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Maid of Steel is a podcast discussing the CW Show Supergirl. John and Karen talk about the show each week, give some background information about the characters, and share listener feedback. If you'd like to join in the fun, you can do so by calling 304-837-2278 or visit www.goldenspiralmedia.com/feedback.

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Maid of Steel is a podcast discussing the CW Show Supergirl. John and Karen talk about the show each week, give some background information about the characters, and share listener feedback. If you'd like to join in the fun, you can do so by calling 304-837-2278 or visit www.goldenspiralmedia.com/feedback.

    MOS 123 - Favorite Episodes #5: "Myriad" and "Better Angels"

    MOS 123 - Favorite Episodes #5: "Myriad" and "Better Angels"

    The residents of National City are acting very strangely. It is as if they all have the same objective in mind. Kara has to seek help to stop it before the people she has sworn to protect become enslaved by her Uncle Non. He claims that he wants to save the people of Earth from destroying their home. Non says he wants to honor Astra’s plan to use a program called Myriad to keep Earth from suffering the same fate as Krypton.
    Kara goes to the Fortress to seek advice on Myriad and get the location of her cousin. Kalex will not help until she reminds it that it was created to serve the great House of El. Kara needs a plan quickly before the world’s entire population is turned into robot-like drones. Superman always goes off planet at the most inconvenient times.
    The moment The Man of Steel returns to National City he is taken over by the power of Myriad. Being raised nearly his whole life on Earth has made Clark vulnerable to its influence. Thankfully Kara is not completely alone. Cat Grant has a clear head thanks to a sparkling gift from Maxwell Lord. Can Max be trusted? The only thing we know for sure is that Max can always be trusted to save himself and that he will never want to give up his free will. So he will help as long as it benefits him in the long run.
    Kara usually is surrounded by her Super Friends and her sister. But J’onn and Alex are rushing home from Midvale and James and Winn have already succumb to the mind control of Myriad. She has to work with Max for now. His technology is keeping his and Cat’s minds unaffected by the signal that swept across the whole city. J’onn is trying to use his martian mind powers to protect Alex as they enter National City. However a battle with Indigo leaves J’onn hurt and Alex’s mind vulnerable.
    Non takes his revenge on Alex for Astra’s death. He tries to force her to use the same sword that cut down his wife to end her sister’s life. Kara can not bring herself to use any of her strength against Alex. She will not raise a hand to hurt the person that made her feel that Earth was her home and she was not alone. Then in comes Eliza to remind Alex that even though Kara is physically strong Alex has the most strength in the family. It was very powerful to watch the depth of the love this family has for each other prevail over mind control in this moment.
    Supergirl addresses the city to fill them with hope and overcome Myriad. When it becomes clear to Non that his attempt to get a mindless army was thwarted he takes things to the next level. If he can’t have an enslaved army then he plans to have a dead one. At a higher power this signal does not merely control it will kill! Max suggests a kryptonite bomb but Cat argues the human casualties from the blast will be too much. Kara plans to make the ultimate sacrifice for the planet she now calls home. Flying Fort Rozz so high the only person the blast will hurt is Supergirl herself.
    What a triumphant ending to the fantastic first season. A series of adventures that helped Green Butterfly fall in love with these characters. An experience that has been made even more meaningful by getting to spend them with all of you. I sincerely hope that you are enjoying revisiting the adventures of episodes past. Please join Silver Vox and I as we dive into season 2 and beyond. Will we find our heroine on a new network facing a whole new set of challenges? Until our next time this is your eye in the sky Green Butterfly wishing you a super week!

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    MOS 122 - Favorite Episodes #4: "For The Girl Who Has Everything"

    MOS 122 - Favorite Episodes #4: "For The Girl Who Has Everything"

    What if everything you think you want evolves over time? That happens to everyone as we change and grow. I am sure when she was younger Kara dreamed of growing up on a peaceful Krypton with her parents, aunt and cousin. Fate had other plans for her and we all know how that story goes. What Kara could not have predicted is the depth of her love for her adoptive family. Nor did she know how fulfilled she would feel using the powers gifted to her by the yellow sun to keep the people of Earth safe.
    Black Mercy, an extraterrestrial parasite, gives Kara a glimpse of what her life could have been if Krypton had survived. This is all a distraction orchestrated by Non so that he can dominate the people of Earth. Astra is unsure where her loyalty lies causing her to pay the ultimate sacrifice. Alex will do whatever it takes to save Kara.
    Join Silver Vox and Green Butterfly as we revisit the fight between what is real and what is imagined. We experience first hand that this is more of a family than a team. This proves that love forges stronger bonds than blood.

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    MOS 121 - GalaxyCon and (Not) Cancelled

    MOS 121 - GalaxyCon and (Not) Cancelled

    This past weekend some of our favorite actors got together for Galaxycon. The result was a fun conversation featuring lots of interesting facts. There were stories about getting cast in their current roles on Supergirl. They discussed what shows they've been watching during quarantine. They discussed what crossovers are really like. They discussed who makes them laugh and who messes up their lines the most.
    We got to pull back the curtain and discover things about the amazing actors that bring our superheroes to life. No specific information was available about the missions our team might face in season six. One thing was clear. They are all on board for a Legion of Superheroes story leading them to an adventure in the 31st century. There may be some pink pants for Brainy. Perhaps a hero that can whisper to bunnies. We also may need a former superhero to come out of retirement to save the world again!
    Will any of this make it to the season six Supergirl scripts? We shall have to wait and see. The cameras will start to roll on September 28, 2020. We will see our favorite super friends on screen in 2021. Until then I hope you will join us here at Maid of Steel. Green Butterfly and Silver Vox will explore your favorite episodes of this super series. Have a super week!

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    MOS 120 - DC Fandome Day Two

    MOS 120 - DC Fandome Day Two

    Once again the world got together to explore the fantastic world of superheroes. This time the focus was the stories that will be coming to our televisions. I was very excited to celebrate with fans from all over the world who love these stories just like I do. The DC characters may have fantastical powers, but it is their personal stories that we see reflected in our own lives that keep us tuning in week after week. It was clear to me that DC wants to promote diversity and bring us some hope in these troubled times. The world needs heroes and DC Fandome was here to show us what is next for our favorites.
    The new Superman and Lois show is set to show us a side of the Man of Steel we have never seen before. In this chapter of his life Clark is married to Lois and raising twin teenage sons. Prior to Crisis on Infinite Earths Clark had one son who was a baby last he saw him. I wonder if he knows these boys? Does he have any memories of their lives before this point?
    Will Crisis on Infinite Earths have anything to do with the fact that Gotham needs a new hero because Kate Kane is gone? How will the characters returning to Batwoman’s second season interact? Kate was the glue in the story so I am interested to see the new structure as a new hero rises. Green Butterfly of course is also wondering how this will affect Batwoman and Supergirl collaborations. I really enjoyed the friendship Kate and Kara were building.
    The Flash team is fractured with Iris still stuck in the mirror universe. I am very interested in Barry having to save the City using something other than speed. He is a scientist and it would be really cool so see him be a hero in another way. I am also excited we are going to have two strong women reporters on the CW schedule in 2021. Iris West Allen and Lois Lane changing the world with words.
    A season of change is coming to the CW. Superman and Lois will have to balance family life and hero life. The Flash will have to live life out of the fast lane as he fights to get his wife back. If that is not enough super variety there is more. Our fearless Legendary Captain Lance has been abducted by aliens. The rest of the Legends will have to balance trying to find her while preserving the timeline. In Blue Valley Nebraska a new JSA will have to hone in their new super skills and come together as a team.
    There are many super stories coming our way from the DC television universe in 2021. Please join Silver Vox and Green Butterfly as we discuss our favorite moments and yours from day two of DC Fandome.

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    MOS 119 - Favorite Episodes #3: "Red Faced"

    MOS 119 - Favorite Episodes #3: "Red Faced"

    In the sky above National City all seems peaceful. When you turn on your super hearing you realize that the city always has a certain amount of animosity simmering below the surface. An anger that at times boils over and causes us to lose control. Maybe it is the result of someone cutting you off in traffic. Perhaps it is your mother making you feel unimportant. Sometimes it is someone else’s parents who believe their child could do better. Any of these circumstances could cause someone to become angry.
    Kara Zor El was sent to an alien planet to save her life and help her cousin. It was a selfless act made by her parents. All they could think of was their only child and to preserve what was left of the House Of El. Kara found a good and supportive family in the Danvers. Perhaps there is still some sadness and anger deep inside her for being sent away from the only world she had known.
    The DEO has been called in on a mission by special request of the President. Maybe taking on General Lane’s new robot code name RT will help Supergirl blow off some steam. Unfortunately our girl of Steel takes it a step too far causing the Red Tornado to enter stealth mode for self preservation. She must find this whirling fiend before it hurts the residents of National City.
    Please join Silver Vox and Green Butterfly as we explore the anger behind the anger. Kara always wanted a normal life. What she got is an extraordinary one. Being a hero doesn’t mean she is immune to emotions. We will uncover what happens when anger is bottled up and the respect that is earned when you stand up for yourself. This is your eye in the sky Green Butterfly wishing you a super week.

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    MOS 118 - DC Fandome Day One

    MOS 118 - DC Fandome Day One

    The world of heroes came together for 24 hours. We escaped the confines of real life to celebrate something truly fantastic. In a time where social distancing is a must and following the rules is imperative it was fun to get lost in a story. Tales of heroes fighting for truth, justice and the American way. DC Fandome was a world wide gathering of fans anticipating what will come next for their favorite characters.
    First we were treated to a sneak peak of Wonder Women 1984. I simply cannot wait for Diana to lasso the lightning in theaters later this year. I can’t believe there are 80 years of stories featuring this beautiful gift from the gods. I was so happy that Lynda Carter was there in addition to Gal Gadot to celebrate the character’s anniversary.
    Next we had the opportunity to catch up with The Flash to see what is ahead for season seven. The women of color highlighted how many strong women we have in the DCTV Universe. I was sad not to see Azie Tesfai on the panel. I was pleased when Dreamer was highlighted as an example of the great amount of diversity that is represented in DC Comics.
    Then the villains came by to see what mischief they could cause in the months to come. The Suicide Squad is set to cause some mayhem including a big screen version of King Shark. One thing is for sure, when darkness comes to your city it is time to call Batman. There is a new man behind the mask but this is no origin story. We are set to explore a new chapter of Gotham and Batman in 2021.
    We have to wait for September for more TV news including hopefully some hint about what might be next for Supergirl. While we wait I hope you enjoy this conversation of what is coming next in the vast, vivid, world of DC Comics. This is your eye in the sky Green Butterfly. Have a super week!

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