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This is Highsnobiety Podcasts, covering the best in sneakers, street culture, and men's fashion. Our flagship shows are The Dropcast, a weekly wrap-up of Highsnobiety's most notable headlines and new releases, and Conversations, intimate, off-the-cuff interviews with some of our world's leading creatives.

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This is Highsnobiety Podcasts, covering the best in sneakers, street culture, and men's fashion. Our flagship shows are The Dropcast, a weekly wrap-up of Highsnobiety's most notable headlines and new releases, and Conversations, intimate, off-the-cuff interviews with some of our world's leading creatives.

    The Dropcast #95: Paris Fashion Week is the New Agenda feat. Amrit

    The Dropcast #95: Paris Fashion Week is the New Agenda feat. Amrit

    After her move to New York City and integration into the city’s creative sphere, Amrit Sidhu has made a name for herself as an in demand DJ and creative consultant. The Australian-born DJ has taken her musically trained talent to sets for big names like Dior, Fendi, Jorja Smith, and Tommy Genesis. Amrit came through to the studio stowed in Noah’s suitcase from Paris Fashion Week, ready to discuss the quick hits along with PFW’s top shows and parties.
    This week’s highlights start on a low note with the closing of Opening Ceremony’s stores following their acquisition by New Guards Group (2:43). The cast reminisce on the retailer’s legacy and their loss of sample sales and discounts while Amrit recalls her first big move in the city as being booked by the brand.
    Amrit’s only building more momentum as she continues to work with Nike. She got her hands on the Comme des Garcons Homme Plus x Nike Air Max 95s without having a clue about their price (5:46). 
    Although traces of a new CDG Nike shoe were absent from PFW, plenty of fire pieces were spotted on the runway (7:32).
    Noah caught on to trends such as tailoring, neck pieces ranging from thin silks to thick scarves, and winter shorts. The new sacai Nikes are making noise without a doubt, stirring up mixed reviews with people falling strong on either end. Amrit adored every Jacquemus bag and shoe, and was thoroughly impressed by the entire show.
    Jacquemus isn’t the only one turning 30; Nike has announced the new Air Max 2090 in celebration of Air Max 90’s 30th year (12:11). Jian stands alone on the shoe, which Noah and Amrit plead the fifth on, and considers setting a New Year resolution of only wearing GR’s. You heard it first here. 
    Fashion Week FW20 is almost over, and the world has been witness to an impressive lineup of shoe related news during the past few weeks including the release of Dior Jordan Lows, GmbH ASICS, Wales Bonner x adidas, and Raf Simons’ announcement for making in-house shoes (17:23).
    In other news, Offset announced that “Culture III” will be Migos’ last album, but that’s up for interpretation. The rapper also dropped his new clothing line Laundered Works Corp. at PFW with creative director and designer Chaz A. Jordan (25:31). The quick hits end on fashion, with news about Jean-Paul Gualtier’s retirement and Demna Gvasalia’s decision to bring Balenciaga back to haute couture (26:10).
    The Question of the Week (QOTW) asked listeners “Who had the best PFW collection?” and Noah handed it to Bode and Lanvin while Amrit listed Jacquemus, Undercover, and Casablanca (26:42). This episode introduced a special segment of “PFW Lightning Round” where Amrit and Noah answered with their top shows, parties, and things that “hit different” as quickly as possible (30:53).
    Before jumping into “What’d You Cop,” Noah announces the new Kiko Kostadinov mules that debuted during PFW as the “Mule of the Week” (36:11). Amrit was gifted a pair of black CDG Homme Plus Nike Air Max 95s and copped pieces from Prada and Bottega Veneta (36:55).
    Be on the lookout for the next QOTW which will be posted on Highsnobiety’s Instagram, and leave a voicemail on The Dropcast hotline at 833-HIGHSNOB (833-444-4766) for a chance to be featured in a future episode.
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    Why It's Cool #14: Birkenstocks

    Why It's Cool #14: Birkenstocks

    Once deemed ugly or uncool among the fashion-conscious crowd, Birkenstocks now grace Paris Fashion Week runways and are the subject of some high-profile collaborations.
    But why, all of a sudden, are Birkenstocks considered to be cool? How did they become what they are today, which is a sandal your grandparents wear while gardening while simultaneously also being worn by some of the most stylish people around? 
    What better way to start than to go way back, to 1774, which is where it all started for the German sandal manufacturer. I think that alone is pretty cool already. That this brand has been around for almost 250 years, and is not only STILL active, but actually considered cool.

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    The Dropcast 94: All Hail Nicole McLaughlin, Queen of the Mules

    The Dropcast 94: All Hail Nicole McLaughlin, Queen of the Mules

    Ever since Nicole McLaughlin made her debut with a pair of custom L.L.Bean fleece slippers, the designer has cemented her identity through upcycled pieces imbued with a vintage flair. After leaving her position as a graphic designer at Reebok, Nicole refined her craft even further and turned it from a personal hobby into a business venture. The Mule Queen joins hosts Jian DeLeon and Noah Thomas on this week’s episode of The Dropcast to talk about life as a designer as well as her best style tricks and hacks.
    First, the quick hits take us through the collections and collaborations dropping during Fashion Week. Highsnobiety got backstage access at Wales Bonner’s London Fashion Week show which included a look at the brand’s FW20 adidas collaboration (2:37). Noah pledges allegiance to adidas for their classic models, and the whole cast gives appreciation for the sneaker-dress-shoe hybrid. Still, since Noah isn’t feeling the adidas Ultraboost silhouette even with the new Ivy Park x adidas collab, he best be careful of the Beyhive’s sting (4:25).
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    Versace’s SS20 Runway Collection Is Now Available Exclusively on Highsnobiety Shop
    2 Chainz’s New “Virgil Discount” Video Feels Like an Off-White™ Commercial
    Justin Bieber Reveals He’s Battling Lyme Disease: “It’s Been a Rough Couple Years”
    These Are the Products, Brands & Creative Directors That Defined the Last Decade
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    Why It's Cool #13: Dragon Ball Z

    Why It's Cool #13: Dragon Ball Z

    Nothing got hyperactive 90’s and 2000’s kids to settle on the couch better than the intergalactic battles, valiant heroics, and epic animations packed into every episode of Dragon Ball Z.
    Following the adventures of a good-natured alien named Goku, Dragon Ball Z is the sequel to the original Dragon Ball story written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama.
    Between the inspirational tales of Goku defending the Earth from extraterrestrial villains and an immersive world of additional physical and digital media inspired by the franchise, Dragon Ball Z has become regarded as of the most influential anime of all time.
    These days, you don’t even have to be a fan to at least know that spiky blondes mean business or have at least met one little kid who would clench their fists and try power up into “Super Saiyan” form.
    In 2019, we see Dragon Ball Z referenced in more places than anyone could have ever imagined. The thirty-year-old series is as influential as Star Wars and Marvel Comics. Its blazing battles, mind-blowing transformations, and distinct visual tone can be found beyond the anime and now within contemporary lifestyle realms like fashion, music, video games, and even sports.
    So *how exactly did this story about a monkey-tailed alien evolve into one of the most relevant and highest grossing media franchises of all time?

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    The Dropcast #93: Secrets of the Asian Glo-Up feat. Ronny Chieng

    The Dropcast #93: Secrets of the Asian Glo-Up feat. Ronny Chieng

    Ronny Chieng is a comedian, correspondent, and actor who has achieved acclaim through his sitcom “Ronny Chieng: International Student” and role as senior correspondent on The Daily Show. Now, the self-proclaimed modern day philosopher is back with a Netflix comedy special “Asian Comedian Destroys America” and looking forward to covering non-political topics on The Daily Show for the year ahead.
    On this episode of The Dropcast, Ronny brings his cool substitute teacher vibes, sets a distinction between envy and jealousy among fellow comedians and artists who participate in creative endeavors, and details his release of cool merch that he would want to buy for himself. Hosts Jian DeLeon and Noah Thomas find order in the madness that was the 2010s and ring in the new decade with the help of Ronny in the quick hits. 
    A defining trend in the fashion industry has been the merging of streetwear with all forms of fashion, most notably the world of luxury — or as Ronny describes it: more expensive versions of comfort (4:48). 
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    eBay’s New Sneaker Resell Policy Could Change the Multibillion-Dollar Industry
    Donald Glover to Drop Fundraising Merch for Democratic Candidate Andrew Yang
    The Hidden Layer CLOT x Nike Air Jordan 1 Is Available at StockX
    Here’s How CLOT’s Silk Royale Air Force 1s Became So Collectible
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    Why It's Cool #12: Ray-Ban Wayfarers

    Why It's Cool #12: Ray-Ban Wayfarers

    When did the Space Age begin? In terms of astronomy, you can nail it down to 1957, when the Russians hurled a 183-pound polished sphere about the size of a beach ball away from Earth and into its orbit. Sputnik 1, the earth’s first artificial satellite, sparked a race to the cosmos between the United States and its Cold War adversary. NASA was established a year later, and in 1969 the US secured the crowning achievement by putting the first man on the moon. This period was a boon for technology and pushing the limits of humanity. But if you look at design, you’ll see America’s obsession with space predates these remarkable achievements. 
    Established in 1936, Ray-Ban had made its name by designing sunglasses specifically for the Army.
    In 1952, designer Raymond Stegeman shifted the companies eyes to the future with the Wayfarer. They were the first sunglasses to be made of plastic, and its lines were a reference to the iconic Cadillac tailfins. Another point of reference was the Eames Chair, another classic design born of the era. According to design critic Stephen Bayley, the “distinctive trapezoidal frame spoke a non-verbal language that hinted at unstable dangerousness, but one nicely tempered by the sturdy arms which, according to the advertising, gave the frames a ‘masculine look.’”
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