actually BACK ourselves?

    How To Back Yourself 1, 2 and 3

    You must be fearless, you must be blameless and you have to be shameless (aka judgement of self and others does not serve you at all)

    …..That doesn’t mean doing a nudie streak throughout your office building at midday and turning everything upside down. It actually means recognising where your triggers come from, in the moment of self doubt and understanding that your ego is not your amigo.

    1. Know thyself:

    Figure out what you really, really want in life and use my Three R’s for goal setting.

    * Does it resonate? * Is it relevant to you? * And is it real time?

    Why: Because chances are, if you tick all those boxes, you’re going to succeed and do things you never thought were possible.

    We only “know what we know” so according to quantum physics there really is unlimited reality. Be open minded, have an open soul and enjoy the journey, because that’s what it’s all about.

    2. Have a really really good pit crew.

    Surround yourself with really good people now. Those who REALLY support you and don’t need explainations, they are not trying to get you to fit into their way of thinking – but rather encourage you to thrive and shine in all areas of life. I have found the best mentors and friends are those who ask you “why not” instead of why.

    They are likeminded, supportive, tell you the truth and back you all the way. Cherish them. Pit Crew like this are crucial for sustainable success as we cannot do this journey alone.

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    TMM103 James Hunter Leadership Mojo©

    TMM103 James Hunter Leadership Mojo©

    In episode 103 Leadership Mojo© – I talk with James Hunter, National Managing Partner at KPMG Australia, on the power of authentic leadership.

    Why it requires accountability, shared intent and transformation from the top-down.

    James’ extensive leadership experience spans both corporate and military. With 15 years’ experience in a diverse range of corporate leadership roles in Professional Services in Australia, regionally and globally.

    James joined the Navy straight out of school. After leaving the Navy, he taught at Shore Sydney Church of England Grammar School. As Assistant Housemaster, and later Housemaster, he studied for his MBA.

    Six years later, with his MBA behind his name, James entered the corporate world.

    Over the last decade his focus has been working closely with companies across a range of sectors to deliver large, complex transformation and customer/digital/cultural reform programs in Australia as well as North America, the UK and Europe, and across SE and Northern Asia.

    Trust is rooted in integrity and shared intent of the outcome you want to achieve. James Hunter

    I asked James about his style of leadership and what we truly need to pay attention to as we build companies with sustainable success and values that matter:

    1. Authentic Leadership

    Leadership is constantly evolving, but at its heart is authenticity. Which means walking the talk and ensuring as a leader you continue to evolve and honour your values through all areas of life – this includes home as well as work.

    Leaders are accountable for the outcomes but can only do that if they can trust the people they work with. Authenticity ensures consistency in behaviour and in the end the valuable asset of trust. This trust is rooted in integrity and shared intent of the outcome you want to achieve. 

    You can’t lead through formal structures. Authentic leadership is about leading one-on-one. You lead by example, and your example is replicated. 

    Checking in on trust and shared intent – at all stages of growth and any size of business is crucial.

    2. Leadership Mojo is Shared intent

    Successful businesses often fail when they get to a certain size. That’s because entrepreneurs don’t realise the importance of surrounding themselves with people that they need to empower to be successful and own the success. There is a gap where shared intent should be.  

    If you want employees to take ownership and accept accountability, you need a shared intent on the outcomes right from the start. 

    * Great leaders foster shared intent by surrounding themselves with key people who have the skills they themselves lack.

    * The gap is bridged when leaders are willing to learn from these key people, who, in turn, learn from the leader.

    This is when people change the way they operate, and true integration happens. The result? Outcomes that are not merely good, but great.  

    3. Leadership Mojo is Closing the loop

    When you can share a vision and intent, and empower the people you work with, success is measured by the feedback that the process has been transformational. But empowerment is built on trust and looping back.

    * If you want people to trust you, then you need to create a safe environment and be available for open discussion. * Ensure there is a loop back on what has been asked,

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