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A podcast show hosted by Lisa Jane inspiring you to bring our your best self and live a delicious life.

Yummy Mummy Podcast with Lisa Jane Lisa Jane

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A podcast show hosted by Lisa Jane inspiring you to bring our your best self and live a delicious life.

    Lisa Jane Hussey :Procrastinate Productively

    Lisa Jane Hussey :Procrastinate Productively

    Procrastination can derail you from your vision and set you on a new task keeping you further away from the lifestyle you want to live. Some say it's about mindset where Traditional Chinese Medicine say procrastination isn't about intellect, it's about your organs and the way you live.

    In this episode we look at both; a mindset shift process and the 24 hour Chi Cycle to guide you to procrastinate productively.


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    Wizardom :Go With The CHI Flow

    Wizardom :Go With The CHI Flow

    Let the CHI be with you + go with the flow!
    I had the pleasure being a guest on the Wizardom Channel hosted by Giuliano Avedikan.
    With the lockdown madness and chaos of our lifestyle, going with the flow is a way to allow ourselves to feel a sense of freedom. However, how does one flow when feeling controlled?
    The short yet educational entertainment video touches on different ways to free ourselves from the cage we have been conditioned into believing we are in lockdown.
    I invite you to watch and would love to know what ways you go with the flow when feeling controlled.
    1:18 Song Tales Introduction2:58 Song Performance by Wizardom: Go With The Flow6:39 The Magical Question: Guest appearance Lisa Jane Hussey11:45 Words of Wizardom
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    Wizardom: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCfLAX-JKGgvlmoL5V4IDjFA

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    Craig Cole :No Consent For We Are Young And Free Part 2

    Craig Cole :No Consent For We Are Young And Free Part 2

    Main stream media made out Craig Cole was arrested for exercising his rights. However, main stream media missed a huge detail; he was only detained. No arrest! He was grabbed, taken away from the steps of Parliament House Melbourne, with his hands tied he entered the back of a police van. Where did he go next? That's exactly what we find out in Part 2 of this exclusive interview by Lisa Jane Hussey from Yummy Mummy Podcast. On Sunday 10th May 2020, around an hour and 15 minutes after the people of Melbourne walked over to the steps of Parliament House to exercise their rights, Craig was grabbed by police officers without warning. Craig shared with us in Part 1 his passion for providing assistance, educating the community relating to the constitution, the people’s lawful rights and exposing government/corporate corruption. He runs the Facebook page; NO CONSENT : For We Are Young And FreeThis is one great Aussie bloke making a difference! Feel free to share this interview. In the event it becomes censored, you can find it on Spotify. #staydelicious 💋 Lisa Jane Hussey .
    Disclaimer: *** Notice to all media, persons, men and women, corporate, living or otherwise, the following interview is not to be edited or used for corporate reasons, financial gain, or other non approved agendas under any circumstances without the express written consent from the living men and women who are directly involved in this interview. Please feel free to share it, as long as you are not part of the media, or gaining financially from doing so, or part of any corporate structure. This is by the people, for the people, of the people, and shall always remain so, unless with express written consent from those directly involved in this interview. Failure to comply with the above mentioned notice will result in personal private criminal and civil prosecutions ***

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    Postmaster :Paul-Douglas: Jubenville.

    Postmaster :Paul-Douglas: Jubenville.

    An episode with insights on the world we live in; the slavery system, postal wars, the ending of the US bankruptcy in 1999 and how to vacate the FICTION following the teachings from :David-Wynn: Miller and :Russel-Jay: Gould.

    The full colons and hyphens I just used is from Quantum Language Parse Syntax Grammar.

    When I first came to learn about this quantum grammar, I met many postmasters along my research journey. One of them being, :Paul-Douglas: Jubenville, he left the banking world and is now a holistic practitioner also a quantum grammar tutor in Canada.

    In our discussion, I asked my guest for closure on the timeline to create clarity moving forward.

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    Lisa Jane Hussey :The Final Cut :Australian Podcast Awards Submission

    Lisa Jane Hussey :The Final Cut :Australian Podcast Awards Submission

    At the very moment the Melbourne lockdown started, Lisa Jane took her self-funded podcast, Yummy Mummy Podcast with Lisa Jane, to the next level when inspiring her listeners to bring out their best selves and live a delicious life.
    She contacted three Australian's who had recently been charged by police for standing up for their rights against the lockdown in front of Parliament House. Their incidences went viral, yet their stories were not being heard. Lisa Jane's research ran deep as she made the episodes personal, whilst offering a trustworthy space, recording a one take uncut episode for each. Yummy Mummy Podcast with Lisa Jane is a well balance show looking at both sides of the coin giving her listeners the opportunity to become their own critical thinkers. 
    Parents engaged as they too wanted to stand up but were worried about the repercussions. They learned through each podcast they were not alone and felt inspired to speak up by commenting and sharing the links on social media.
    These guests are now well-known public figures working on making a change for Australia.
    Collectively, these episodes reached globally having over 10K views on Facebook and YouTube, and with close to 3000 downloads on podcast platforms for the year. Listeners encouraged Lisa Jane to continue her work by donating funds whilst she was in her own lockdown.
    Her sign off has become more important than ever before; it's about finding the delicious parts in the shit life serves. #staydeliciousTRACK LISTING :Craig Cole :Do Not Consent For We Are Young And Freehttps://open.spotify.com/episode/28Uo7tgkgG25NdVHMPOu7g14:52Craig runs a community group educating people about their lawful rights.Craig talks about the non-for-profit organisation he is part of that helps kids in schools going through it tough during lockdown. Craig answers Lisa Jane's question in regards to the Covid Lockdown.
    Renee Altakrity :I Will Not Be Silencedhttps://open.spotify.com/episode/6JyxkHCP4WW2vgOodArUxs3:08Renee is a conscious parent who followed a movement "Exercising My Rights" created by Victor Tey, when lockdown started.Renee answers Lisa Jane's question in regards to being affected by the lockdown and what drove her to exercise her rights which led to her arrest.Renee talks about how she is looking after her children during the lockdown.
    Fanos Panayides :Lockdown Madnesshttps://open.spotify.com/episode/3mIlXLpCfIw28eBxPJwguz61:19Fanos became an activist once the lockdown started and created a movement, 99% Unite, that went global.Fanos and Lisa Jane discuss how to look at the lockdown as a free thinker.
    Renee Altakrity :I Will Not Be Silencedhttps://open.spotify.com/episode/6JyxkHCP4WW2vgOodArUxs24:13Renee answers Lisa Jane's question regarding how long she was exercising before she was arrested. Here, they talk about the lockdown restrictions and offer guidance to research to know your rights in order to exercise for your health during lockdown.

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    Jost Sauer :Boost Your Immunity

    Jost Sauer :Boost Your Immunity

    Jost Sauer is an energy worker, acupuncturist, author, educator and creator of the therapeutic chi-cycle lifestyle. Jost has written multiple books on chi and health, run numerous health clinics, and treated tens of thousands of people from celebrities to CEOs to professional athletes. 
    Passionate about fitness, he was a competitive skier, body-builder, and ironman, but once he discovered the power of chi his life was transformed. Jost studied martial arts, energy healing, Chinese medicine, meditation, therapeutic exercise, and mega-vitamin therapy. He ran ground-breaking holistic addiction rehabs using chi flow therapy, and all of this formed the chi-cycle lifestyle.
    It is an easy-to-follow health system that draws on Jost’s Chinese medicine expertise, and 30 years of research and clinical practice using lifestyle therapeutically. Jost now uses lifestyle as medicine for his clients, and as the basis for workplace wellness strategies. He teaches lifestyle medicine in international retreats and workshops. Jost’s clinical practice is located on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.Jost Sauer joins Lisa Jane on a very important podcast talking about viral invasion, parenting within peace and a building strong immunity. www.thelifestylemedicineman.comHopeLink facebook.com/watch/?v=1473313499505267&extid=RSROhBRZ2mlYXOErMorning Hugging Tree Meditation youtu.be/o2V5nzLpkSYMorning Workout Videos facebook.com/thelifestylemedicineman/videosAffirmation "As I wake up first for myself, I bring the chi in and control my emotionality, I then will take care of my children because I am in a transcendent state. I will become an example of what peace is."
    See lisajanehussey.com/disclaimer for the disclaimer

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4 Ratings

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Intriguing and entertaining

Saw this pop up on my facebook and gave it a listen. Very intriguing and engaging. She even covered some relevant topics us guys should learn more about. 5 stars.

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