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A podcast for athletes, past and current, in a time of transition. When sports are over we asked ourselves "What's Next?" This podcast hopes to find the answers.

Relevant to anyone looking for the next chapter in their lives.

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A podcast for athletes, past and current, in a time of transition. When sports are over we asked ourselves "What's Next?" This podcast hopes to find the answers.

Relevant to anyone looking for the next chapter in their lives.

    S.2 Ep. 2: Setting A Standard. From Player To Coach. with Alex Aust

    S.2 Ep. 2: Setting A Standard. From Player To Coach. with Alex Aust

    Show Notes:

    0:12 - Introduction. What to listen for. 
    4:59 - Alex give us some valuable background information about herself 
    7:17 - The stuck point. How to address the point in your life where it is time to decide which sport to commit your time to. 
    9:14 - It takes more than just talent. Here we get into the hours and sacrifices needed to reach an elite level of success in anything you do. How they are all investments in your future and the pivotal role that family support plays in the grand scheme of things.
    12:48 - The best 4 years of her life. #GoTerps
    15:41 - It ain't easy. Alex touches on the added stresses of getting through the academic side of college while trying to to be the best athlete possible. 
    17:30 - Networks and mentorships. That's what Maryland does. Alex talks about utilizing her resources and network to pursue and reach career aspirations 
    21:58 - The National Championship Season. What sets apart winning teams from others.
    26:33 - You win some, you lose some. The losses and the lessons learned from them.
    31: 38 - Business as usual. Here we get into some of the parallels Alex identifies between coaching or being a leader on a team and running a company. 
    43:24 - Probably the most important part of the interview. How to properly eat an Oreo. 
    44:43 - Wrapping it up. Alex discusses some of the resources she has come across that have helped her with life after playing lacrosse at Maryland.
    52:43 - Outro

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    S.2 Ep. 1: On A Highway In Georgia. with Matt Pegler

    S.2 Ep. 1: On A Highway In Georgia. with Matt Pegler

    0:11 -  Introduction 
    1:48 - Welcome back Matt Pegler!
    4:08 - Matt gives us a recap. For more on Matt's college transition check out his interview from Season 1, Episode 7.
    7:06 - Experience is everything. Matt talks about what he has learned in the past year since creating The Pegler Agency. 
    8:57 - Key takeaway here, become Chipper Jones' agent. Matt talks about different routes to becoming an agent. Some guys need to grind it out for years, other guys link up with their buddies who end up making it big.  
    11:44 - David v Goliath. Working for a huge established agency compared to gutting it out on your own. Regardless, it takes hard work and dedication. 
    13:58 - Doing it for the right reasons and creating some good juju for yourself.
    19:52 - What some guys are doing after they end their careers. The struggles of what comes next. 
    22:41- Pursuing your passion while working a completely different full time job. 
    25:05 - Advice for current/former athletes in a period of transition.
    "Show Up!"
    28:33 - What's next for Matt...
    29:26 - Outro

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    S.1 Ep. 21: Landing Your Dream Job in Professional Sports | Kim Miner

    S.1 Ep. 21: Landing Your Dream Job in Professional Sports | Kim Miner


    Guest: Kim Miner, Club Counsel/SVP at Pawtucket Red Sox

    Kim Miner is an in-house lawyer for the Pawtucket Red Sox, the Triple-A minor league affiliate of the Boston Red Sox. .

    Kim formerly played softball at Tufts University before going on to earn her law degree at Harvard Law School. Kim spent her undergraduate and graduate years working towards a career in the sports industry (she was even the ball girl for the Boston Red Sox) and she has now landed her dream job as an attorney for a professional baseball organization.

    Lets get into this awesome episode!
    First, our Call to Action: Share this with two attorneys or law students in your network!

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    0:00 Intro with Kevin

    3:00 Kim talks about playing sports at a young age and what made her want to play at the college level.

    4:13 Her own "whats next" moment while playing softball at Tufts and how she dealt with a early transition. 

    6:30 Transitioning into law school after graduating from Tufts 

    8:11 Kim talks about how she found a new identity and new hobbies to help her transition away from softball

    "I needed something to fill the void at that point, where I did just need something else to work on -- and I think a lot of collegiate athletes can understand that, the urge to always be doing something."

    10:30 What's Next Moment: preparing for life after the game. Being aware that the end is near and setting yourself up for a new beginning.

    "I started thinking about it in high school to some extent -- that college is going to be the end of the line."

    14:57 How Kim began working in the sports industry -- doing the jobs nobody else wanted to do. She talks about the different jobs she did with the Boston Red Sox before ever becoming part of the legal department. 

    21:12 Does having an IVY League education really put you ahead of everyone else? Why she even considered NOT going to Harvard after being accepted. 

    "I didn't want people to think that (because of my degree) I didn't think I needed to work hard." 

    30:00 Kim talks about her day-to-day as a lawyer for the PawSox 

    33:30 Some similarities between being a pitcher in softball and being the only lawyer on staff. 

    34:20 The importance of carrying yourself as a professional 

    36:30 Kim's advice for current student athletes who are about to enter the real world.

    "Start to think about the people you surround yourself with and who you should surround yourself with in the future."

    38:00 Having a solid base of people around you

    "Find what interests you and take any job you can get. Start in the mail room, start wherever you have to start. Just start with it if you're passionate about it, because starting is the hardest part."

    41:00 Recommends listening to: Leveling The Playing Field by Bobbi-Sue Doyle-Hazard 

    42:20 Recommends following Michael McCann, a law professor, legal analyst and sports writer for Sports Illustrated

    43:55 What's Next for Kim

    How  You Can Get in Touch With Kim: LinkedIn

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    S.1 Ep. 20: Always Add Value with Mike Glaicar

    S.1 Ep. 20: Always Add Value with Mike Glaicar

    0:00 Intro with Neil and Ant

    2:30 Mike talks playing juniors after high school while looking for a college scholarship. Then the tough transition from being two years away from school to a college freshman.

    5:40 Deciding a major. Getting involved with Qunnipiac's MBA program and realizing business was his future

    6:30 On how to have success as a student - athlete:

    "It's as much as figuring out the system as it working hard and studying. Which professors are understanding of your balance as an athlete? Which ones are willing to stay after class when you need it?"

    On how flexible and understanding Quinnipiac's business professors were during his time there. There weren't special favors, just people who empathized with your workload. 


    9:00 What's Next Moment: transition to professional hockey after college. Getting a career-ending concussion. Making the decision to quit and figure out..... what's next

    13:00 Mike's stance on networking and what it really means to him. Importance of adding value first.

    "Networking has become such a dirty word because it has become so transactional. Take a different approach and see how you can add value. If you go into it requesting something, expecting something, that's when people get turned off. 


    17:00 Importance of having a cause, exploring a purpose.
    Instagram: Passion_Purpose_Profit

    First initiative: I AM YOU Buying and handing out blankets to the homeless. Hearing the stories of homeless people provided more value than any money.

    21:00 First years in sales, and his disappointment in the transactional nature of sales. The lack of connection. He shifted from "always be closing" to "always add value."

    "As an ex-athlete you already have the skills to succeed in sales. Whether you know it or not."

    23:30 Taking the leap into TrueConnect, starting with content before launching his product (aka....adding value!)

    TrueConnect: Sales software for relationship-based salespeople. Facilitates human interaction between rep and prospect/client.
    -Why Real Estate, Alumni Affairs, and more will find value in TrueConnect

    28:00 What Sales People are doing wrong: Not adding value, trying to close every deal even if it isn't a fit.

    30:00 Mentors:People he came across with organically. It wasn't transactional.
    -Why books are some of the best mentors!

    31:30 Advice for entrepreneurs, what it's REALLY like being an entrepreneur.

    "Why do we feel guilty saying we're salespeople?"

    36:00 Advice for people in transition asking "What's Next?"
    -Meet People, even if it's uncomfortable
    -Put yourself out there

    "It only takes one yes. A 90% fail rate is a 10% win rate"
    42:00 Resources Mike Recommends:

    The Go Giver by Bob Burke & John David Mann (how business actually works)
    Growth Hacker by Ryan Holiday

    Gary Vaynerchuck
    Tim Ferriss
    Tony Robbins

    "Personal development and business, there isn't really a gap in between. It's about being successful in all areas of your life."

    How  You Can Get in Touch With Mike:
    Instagram: @passion_purpose_profit
    TrueConnect: website - TrueConnect.io

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    S.1 Ep. 19: From Hoop Dreams to Hope Dreams with Timmance McKinney

    S.1 Ep. 19: From Hoop Dreams to Hope Dreams with Timmance McKinney

    Timmance McKInney was name that carried a lot of basketball weight in the Boston area. He was a highly touted prospect at all levels of his game but with that came no shortage of struggle and hardship. Timmance played his ball out west at Colorado Northwestern and Lake Region State after bouncing around in high school, and getting caught up in the wild life AUU Basketball circuit. He takes us through his ups and downs and eventually we land with him back in Boston, go figure, mentoring and helping young kids with hoop dreams make better decisions to make those dreams a reality.

    0:00 - 2:00 Intro with Kev and Ant

    2:40 - Storytime with Timmance. The basketball dream with a kid from the city.

    4:00 - The struggles - Incarcerated family, single mom, bounced around to a few different high schools, staying focused on a tough AAU circuit.

    6:40 - AAU isn’t that different from the streets if you’re in with the wrong crowd - Favors, $$$ and promises.

    “The reason I became affiliated with that AAU program was because it was going to save my friends life.”

    9:50 - The reason he’s in this service work

    “Too many of my friends walked to the street after that ball stopped bouncing.”

    13:00 - Shared experiences = the core of the his mentoring work.

    14:30 - The same coaches and guys that recruited me, are still around and I stay in touch with them for this work.

    15:30 - The role of Timmance’s family as his support system through his ups & downs.

    19:15- The recruitment process … ACC, BIg East !

    20:45 - The importance of academics

    “Yeah if you’re good you’ll get a school, but do you have the grades.”

    24:30- Getting involved in kids ives and the mentoring program

    “Even when I was young I always thought, hey maybe down the road this guy will hire me on his staff.”

    27:50- It’s not just about right now.

    29:00 The biggest challenge Timmance sees with young kids and getting them on the right track.

    31:00 A huge success story with one of Timmance’s mentees

    36:00 Expanding his programs via social media

    37:00- The lessons learned ! 

    41:00 What's next for Timmance... Head High School Coach ?

    45:00 All the contacts! Timmance is never going Hollywood ! 

    "You never know when you can save somebody's life." 

    48:10- Outro

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    S.1 Ep. 18: Serving Up a Healthy Lifestyle w/ Emilie Burgess

    S.1 Ep. 18: Serving Up a Healthy Lifestyle w/ Emilie Burgess

    Guest: Emilie Burgess, Registered Dietitian 

    What's Next: Kevin (first LIVE recording)

    Emilie Burgess is a former UCONN tennis player from Stonington, CT who has recently entered her career as a registered dietitian. Emilie gives us great insight into why she chose this particular career path and how she has relentlessly pursued it. She talks to us about the current state of "fad diets" (and how they are more of an problem than a solution) and lends some advice about how we can implement a more "healthy" diet. She also throws in some first hand entrepreneurial lessons learned from her recent launch of emilieburgess.com. 

    Lets get into this awesome episode ! 

    0:00 Intro with Kevin

    1:43 Emilie introduces herself and talk about her tennis career at UCONN. 

    3:50 Emilie experiences her own "what's next" moment earlier than she expected.

    TAKE AWAY - We all go through our own small "what's next" moments in all stages of our life. Sometimes our passions and interests fade away and that is OKAY. Once we learn to move on to fresh, new things we can discover so much more about ourselves. 

    5:00 Emilie's transition into the world of nutrition.

    9:00 Redefining yourself -- from "athlete" to "former athlete"

    TAKE AWAY - When you're in that "stuck" point, make a list of five things that interest you and implement each of them into your lifestyle in SOME way (i.e. join clubs, take classes, read a related book). You never know what you could discover.

    12:05 How Emilie fully immersed herself into the world of nutrition. 

    13:00 "The Athlete Diet"

    15:00 What all former athletes need to change about their diets as they move into the real world.

    "Every person's lifestyle is different. Generally, it is finding that 80/20 balance."

    16:00 What the 80/20 balance is and how to find it.

    BIGGEST ISSUE WITH NUTRITION: "People joining in on the bandwagon fads. People thinking they have to hop on these nutrition and fitness bandwagons as soon as they start coming up, when there's no research backing these things up right now." 

    23:28 What is it like working as a clinical dietitian in a hospital

    27:00 How to become a dietitian -- step by step process

    33:00 No "one size fits all" nutrition approach. 

    "Each athlete is so different. in the way they should be fueling up for a practice or game. 

    34:30 Lessons learned through starting own business (website, marketing, networking)

    36:20 Advice for current student athletes:

    (1) Try new things. You never know what you will end up loving. 

    (2) Persistence is everything. 

    (3) Never be afraid to reach out to people. Everyone wants to help you. 

    (4) Find a positive in every negative. 

    38:50 Resources Emilie frequently turns to:

    (1) How Not To Die

    (2) Health & Wellness Section of NY Times

    (3) Nancy Clark (author of various nutrition books)

    What's Next for Emilie? Her goal is to break into the sports nutrition world ASAP (hopefully while living in the Boston area). 

    46:00 Outro

    If you liked what you heard, here is how you can get in touch with Emilie:

    Instagram: @emthedietitian

    Website: www.emilieburgess.com

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