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The podcast for conscious business owners to feel young and free through health and wealth - because when you're living your most authentic life, that's when we change the world.

Young And Free Anna Johnson-Hill

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The podcast for conscious business owners to feel young and free through health and wealth - because when you're living your most authentic life, that's when we change the world.

    8: Unlock Your Feminine Superpowers For Biz With Jay Kimber

    8: Unlock Your Feminine Superpowers For Biz With Jay Kimber

    Jay Kimber is an entrepreneur that’s all about nature, embodiment and dance. Having spent years running her own businesses (plural!) and sitting in her masculine energy she has now come back to explore her feminine. She actually used to be an organic farmer! But now she is unleashing her fem fire, as she likes to call it, and dive even deeper into all the things around wellness and personal development. 

    • 44 min
    7: What Is Human Design

    7: What Is Human Design

    What Is Human Design with Anna Johnson-Hill and Yenara White. We chat all about Human Design and how Anna has found more flow and ease in both life and business through knowing her Human Design.

    • 58 min
    6: Uplevel Your Life With NLP Coach Katie Manser

    6: Uplevel Your Life With NLP Coach Katie Manser

    In this episode we chat all about NLP, Hypnosis and giving back to the world.

    Katie Manser is in the business of helping other to step into their light. She inspires and supports people to tap into their infinite potential and create a life that they love. She does this through NLP, Hypnosis and timeline therapy - which we will be chatting all about!

    Katie believes that every person on this earth deserves to be living a life full of peace, love, purpose, connection and happiness, and boy does she live her life from that place!

    • 52 min
    5: How To Achieve Any Goal

    5: How To Achieve Any Goal

    This episode is all about how you can reach any goal that you want. 

    I am dishing some deep insight on self development, lessons learnt, and my mission. I share all about a recent milestone I hit in my business, and how I made it happen! From stretching outside my comfort zone, dealin with my deep crapola, and even how I cried in my car for hours at a time. Because while it’s worth it, it’s not always glamorous. 

    • 33 min
    4: Be More You

    4: Be More You

    In this episode we are talking all about why it’s important to be YOU. To be using your own voice, lessons I have learnt about myself and how you too can find out who you truly are at your core. 

    This could be my most real, raw and unscripted episode yet! 

    I recorded this on a road trip from Townsville to Mt Isa and just let all my thoughts on how incredibly crucial it is to be authentically you flow from my brain and now into your headphones. 

    In this episode, I chat about:

    4.00 -  Why being you is important not just for you, but for those around you

    4.13 - Why I want to talk about this especially with the millennials 

    5.00 - You actually have more control than you think (check out Episode 3: Your Thoughts Create Your Reality)

    5.50 - How can you infuse more of you into all the things that you do?

    6.30 - Humans are hardwired for connection and community.

    10.00 - Travels ability to inspire awe within you.

    11.20 - How you can find who you are at your essence. The value we can find in facing adversity.

    24.40 -  What I learned through a recent experience that expanded my knowledge about myself.

    26.02 - How to shake off caring so much about what people might think.

    27.10 - The one thing you have to do in order to do all the incredible things you’re destined to do. 

    29.20 - What you need to always remember when you’re experiencing setbacks and failures. 

    30.10 - The thing that I understand about millennials that not everyone else gets. 

    32.08 - The number 1 thing that the world needs.

    P.S. The winner of the wellness prize pack for leaving a review on itunes is announced in this episode! To go into the draw to win the next one, all your have to do is leave your review in Apple Podcasts.

    Young And Free podcast with Anna Johnson-Hill

    • 34 min
    3: Your Thoughts Create Your Life

    3: Your Thoughts Create Your Life

    There is a saying that if you realised how powerful your thoughts are, you would ever think anything negative again. Our experiences shape our beliefs and we accept them as fact, which create the filters through which we see the world.

    And this episode is all about the ways we can change our thoughts to positive, even if you’re having one of those days. I will be sharing my experiences with negative beliefs, my favourite tools to uncover and shift negative thoughts and so much more.

    • 23 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

Fhfhjjjj ,


Such an incredible podcast!!! I’ve been looking for a great human design ep and found one! Woo! Anna you are incredible and a wealth of knowledge 🙏✨💕

Dylliarno ,

Real and Raw!

I love the way Anna speaks her truth in this series and does not sugar coat topics.
It is amazing to hear her highs and her lows. Having Anna share these experiences with us all is so empowering and courageous.
Keep up the amazing work babe!
I can not wait for more to come! X

breakingbrad1991 ,


Anna carries with her the kind of insight most of us find hard to put into such succinct words. There had been something missing from my day until I listened to episode 3 on the way our thoughts filter our experiences. I can’t wait for episode 4!

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