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Wilms Front is a fast-paced news and information live internet show. It is broadcast live from the Unshackled Studios on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday evenings 7pm Melbourne time The Unshackled’s video and podcasting platforms. 

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Wilms Front is a fast-paced news and information live internet show. It is broadcast live from the Unshackled Studios on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday evenings 7pm Melbourne time The Unshackled’s video and podcasting platforms. 

    TNE 106 Retreating Targets

    TNE 106 Retreating Targets

    More pandemic tyrants are in retreat with WA Premier Mark McGowan the latest to quit. The US Target chain is the next Bud Light facing a boycott after launching pride products aimed at children. Plus the aftermath of a shocking week here in Victoria on Tim's News Explosion.
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    TNE 105 AwFuL

    TNE 105 AwFuL

    The AFL is at it again with another round of awful virtue signalling. It used its Indigenous Round to announce it supported The Voice referendum and celebrated the latest alphabet day IDAHOBIT. All the latest virtue cringe on this week's Tim's News Explosion live tonight  8.30pm AEST on YouTube, DLive and Odysee.

    The AFL despite all its virtue signalling it’s still not enough for some and doesn’t stop accusations of racism or cultural insensitivity. Aunty Joy Murphy who gave a Welcome to Country at a Dreamtime at the G function accused the AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan of snubbing her. The Dreamtime game between Richmond and Essendon was marred by crowd violence with 10 evictions and a glassing occurring. The next day at the Carlton vs Collingwood game there was a crowd brawl with 3 evictions. But at least no players were booed as the booing earlier this year of Indengious Sydney player Lance Franklin was labelled racist.

    North Melbourne coach Alistair Clarkson has taken mental health leave as he and Brisbane Lions coach Chris Fagan continue to be investigated by the AFL into anonymous accusations they mistreated Indigenous players. The media deemed them guilty until proven innocent when the allegations were first leaked with Clarkson reportedly denied service at a petrol station. If such discrimination occurred to Jewish North Melbourne player Harry Sheezel Dvir Abramovich would demand action, SEN owner Craig Hutchinson apologized to Dvir last year when caller John from Epping joked that Sheezel’s parents could buy a Tasmanian team as Jews are the moneymen. The accusations of racism Clarkson is probably why he hasn’t taken action against North Melbourne Indigenous player Tarryn Thomas who is facing charges of threatening to release revenge porn.

    ABC Q&A host Stan Grant announced he is stepping away from the media he claims because of racist abuse after his anti-monarchy rant on the ABC’s King’s Coronation coverage. Grant also accused the ABC of not defending him, this prompted an apology from the ABC News Director Justin Stevens, a promise to investigate racism at the ABC and protests today by ABC staff against racism.

    Collingwood released a video of its male AFL players putting on IDAHOBIT rainbows with their Emirates sponsor on their gear, an airline from a country where homosexuality is illegal. The Sydney Swans also released an IDAHOBIT message and they are sponsored by Qatar Airways.

    Premier Dan Andrews arranged a drag queen storytime in the Parliament for IDAHOBIT. The Liberal Opposition was butthurt they weren’t invited. Legalise Cannabis MLC Rachel Payne called on Victoria Police to take action to protect drag queen storytimes, Victorian local councils held an emergency meeting about how to respond to drag queen storytime backlash. The Guardian also published a profile piece on the new drag storytime protection force the Rainbow Community Angels.

    Victorian Liberal leader John Pesutto was booed at the party’s state council meeting in Bendigo in the aftermath of Moira Deeming’s expulsion from the parliamentary partyroom. The next day State President Greg Mirabella criticized those who booed Pesutto as being part of a cultural cancer, he also said the party should better target young voters.

    The lack of Opposition to the Dan Andrews Government has allowed them to send the state broke. The state budget tomorrow will detail a $31.5 billion “COVID-19 Debt Repayment Plan” for the costs the government occurred when it decided to repeatedly lockdown Victoria.

    Joe Biden cancelled his trip to Sydney for the Quad leaders meeting to deal with debt ceiling negotiations with Congress as the House Republicans are demanding spending cuts. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is set to announce his 2024 Presidential campaign. Donald Trump has already released an attack ad showcasing that it was his endorsement of DeSantis in 2018 that got him elected Governor.

    89-year-old Democrat Californian Senator Dianne Feins

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    TNE 104 Migration Migraines

    TNE 104 Migration Migraines

    The return of mass migration post-pandemic is causing migraines in Australia and the US. The NSN shouted off with SAlt in Melbourne on Saturday at their Stop Immigration Rally. On the US Southern Border illegal crossings have resumed with the Title 42 expulsion order lifted by the Biden Administration. See where people are headed on tonight's Tim's News Explosion.

    On Saturday the Nazis and Socialists faced off again on Spring Street. The National Socialist Network (NSN) organized a snap Stop Immigration Rally on the steps of Victoria’s Parliament House with the Socialist Alternative front group the Campaign Against Racism and Fascism counter protesting. Victoria Police first moved on NSN off the steps then from Spring Street completely. Avi Yemini of Rebel News interviewed Thomas Sewell of the NSN, while attempting to talk to the Socialists he was assaulted by a masked Antifa/Socialist coward thug.

    Moira Deeming was expelled from the Victorian Liberal Partyroom on the second attempt with Renee Heath a supporter of Deeming removed as Partyroom secretary. The margin for both votes was 19-11. The day before the vote Moira Deeming announced she had sent a defamation concerns notice to Liberal leader John Pesutto.

    Monica Smit of Reignite Democracy Australia was found guilty today in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court of two breaches of covid rules she was contesting. But no conviction was recorded nor was she fined.

    Community backlash has seen local governments across Victoria cancelled planned drag queen story times but Nillumbik Council is still planning one at its Eltham Library. An LGBT group calling themselves the Rainbow Community Angels are planning to protect this groomer event.

    Frankson serial killer Paul Denyer was denied parole but the Andrews Government so far will not support legislation to keep him locked away for life.

    The Tasmanian Liberal Government is now in minority after Lara Alexander and John Tucker moved to the crossbench over taxpayer funding for the new Hobart AFL stadium.

    In last week’s Federal Budget Treasurer Jim Chalmers announced a $4.2 billion AUD budget surplus thanks to high commodity prices, not due to any spending restraint.

    Pfizer Australia is the latest corporation to announce they are supporting the constitutionally enshrined Aboriginal Voice. Warren Mundine and Senator Jacinta Price have announced the merger of their respective no campaigns.

    An inquiry into the aborted prosecution of Bruce Lerhmann who was accused of raping Brittany Higgins has turned into an inquiry into the conduct of the ACT Director of Public Prosecutions Shane Drumgold SC who alleged a political conspiracy against Brittany Higgins but later withdrew that allegation.

    New Zealand Finance Minister Grant Robertson has been caught following on Instagram an account called Cute Boys Philippines which features what appear to be underage boys in various states of undress. Robertson quietly unfollowed the account but Cam Wilson from the BFD was the only media outlet to put questions to him about this.

    A New York Jury decided that Donald Trump sexually abused E Jean Carroll in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room in the 1990s and defamed her by denying it and ordered him to pay her $5 million in damages. In a CNN Town Hall Trump said he had never met E Jean Carroll who says she might sue him again. CNN host Kaitlan Collins kept attempting to trip Trump up on January 6 and Ukraine.

    Elon Musk announced former NBCUniversial advertising executive Linda Yaccarino would be the New Twitter CEO. Yaccarino has been a regular attendee at the World Economic Forum where she blamed the internet for the rise of fake news. Elon Musk has said his commitment to free speech hasn’t changed.

    The US Government Title 42 executive order that allowed for the immediate expulsion of illegal migrants has expired. This has led to a migrant surge crossing over the US southern border with Mexico.

    President Joe Biden told graduate students at p

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    WF Ep. 178 The Hon John Ruddick MLC

    WF Ep. 178 The Hon John Ruddick MLC

    With the 58th NSW Parliament opening this week my WilmsFront guest is freshly elected Liberal Democrats MLC the Hon John Ruddick to discuss the issues he will be pursuing in the parliament.

    John spent 25 years attempting to democratize the Liberal Party even publishing a manifesto Make the Liberal Party Great Again. But in 2021 with the Liberal Government in his home state of NSW plunging Sydney into an extended covid lockdown John joined the Liberal Democrats.

    John was the lead NSW Senate candidate for the Liberal Democrats at the 2022 federal election. The NSW membership endorsed him to be their lead candidate for the Legislative Council in the 2023 state election but the state executive decided to disendorse him. A special state general meeting was organized by the membership which replaced the state executive and re-endorsed John as their lead candidate.

    The Liberal Democrats campaigned on a freedom manifesto including covid justice. The NSW Government recently suspended its pursuit of unpaid covid fines after an NSW Supreme Court decision that ruled that writing failing to comply with a public health order on a penalty notice was not valid.

    As a party that supports individual freedom and choice the Liberal Democrats abhor the Albanese Government’s new vaping restrictions which will only see those with medical prescriptions legally able to purchase and import vaping products.

    The Liberal Democrats will be forced to change their name following new legislation passed by the Morrison Government which forbids other parties from using the name Liberal other than the first registered Liberal Party. A decision on the party’s new name will be made at the party’s AGM in Melbourne next week.

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    WF 177 Alleged Australian Coup Plotter Teresa van Lieshout

    WF 177 Alleged Australian Coup Plotter Teresa van Lieshout

    In this special edition of WilmsFront, I speak exclusively with alleged Australian coup plotter Teresa van Lieshout who was arrested by the Australian Federal Police in 2021 and imprisoned for over 6 months without trial.
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    TNE 102 Two Firings, Two Stadiums and a Wedding

    TNE 102 Two Firings, Two Stadiums and a Wedding

    The US news media was shaken up by the firing of Tucker Carlson from Fox News and Don Lemon from CNN. Back in Australia PM Albo had a tone-deaf Saturday by funding two stadiums in then flying to Kyle Sandilands wedding. I look at all the fallouts on Tim's News Explosion.

    Rumour has it that Victorian Premier Dan Andrews will retire mid-year. But Dan is not done building his legacy with legislation before parliament to make the North Richmond drug injecting room permanent. Consultation begins on a proposed second drug injection in the CBD near Flinders Street Station. The age of criminal responsibility will be lifted to 12 by the end of 2024 and to 14 by the end of 2027.

    There was a ratepayers’ protest outside the latest Monash Council meeting over a planned drag queen storytime at Oakleigh Library on May 19 for IDAHOBIT Day. The Municipal Association of Victoria says that council meetings that are attended by activists should be moved online. The indoctrination appears to be working with a recent survey finding that one-third of Australia’s youth identifying as LGBT.

    On Saturday Anthony Albanese first travelled to Hobart to announce $240 million in federal funding for a new AFL stadium at Macquarie Point, then to Launceston with $65 million for an upgrade to York Park as part of an AFL extortion operation so there will be a team based in Tasmania. Albo then flew back to Sydney to attend Kyle Sandilands and Tegan Kynaston $1 million wedding. Kyle’s groomsmen were nightclub identity John Ibrahim and convicted drug trafficker Simon Main.

    Labor Governments have attacked the Greens for opposing more private housing development. The Greens want a national rent freeze and seem to only support government-owned and built housing. More housing needs to be built as 650,000 migrants are coming over the next two years. Home Affairs Minister Claire O’Neill unveiled a migration review that recommends allowing more migrant care workers to fill the current demands for labour.

    NSW One Nation Mark Latham again defended his tweet reply to Independent Sydney MP Alex Greenwich calling him disgusting on Chris Smith’s TNT radio show. Latham said that to straight men the thought of two men having anal sex is puke worthy. A peer-reviewed scientific study in 2017 found straight men’s physiological stress response to seeing two men kissing is the same as seeing maggots. Greenwich is now suing Latham for defamation, reported him to police and made a vilification complaint.

    Australia’s eSaftey Commissioner Julie Inman Grant issued a takedown notice to Twitter over TERF news website Reduxx for misgendering transwoman and former SJW YouTuber now soccer player Riley Dennis. Dylan Mulvany feels that media reports saying he in response to the Bud Light backlash should be illegal.

    US President Biden officially announced his 2024 re-election campaign with the slogan ‘let’s finish the job’. Because Biden is already 80 years old the Democrats have been promoting two Gen Z shills influencers Harry Sisson and Chris Mowrey. Disney is suing Florida Governor and likely Presidental candidate Ron DeSantis over him removing their special tax and planning status in the state. Already announced Presidential candidate and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley urged Disney to move their operations to her state. In Israel DeSantis signed an anti-free speech law HB 269 that makes it a felony with up to five years in jail for passing out “offensive” flyers or pamphlets.

    A week after Tucker Carlson’s firing from Fox News ratings have helved in the network’s 8pm slot. The inside word is it was the decision of the Murdochs. Fox Corporation revenue on Tucker’s show had been declining from 2019 onwards because of advertiser boycotts after he said uncontrolled mass migration made America “poorer, dirtier and more divided”. Low-level Tucker producer Abby Grossberg is suing Fox claiming his office contained misogyny and anti-Semitism even

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