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Fun, funny and making the world a better place.

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Fun, funny and making the world a better place.

    The John And Kane Show - Shock City Studios - June 2018

    The John And Kane Show - Shock City Studios - June 2018

    It's the "Live to Digital Archive", Downloadable, John and Kane Show - back in our old studio at Shock City Studios - and it felt like we never left...!
    Our guests include:

    Doug Firley (Gravity Kills/Shock City)
    Jeremy Johnson (ThatMMAShow.com)
    Monkh (and Ben - Monkh.us)
    Bill Smith (TrikkeSTL.com)
    Lindsay Walden (LindsayWalden.com)
    Sensei Elliot Freeman (ThreeRiversAikido.com)
    Beckie Jacobs (Serendipity-IceCream.com)
    Cindy Preszler (cindypreszler.com)

    And big thanks for the music provided here from (in order of appearance):

    *repeat repeat - Chemical Reaction
    Fundamental Elements - Superman
    Moseley - Faithful
    *repeat repeat - Not The One
    Fundamental Elements - That Girl
    The Hush List - Hush
    Moseley - One Trip Around The Sun
    Monkh - Headlines

    Make sure to share and spread the love - BIG THANKS to our guests and bands - and we look forward to the next one!

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    John and Kane - End of 2017 Reunion Show

    John and Kane - End of 2017 Reunion Show

    It's another DOWNLOADABLE "LIVE to Digital Archive" John and Kane Show - this time at ListlessSound.com Listless Sound Studios - Jeremy Essig, owner of Listless Studio and our comedian guest along with:
    Amanda Raye
    Lindsay Walden
    Kelsey McClure
    Producer Adam
    Lord Thomas Fortenberry
    Casey Hamilton
    And the tunes provided by:
    Jeremy Essig
    Amanda Raye
    Make sure to share this with anyone you care about!
    Merry Christmas - Happy New Year, and we'll be back sometime in 2018!

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    John and Kane Show - LIVE at Joanie's in Soulard 6-16-17

    John and Kane Show - LIVE at Joanie's in Soulard 6-16-17

    It's finally another John And Kane Show - as Kane is in STL for Fathers Day weekend - we are LIVE at Joanie's Pizzeria in Soulard (Russel and Menard) - we were lucky enough to have our dedicated staff along with fans and guests to make this an epic showcase of a great cross-section of St. Louis, from a Sex Therapist, a Performance Artist, Television News, Ridesharing advocate and Entrepreneur, MMA Fighter, Comedian, Webster University Professor, Independent Band Network, and a Hug Doctor. It was great to be able to continue our mission of highlighting the best and most unique people and things of St. Louis, while being Fun, Funny and Making The World A Better Place!
    Make sure to find us on the social meeds: @JohnAndKaneShow - @Indio_Radio via Twitter and Instagram - and Indio Radio or The John And Kane Show on Facebook.

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    John and Kane Show LIVE at The Whiskey Ring 12-23-16

    John and Kane Show LIVE at The Whiskey Ring 12-23-16

    It's another gathering of this unique and talented group to celebrate what we can of 2016, we have LIVE music and more for John's Birthday (he competes with Jesus' Birthday...it's the least we could do), We are LIVE at The Whiskey Ring (on Cherokee) and our guest list is superb as usual! It's Dec. 23rd, and BIG Thanks to Monkh (Monkh.us - @MonkhUS on Twitter) as our first guest, he performs 2 songs - one is a John and Kane Show EXCLUSIVE - Never before performed, and available here for download! (Please forgive any audio integrity issues - we are still working on our mobile rig)
    Monkh sounded great and sets the tone for the longest podcast in John and Kane Show history, with our next guest - and old friend of the show: Gary Burger (BurgerLaw.com) Gary is a Top Rated Trial Lawyer in the Bi-State area, getting fair and full compensation for clients who are victims of accidents or damages that aren't their fault - he comes in to intentionally ignore John! We have a very educational, rational conversation about politics - Kane thinks you'll either tune out, or learn something:)
    And speaking of tuning out - our next guest is 'comedian' Joe Lehnig - who we discover has been fired from over 60 jobs - NOT a joke. It's always unpredictable when Joe gets behind the mic - and that's what we'll say about that.
    Then one of our favorites - and not just because she brings wonderful adult beverages...! It's our Certified Sommelier (and soon to be SUPER Sommelier) Alisha Blackwell, CSW @ExquisiteVines on Twitter and Instagram and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/exquisitevines/ As she is known to do, Alisha educates us on the subtle differences and attractive properties of the adult beverages she shared with us...we love Alisha and wish her a lifetime of happiness when she gets married in May!
    Our love for our old producer 'Stick certainly is expressed on her rare visit to the show - it's always fun to have her, and John seems to have fun poking fun and Jenn handles herself in memorable fashion - oh, she is missed - Happy Birthday to her as well:) And we cannot ignore the people who have made this podcast possible - starting with Adam White who has been a consistent part of the show for the last 2 years - along with 'Lord' Thomas Fortenberry coordinating guests and information, and Andy Faulstich ('Bad Andy') who is our utility, video guy, a great friend to John and the show - and made the Whiskey Ring connection! ALSO - another John and Kane Show 'First' - we bring in 'Random Guy We Don't Know' for a 'Random Man Interview' - it was quite a night, actually...! Big Happy Birthday to John!
    Make sure to follow: @Indio_Radio - @JohnAndKaneShow on Twitter and Instagram - LIKE Indio Radio, and John and Kane Show - Indio Radio on Facebook get The John And Kane Show on iTunes, Spreaker or Stitcher as well - just search 'Indio Radio Podcast' Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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    John And Kane Show - Friday 9-30-16 - LIVE at Sandrinas!

    John And Kane Show - Friday 9-30-16 - LIVE at Sandrinas!

    It's a well overdue, extremely rare, John and Kane Show - LIVE - Unsencored (it's not really that bad) - and ON LOCATION - Big THANKS to Sandrina's on Arsenal in St. Louis (right outside the neighborhood known as 'The Hill') - Trish could not have been more hospitable - their food and adult drinks are superb and the atmosphere - especially after the renovations are done - is relaxed, yet social - a really great space. We were lucky enough to be able to do our show there in the main dining area, and after talking to Producer Adam and Lindsay Walden on all the new exciting things she is doing, we get a chance to thank Lord Thomas our Senior Producer, and the man who stepped up to make this happen: Andy Faulstich - we are blessed with a circle of fantastic, talented people and the fact you are hearing this one is because of those people. Get all of the other published episodes of The John And Kane Show - as heard LIVE on Indio Radio - via RadioKane.PodOmatic.com - Also, visit @Indio_Radio, @JohnAndKaneShow on Twitter and Instagram - and the respective Facebook pages (Indio Radio - and The John And Kane Show)

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    John and Kane Show 7-15-16

    John and Kane Show 7-15-16

    It's another downloadable podcast - and it originates out of the World Class facility known as: Shock City Studios (http://ShockCityStudios.com/) - and it's been over 6 months since our last show! It's a one-off, LIVE sit-down - like a reunion show - as we have some great friends come by:
    Jessica Ambuehl and Richard Strelinger on how you can support their new film "Table 21" - we talk about the Seed and Spark campaign (www.seedandspark.com/studio/table-21) and why you'd enjoy supporting the film and the finished product...very fun and talented peeps!
    Then we bring in our friend and Wellness Doctor: Dr. Eric Nepute: http://NeputeWellness.com - and opening up many locations under the name: LifeXist - (http://LifeXist.com/) - get focused on your health - and defy the natural aging process by connecting with Dr. Nepute - if pills aren't working for you on improving your health, it's worth a conversation with Dr. Nepute and his staff on how you can live at optimal health, in addition to looking and feeling younger!
    Then we interview "Marshall Law" - Marshall joined us today, to kind of shed light on all of the possibilities regarding the future of the U.S. and how quickly things can change...it may not have landed like we wanted, but the message is important:)
    Then we bring in our friend and talented drummer: Andy Herrin! Andy is the drummer for CAVO and the band Repeat Repeat - it's always good to have Andy in studio - make sure to listen for how you can connect with CAVO and Repeat Repeat music - we love Andy...make sure to connect! @AndyHerrin
    Then we bring in your/our best friend in the whole wide world: Mr. Curt Copeland! Curt hosts the morning show on STL's NOW 96.3 with Nina Blanco - and they're awesome! If you're in STL, make sure to do yourself a favor and tune in weekday mornings - we missed you Nina!
    And then we close it out with Kate Frisina-White and Judi Diamond of the Kate and Judi Show:) We miss these girls so much - make sure to hear about their background, and we talk about recent events as well: Judi just parted ways with WIL and these 2 are getting back to the roots of what let them to success: Being Real, and it's great entertainment when these beauties are doing their thing - be looking out for the Kate and Judi Show podcast coming soon!
    Get more info and LIKE us here: http://Facebook.com/IndioRadio -and- https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-John-and-Kane-Show-Indio-Radio/252503951553118 - And NOW ON iTunes, PodOmatic, Spreaker and Stitcher! Just search "Indio Radio Podcast" and click on the John And Kane Show podcast you need to catch up with!

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