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Inspiration, clarity, confidence and wholehearted growth strategies, the Podcast especially for women who are stepping into their next chapter in business and life. Angela Raspass shares her own insights in solo episodes and hosts expansive conversations with women around the world, discussing their choices, paths, challenges, and triumphs.

Your Next Chapter - step into the next version of you Angela Raspass

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Inspiration, clarity, confidence and wholehearted growth strategies, the Podcast especially for women who are stepping into their next chapter in business and life. Angela Raspass shares her own insights in solo episodes and hosts expansive conversations with women around the world, discussing their choices, paths, challenges, and triumphs.

    141Menopause is not the end!

    141Menopause is not the end!

    It is only women and whales who experience menopause – we are designed to live well past our child bearing days and become Matriarchs in our societies Menopause can leave you floundering around in the negative narratives that society has created  
    But it can also be a massively empowering stage of life if we choose to embrace it – a time of reckoning when we ask ourselves “what have I done, what do I want to do now, where am I going?”.  
    The Mary Oliver quote comes to mind now that we can be self-ful at this stage “What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
    New found freedom is a delight – you don’t need to conform anymore, we can be Leaders not Breeders, we can take up more space and advocate for ourselves!  
    Don’t be ageist against yourself like I initially was Be prepared, not scared. Talk to other women. Educate yourself to flourish with a midlife refuel encompassing nutrition, purpose, self-acceptance and freedom We don’t dismiss the autumn leaves in favour of the spring blossom, Both are beautiful, they’re just different,  
    About the speaker
    I'm Rachel Lankester, founder of the Magnificent Midlife Movement. My niggling feeling led me to now. I've had several careers, including journalism, banking and PR, but I most LOVE what I do now - helping like-minded women in midlife and beyond feel great and live life to the fullest. 
    How did I get here? Let's rewind.

    I went through early menopause at 41, devastating at the time, as I was trying for a second child, but in retrospect, a positive experience.

    It took me on a journey of introspection and soul-searching. Now at 54, I'm better and bolder than ever. Though still battling those self-doubt demons from time to time!  Don't we all?
    I'm passionate about helping women navigate the often messy middle of life. So you can thrive not just survive. And become the woman you were meant to be. 
    I challenge the status quo and work to change negative stereotypes associated with older women. I believe the older and more experienced we get, the more we have to offer the world and especially those women coming up behind us.  We get better with age not worse.
    But I don't believe in denying we're getting older or hiding it either. I'm not ashamed to be a midlife woman. I'm proud of it. I think I've earned those midlife stripes just as much as I've earned the laughter lines around my eyes. They don't diminish me in any way.  
    I share fabulous stories from wonderfully inspiring women in midlife and beyond on the Magnificent Midlife Podcast. For a quick dose of inspiration, it can't be beaten.
    You can buy the Magnificent Midlife Book here: https://magnificentmidlife.com/book/

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    140 From Corporate CEO to Spiritual Retreat Founder

    140 From Corporate CEO to Spiritual Retreat Founder

    How do you move from being the chief executive officer of a large advertising Health Network in New York, with 100 people under your command, to being a medicine woman, a galactic Queen, and a channel of light and love? It sounds like an extreme case of juxtaposition, but the two actually existed side by side for quite some time in June’s life.
    It was only when homeward bound after COVID hit in New York, and spending time on her spiritual retreat in Topi Topi in country New South Wales, that June realised that her desire for the latter had overtaken the former, and that it was time to step fully into her next chapter, and use the gifts that had been bestowed upon her.
    This is a story of change of doubt, of fear, but more importantly, of trust, and how to really connect to and follow your heart so that you can step fully into the future that is calling you.
    Show Notes
    Challenges are a gift. We need to be buffeted and tested since we are here to grow

    Find your people, your tribe, the ones you can learn from- no one is meant to grow alone

    Perhaps you need to BE, instead of doing…

    The more I let go, the more the Universe delivers – its currency is trust

    Don’t try and fit yourself into an existing mode, a straitjacket. Trust your instincts and desires.  
    About the speaker
    I'm June Laffey and I’m an Intuitive Mentor & Channel of Light and Love.  I live and work at Topi Topi Retreat, a beautiful powerful and idyllic haven, just three hours north of Sydney. It has not always been this way. I only made the decision to commit to this work and follow my spiritual path in February 2021.
    I work with the energy of this sacred land, whilst calling on my many spiritual gifts, including channelled light language and song. I am a kundalini reiki master also. This spiritual work is grounded by many years of international, creative leadership experience.
    Throughout my significant corporate career, I recognised, shaped and championed both people and ideas. I worked in healthcare advertising, choosing to move to health in 2000 as I wanted to make a difference. I worked for a major network for the past decade, moving up from Executive Creative Director of the Sydney office, to Chief Creative Officer in their flagship office in New York. I have won many, many prestigious awards and have headed up pretty much all the major international health advertising award shows, including Cannes Lions pharma jury chair in 2017.
    I’ve now chosen a fresh path, embracing my own truth by bringing clarity and empowerment to a whole new level. Quite simply I can help people find their power within, get out of their head and into their heart and move from jaded to joy.
    My superpower is uniting other’s inner knowing with trust and action.  By channelling my guides and tapping into others’ innate intuition, I can help remove blocks and make energetic shifts.  People experience different things – from peace, serenity and certainty to energy, vibrancy, and growth.  Results could be simple sudden clarity where people suddenly know how to make changes that have previously eluded them.  Or a complete shift in their perception of life and what’s most important.
    Whilst at Topi Topi, I channelled The Academy of Light handbook, with activations to help reunite people with their inner knowing and purpose.

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    139 How on earth did I end up here?

    139 How on earth did I end up here?

    Nicky lane had ticked all the boxes that she had been told with the essence of a good life qualifications a good job marriage motherhood. So why at 33 did she find herself disillusioned and disappointed? Living what she described as a mediocre life and feeling guilty about how she felt?
    Nicky decided to ask herself different questions, questions that led her to tapping into not just logical choices, but heart led feelings and desires. And that's where she found her why that became the catalyst for her brave and expansive change journey in business and life.
    I'm sure you'll find this conversation about personal evolution and possibilities, both inspiring and enjoyable.
    Show Notes
    Your life may not be “bad” – you’re not homeless, so you “should” be happy – that’s not a universal truth. The actual truth is that you don’t have to accept mediocrity.  
    Give yourself permission to not accept the status quo, to be brave, to back yourself and create your own path  
    Conduct a Head and Heart exercise – my head wanted me to focus on the logical challenges of change, the negatives, how I should stay in my comfort zone, but my heart, my heart told me the truth about how I felt, and how I would always feel if life continued in the same way.

    One of the easiest and most revealing paths to self-awareness is the simple act of journaling

    The next step in the journey is the willingness to change  
    In my own journey, I realised that my spirituality has been pushed right down, but it’s such a part of me, so inbuilt, it only needed to be rediscovered and set free. I know when you believe in a higher purpose, a richer, more purposeful life is available to you  
    I wrote The Change Journey Book in flow – it wasn’t easy coasting, but the work felt light and enjoyable  
    The book and the accompanying deck of cards are a handbook and guidance for life, stepping you through the 10 stages of building self-awareness. The characters and their floral counterparts are character traits that will be of service depending on where you are in your own journey.  
    The core principle characters are Grateful Great, Optimistic Olivia, Zealous Zelda, Confident Carol, Empowered Emma and Joyful Jill  
    All you need is to start with small changes to tap into happiness – that energy is life-changing  
    About the speaker
    In 2005 Nikki Lane left her marriage for no other reason than she wasn’t happy. She wasn’t being abused, they didn’t fight, and they didn’t hate each other. She just looked at her life one day and wondered, ‘How on earth did I end up here?’ This wasn’t the life she wanted to live and neither was her husband the person she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.
    She decided that living a mediocre life wasn’t enough for her, and so she left.
    Turns out, it was the best decision she ever made and since that time, Nikki has travelled on a Change Journey of self-awareness. A journey that has led her to discover who she is and what she wants from life, which has brought joy and happiness into her world, more than she could have ever imagined.
    Nikki now shares her experiences and teaches her Change Journey learnings to women from all around the world so that they too can gain self-awareness and choose to live a life they love. These teachings are available via The Change journey book, a set of oracle cards and personalised coaching programs.

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    138 The joy of being a happiness hunter

    138 The joy of being a happiness hunter

    It was one day in 2012 when Fiona Redding really woke up. She was 37, at home with two tiny kids, drinking every day, overweight, unfit and unhealthy. She had financial issues, could not find employment and felt deeply disconnected and very, very alone staring down the barrel of a future life that she could just not imagine living. She sat with one burning question that she could no longer escape – “How has this become my life?”.
    Something really needed to change.
    It’s now seven years after the day when she started the journey to become the person she wanted to be. Fiona decided to get out of her own way and her life has completely transformed in every single area. Through the Happiness Hunter, she is now focused on helping you get out of yours, as she teaches and shares everything that she's learned. I had the chance to speak with Fiona to hear about that journey and I'm delighted be able to share her insights with you.
    Show Notes
    You start with a decision – my life is no longer acceptable to me. I need to change. It can be years in the making, but a moment HITS you and it begins. It’s about life integration not balance, taking personal responsibility and focusing on contribution, reciprocity and community Take a DATA perspective not a drama perspective!  
    I’ve found that overcoming obstacles and challenges is what can lead to happiness and definitely develops resilience, such an essential character trait. The gift IS in the struggle.    
    If you can learn to change your mind about things then you can literally change your world.  
    The three pillars are 1/ Enhancing your mindset, 2/ prioritising wellness and 3/ creating connection/building community  
    Action trumps everything  
    About the speaker
    Fiona Redding is the founder of The Happiness Hunter, a mindset coach, facilitator and speaker, creator of The Steps for Change and Good Morning Sunshine programs, producer & host of The Happiness Hunter Podcast, co-host of the Business Addicts podcast, author of The Happiness Hunter's Guide to Meditation and the soon to be published It Is Possible: Radical Transformation Through the Power of Belief.
    She lives by the beach in Melbourne, Australia, with her two children Ariston and Vivi.
    Her mission in life is to share everything she has learned – and is continuing to learn – about turning her own life around and to really help us understand that happiness is to be found in the overcoming of obstacles and challenges in our lives, and not in the absence of them.  
    By her own admission, Fiona's journey into business has been an interesting road. It would have made much more sense logically to just go and get a "real job" at many points.
    Yet it was an unshakable faith and trust in the path she had chosen that kept her metaphorically and literally putting one foot in front of the other.
    Fiona's belief in her mission and purpose continues to be rewarded. With The Happiness Hunter community and walks, coaching, speaking and healing business helping other people change their lives. Fiona also runs programs, retreats and workshops catering to clients locally and internationally.

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    137 The story of a business u-turn fuelled by new choices

    137 The story of a business u-turn fuelled by new choices

    Sophie Andrews had created an award winning highly successful bookkeeping business. Her background of fashion and gemstones in the UK led itself brilliantly to her focusing on the needs of people in creative fields, and the business flourished.
    But after 15 years of dedication, the demands began to take their toll, physically and emotionally. Sophie's priorities had shifted. She was becoming bored, the desire for the work was no longer there. And to be honest, she knew that burnout was waiting just around the corner. It was time for significant change, and as many of us realise, letting go of the known to step into the unknown can be hard.  But we can do hard things! In this conversation Sophie and I talk about reframing our thoughts, letting go of old stories that keep us stuck, and choosing to swap striving for space so new ideas can make themselves heard.
    Show Notes
    The bookkeeping business was never my passion, but as a divorced, single Mum, control over my future was paramount, and I knew I could build a strong business in this area  
    I did actually begin another side business, the SOHO Agency (small office, home office agency) but the bookkeeping business demand exploded and I had to leave that one on the shelf  
    I realised the value of niching – I was the first bookkeeper who niched into a certain area, in my case, creative businesses, and it really paid off  
    I began to feel trapped. I had a big office, staff and all the responsibilities that went along with it  
    It was a meditation retreat, a new experience, that opened my mind to the fact that change was a non-negotiable. Once I had made my choice, I found a buyer within 3 months  
    Self-doubt still kicked in and I felt like I had failed in some way, had been so held back for 15 years. I had to reframe my attitude from resentment to gratitude, gratitude for all the business had delivered to me  
    I took time out, 4 months overseas to completely switch off and find my next idea. But it wasn’t long enough and another year followed. I realised I couldn’t strive to come up with a new idea from my logicalmind  
    It was during another meditation retreat in the Gold Coast hinterland where I found myself in complete flow and the answers just popped into my brain during meditation Meditation had helped me to recover from burnout. My own experience with this and creating a beautiful spot I my home in which I practiced became the inspiration for my new business, the Meditation Hunter  
    If you are contemplating change, we very aware of the stories we tell ourselves and remember our decisions are a choice  
    About the speaker
    Sophie Andrews is a multi-award-winning serial entrepreneur, with close to 30 years’ experience in small business.  
    After a decade long career in the fashion and gemstone industries, she launched and then spent 15 years growing a successful and high-profile business that was not her passion.   Lack of passion led to the majority of those years being spent in an ever-increasing cycle of burnout and in 2019 she sold the firm and spent several months overseas before launching her current business, The Meditation Hunter.
    The Meditation Hunter is both an online store as well as having a retail space in Sydney.  Sophie has personally put together a wonderful collection of ever evolving unique pieces, both antique and artisan, to help you create a space to inspire meditation and elevate your practice.  She also passes on ancient teachings & wisdom through open soul meditation, powerful breathwork and Kriya Yoga to provide clients with the tools needed to breathe life back into their lives.

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    136 You get to choose your identity – the power of adaptability

    136 You get to choose your identity – the power of adaptability

    Deb Vawdrey knew she had given her all in her marriage. Her realisation that she needed to move on after almost 30 years was not a snap decision. Although she was filled with fear, she was absolutely clear - it was time to step into a new chapter. And when Deb released herself from the paradigm she had known for so long, she absolutely blossomed. In this conversation, Deb shares her experiences, the role that spiritual connection and community played in her growth, her ability to listen to her inner voice, and how these all combined to transform her the multi-dimensional Yogi and businesswoman that she is today. I hope you find this episode as encouraging and energising as I did.
    Show Notes
    I gave myself permission to pursue what most called me I’ve not had an immediate aha moment – my change arc has been, and still is, a slow burn which is fine as I don’t have a use-by date! I know the emotional exhaustion of being the only person making the effort in a relationship, feeling like it’s an uphill battle to connect, living parallel lives. There is no joy in that. I restarted my own bookkeeping business with my own clients – taking that step – no salary, no guarantees was scary Immersion in yoga helped me to get through. I’m a Yoga Teacher now and that has helped me to connect to my own true work. I’m living where I am now, not where I want to be be. That’s the definition of presence to me. I sit with questions, really tune into my body and get curious about how potential options feel, asking myself “what’s asking to be seen?”. With the right intention, you’ll always be ok I believe you can choose your identity – I have new powers of adaptability now! The book I most recommend is Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. About the speaker
    The youngest of 6 to two working parents I learned at a young age that I had to make my own way and carve my own path. Leaving home at 16 and jumping into full time work at the same time I have never taken a back step or expected others to clear the way. From working in legal, computational and admin roles then to hospitality while my 2 beautiful kids were young I then took the leap to start my own financial services business which I still run today.
    As my kids grew and started to carve out their futures I realised my marriage was well and truly over and my next chapter was about to begin, this included becoming a qualified yoga teacher and also now a health coach. Blessed to have lived most of my life on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria Australia in 2015 I moved to what many call “god’s country” the beautiful rural region of Gippsland Victoria to be with my new partner.  Grateful for all the lessons, experiences and people that have been part of my journey and shaped who I am today…courageous, compassionate and connected – serving others personally through yoga and health coaching and professionally through my financial services. You can contact me at connect@youryay.com.au

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5.0 out of 5
29 Ratings

29 Ratings

Kim Crowley ,

This just might have changed my life!

110 How to create Purpose, Vision & Mission Statements - wow. I THOUGHT I knew what my 'Purpose, Vision & Mission' was...until I listened to your podcast because when I wrote them down, I FELT something change inside me because I was so much more honest with myself compared to if I hadn't had listened to your advice.
You just helped me brake through a barrier. Thank you!

Sarahmard ,

Always engaging

I always enjoy listening to Angela’s podcast - she’s a warm and thoughtful host, and I learn something new and interesting each time! I like the solo episodes too. Your voice is pleasant and inviting too, Angela :)

GPPossum ,

100 episodes and I learn so much each time

Congratulations Angela on 100 episodes of helping women navigate their way into their next chapter. Each interview and episode answers the myriad of questions about starting a new phase of working life - I value you work and highly recommend all ladies to listen.

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