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Welcome to 'Where Health Lies’ For over 30 years Don has travelled the globe sharing his unique and empowering messages of Self Care and Self-Education. We've put together for you a collection of what Don calls "truest-truths". It’s unrehearsed, we hope you enjoy it…but more importantly, we hope it inspires you to make greater, positive choices. Please visit tolmanselfcare.com to join our community, receive free health tips, product offers & complimentary event tickets when Don comes to town. If you would like to help us spread Don’s message, please tell a friend, or leave an honest iTunes review at the iTunes store. Thanks for listening and stay tuned for our next episode.

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Welcome to 'Where Health Lies’ For over 30 years Don has travelled the globe sharing his unique and empowering messages of Self Care and Self-Education. We've put together for you a collection of what Don calls "truest-truths". It’s unrehearsed, we hope you enjoy it…but more importantly, we hope it inspires you to make greater, positive choices. Please visit tolmanselfcare.com to join our community, receive free health tips, product offers & complimentary event tickets when Don comes to town. If you would like to help us spread Don’s message, please tell a friend, or leave an honest iTunes review at the iTunes store. Thanks for listening and stay tuned for our next episode.

    31 The Essentials of Plant Intelligence

    31 The Essentials of Plant Intelligence

    The Sense of smell is so incredibly Powerful.  Even Science today is starting to capitalise on smells in order to increase sales. e.g When Nike introduce a new line of tennis shoes they know to put a certain fragrance around the shoes so people snatch them up.
    Essentials were essential to Life and Health for so many people in the ancient world.
    Oils were originally called the Quintessence, however they eventually dropped the 'quint' and then it became essentials.
    The ancient lady doctors of Egypt wrote about how they would crush plants, soak them in water and the oils would float to the top.  Some of them can only be extracted through heat distillation. The oils of the plant or nut was litterally the nervous system fluids of that Plant = the Intelligence and message in it's highest forms.
    People with Chromes disease or Colon cancer should drink 1 shot glass of cold pressed extra virgin Olive oil a day.  You will be amazed by how you feel with these healing oils in the body.
    All of matter can only form itself into 1 of 5 shapes = the 5 shapes of energy or material form. Cubes, Spheres, Equa-distant Crosses, Spirals and the 5 pointed Star.  The ancients looked at the plants to see where they came from and the patterns of these 5 shapes and then looked at the human body and realised the different shapes target those kinds of aspects.  If you weren't feeling well or had a condition you were struggling with, they would take a drop of each of the 7 oils on a clay piece.  They would dip it into 1 of the oils and put it under your nose, which would go directly into the brain. They would ask you to measure the fragrance of the oils in 4 ways = Very pleasing, Pleasing, Not so pleasing or Yuck.  They had an interesting way of applying the essential oils.  They would take the very pleasing and pleasing and apply it to the Left side of the body in very specific locations, because they believed that Death and Disease exited through the left ear.  They took the not so pleasing and yuk and put it on the Right side as they believed that Health and Life entered in through the Right ear.  The oils would go in and out and bring Healing and Repair and Remission of disease.
    Oils in the ancient world came down to Supporting, Purifying and building the 5 aspects of ourselves = Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, Socially and Financially.
    In 2002 National Geographic found and photographed another tomb with clay pieces (pallets) and talked about the 7 sacred oils of the ancients.
    Air, Fire, Earth and Water over time became an acronym of where we get the word "a few" and over time they combined into the oils of all plants. A lot of the healing took place in the burning of the oils.
    People should read about and look into essential oils.  They aren't dangerous. Don't listen to the hype.  There are ways to use essential oils and ways not too. 
    Their are 3 ways to eat herbs.  Now we dry them up and use them in other ways that aren't beneficial.  We need to get back to what the ancients did. 
    Breathing in certain oils can knock out a Viral overload.  It supports the lungs in remising, and it doesn't suppress. 
    Essential oils are a huge part of the whole food Medicine that have been with us throughout the entire collective of the human experience.
    Cabala is a name that Don gave this juice for an offering, because in the ancient world in 12 - 13 different cultures it was considered to be one of the most sacred sacraments that you could take in to the temple for a period of time.  Juice 1 kilo of Carrots, 3 Apples - 1 red, green and yellow, 1/3 of a large Beetroot, 1 whole Lemon (peel and all) and it will make about 1Litre of juice.  Drinking this will remise disease and extend your life. 
    H.E.L.P = Helichrysum, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint.  Use them all in equal parts to themselves.  If you have a sore neck or joints put it on the part that is bothering you.  If you can't sleep, put this on your pillow.  It is a perfect blend.

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    30 Holding FAST

    30 Holding FAST

    This idea of fasting, goes back to all of the ancient healing centres, that's why people went there. They would make pilgrimage and trek hundreds and thousands of miles to go into the basement of the temples or museum.  They would be bathed and Anointed in Oils and begin a process of fasting. 
    Stonehenge was a place of healing.  Avalon (apple orchard) at the memorial, put people on juice fasts.
    If people want a clean body, the way you become fast or strong would be a fast.
    The beautiful thing about fasting and being healthy is it's for free - Air, Whole foods, Relationships, Passion, Fasting.
    Don believes their are over 9,000 human Diseases that could be completely eliminated if a person wants to fast.
    Studies have shown that all of our Cells completely change and are new cells every 7 years.
    13 years was the most sacred profound number that they had ever come across and it was symbolised by the male falice as the Number 1 and the feminine breasts as Number 3 which symbolised the letter B.  Balance started with 13 days on water, which would clean and restore the basement, the deepest parts. 13 days for the main floor would clean and repair the organs and structures on that floor and the last 13days would clean, repair and deliver the gift of completion.
    When you go on a fast for just 10days on water, all of space around us is invisible to us but their are particles that act with Intention. eg. atoms act with will and intention.  
    We came from seed.  The ancients believed that when you died you went back into seed, to re-rise, until you do a fast you attract these Atomic and Subatomic particles that increase and magnify all the senses, your mind and heart.
    If you are looking to remit any serious conditions you should drink Distilled Water.
    Alot of people believe we have to eat to feel strong.  This is not true.  In fact the more we eat the less strong we sometimes feel.
    Don shares his experience and intense feelings about his journey with Fasting. 
    Don is convinced that if you want to remise a Terminal condition, you should do an extended fast on water.  If a person just wants to clean some basic plaque out of the body, do a 7-10day Water fast or a 10-13day Juice fast.  If you don't want to fast on water or juice, another fabulous result is to do a mono-diet.  Go on a diet of apples and water for as long as you can. 
    Don touches on how he worked with 13 terminally ill people who all remised their diseases due to putting them on a fast. 


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    29 The Power of Whole foods

    29 The Power of Whole foods

    Everyone that goes into the miracle in a bottle Market ultimately winds up in worse conditions, Surgeries or other affects. A lot of the time they don't realise that it came from there use of the miracle in a bottle.
    Don talks about his childhood, Sunday school, his first taste for Pulse and the start of his life long quest looking for Pulse
    After 17 years and no pulse in sight Don realised enough was enough and quit his search. Don was sitting eating an apple one day and something happened to him like never before.  Don litterally could not breath out but he could only take air in, he started blacking out and thought he was dying.  All of sudden this big breath came out of him again.   2 thoughts crossed his mind then and there, 1 was that this is embarrassing and 2 you are through looking and it was time to quit this and get a life.   
    Our body (Abode) is sacred and it was divided vertically into 3 levels, from the bottom of the feet to the navel is the Basement.  The navel to the throat is the Main floor and the throat to the top of the head is the Upper rooms (the Heavens).  Then the heavens were divided into 3 levels - chin to nose, nose to brow and brow to the top of the head.  The top of the head has an eye that always sees in all ways, which is called the minds eye, eye of imagination or the third eye = Insight. 
    There were 12 lights (the Apostles) that lit the dome of the heavens, just like the sun, we are a Microcosm of that greater macro measurement out there.  
    In ancient times (the doctrine of Signatures) they knew that the offerings that should come into the body to support its Vitality, Health and Longevity which came from Plant foods that grew in the basement of the Earth, the main floor of the earth and the heavens that you had to reach up and pick. (e.g. grains, grapes, nuts, fruits)
    Carrots support Vision.  Tomatoes are one of the most profound Heart foods you can eat. Grapes target the entire Cellular structure of the Heart. Walnuts look like the brain and they are Brain food.  Avocados help a woman's body Balance the Hormones and Prevent Cervical cancers, complication and delivery. Bell peppers target the Heart.  Passionfruit you can see a signature pattern of the male testicle's and of the Ovaries of the female. Peanuts are the source of the arguing that is called Viagra.  Bananas and cucumbers are self explanatory.  Mushrooms target specifically the Thyroid.  Anything which is called a 'head' of eg. Cauliflower, Broccoli or Cabbage targets different functions of the Brain. Celery stalks, lettuce's etc target the making of new Blood and the delivery of it throughout the body.  Grapefruit targets and clean the Arteries.  Berries protect you and were used to Vaccinate yourself. 
    If you have big Varicose veins you should take leafy head plants like these ones, crush them to release the juices, put them on like a pulsate and wrap them in gauze for 4-5hours at a time over 3-4weeks, and your condition will remit.
    Don is thrilled about people beginning to gain enough knowledge and look at things with a different set of eyes and a questioning mind to everything that's going on and what their being told.      
    In the USA after 55 years of pharmaceutical, 3 trillion dollars just fighting one Disease and over half a million weapons of war, their's a quarter of a million supplements.  Yet we are the sickliest Generation of American's to of ever lived.  
    The USA has the highest infant mortality of any country. 
    In the USA of the 250 thousand food poisonings that occur from people eating at public restaurants and 231 supposedly can be tracked to a Plant food.  However it was sitting next to the Fluids of a piece of animal that was being cut up. 
    It is going to get more and more intense in the next 3 -5 years in the attacks of Whole foods, they attacked spinach and killed the market in the USA.   Farmers lost their farms and then large agri businesses came in and bought them up and then j

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    28 The 7 Principles of Health

    28 The 7 Principles of Health

    Prevention is litterally referring to the ancient notion and truthfulness that our body is tubes and they need to Vent. It is a word that means Flow or to Pre-vent.
    In the 21st century if you want to avoid the critical Chronic conditions that can develop, and also becoming a Victim to the fight against Disease, we need to go back and embrace the Principles of Health.
    In ancient times people went to museums and libraries to learn the Nocis (to know), Pracsis (to do), Entelicis (to be) and actually lived by the 7 principles of health.
    To tell if something is 'Bad Science' you should look for 1 thing - when this Scientific Study was done was it bought and paid for by a company to bring a Product to market? 
    The Electrical Frequencies of fresh whole foods litterally pass the Ion Electric Force right into the cells and when were eating Synthetic, processed, artificial stuff over time and distance we are completely dishonouring the Electric Magnetic force in nature that the cells thrive on
    Check out Don's audio called 'Methuselah's Secret' 
    #1 Air (means in Latin spirit) is like Electricity, we don't know what it is,  life is Movement and if it's not, it's dying or dead.  Air is no different. Air has to move to be Electrically alive.  The greatest source of electricity is literally the air we Breath.  Ventilation and Circulating air will help you avoid 9 out of 10 Cold and Lung problems that occur in the winter months.
    #2 Water is highly Electrical, the way to electrify water is the way Nature does. Ancient cultures saw it and Replicated it in a very easy way.  Pour Water through the air and it electrifies it to 50 or less, this will bring your Cells alive with Electric Force.  What studies have shown is that we should be drinking daily about 1L for every 22kgs.  Water is critical.   Your body has the capacity to take clean water from whatever Source and do it's magic. The University of California published a 3 year investigative Study as they wanted to find out what kind of Stress was put on the Kidneys by drinking 400L of LA tap water and 1 can of soda pop. The 400L of tap water was less stressful on the kidneys that 1 can of soda pop.
    #3 Sunshine. What the science shows is that what causes Skin Cancer is when a person 1. Doesn't stay Hydrated with enough Water and 2. Doesn't have enough Fresh, in Season, locally Grown Fruits in the diet. Spending 20 - 30 mins daily in the Sun is one of the most Healthy principles that you can embrace in Preventing all kinds of things that are going on.  Research shows that Sunshine actually clears up and Remits over a dozen Cancers, some of the most deadly.
    #4 Walking. Studies have been done because of what it does for the Cerebral Spinal mass, as well as the entire Nervous System.  The Cross Patterning movement, just that movement, actually enlivens the entire nervous system and creates the Flux or the Nerve flow.  Also the Lymphatic System can only purify, move and clean the body if you walk.  If you walk (or stroll) for 45mins - 1 hour all kinds of incredible things are taking place at levels that we are not even Conscious of.  Walking is how you Strengthen the fabric of your Emotions.
    #5 Whole foods.  The Plant kingdom.  Their's all kinds of collective evidence over the entire course of the Human Experience that shows a Plant based Diet seems to have an effect on the Temprement of the human experience which is good, kind and leads to a Disease free Culture and Society and adds to a person's Longevity.  "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" is actually a truest truth.  The smartest thing people can do is eat Locally and support the local Growers, fresh is what is Critical, more so than Organic.  It's the Electro Chemical frequency of the volatile Fluids of fresh that your cells identify with.  That's why you should eat locally.  
    #6 Non-toxic relationships are so critical, we must have loving relationships in our lives.  Their's studies that show that if you honestl

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    27 The Myth of Cancer

    27 The Myth of Cancer

    Host Paul Dunn recommends the show 'The Lion in the House'.
    We need to unravel the Mystery of Disease. In the 21st century we've got to get back some of the most Basic, Common sense, Logical and Reasonable approaches to things that are wrong in the body.
    Most people are not aware that it is stated in Published Medical Journals that nearly every case of childhood Leukaemia was brought on by the Vaccinations they received as children.
    Today in the USA alone, Iatrogenic Genocide (doctor induced deaths) is the Number 3 killer of American people (2 million deaths per year).
    We have been Trained regarding 'Health Care' by the Medical schools that are built, paid for and whose curriculums are written and put into place by the Pharmaceutical Industry, who put in lobbyists and passed State Laws for state Licensing of the Medical Doctors all done by the pharmaceutical industry, the largest Industry in the World.
    Health care today is Sick care and it is the perpetuation of Disease for the sales and use of products  and procedures.
    The Cancer Foundation have spent over 47 years and 3 Trillion Dollars in the War against Cancer, yet still they have no answer.
    We've gone from 1 in 8,000 people in 1908 having cancer, to 1 in 3 people today having cancer.
    What if Cancer is nothing but a Myth, it's actually our friend, what if the Body and its Autogenic Self Healing and Replicating system knows how to Heal itself if we will simply support the Process.
    There's so much Money in Fear and the Control that comes from that fear and the consumption of the procedures and the products and medications that play in all of that.
    We have to realise that Physically the Human body is nothing more and nothing less than a set of tubes and there's only so many things that can happen to tubes, they can be Smashed, Cut, Burnt, become Weak in there lining and Burst, Balloon or most commonly become Clogged.
    Clogged tubes is the money making mystery and 90% of all human disease.
    Alot of people don't realise that the Symptoms of disease are the bodies method of Curing the disease.  Instead of getting to the real cause of the Problem we take that symptom and treat it like it is the problem.
    9 out of 10 Headaches are caused by Dehydration of the brain, people aren't drinking enough water.
    When we Medicate we are stopping the bodies cure, not Assisting it
    We need to get clear on how to support the body so that it can undo all the crap and the Macrophage (large Eating Cells) will come in and take on the construction.
    Don't take your Doctors word for anything and don't take lab tests first time around, get a different lab test if your really that concerned, but make sure the labs don't know each other.
    It is absolutely the Reverse and we are creating the Death of Millions of people in our Attack and in our Fight against Disease.
    More people die of the Treatments for Prostate and Breast Cancer in the USA than any other cancers, and yet by there own Admission those 2 cancers are the most easily Remitted on your own.
    Don says "I'm just a guy, that understands some simple little things that have worked for Humanity for Thousands of years, and they still work, the world hasn't changed, our technologies have, but Mother Nature and Creation is Complex, but it hasn't Changed".
    Self Care takes having enough Knowledge that you have enough Confidence to embrace the Natural Processes of our Physiology and going into it knowing fully well that you can Remise the conditions that are not good in Anatomical sights and within our Physiology.  Just long enough to get the confidence of getting a Result.

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    26 Soil Depleted Foods

    26 Soil Depleted Foods

    Q. How does Soil Deficiency affect what we eat in the Plant kingdom?  A.  Don explains a little bit about the history behind this, the 20 year Experiment they did and points out the false information given.  Plants don't eat dirt.  They Synthesise from Sunlight and the uptake of Solubility of Water, and they synthesise everything they need. They make Iron, Magnesium and everything they need from sunlight and water. It's not the dirt they eat.  There are organisms in the dirt that stimulate Electrical Force that can assist it to grow.  Water Mineralises itself from Sunshine, as do Plants and Humans.  It's like Parasites in our Body are not the problem, their there to clean up the Rot, Decay and Crud that there feeding and breeding in. The rot and decay are the problem. Through Fasting and other things, the parasites will leave because they don't like the Environment. In 1998 a Published study in USA alone, identified over 26,000 kinds of dirt. They found out that every kind of dirt doesn't want to grow what you decide to plant in it.  Therefore, if something you plant doesn't grow, move it to another place, it will most likely be another type of dirt and it should grow just fine.  To find out more, jump in and do some studies about the New Soil Sciences.
    Q.  How do we avoid Dental work and Root Canals?  A.  If it's a minor tooth ache use Essential Clove Oil (a natural analgesic) put it in the palm of your hand, rub it and put it on the gum and around the tooth. One of the biggest problems with Tooth Enamel and Receding Gums is brushing your Teeth.  So stop brushing your teeth. According to the Principles of Natural Dentistry you should take a cotton cloth, put the cloth around your finger, wet it, then rub Vegetable Glycerin soap on it, wash your teeth and tongue with it then rinse it out.  If it's something more serious, like you need a Root canal, search Google for Natural Dentistry (dentists who understand the teeth and it's relationship to the Spine and the Brain) and they can answer the questions that you have. 
    Q. With having Ulcerative Colitis in the large Intestine, what can you eat that isn't harsh on the system and what do you recommend for high Mercury Toxicity?  A.  The best way to go is making 60-70% of your diet Fermented foods. Buy any kind of Mucilaginous foods, things like Whole Flaxseed and Okra. Add Extra Virgin Oil to everything you are eating so the oil is used as a lubricant that is Nutritional. Salt will also correct the Lesions and Ulcerations. Each morning drink   1L of Water with 1 heaped tablespoon of Sea salt. Eat Raw food that is smooth, without a lot of fibre which can also help to alleviate the condition. Add olive oil, salt and lemon juice to high fibre content foods.  In 2-3weeks you will be more comfortable and Healing will take place.
    There's a meal that targets Ulcerative Colitis and Prostate Cancer.  Eat this meal every morning for breakfast: Prepare the night before - 2 cups of un-cooked rolled Oats, 1 tablespoon of Flaxseed and 1 tablespoon of Wheatgerm and squeeze Lemon juice on top of it.  The next morning add a little Apple juice or Organic Milk to moisten it before eating. By doing this you can typically Remise the problem within about 90days.  To help further remise, eat 2-3 handfuls of Raw Brazil Nuts everyday. Brazil Nuts have a Nutritional Component, called Selenium, and they have the highest Naturally occurring Selenium of any nut or seed they have ever studied.
    A young man fights to figure out what's best for his brothers future health and well being.  Don explains that you "Can not Serve Two Masters" as you are going to create a constant Chaos.  There can only be one path. It is a choice he gets to make. A principle of the ancient world was 'The First shall be Last, and the Last should be First'.  This is how Disease comes upon you and how it Remises.  It's a Truest Truth, that's the way it is. If you have a Lesion, Ulcer or bed sore, put Salt or Ra

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64 Ratings

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