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An electronic music podcast from Digital Distortions.

BRAWLcast Digital Distortions

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An electronic music podcast from Digital Distortions.

    BRAWLcast 300 Horror Brawl - Burn Your TV

    BRAWLcast 300 Horror Brawl - Burn Your TV

    The Exaltics & Paris The Black FU - We Don't Take Humans [SolarOne Music]
    Automat - Nematod [Suyatronik]
    London Modular Alliance - Blinky [Infiltrate]
    The Droid - Invasion [Digital Distortions]
    ScanOne - Skip [Combat Recordings]
    Sputnik One - Gnaw [R&S Records]
    Leftfield - Phat Planet (Version 2) [Hard Hands]
    Ste - The Missing Lunchbox [Infiltrate]
    Fedele & Sharp Felon - Vampire Electronics (Extended Mix) [Turbo]
    Fleck ESC - Fantastic Factory [Diffuse Reality]
    Alex Jann - CMD CNTR [Dance Trax]
    Star-kid, Gamma Intel 543ff - Three City Firm [Cultivated Electronics]
    Cyan85 - Contamination Ph0nk [Voitax]
    Cosmox - Electrostress [Cultivated Electronics]
    Sync 24 & Radioactive Man - Downforce [Weapons Of Desire]
    Cyan85 - Low Frequency Phantasy [Voitax]
    Tell Her - Meadow - (N-TER remix) [Death Bunker]
    Volruptus - We Are the Cyborgs [bbbbb recors]
    Larionov & St Theodore - Infinity Abyss [Craigie Knowes]
    Cyan85 - Elektro Offens1ve [Voitax]
    Sync 24 & Radioactive Man - Downforce (Jensen Interceptor Remix) [Weapons of Desire]
    Fear-E - Metallic Trip [Fear-E]
    Pizzaboy - Just Stop It [The Bunker New York]
    DJ Haus - Bit Too Deep (SHED Remix) [Unknown to the Unknown]
    Drvg Cvltvre - You Are Made Of Offal (Exterminador Remix) [Diffuse Reality Records]
    StacEmp - Stacey's Sex Tape [Steel City Dance Discs]
    Phyzikal Flex - My Gunz [Parallax Recordings]
    Skee Mask - IT Danza [Ilian Tape]
    Los Hermanos Rodriguez - Gymnasty [Bunker Records]
    Volruptus - Top 10 BIZZARE Discoveries Science STILL Can't Explain [bbbbb recors]
    Late Night Approach - Overbridge (Fastgraph Remix) [Klakson]
    Skee Mask - Reefer Madness [Ilian Tape]
    Kouslin & Logan - Bad (L U C Y remix) [Durkle Disco]
    Blawan - 40 Spiral [Ternesc]
    De Moew - Duken [Flash Recordings]
    Brad Lee - Fragile Mind [Mona Records]
    Quail + AISHA - Priority One [Soma]
    Peder Mannerfelt - Sissel & Bass (OnScreenActor Remix) [Peder Mannerfelt]
    Alden Tyrell - Lash Out [Clone Basement Series]
    DJ Angeldu$t - Pr3scr1pt10n P00lz Vip Mix [TXTRL]
    ceili - Rough N Ready [Obscuur Records]
    Pilo - Axiom 13 [Boysnoize Records]
    Modig - Latissimus (Blawan Remix) [Soma]
    Locked Club - What [TRAM Planet]
    joeFarr - On Further Inspection [Turbo]
    Mall Grab - Take Down Enemies (Special Request Splurgecore Mix) [Looking For Trouble]
    Locked Groove - Eden (TML Remix) [Hotflush Recordings]
    OnScreenActor - Tachi [Kaos]
    Ćyan ID - Cell Of Glory [Obscure Unfound]
    Dax J & UVB - Killer & Clutch [Monnom Black]
    Casper Hastings - Killa (Sancta Sanctorum Remix) [Sticky Ground]
    Tommy Holohan - Subaru Impreza [Rave Selekts]
    Monrella - Main Whipping [Trauma Collective]
    Hiroaki Iizuka - Glow (Grovskopa Remix) [Soleil Records]
    ManniDee - What To Do [DSNT]
    AQXDM - Infrared [Houndstooth]

    • 3 h 2 min
    BRAWLcast 299 Data Raven - Philotic Entanglement

    BRAWLcast 299 Data Raven - Philotic Entanglement

    Dom & Roland - Sandcrawler [Dom & Roland Productions]
    Dom & Roland - Replicate [Dom & Roland Productions]
    Felix K - Emotion [Nullpunkt]
    Thing - Spirit Of Eden [DubThing]
    Midik - Z-LINE [Samsara Beats]
    Thing - Come Again [DubThing]
    Arena Girlfriend - Kookaburra [Arena Girlfriend]
    Gunston - Cold Bluntz [Weapons Of Choice]
    Brain - Fattie [Citate Forms]
    Ed:it & Pennygiles - Set Theory [Computer Integrated Audio]
    Arcatype - Ploy [Vandal Records]
    Black Barrel & Nymfo - Get Stuck [Dispatch Recordings]
    Creatures - Hunter [Flexout Audio]
    Walk:r - Oscillate [Guidance]
    T>I - Foot Drop [Critical Music]
    Particle - Thermal [Critical Music]
    Law & Wheeler - Chemtrails [Repertoire]
    Zerx & Lok - Needle [Citate Forms]
    Invadhertz - Computers Are Learning (Ill Truth Remix) [Flexout Audio]
    Trex - Shut Down [Delta9 Recordings]
    Amoss - The Antidote [Amoss]
    Nymfo & Martyn - What's Happening [Metalheadz]

    • 1h 9 min
    BRAWLcast 298 The Droid

    BRAWLcast 298 The Droid

    Bobby Athom - Fierce [Digital Distortions]
    Exzakt - Unknown 808 [Bass Agenda Recordings]
    Cybernet 1202 - Danger From Above [Bass Agenda Recordings]
    The Bandit - Que [Bass Agenda Recordings]
    Dez Williams - Krittikal [Bass Agenda Recordings]
    DiCrYLiuM - Hippy Britches (Poladroid Remix) [Digital Distortions]
    Go Nuclear - Update My Programme [Bass Agenda Recordings]
    Ed Chamberlain - Medicine [Digital Distortions]
    MachineFunk - Gravitational Collapse [Bass Agenda Recordings]
    X-Truder - Jammed [Bass Agenda Recordings]
    Jade One - Digital Distortionz [Digital Distortions]
    ADJ - Bang The Beat [Digital Distortions]
    Das Muster - Künstliche Lebensformen [Bass Agenda Recordings]
    MR GENTLE - Wave Energy [Bass Agenda Recordings]
    Brandski - Frénésie [Bass Agenda Recordings]
    Sematic 4 - Cirkadian [Bass Agenda Recordings]
    Jauzas The Shining - La Cage [Bass Agenda Recordings]
    Carlos Sicrock - Computers [Digital Distortions]

    • 59 min
    Bushby - CyberDomain Podcast July 2020

    Bushby - CyberDomain Podcast July 2020

    Starting off around 11 years of age with Bomb The Bass and the Street Sounds Electro series, Bushby's love and knowledge of many electronic music genres have expanded over time.

    Bushby has been DJing for over 20 years and during that time has held various residencies in his home town of Leeds including the legendary techno night Detatched, started two respected labels: Digital Distortions, and it's now defunct offshoot: Limetree Projects and 2 podcasts: BRAWLcast, for the darker electronic genres and Kitchen Spasm for more house based flavours.

    Ste - Tom Was In The Diner [Infiltrate]
    The Droid - Attack [Digital Distortions]
    HVL - Night Of The Hunter [Hypercolour]
    Techmarine Bottom Feeders - Squid Ink Posse [EPM Music]
    The Droid - Invasion [Digital Distortions]
    Star-kid, Gamma Intel & 543ff - Three City Firm [Cultivated Electronics]
    Torai - Doppler [Lunar Orbiter Program]
    Jasper James - Still Trippin (Object Blue's what are you doing Remix) [Steel City Dance Discs]
    Pilo - Nevermind [Boysnoize Records]
    Bodro - Sour Potion [Digital Distortions]
    Viers - Bless [Steel City Dance Discs]
    Cosmox - Electrostress [Cultivated Electronics]
    Cosmic Monkey - Got Your Back [Seven Sisters]
    DiCrYLiuM - High Voltage [Digital Distortions]
    Tell Her - Meadow (N-TER Remix) [Death Bunker]
    DJ Angeldu$t - I Just Want 2 Sl33p Forever Pt. 2 [TXTRL]
    Squarepusher - My Red Hot Car [Warp]
    Radioactive Man - Nothing At All (Christopher D Ashley Remix) [Control Tower]

    • 1h
    BRAWLcast 297 Horror Brawl - Subconscious Survival Reflex

    BRAWLcast 297 Horror Brawl - Subconscious Survival Reflex

    STE - Tom Was In The Diner [Infiltrate]
    Alex Jann - Don't Come Around [Dance Trax]
    The Droid - Invasion [Digital Distortions]
    Pugilist - Maelstrom [Pugilist]
    Bodro - Classified Technology [Digital Distortions]
    Mutant Joe ft. Freddie Dredd + Julien Andreas - What U Thinkin [Natural Sciences]
    Controlled Weirdness - Hard Bass Attack [FDB]
    Luz1e - Da Grime Ting [International Chrome]
    Hooverian Blur - Eyes Closed [Sneaker Social Club]
    MASC - Eye Feel (Dance System Remix) [Super Rhythm Trax]
    Detroit's Filthiest - My Soul To Take [Bass Agenda]
    Ghetto Henry - 961 Trife Life [Doom Chakra Tapes]
    Drum Machine - Electro [Dusky Adriatic]
    Neil Landstrumm - Milano [Neil Landstrumm]
    Boggrow x винер - Hate [Get Busy]
    Dawl + Sween - Blast Our Way Out [Klasse Wrecks]
    OverworX - The Fuzz [OverworX]
    Second Storey - Scaldy Mott [Varvet]
    Lukes Anger - Gross Negligence [Bleeper]
    Stereotyp - Hydin Too [Seagrave]
    Nite Fleit - Little Monsters [Steel City Dance Discs]
    Volruptus - Butt Shakin' Freaks [bbbbbb]
    The Advent - Elektra [Kombination Research]
    Alex Jann - Cybernetik Memory [Dance Trax]
    Second Storey - Shouldna [Varvet]
    Mutant Joe - Drop a Bundle [International Chrome]
    Nite Fleit - All New Low [Steel City Dance Discs]
    Viers - VLVX Spiral Down [Turbo]
    Mall Grab - Alarmed [Looking For Trouble]
    Pilo - Ruhig [Boysnoize Records]
    NxF - Guberniya Trax 5 [Don't Make Me Think]
    Villager - Chimera [Boysnoize Records]
    Kowton - Loops 1 [Livity Sound]
    Arad - Flux States [Voitax]
    Posthuman - Three Body Problem [Balkan Vinyl]
    Borai - People Who Go To Raves [Club Glow]
    Deapmash - Warfare [Spinnup]
    Vex'd - Gunman [Planet Mu]
    Scanone - The Art of Fire
    Escape Artist - Digital Natives [Kalahari Oyster Cult]

    • 2 h 15 min
    BRAWLcast 296 Randle P. McMurphy

    BRAWLcast 296 Randle P. McMurphy

    Dadub – Unlawful Assembly [Killekil]
    Underground Resistance - [UR]
    DMX Krew – What Happened To Peace? [Breakin' Records]
    Abstract Thought - [Clone]
    Robert Armani – Up [Don’t Recordings]
    Shinra – Propeller [Analogical Foce]
    Underground Resistance - [UR]
    Revolution – Si Begg [Mute Records]
    West Norwood Cassette Library – Exodus (The Lion Awakes) (WNCL VIP) [Sneaker Social Club]
    Umwelt – State Of Matter [Shipwrec]
    DMX Krew – Body Detruction [Sonicgroove records]
    Locked Club ft. Vadim Seleznev – Svoboda [Private Persons]
    Beroshima – We Who Are Oppressed [Acid Orange]
    Drexciya – Black Sea [Clone]

    • 1h 2 min

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