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Braydon and Belinda bring to you a paranormal comedy podcast filled with true events and experiences. Not only do they discuss real life cases but also attend haunted sites such as the Bogo Road Gaol in their home city of Brisbane. The pair bring a light approach with their dry humour to a dark topic.

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Braydon and Belinda bring to you a paranormal comedy podcast filled with true events and experiences. Not only do they discuss real life cases but also attend haunted sites such as the Bogo Road Gaol in their home city of Brisbane. The pair bring a light approach with their dry humour to a dark topic.

    Cocky Reverend Energy!

    Cocky Reverend Energy!

    Braydon and Belida are back with some weird supernatural/paranormal stories to tell today!

    Belinda starts the episode by chatting about the Ammons haunting case, which is one of the most well documented encounters with the paranormal of all time. The Ammons family home was known as the 200 Demon House, and experienced all sorts of horrific encounters in their family home. The single mother fought off the demons in the house for as long as she could, but eventually her children ended up becoming possessed by the demons. On numerous occasions, child protection officers and local police officers experienced the paranormal activity occurring in the property and also experienced explainable behaviour and physical ability displayed by Ammon's children. The property was eventually bought by the Ghost Adventures host, and a documentary was created surrounding the haunting of the property.

    Braydon goes on to discuss the legend of the Utsuro-Bune, also known as the Hollow Ship. The story tells of an odd saucer shaped ship washing ashore in Japan, the local fishermen inspected the ship and found that the strange ship contained an unknown language (still unknown to this day), and also a foreign looking beautiful woman who spoke language the fishermen knew. Could this be an encounter with a UFO, unidentified floating object? Or, maybe a crash landed alien?

    • 1 hr 10 min
    Ghost Butter!

    Ghost Butter!

    A bit of a different episode this week, as the pair unwind from a stressful week.
    Braydon and Belinda take to their favourite spooky sites on the internet to share a six spooky campfire ghost stories with you all today! The stories range from poltergeists to leprechauns, so we hope you enjoy!

    We'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming next week, so look forward to it!

    • 28 min
    Basements Equal Bad!

    Basements Equal Bad!

    Belinda and Braydon discuss two haunted locations in the US on this weeks episode, one a little silly, and one really spooky.

    Braydon begins the episode by talking about the haunted Subway restaurant in Dodgeville, Wisconsin. The Subway was previously a Harley Davidson dealership owned by a couple in the area, unfortunately the couple were involved in a horrific car accident which resulted in their death. After their Harley shop was bought up by the Subway chain, the employees began noticing paranormal occurrences that may be linked to the previous owners.

    Belinda goes on to discuss the Roosevelt Hotel, which may or may not be one of the scariest haunted locations in the entirety of the world (as believed by us). The hotel has a ton of paranormal activity, linked to people who have died in the hotel, and it is even said that the location is visited by ghosts near and far just for an evenings stay. There are countless reports of empty rooms calling room service, and the staff hearing disembodied voices on the other side of the phone. For the other horrific creepy occurrences, please listen in, there's a ton of things to make spooked!

    • 45 min
    Little Facebiter!

    Little Facebiter!

    Belinda and Braydon discuss two intriguing paranormal houses during this weeks episode.

    Belinda starts the episode off by talking about the Willows Weep house in Indiana in the US. The house has a number of interesting aspects of design that are linked to interesting paranormal superstitions, such as the house being shaped like an inverted cross, the central room's roof being pentagram shaped, and the house being built on a native American burial ground. Of all the mysteries surrounding the house, the attic is the most terrifying, and is said to house the malevolent spirit of a little girl. A lady who owned the house oversold the haunted nature of the property, and made renovations to the property to increase its "haunted" appearance. The property eventually reached the hands of David Spinks, who wrote a book and shot a film about the house.

    Braydon goes on to discuss 17hundred90, a historic building in Savannah, Georgia in the US. The building has three distinct ghosts that haunt it, one benevolent, one malevolent, and one who performs both nice and mean acts. Anyone willing to stay in the hotel should elect to stay within room 204, which is said to be the MOST HAUNTED ROOM IN AMERICA! Sightings of a female ghost are incredibly common, and even is having the bed shake at 3am.

    • 53 min
    Australian Cryptids!

    Australian Cryptids!

    Braydon and Belinda discuss two interesting creatures from Indigenous Australian Mythology!

    Braydon begins the episode off by talking about the Australian Bunyip, which has terrorised the continent for countless millennia. The creature is reported to be a Water Spirit of malevolent intent, known for its ability to change shape and let out a horrific screech to incapacitate and curse its foes.

    Belinda goes on to discuss the Yowie, which is to Australia what the sasquatch is to America. The creature is steeped in Indigenous folklore and mythology, and is said to have lived in war with the Indigenous Australian's for many millennia. The creature has been spotted in modern times as well, and Belinda goes on to discuss the many encounters in Australia's history.

    • 58 min
    Dead Body Water!

    Dead Body Water!

    Belinda and Braydon discuss two drastically different hauntings on today’s episode, Belinda touching on an incredibly macabre site for the paranormal, and Braydon touching on another silly Ohio cryptid!

    Belinda discusses the Cecil Hotel, in all of its horrors. The hotel has been a hotspot for murder, suicides, and off happenings ever since 1931. A number of notorious serial killers stayed in the hotel while they committed their murders, and countless people have jumped from their rooms to take their own lives. With all of this death, it's not far-fetched to see why such a gruesome location could be haunted, and Belinda managed to happen across an image of a ghost jumper leaping from one of the windows of the building. She also touches on the most confusing and disturbing death of the Cecil, the death of Cantonese Student Elisa Lam, who was caught on elevator camera acting paranoid and terrified before ultimately disappearing and being found again on the premises.

    Braydon goes on to discuss the legend of the Defiance Wolfman. Which was a humanoid-dog figure that terrorised locals of Defiance in July and August of 1972. A number of people came forward with stories of this creature and the police set out searching for the odd beast day and night, hoping to uncover information as to who or what the creature truly was.

    • 48 min

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4.6 out of 5
11 Ratings

11 Ratings

SJF29 ,


Loving the podcast, each episode has its quirks, spooks and facts!
Also, loving the ‘Haunted Sketch’ YMAAP coffee mug that I purchased 👏🏽👏🏽 the detail in the drawing is awesome!

2wenty4frames ,

It's super sooky-wooky!


Zane C Weber ,

More please!

Bring on the spooks!

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