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Accelerating your Interior design, travel and tourism or hospitality business by improving your digital influence, with interior design pro and social media master Darla Powell (and “The Soulless Ginger” Natalie Grafe).

Wingnut Social: The Social Media Marketing and Business Podcast Darla Powell

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Accelerating your Interior design, travel and tourism or hospitality business by improving your digital influence, with interior design pro and social media master Darla Powell (and “The Soulless Ginger” Natalie Grafe).

    How to Fuse Traditional + Digital Marketing with Steven Glaze - Episode 196

    How to Fuse Traditional + Digital Marketing with Steven Glaze - Episode 196

    Have you found the perfect blend of traditional marketing and digital marketing in your business? How do you know what to leverage—and when? In this episode of the Wingnut Social podcast, Steven Glaze shares how his business blends the two styles of marketing to create a highly successful marketing process.
    Steven is an expert in the home exterior remodeling industry. He started working at his father’s roofing company at the age of 16 and was managing crews by 18. Today he is the VP of Sales at Smart Exteriors LLC, an award-winning design company in Kansas City. He’s also the author of The Home Owner's Buying Guide to Exterior Siding in Kansas City. Don’t miss his innovative marketing ideas—give it a listen!
    What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social
    [1:27] Snap Connect
    [3:42] Who is Steven Glaze?
    [4:35] Steven Glaze’s background in marketing
    [8:13] Facebook marketing: you can’t beat it
    [8:56] Direct mail marketing vs. digital marketing
    [10:23] Community outreach as a marketing tool
    [13:33] Leveraging organic SEO
    [16:33] How the pandemic impacted their marketing
    [18:46] What their marketing budget looks like
    [21:55] Why you NEED to ask your clients for reviews
    [27:52] Write a book
    [28:58] What up Wingnut! Round
    [33:14] All about Houzz
    [36:00] Blooper Reel!
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    Episode #37: Get Your Foot in the Door
    Episode #144: Digital Marketing Budget
    Episode #191: Writing a Book
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    BOOK: Rich Dad, Poor Dad
    Community outreach as a marketing tool
    Steven has been highly successful with seasonal direct mail marketing. But another innovative idea that he’s found to be successful is community outreach. His company will go into a neighborhood where they’ve recently done a siding or roofing project (because they can often see that everyone in the neighborhood needs work done as well).
    So they come into the community and bring in a food truck and a bounce house for the kids. They’ll promote the event through that particular neighborhood’s Facebook page. They provide it as a meet and greet to get to know the neighborhood. It’s a great way to connect with people, create networking relationships, and bring in new business. 
    Steven shares that a local organization hosts a fundraiser where they get 5 houses to host an event where you move from house to house and eat food and drink wine. It’s the hottest ticket in town. They bring in designers to stage each house. So people are drinking wine and walking through these beautifully staged homes. It’s a great opportunity for designers to show off their skills and bring in new business. 
    How does Steven leverage organic SEO as part of his marketing strategy? How did the pandemic impact their business? What does their marketing budget look like? Listen to learn more!
    Why you NEED to ask your clients for reviews
    Is your review game strong? Steven emphasizes that reviews of your business are incredibly helpful as a marketing tool. Steven didn't request them for customers in the beginning. But they’ve gained close to 50 reviews over the last two years. It’s changed their margins, closing percentages—it’s changed everything.
    If customers are willing to leave you a review, you want to request they do it on Google (at the bare minimum). You need Google my Business in order to do that. The easiest thing you can do is send your customer a link to fill out. Steven likes to use Grade.US to make the process easier. 
    How do you incentivize customers to complete reviews for you? One thing that Steven loves to do is reach out between Thanksgiving and Christmas. He’ll ask them to fill out a review and he’ll send them a $25 gift card to use for C

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    Rex Rogosch’s Take on the Future of Hospitality Design - Episode 195

    Rex Rogosch’s Take on the Future of Hospitality Design - Episode 195

    The Coronavirus pandemic brought to light many things that were lacking in the hospitality industry that will need to change. Rex believes you’ll begin to see different rules and regulations—and hospitality designers will need to know these things. What are the easiest materials to keep clean? How will social distancing change design? What temporary changes will become permanent? In this episode of Wingnut Social, Darla, Natalie, and Rex take a deep-dive into the future of hospitality design. 
    Rex Rogosch is an award-winning interior designer and the creative director at Darla Powell Interiors. Rex has over 20 years of experience in hospitality, including the architectural side of hospitality. He’s worked with commercial, restaurants, casinos, and hotels and is known for his eye for detail and completing design projects in an exquisite fashion. 
    What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social
    [0:54] Rotten potatoes + the Mandalorian 
    [2:27] Badges on TikTok
    [5:41] All about Rex Rogosch
    [9:27] Rex’s experience in hospitality design
    [10:27] Why go into hospitality design?
    [11:38] How the hospitality industry is changing
    [13:07] Will hospitality move smaller?
    [17:21] How to keep your design timeless
    [21:25] Technology in the hospitality industry
    [23:50] The impact of virtual events on the industry
    [26:16] The psychology of the host + user
    [30:20] What up Wingnut! Round
    [38:23] Blooper Reel!
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    How the hospitality design industry is changing
    Rex emphasizes that designers in the hospitality industry have to be at the forefront of change. Regulations are changing at the state and local levels. So designers need to stay up-to-date on local requirements and think creatively. They must engage with their clients and brainstorm unique ideas. 
    Designers often rely on the architect to know these things, but Rex points out that you can‘t rely on someone else's knowledge. You need to know. Some clients will want to adhere to the bare minimum requirements and throw up a plastic sheet. Others will want to build plexiglass dividers. Rex emphasizes that you will see a multitude of extremes until things even out. 
    Rex is a huge proponent of technology. He thinks it will play a huge role—and not just in the sense of doing things virtually on your computer. He thinks a step toward microband and antimicrobial materials will become more prominent in hospitality design. You’ll see fabrics that are bleach-resistant. 
    Most people don’t know that porcelain tiles exist that have coatings on them so when water touches them it releases ozone into the air. Why? It blocks out the chlorine smell at pools. He believes these types of products will become more widely available in the market. That tech will show up on a more global scale at a better price. 
    The psychology of the host + user
    With hospitality design in general, you have to look at how people interact. Part of your job is to visualize how you want to move people through a space in your design. You have to look at how your design choices will impact people. Humans like to feel cozy and secure. How do you make them feel that when the closest person is 10 feet away? 
    Rex points out that you should look at a building like it’s its own city. Look at the psychology of the host and the user: What is it that you want them to experience? Look at new ways of giving them experiences that are enjoyable—but safe. What about creating rooftop gardens? It’s good for the environment, it’s outdoors, and allows you to socially distance. What do you want your buildings to convey in a respectful and insightful way? Designers can help hotels and other venues reinvent their spaces. 
    When the ADA first came out, people didn’t know what they were doing. Now it’s common

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    How to Rewire your Mindset [Jarrod Haning’s Nobel-Nominated Process] - Episode 194

    How to Rewire your Mindset [Jarrod Haning’s Nobel-Nominated Process] - Episode 194

    What is mindset? Mindset is different from attitude, personality, and positive thinking. In Jarrod Haning’s world, mindset is a strategy. Mindset is a specific way of thinking that generates a specific result. If you can access different levels of your brain on-demand, it shifts levels of resourcefulness and innovation when it comes to solving problems. You think at a higher level and come up with more effective solutions. 
    So how can you leverage your mindset to access different parts of your brain? How do you change the results you’re seeing in your every-day life? Jarrod is a performance coach that specializes in a Nobel-nominated process that allows you to access different parts of your brain on-demand. 
    Jarrod is an award-winning speaker who’s been featured on ABC Nightline, spoken on stages all across the country, and has clients around the world. He’s also delivered 4 TEDx talks related to Mindset Performance. To get a glimpse into his process, listen to this episode of the Wingnut Social podcast!
    What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social
    [1:02] A tribute to MacDuff
    [4:12] TikTok Teams Up With Shopify
    [6:40] All about Jarrod Haning
    [8:31] Why Jarrod’s an expert about Mindset
    [12:04] Why Jarrod hates “work smarter—not harder”
    [25:20] Mind Pushups: an exercise to rewire your mind
    [35:00] How is it different than looking outside of the box
    [35:53] Why to-do lists are the enemy. 
    [41:09] The What up Wingnut! Round
    [44:38] How to connect with Jarrod
    [51:51] Blooper Reel!
    Connect with Jarrod Haning
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    The War of Art by Steven Pressfield
    Why Jarrod hates “work smarter—not harder”
    Jarrod believes “work smarter—not harder” is deceptively dangerous and misleading advice. It’s like praising your kids for being smart or getting good grades. That is kneecapping your own children. Why? Being smart is something that you have no control over. It’s why kids who are praised for being smart grow up to be quitters. Why? Because the first time they try something that doesn’t come naturally, they give up. It’s why you should say, “I’m proud of you, I can tell you worked really hard.” Because you can always work harder at something. 
    There are almost always 3 reasons that you’re stuck in the situation you are (that work smarter not harder is NOT the answer to):
    You don’t have enough time.
    You don’t have enough money.
    You don’t have the support you need. 
    You’re doing everything you know to do. Working harder wouldn’t make a difference or it would have by now. It’s likely that everything you’re doing is logical, rational, well thought out, etc. So working smarter won’t make a difference—or it would have by now. A breakthrough in your situation will not make sense to you. Because you’ve done everything that does make sense. You have to get out of your head. 
    If something isn’t working, Jarrod notes that your gut reaction is to do more of it faster. But if you’re driving and get lost, driving faster doesn’t get you back on track. You have to stop and look at a map. Rather than run faster in a corn maze to get to the end faster, stand on a ladder, and look at the maze. In a split second, you have an “aha moment” and everything clicks. You need to change your altitude of perspective. 
    In the work that Jarrod does, they map out your thinking patterns. Once they do that, it will get you out of your head and unto the paper. You can see your blind spots. A blind spot makes sense on the surface, but the fact that it makes sense is why you keep running into obstacles. Jarrod walks through his powerful mind pushups method that can rewire the way you think. To walk through the exercise with him, listen to the whole episode. 
    Why to-do li

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    Andrea Freeman’s Method: Shift Your Mindset to Scale Your Business - Episode 193

    Andrea Freeman’s Method: Shift Your Mindset to Scale Your Business - Episode 193

    Everyone wants to show up as the best version of themselves, in life and in business. Sometimes it’s easier said than done. Andrea Freeman believes that everyone is on a journey to expand and learn more about themselves. She likes to say “Let your personal evolution fuel your business revolution.” She emphasizes that your business can only be as successful as you are. So how do you shift your mindset and realign with your purpose? How does doing that help you scale your business? Listen to this episode of Wingnut Social to learn more!
    Andrea Freeman is a business coach who created the HOST Method. She’s on a mission to help service-based business owners realign with their purpose, create greater financial freedom, fulfillment, and make a difference in the world. She’s worked with clients to integrate mindset techniques, refine their business models, and scale quickly. Andrea’s clients experience more clarity in their purpose, they see their revenue stream increase and they achieve much more sustainable success.
    What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social
    [0:54] Knaus Berry Farm Shoutout
    [3:08] Facebook’s guide to successful ad campaigns
    [4:35] Andrea Freeman’s background
    [5:55] Andrea has been a life-long entrepreneur
    [7:06] What it’s like working with A-list celebrities
    [9:35] The difference between a negative and positive mindset
    [11:29] “Who should I be” versus “what should I do”
    [15:34] Strategies to deal with an in-the-moment crisis
    [19:48] What is the HOST method?
    [22:34] Meditation + mindset
    [26:45] The What Up Wingnut! Round
    [28:22] How to connect with Andrea Freeman
    [32:33] Blooper Reel! 
    Connect with Andrea Freeman
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    Transcendental Meditation 
    “Who should I be” versus “what should I do”
    Andrea feels that in life there is a lot of emphasis on doing. Traditional business advice is all about doing. Instead of focusing on doing Andrea says your foundation should be built on who you’re being. Are you being magnetic? Are you being engaging? Are you a joy to be around? She believes you should be the kind of person you want to do business with.
    One of the first questions she asks her clients is: “What’s your ‘why’ and how are you honoring it?” She often finds that people either have no idea what their why is OR they know what it is but aren't honoring it. Honoring it is just getting to the core of why things are important to you—and bringing it into your business. 
    People can see through you if you’re putting on a veneer of how you think you should be. Andrea felt she was leaving herself out of her business. When she pivoted and only offered services that aligned with her purpose, her business began to thrive. Authenticity took her business to another level. 
    Shift your mindset with meditation and affirmation 
    Do you have moments when you need to shift your perspective? Andrea points out that you need to implement in the moment crisis strategies. After all, we can’t all go sit on a mountaintop and meditate when stuff happens in life. Andrea notes that you can take 5 minutes and use a simple affirmation to help you deal with what you're going through:
    “Everything always works out for me.”
    “I am divinely guided and protected.” 
    “Peace begins with me.” 
    You also want to remember that some business isn’t meant for you. She notes that entrepreneurs get sucked into feeling they have to win every piece of business. But Andrea firmly believes there is a reason some things don’t work out: “Getting the business is divine. Not getting the business is divine.”
    There’s something else that Andrea recommends implementing to cha

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    Travel + Interior Design Photography Tips [Pro Ralph Velasco Shares] - Episode 192

    Travel + Interior Design Photography Tips [Pro Ralph Velasco Shares] - Episode 192

    How important is good photography for interior design marketing? How important is it for the travel and tourism industry? How do you craft the perfect image that portrays what you see? In this episode of the Wingnut Social podcast, professional photographer Ralph Velasco joins Natalie and Darla to share his expertise.
    Ralph is a professional travel photographer who’s led over 100 international tours over the last 12 years. He is the founder and CEO of PhotoEnrichment Adventures and Alla Campagna. Ralph crafts tours that not only immerse you in another culture, but teaches you how to capture what you see in stunning images. 
    What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social
    [2:04] The latest and greatest in social media marketing
    [4:00] The importance of good imagery in marketing
    [6:53] Ralph’s background in photography
    [7:59] The importance of professional photography
    [11:14] What works and what really doesn’t
    [14:25] How to develop an eye for photography
    [17:15] The impact of social media
    [22:17] How Ralph navigated safe travel during COVID-19 
    [23:56] Top mistakes people make with photography
    [27:47] The What up Wingnut! Round!
    [30:39] How to connect with Ralph Velasco
    [37:28] Blooper Reel!
    Connect with Ralph Velasco
    PhotoEnrichment Adventures
    Alla Campagna
    Ralph’s blog: Continental Drifter
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    Travel + Interior design photography: images sell
    Images sell your home. Images sell the experience. People want to know what they will see and experience and great photography is the best way to convey that. Ralph scouts his trips at least a year in advance. He captures photographs, takes video, meets people, stays in the hotels, and eats at the restaurants. Then he picks and chooses the best for his tour groups.
    Ralph emphasizes that “A travel photographer has to be a jack of all genres, master of some.” Photographers specialize in architecture, people, food, and much more. But a travel photographer has to be good at everything. Photographers are story-tellers. They have to tell the story of a place, a region, or a country. 
    Perhaps you’re telling the story of the interior of a home. To do that, Ralph notes that you want to start with big wide establishing shots. Then take the medium shots that show a portion of the room. Then you dive into the detail shots. The way to differentiate your photography is always in the details. Everyone gets the “postcard” shot. But the people that capture the details in the photos differentiate themselves from everyone else.
    How do you develop an eye for photography? How do you learn to drill down deeper into the scene and capture the soul of it? Listen to hear Ralph’s advice. 
    Two tips that will transform your photography
    Ralph jokes that “If you don’t like getting up early, be a writer.” But it’s actually true. Photography is all about taking advantage of the best possible light. In the morning, the sun is low in the sky and you experience golden hour with long soft shadows. Think about how the light impacts your subject and get proper exposure. 
    When you’re photographing something or someone, Ralph advises looking beyond them. How does the background or the foreground impact the photograph? Is there something that will ruin the composition of the photo? Ralph will move around to see how the scene is changing in relation to his subject. He is in control of the scene. He recommends that you place your subject against a clear background whenever possible. 
    People would get 10x better photographs if they cultivated an awareness of the light and the background. 
    Listen to the whole episode for more of Ralph’s tips + tricks. He also shares how his busin

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    Can Writing a Book Catapult Your Career? LuAnn Nigara Shares Her Thoughts - Episode 191

    Can Writing a Book Catapult Your Career? LuAnn Nigara Shares Her Thoughts - Episode 191

    Have you always wanted to write a book? Have you also wondered if it’s worth the investment? LuAnn Nigara has written two amazing books and is about to launch her third book, A Well-Designed Business - The Power Talk Friday Experts Volume 2 (which Darla wrote a chapter in). In this episode of the Wingnut Social podcast, LuAnn talks about the process of writing and self-publishing a book—and whether or not it’s worth the ROI. 
    LuAnn is the co-owner of Window Works in New Jersey and created an award-winning podcast for interior designers, A Well-Designed Business. She is a sought-after keynote speaker with over 30+ years of experience in the industry. LuAnn gave Darla the education, strength, and courage to start her design business. If you’ve had dreams of becoming an author, this is a can’t-miss episode. 
    What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social
    [2:48] The GOAT: LuAnn Nigara
    [5:55] LuAnn’s book coming out Nov. 12th
    [7:51] Why LuAnn decided to write her first book
    [11:10] The impact of the 1st book on LuAnn’s business
    [13:49] The process of writing a book
    [19:39] How to self-publish your own books
    [22:06] The Power Talk Friday Book 
    [24:20] What to budget for writing a book
    [26:30] How LuAnn is marketing her book
    [28:10] Don’t set unreasonable expectations
    [31:47] What up Wingnut! Round
    [32:27] How to connect with LuAnn Nigara
    [33:51] Know what your end-game is
    [37:35] Blooper Reel!
    Connect with LuAnn Nigara
    LuAnn’s Website
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    The Power Talk Friday Experts (Book #1)
    The Making of A Well-Designed Business
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    Book Launchers
    How writing a book impacted LuAnn’s business
    According to LuAnn, “Writing your own book definitely is a game-changer. There’s no question.” LuAnn believes—4.5 years in—that the book has opened doors for her. Every single speaking engagement she’s had (50+) she has never had to pitch herself. LuAnn’s niche and credibility is business and she comes into the world as a business expert. The book solidified that credibility. It opened a door that she didn’t have to knock on.
    LuAnn is a story-teller at heart. No matter the medium she is using, she emphasizes that she is going to tell a story. That’s the core of how she communicates information. She tells you what she wants you to know and drives the point home with a story. She’s a big-picture thinker. She wants the reader to know how marketing mattered for her business, what she did, and what her results were. 
    Her book is the journey of an entrepreneur. When she wrote the book, she worked backward. She didn’t want to sit there and break down statistics and numbers associated with building a business. She made a list of two pages worth of funny and poignant stories and the hard lessons she’s learned. Then she said, “Can I put a business lesson around that story?” Listen to learn about her whole writing process—including self-publishing a book. 
    Why you NEED to set realistic expectations
    Writing a book is becoming a way to establish yourself as a thought leader in whatever space you’re in. But you can’t expect the book itself to be a money-maker. LuAnn wrote a book for the interior design industry. She has no illusion that this book will have a far and wide reach. She’s gone into it with open-eyes. 
    You have to be open to the ROI being speaking engagements and other opportunities. If you’re thinking the ROI is the book, it’s an unrealistic expectation. Everything together creates the opportunity. But LuAnn points out that you want to know how you’ll convert the book into making money. 
    How does she market her books? How do you build out a comprehensive plan for what your book will do for you? Listen to the whole episode to learn more!
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