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Conversations all about health, balance, navigating ur 20's, self improvement, and much more. My Monday Mood is a place to feel safe, inspired, and seen. LISTEN EVERY MONDAY!
Hosted by Natalia Seliger (@mondayymoodpod + @natsneatteats)

My Monday Mood Natalia Seliger

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Conversations all about health, balance, navigating ur 20's, self improvement, and much more. My Monday Mood is a place to feel safe, inspired, and seen. LISTEN EVERY MONDAY!
Hosted by Natalia Seliger (@mondayymoodpod + @natsneatteats)

    less comparing, more creating

    less comparing, more creating

    in this lil episode we talk all things comparison. I give you guys some tips to help prevent comparison and lean into creating your own version of success and happiness instead.AFFIRMATION: "I will not spend my time and energy comparing my life to others. The gifts that I was born with are what make me unique and irreplaceable. My only competition is myself. I am choosing to stay in my own lane and focus on the things that bring me joy and peace. I am my own competition"I hope u love this episode.I love u.MY SOCIALS:IG: https://www.instagram.com/natsneatteats/?hl=enPOD IG: https://www.instagram.com/mondayymoodpod/?hl=enTIKTOK:https://www.tiktok.com/@nataliaaseligerPINTEREST: https://www.tiktok.com/@nataliaaseliger

    • 16 min
    let's talk: SOLO TRAVEL (my experience)

    let's talk: SOLO TRAVEL (my experience)

    in this episode I share my experience on solo traveling to Australia & Bali! I share how I afforded this trip, safety tips, how I made friends, and more.
    IG: https://www.instagram.com/natsneatteats/?hl=en
    POD IG: https://www.instagram.com/mondayymoodpod/?hl=en
    PINTEREST: https://www.tiktok.com/@nataliaaseliger
    "I flood my mind daily with kindness and compassion. I love and approve of myself. I celebrate my wins and I am compassionate with myself when I lose. I am always there for myself and this inner knowing means I can handle whatever comes my way. I am unstoppable, I have no limits. I am ready.”
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    let's talk: reinventing yourself

    let's talk: reinventing yourself

    in this episode I share the details of what "reinventing yourself" really means, how I have formed new wellness habits, and more!
    AFFIRMATION: I am always able to reinvent myself and change as many times as I want. During the days and moments where I feel stuck and in a funk, I know that this is just a temporary feeling. I am constantly evolving and growing and I am choosing to not let my negative thoughts and emotions consume me. I am choosing to step into my full potential because I am ready to receive the things that I deserve.
    @mondayymoodpod / @natsneatteats
    nat 3

    • 22 min
    returning home to myself

    returning home to myself

    hiii, thank you for being here 3
    in this episode I share my entire "one way solo travel era" recap. I share why I decided to come home early, my biggest takeaways from this journey, and how I returned home to myself.
    @natsneatteats / @mondayymoodpod
    "everything is happening for me as it should. It is all aligning perfectly. All of the things I am currently experiencing are only taking me to the next level. I am committed to listening to my heart and leaning into discomfort, because I know that discomfort brings growth. I am grateful for where I’m at and excited for where I’m going"

    • 34 min
    5 self love reminders

    5 self love reminders

    hi hi! in this mini episode I share 5 self love reminders that I needed to hear that are getting me through the week. take what resonates with you 3
    sending love and light!!
    SOCIALS: @natsneatteats / @mondayymoodpod
    AFFIRMATION: love is present within me. i am envisioning all the possibilities for my future without being attached to how and when they will become my reality. my worth, my value, and my fufillment is not inside of a to do list. it is within me. i am allowed to believe in myself, i am allowed to be proud of myself, i am allowed to take up space and step into my power. i am blooming, even on the days and moments i don’t feel like i am.

    • 18 min
    ADVICE SESSION: Valentine's Day Edition

    ADVICE SESSION: Valentine's Day Edition

    hiii happy v day 3
    In this episode i answer your guys' questions about situationships / relationships / hookup culture / embracing singleness, etc. all things love related in honor of valentines day!!!
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    "I live a life of abundance. everything I want, comes to me. I refuse to force anything, including friendships, relationships, or opportunities, because I understand that I will find everything meant for me in due time. I'm exactly where I'm meant to be"

    • 47 min

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